Why Does My Cat Wink At Me? All You Need To Know

If you’re like most feline owners, you’re frequently startled why does my cat wink at me? Cats are rarely predictable, at least not until they grow old and stale. Some cats appear to wink at their human family members, which is a peculiar behavior. But cats can’t wink for the same reasons that people do, can they? And we are sure, much like others, you have also wondered ‘Why Does My Cat Wink At Me?’ We’ve come to the conclusion that this is the final answer to this inquiry. Here’s why your cat could give you a wink every now and again.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You?

There are two possible explanations for this. The first is a mode of communication, such as their body language. These pets can communicate with their bodies in various ways, including their tail, ears, body position, and eyes.

Second, it might be an indication of an eye infection. Other symptoms include ocular discharge (apparent, yellow, and green), nictitating membrane protrusion, eye rubbing, irritation, redness, so on and so forth.

Is It Normal If My Cat Winks At Me?

why does my cat wink at me

There is nothing wrong with your cat sometimes winking at you. Most of the time, it’s just a means for them to get something out of their eyes. However, if they begin to blink at a rapid pace, there may be an underlying issue to be concerned about.

Aside from that, if their third eyelid begins to protrude, it might be an indication of an infection. The fact that they are attempting to paw at their eyes may indicate that they are upset by something.

In this situation, you should take your cat to the nearest veterinarian for an examination and treatment. It is essential to know that cats are susceptible to several dangerous eye disorders. As a result, if they are frequently flashing, you should get them examined.

Does My Cat Blink At Me Mean That They Love Me?

There is no one response since it might be both yes and no. If your cat blinks at you slowly, it simply implies that they feel confident, comfortable, and safe in your company. This isn’t to say your cats don’t love you; it’s merely that they can’t demonstrate it by blinking at you.

Why Do Cats Blink at Us Slowly?

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You’ve undoubtedly noticed your kitty winking at you in addition to typical blinking! This usually has an entirely distinct meaning and happens in both eyes. As a result, it seems more like a gradual blink than a wink.

Cats typically do this when they want to communicate with humans. A short blink typically indicates a contented and comfortable cat. Cats can sometimes share that they are at ease. They may also request closer interaction at times.

In other words, they want you to pet them! If you gently return your gaze to your pet, you may find that they will stand up and join you. However, they may just blink back at you. (Often, they’re too lazy to get out of bed.)

Cats communicate in a variety of ways that we cannot duplicate. After all, we don’t have a tail or ears! This, however, is a simple signal that we may use to connect with our felines.

When you want to snuggle with your cat, try gradually blinking at them first. It could just persuade them to stand up and join you.

When Winking Because Dangerous

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Winking and slow blinking are entirely natural in most cases. However, in some instances, they may suggest the presence of an underlying issue. For example, if your cat blinks a lot, this might indicate that they have a persistent irritation in their eye.

They may have damaged their vision, necessitating a trip to the veterinarian. Eyes are pretty adept at self-healing. If your cat’s eye is hurting them for a few days, it’s generally an indication that something isn’t working correctly.

Their third eyelid might bulge at times. It will typically become evident in this scenario. If you can see the third eyelid of your cat, you should take him to the veterinarian. A little wink is typically not a cause for complaint.

If your cat winks heavily for an hour or so and then stops, there is no need to take him to the vet. If the inflammation in your cat’s eye has been there for longer than an hour, you should be concerned!

Why is my cat not blinking?

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You are probably aware that these four-legged companions have some endearingly odd personality quirks if you have a cat. Whether your pet likes to purr or rub up against you, many of their actions indicate when they’re in a happy mood.

According to a cat researcher at the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, cats will often avoid staring at you if they are in a foul mood, as first reported by Inverse.

If your cats are concentrating on something and do not blink, they are most likely feeling predatory.

Why does my cat look me in the eye?

Cats gaze us in the eyes as a method of expressing affection. It is a symbol of trust and love in felines. If a cat turns away from you, it is either scared or attempting to demonstrate respect.

Why does my cat touch my face with her paw?

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Kitties also have smell glands in the soles of their feet, which they utilize to mark their territory.

According to Animal Planet, if your cat kneads you or brushes your face with her paws while snuggling up to you, she may be rubbing her fragrance on you to show you how much she likes you.

Do cats like it when you talk to them?

Yes, cats enjoy being talked to, and there is scientific evidence to back this up, including a study conducted by Japanese experts at the University of Tokyo. It was discovered that cats could comprehend their owners’ voices and pay attention when spoken to. 

Marilyn Krieger, a cat behaviorist, also observes that cats are more inclined to interact and associate with their people if spoken to in a soft and soothing tone.

This implies that while talking to cats, the style and volume of the human voice are critical since they may feel comfortable or threatened depending on the tone or loudness of the human voice.

How many times does a cat blink a day?

Cats frequently sleep throughout the day to hunt at night. Cats, unlike humans, do not require regular blinking to keep their eyes lubricated (with tears).

Why do cats squint their eyes at you?

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This, like the slow blink, might signal that they are safe and comfortable enough to relax their guard. This squint isn’t simply a coincidence; it may also be a form of communication in and of itself. Many cat owners equate squinting with love and devotion rather than merely trust.

Why do Cats barely Blink?

Cats’ pupils dilate in reaction to light, but they also enlarge when they are stressed. A real cat’s slow blink contains regular pupils, depending on the illumination.

This is significant because the cat’s slow blink conveys an unmistakable message to you.

What is the average lifespan of a house cat?

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Indoor cats have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, but outdoor cats have 2-5 years.

This handout is meant to assist you in sorting out the benefits and drawbacks of each lifestyle so that you can be confident that your cat will have both an enriching existence and protection from environmental risks.

How do I show my cat I love him?

Adoption of a kitten does not offer instructions on how to adore cats. So, how can you show your kitties how much you love them? Look for the finest approach to show your feline babies how much you love and appreciate them as responsible cat parents.

Offer your feline baby a massage.

Taking a simple stroking motion from nose to tail can give your cat an all-over feel-good massage that will lower both his and your blood pressure.

Pay close attention to his favorite spots, such as the base of the tail and beneath the cheeks. Touching, caressing, and massaging your cat is also an excellent way to check for any hair mats, lumps or bumps, or sores that require medical treatment.

Take out some time to groom your cat.

Cats spend half of their awake hours grooming themselves. A few go overboard with grooming, but the most require assistance to keep spiffy.

The comb/brush not only feels like an all-over massage, but it also maintains the fur mat-free and the skin clean, minimizes furballs, and acts as a bonding session between you and the cats.

Give them special attention.

Special attention can include any or all of the above, as well as a plethora of other components specific to your unique feline pals.

It might be as simple as nighttime lap snuggling or sharing a pillow on the bed. Sitting calmly in the presence of a cat’s loving stare from across the room says a lot.

Play Time

Every animal has a favorite game. Interactive activities strengthen your relationship, instill confidence in hesitant dogs, and calm down certain hyperactive pet pests.

Some cats love puzzle toys with rewards hidden within because they can utilize their intellect, teeth, and nose. Cat gyms with climbing, clawing, and hiding areas appeal to energetic cats.

Many felines get inexpensive pleasures from empty paper bags or a bundle of paper put in an empty bathtub.


Treats are an excellent method to “love” your pets because they have no option but to eat. While tastes vary, you should be able to discover something that the cat enjoys.

The perfect treat is little, stinky, one-of-a-kind (not your typical food), and scarce (makes it unique).

How often does a cat need to blink?

Cats blink once or twice a minute, if at all, and it’s usually simple to recognize the presence of another animal and inform it they’re not going to fight.

Because staring is aggressive behavior, when your cat blinks at you, she’s expressing she likes and trusts you.

What causes cats to flop down in your path?

The most typical reason your cat may flop down in front of you is to get your attention. They adore you and like being fussed and handled!

This is much more likely if your cat rolls about when you get home after being gone for an extended length of time. They adore you, miss you, and need your affection!

why does my cat wink at me with one eye 

Kittens and cats who gaze at other cats and kittens do so when threatened, aggressive, or hostile.

When cats blink at one additional, they are signaling that they are approaching in peace and with good intentions. A one-eyed blink is comparable to a handshake or an embrace.

why does my cat chirp at me?

These birdlike sounds learned as a kitten are significantly more definitive than a meow.

Initially employed by mothers to persuade their kittens to pay attention and follow them, your cat may chirp in an attempt to gain your attention or to check out something she considers interesting.

When a cat is enthusiastic and joyful, chirrups and squeaky tiny trills may occur.

why does my cat swat at me?

It is called “touching aggressiveness” or “overstimulation” when cats shift from enjoying petting to swatting or biting. This is unique to cats that have a love/hate relationship with touching.

A cat who persistently avoids touch may be frightened, but a cat who bites during play is considered to be “playfully aggressive.” Petting aggressiveness may look random since the cat appears to have abruptly altered their attitude about the scenario for no apparent reason.

In truth, most cats will provide some sort of indication that they are no longer enjoying the attention. They used to like being petted, but now they find it unpleasant or painful.


There are just a few reasons why a cat could blink or wink at you. Therefore determining the precise cause of your cat’s winking behaviors should be simple.

You are unlikely to observe your cat blinking or flickering frequently. It’s just not a big part of their personality or disposition.

If you catch your cat winking, take the time to reaffirm their devotion with a pat or a hug. How frequently does your cat wink at you, and why do you believe cats do so? Leave us a note to join the conversation.


Why do cats’ eyes wink?

Non-aggressive cats use eye blinks to communicate that their intentions are not hostile. Cats blink at each other and humans they trust with a slow eye blink known as a “cat kiss.” Kitties who employ this non-threat signal are better equipped to engage with other cats.

Why does my cat constantly wink?

While people frequently wink at each other to express affection or companionship, if you see your cat flashing, blinking, or squinting at you, it might indicate that something is wrong with one or both of their eyes. Infections of the cat’s eyes are frequent and can be caused by viruses, fungus, or bacteria.

What is causing my cat to only open one eye?

Redness is the most typical symptom that your cat’s eyes are inflamed. Furthermore, he may blink or squint excessively, close his eye, rub or paw at it, and weep excessively. There might be some mucus or pus-like discharge surrounding your cat’s eye as well (s).

Why is my cat squinting one eye and its watering?

If your cat has watery eyes and blinks excessively, squinting or pawing at their eyes, you should take them to the doctor. Your cat might have a foreign body stuck in his eye, or he could have a clogged nasolacrimal duct (tear duct).

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