Why Do Goats Scream? All You Need To Know

Goats are peace-loving and quiet domestic animals, but there is no way out for your ears when they start screaming. So, why do goats scream? Funnily enough, your ears won’t be able to escape the loud bleating sound of these otherwise silent creatures.

Well, to be honest, goats may sometimes start screaming due to some strong reason and may even do the same at other times without any legit reason. How funny is that?

For goats, screaming serves as a mode of communication. They bleat loudly to make their owners realize that they need something. Often, when they grow impatient, they may exhibit such behavior.

A goat’s scream often seems to be strikingly similar to that of a human yell! When your dear goats get bored after staying at a specific place for a long time, they may yell to let you know that they want attention.

We will look at various other reasons behind goats screaming at the top of their voices. Let’s dig deeper into the aspect of goats screaming!

What Does It Mean When a Goat Screams?

why do goats scream

When a goat screams, it could mean the following. 

  • The goat is trying to call out to the fellow goats. 
  • The goat is trying to communicate with its mother or its babies, depending upon whether it is an adult or baby goat. 
  • The goat is hungry or is afraid because of hostile weather. 
  • The danger from predators is looming large, and that is when the goat starts to scream. 
  • The goats need some food or feel the urgency to meet some requirements. 

How Do You Get a Goat to Stop Screaming?

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Keeping your goats quiet is one of the most critical targets of pet owners. After all, no one wants to get scared of the horrifying screams and yells of goats. There are some incredible techniques that you can use to keep your goat stop screaming. Let’s see what these are!

#1: Feed Your Goat In Proper Amounts Once Each Day 

Don’t make your goat stay hungry and feed it in proper amounts only once, at a particular time of the day. Make sure it gets complete with the food so that it won’t have the appetite to intake foods the following day. As a result, they won’t even scream. 

#2: Engage Your Goats In Exercises And Activities 

Goats start screaming when they feel bored. It would help if you took them on walks in pastures to have a good time grazing.

These forms of physical exercises are necessary to keep them happy and cheerful. Consequentially, your ears will be saved from the harsh screams of the goats. 

#3: Use Training Collars 

You can use training collars to restrict the goats from whining or screaming. It is an effective method to stop them from bleating loudly. 

#4: Offer The Goats Delicious Treats 

Feeding your goats tasty treats can deter them from screaming. They will be mentally happy and won’t disturb you by bleating.

However, it would help if you remembered that offering treats to them occasionally is essential. If you don’t do so, their health may get adversely affected.

Goats Scream When They Are Bored

Goats are pretty witty creatures. And, guess what? You cannot outsmart them by keeping them alone to sit idly in their pens.

Once they perceive they have got no activity to perform and no other goats to derive companionship, they will scream loudly and frequently to compel you to take action and bring fellow goats to their pens. 

Goats Scream To Call To One Another

Goats love to socialize! They cannot bear to live alone or separately from their herd. If they get isolated from other goats, they will start yelling and bleating with an unimaginable loud pitch.

Mama goats may also yell to call out to the baby goats if they get separated from one another.

Bleating is the mode by which they try to communicate with each other when they are dwelling together, and may also use this very mode to express their distress of getting separated from its herd. 

Screaming Is A Normal Behavior For Goats

Bleating or screaming is nothing unusual for goats. They do so to express their stress or communicate with other members of their herd.

Don’t get worried if they start bleating. Just check the goat to ensure it is okay and calm it down by providing its requirements. And, that’s all!

Do All Goat Breeds Scream?

Screaming is an inherent behavioral trait of all goats, irrespective of the breed to which they belong. Goats may bleat loudly when they feel threatened or hungry, need attention, or feel the urge to communicate with one another.

A screaming goat

So, it is a pretty common thing to do for all the goats. Just as we humans talk to express our emotions and communicate our ideas with each other, goats do the same by screaming. It is, therefore, absolutely normal behavior for them. 

In respect to screaming, a distinguished fact is that not all goats scream at the same level. While the breed of goats that emits screams is the Nubian breed, the relatively quiet goats that scream not so loudly belong to the Boer breed.

All goat breeds scream, but the level at which they do so might differ. 

Goats Scream When In Pain

Suppose you notice that your goat is screaming relentlessly in a high pitch and at a significant frequency for an extended period; it is recommended that you give a quick check to your goat.

Don’t delay in consulting a vet if its screaming doesn’t stop. Often, goats start bleating loudly if they are injured or suffer from internal pain. 

Goats Scream When Hormones Fluctuate

Usually, female goats tend to scream when separated from their male counterparts. If they were engaged in the period of courtship and got suddenly separated, they would beat more loudly and ferociously.

The influence of the hormones in a pregnant goat may make it scream way too loudly and frequently. It is thought that she does so to communicate with her baby goat that is being nurtured in her womb. 

What is a Crying Baby Goat Like?

Baby goat

If you haven’t come across a baby goat yet, you have missed out on one of the most adorable sights. Just like adult goats, baby goats also have the habit of crying out loud.

And, guess what? You won’t even be able to distinguish the crying of a baby goat from that of your children. Yes, the sound of their cries is strikingly similar to that of human offspring!

The crying or bleating of baby goats often sounds way too scary and creepy. And, if the screaming has an intense high pitch, you may get goosebumps and feel horrified.

Guess the reason why baby goats cry? They do so to communicate to others that they need to be fed or require attention and are sick. So, next time, if you hear a baby goat crying, try not to get scared but attempt to check what it needs. 

Why Do Goats Scream Like Humans? 

A screaming goat

There is a lot of mystification as to the reason behind goats screaming like humans. Scientists, too, think of this event as a mystery. The probable reason could be that goats have a similar pitch and timber to that of the human voice.

And that is why their bleating sounds resemble human voices! Interestingly, however much the bleating of the goats sounds the same, every goat has a distinct screaming noise. 

Why Do Goats Scream So Much? 

Goats may scream at the top of their voices for a helluva of causes! As we have already discussed before, they are always on the lookout for companionship.

If they comprehend that they have been left alone on the farm or fence, they will keep no stone unturned to alarm you about their need for goat buddies.

Moreover, if they feel hungry or bored, they will scream to let you know about it. All these are the possible reasons behind them yelling so much!

Why Do Goats Scream At Night?

There is no such thing as goats screaming more at night than in the day. Unless they are hungry or threatened by a predator, feel suffocated in a fence, or experience chilling cold, sickness, boredom, loneliness, they won’t scream either day or night.

If they need something such as food or other stuff, only then will they scream at night? It is nothing but a misconception to think that goats yell more profusely at night. 

Why Do Goats Scream When Alone?

It is natural for goats to scream when alone because they are highly sociable animals and tend to stay in the company of their fellow goats. They cannot bear loneliness.

If you let your pet goat stay alone in the fence, it would start screaming at the top of its voice to communicate to you its need for companionship.

So, if you plan to keep goats as pets, make sure to purchase at least a couple of these cuties to ensure they don’t get bored and give themselves relief from intense screaming.

Why Do Nubian Goats Scream?

Nubian goats

Nubian goats scream just for the very same reasons that trigger screaming in goats of other breeds. However, Nubian goats can be distinguished from other goats because this specific breed of goat is way too vocal and produces extremely loud yells.

If you are someone who gets perturbed by the screams of goats and wants to avoid it, make sure that you go for some other goats of a quieter breed.

Boer goats can be the ideal choice for you, in that case, because they are known for their quietness. So, you can give your ears relief from the endless screams!

How To Stop a Baby Goat from Crying?

Baby goats may start crying when exposed to stressful situations, food scarcity, dangerous situations from predators, and hostile weather. When you notice that your baby goat is bleating, check whether it faces any of the above situations.

Feeding a baby goat

Let’s see what you can do to overcome the stressful situation and prevent the emergence of these circumstances altogether. 

Stressful Situations 

Goats are prone to stressful situations and do not have the power to handle any dangerous situations.

To keep goats’ stress at bay, ensure you accustom your goat to a specific routine. Perform all the tasks every day in the same order so that your goat knows what to expect at what time.

For instance, make it a point to feed them, take care of them, milk them, etc., at a particular time. 

Make sure to handle your goats tenderly, and never make them feel isolated. Take care to ensure it is not compelled to live in a new environment. In this way, they won’t be vulnerable to any shocking situation and not cry loudly. 


Goats hate to live alone and isolated. Make sure that they are in the constant company of other goats. Otherwise, they will give out a huge cry, and such a thing will undoubtedly unnerve you. 

Food Requirement 

Make sure that you are not letting your goat stay hungry. If you don’t offer it food in proper amounts, it is usual for them to cry and bleat loudly. Stick to a proper, balanced diet for the goats so that they stay nutritious and healthy.

You can include certain food treats in their diet charts, such as carrots, oatmeals, peanut butter, leaves of sunflower, and apples.  

Why Do Baby Goats Cry?

Baby goats are unable to perform certain basic activities that an adult goat can. It is very natural for the baby goats to utter loud cries to communicate to their mother that milk needs to be fed.

The baby goats may also let out a shriek when it encounters a threatening situation as a signal for seeking help.

Moreover, if they feel alone or lonely, they may cry to get companionship. Check if the baby goats are hungry or feeling cold and try to comfort them to stop crying. 

Final Thoughts

Screaming is a widespread behavior of goats. It serves as a mode of communication for the goats. Whenever they get stressed or feel hungry, they start bleating loudly. Don’t get tense but try to calm down your goats. Remove the cause of stress, and your goats will stop bleating.


Why do goats yell at night?

There is no specific reason for goats to yell more loudly and frequently at night. The reasons that trigger them to yell during the day are the same that make them bleat at night too. They may yell at night to communicate their interests to other fellow goats. Baby goats may yell at night to let their mother goat know about their requirements. Mature goats may bleat at night to look for the right partner for mating. Moreover, the factors such as bad weather, scarcity of food, and shocking situations may make them yell at night. 

What do goats hate the most?

Goats intensely hate being alone and dislike excess water such as puddles, mud water, and foods such as chocolate, caffeine, garlic, onion, and citrus fruits

Why do goats scream when alone?

Goats tend to scream when alone because they are friendly animals and vehemently despise staying isolated. 

How do I get my goat to calm down?

You can quickly calm down your stressed goat and stop it from screaming by making efforts to talk to them or sing a sweet song to them. Firstly, start with the leader or queen of the herd and then do the same thing to the other goats. It may seem weird and funny to you but singing a song is soothing and comforting for them. 

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