Why Is My Hamster Shaking? All You Need To Know

Hamsters are the cutest creatures. They are so adorable. But, if you are an owner of the hamster, you may wonder, “why is my hamster shaking”?. If you intend to learn much more about the reason behind the shaking of these animals, then keep reading.

Several reasons are responsible for the part of shakiness hamsters. Shaking and shivering isn’t quite normal for any pet. It indicates that something is wrong. Do you want to know more about hamster shaking, the reason behind it, preventing it, and the solutions for the shakiness, then keep reading.

Why Is My Hamster Shaking? Is it normal?

No, shaking isn’t normal for any pet or human. Shaking is the reaction for many reasons, and it can happen due to mental or physical distresses. Shaking might be due to diabetes, tumor, or hibernation.

Also, they will start shaking if they are feared or anxious about something. It is a big issue. And it clearly says that your hamster is stressed and needs some help. So shaking isn’t a minor issue or something to be ignored.

Reasons for why your hamster is shaking:

If you are a hamster owner, you should know the reason behind the shaking of the hamster. Because it may be caused due to severe issues, and if you immediately notice it, you can avoid considerable problems in the future. Some of the reasons are,

why is my hamster shaking
  • If the hamster is in a frightening situation, or if it’s very much anxious and fear of something, it will start to shake. These little cuties get startled very easily. Also, they will start to shake or tremble when you hold them for the first time.
  • Depending on the weather and season, your hamsters may shake. When the environment gets very cold and hamsters go to hibernate, these start to shake. Some problems in the nervous system can also cause shakiness in hamsters.
  • And also, if your hamster is suffering from diabetics, stroke, skin parasites, and congestive heart failure, it will start shaking. And it would be best if you solved these conditions immediately by visiting the vet immediately.

Do Hamsters Shiver During Hibernation?


The answer is Yes. Hamsters shiver during hibernation. During hibernation, temperatures drop, their energy level drops, and they get freezing and start to shake. A hibernation animal will be just like a dead one, but it will still breathe.

And, when hibernation occurs, you should immediately replace them with a warmer house. Also, you can warm up its body by gently stroking it. And also replace them with warmer space.

Reasons Why A Hamster is Sitting Frozen And Shaking

Usually, hamsters will sit frozen and start shaking when it’s about to be chased by predators. Also, they will easily get startled if you move quickly. They get scared instantly. If they see some objects rushing, they will get scared.

Also, they start to shake during hibernation. Sometimes shivering is a severe condition, and it indicates that your hamster needs immediate help.

why is my hamster shaking and weak?

Beige hamster on a white background

Shaking is a symptom of various illnesses. Due to some medical conditions, most of the hamsters tremble. If your hamster is shaking a lot and weak, then it means it is suffering from diabetes.

Also, shaking might be the symptom of stroke, heart stroke. Also, shaking and weakness might indicate congestive heart failure and skin parasites.

What Can Be Done If Your Pet Hamster Is Frozen And Shaking?

If your hamster is frozen and shaking and you want to protect it, follow the below-mentioned things. Hamsters mainly get scared of predators and start shivering.

When you rush around its cage, it might think that the predator is trying to catch him, so first, you need to move slowly to remove its brightness. Also, lower the loud noises if there is any tv, or other electronics functioning with heavy noise.

Also, slowly approach them, and caress them tenderly. And also give them treats. Speak to them in a slow tone. Also, you can invest in hiding places so that they can hide when they get scared.

why is my hamster shaking and breathing heavy?

It can also be a sign that the hamster is getting old. When hamsters get old, hamsters will start shaking and breathing heavily. And also, old hamsters are prone to lots of infections as well.

Also, another reason might be, these might indicate that your hamster is suffering from respiratory illness. Also, if you change its bedding or install a new brand one, they may get respiratory-related problems, such as breathing issues.

If it has contracted any respiratory infections, it will start breathing heavily and shake a lot. So it would help if you got the treatment immediately for their breathing issues since they might be suffering from respiratory-related illness.

why is my hamster shaking with eyes closed?

Hamster shaking with its eyes closed may indicate that it is coming out of hibernation. Or it may also be the sign that they are experiencing stick eye.

When the hamster is asleep, fluids discharge, and it makes the eyes get shut. So these may be the reason for your hamster shaking with its eyes closed.

How Do I Stop My Hamster From Shaking?

Here are the suggestions to stop your hamster from shaking.

  • When you see them shaking, please bring them to a warmer place. Shifting to a warmer place provides them increased temperature, and they will stop trembling.
  • If your hamster is scared and, due to it, it’s shaking, then you need to do things that will reduce its brightness.
  • You can stop moving quickly, stroke them gently, talk to them in low time, and shut down all the loud noises to make them feel normal and comfortable.

Should You Be Worried If Your Hamster Is Frozen And Shaking A Lot?

The reply is Yes, you should be worried if your hamster is shaking a lot. Because frozen and shaking often denotes a severe medical condition that needs to be treated. Also, most of the time, it can be hamsters trying to communicate with you.

Hamster near bottle

Hamsters will start shaking when you bring them home for the first time. This behavior may prolong until it gets used to you. If your hamster is average healthy and shakes, then you don’t have to worry about it.

But, if it’s shaking frequently and showing some issues and symptoms, then you need to be careful and should visit the vet immediately.

why is my dwarf hamster shaking?

cute fluffy hamster on a beige background photo taken in a photo Studio

Dwarf hamsters will shake if it’s too cold or has undergone the hibernating period. And also, dwarf hamsters will shake if it’s frightened or anxious.

These little hamsters get startled easily, and they start to shiver at the sight of predators. Also, if your hamster is suffering from lots of stress and stroke, it will start shaking.

Should you take your shaking hamster to the vet?

Yes. You should carry your hamster to the vet if it’s showing any other symptoms, along with shaking. If it’s refusing to eat or drink, not sleeping well, sneezing a lot, then the shaking is related to a severe illness.

It could mean that your hamster suffers from some vast problems, and it needs immediate vet attention. So, if it’s showing these symptoms along with shaking, you need to pay a visit to the vet immediately.

Conclusion: Why Is My Hamster Shaking?

Shaking hamsters can indicate some warning signs. If they are cold, their room is cold, or Ill, or scared, they will start shivering. Sometimes, it may be their behavior, and they try to communicate with us since there are no other means of communication.

But if it’s shaking a lot and showing other signs of illness as well, then you need to carry them near a vet as it might be the symptom of some severe illness.


why is my hamster shaking when he walks?

It would help if you took them immediately near the vet because shaking while walking may indicate a broken leg or paralyzed leg. Also, it may be a sign of scurvy. And also, your hamster may be suffering from anxiety and fear. If it’s suffering from physical or mental coercion, then it may start shaking while walking.

why is my hamster shaking in his sleep?

If you see your hamster shaking in its sleep, make sure to feed them properly and hydrate them. Also, the temperature may be the problem. So lower the temperature of the room. Then it will stop hamsters from shaking in their sleep.

How do you tell if your hamster is stressed?

If your hamster is stressed, then it will move constantly. It will appear more nervous and try to climb the cage. And also, it will start to dash. If you can see these signs, you can tell that your hamster is stressed.

How do you tell if your hamster is stressed?

They will start to show hiding behaviors such as spending time near walls, bedding. Or they will also start to show aggressive behaviors such as biting. And also, it will eat less and start to shake in your presence. And will show more nervous behaviors if it’s stressed

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