King Betta Fish: Care Guide, Varieties & Lifespan

Interestingly, scientists and ecologists can say not much about the king betta fish species’ history or its origin in the world. However, the king betta has been one of the most sought-after pet fish for personal aquariums and fish tanks worldwide. A more popular name for the king betta species is the Siamese fighting fish. Why? Well, scientists have observed, time and again, that male king betta fish are highly aggressive and will not shy away from a fight.

Further, the betta fish is native to regions of Southeast Asia, with Thailand being one of the most prevalent breeding grounds. Thailand used to be known as Siam many years ago. As a result, the Siamese fighting fish got its moniker. But, adding a few king betta fish to your aquarium or pet fish collection will fetch you admiring glances toward your fish tank!

King Betta Appearance

The king betta is a famous freshwater fish species. Thanks to its vibrant colors, it stands out from other fish, making it a popular choice for home aquariums. Betta splendens regen is the scientific name for the king betta. It’s also known as the betta fish or just the betta.

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It belongs to the Osphronemidae family. All of these are freshwater fish. The betta king is an anabantoid fish. It is equipped with a labyrinth organ. This is an organ that allows fish to take in oxygen from above the water’s surface.

King Betta Typical Behavior

As we mentioned, the king betta fish is also known as the Siamese fighting fish, primarily because of its highly aggressive and violent behavioral tendency.

Typically, the king betta only displays aggression against natural threats or threats from other alpha male king betta fish that wish to encroach upon his territory.

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You will have to be highly mindful of the type of fish and the sex of the fish that you keep in the same aquariums as your king betta. Ideally, the king betta would thrive with fish that are entirely non-threatening and calm demeanor.

One way to identify a king betta’s mood or mental state is to simply watch for its swimming pattern. If it is swimming with ease and contentment, it means your betta is doing well.

If, however, your king betta is swimming rapidly across the tank and crashing into things, your king betta may be bothered by something.

Habitat and Tank Conditions for the King Betta

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Seeing as how your pet king betta will spend all its life in a tank, it is your responsibility to create a habitat that meets the requirements of the species of fish. To help you do just that, we have discussed some essential points to consider when creating your king betta’s habitat.

The size of your king betta’s tank

It would help to keep your king betta pet fish in tanks about five to ten gallons large. Placing them in small bowls is terrible for their health and survival.

Lighting conditions for your king betta’s tank

While you don’t need any specific lighting arrangements for your king betta, you will have to be conscious of the conventional aquarium light heating the water. Using a thermometer to help in detecting the temperature of the aquarium’s water might be handy!

A filtration set up for your king betta tank

For a king betta, you’ll need a sound filtering system. Fin rot and other bacterial illnesses are pervasive in these lovely fish. The filter you choose, however, should not cause excessive churning in the water.

Bettas prefer slow-moving, quiet water in the natural. It’s not healthy for the betta if your filtration system has a lot of turnovers. In a betta tank, internal tank filters or sponge filters are usually the best options.

Planting aquatic vegetation

Bettas should be kept in surroundings that are similar to their natural habitat. Bettas reside in ponds with rice patties and other aquatic plants in their natural environments.

You can add a few marine plant species while being mindful of not crowding the tank. Your king betta should be able to hide, but at the same time, move around with ease.

Adding substrate to the tank

Substrate gravel can be a great addition to the fish tank since they do a fantastic job of holding the aquatic plants firmly to the aquarium’s floor.

King Betta Fish vs. Giant Betta Fish

Before we go ahead with a care guide for the king betta fish, there is substantial confusion in the fishkeeping world about whether king bettas are the same as giant bettas. The answer to that question is that no, king betta is not precisely the same as giant betta fish.

They are, however, quite similar species of betta fish. The primary difference between king betta and giant betta is that of size. While king betta fish are only a little bigger than regular betta fish, giant bettas can be almost 4 inches larger than the king betta itself. 

Giant bettas are selectively bred Plakat that grow to be between 3 and 7 inches long. On the other hand, King bettas are only around 3 inches long, making them slightly larger than standard betta fish. Kings, like Giant Bettas, are a hybrid Plakat.

King Betta Tank Mates

Because male king betta fish are known to be violent, you’ll want to be careful who you put in his tank with him. Any other male of the same species is likely to be attacked by the male king betta.

While he will be happiest as the only fish in his tank, you can add additional fish only as long as they are tinier and peaceful. 

Siamese Fighting Fish, Fighting Fish

Female king bettas are best kept as solitary fish. However, they can be kept in pairs with other species.

The male king betta and female king betta fish can be kept together for reproductive purposes for a short time, but they may not get along in the long run. Some fish you can consider pairing with your female king betta are ghost shrimp, guppies, kuhli loaches, etc. 

King Betta Care

If you plan on bringing home a king betta fish, you must be prepared to provide a decent amount of attention to your king betta’s health and living needs. One of the most crucial aspects of caring for a king betta is their tank’s cleanliness.

The fact is that organisms such as algae and its likes are terrible for your king betta’s health. In fact, you will also have to examine the water in the tank to ensure that it stays at the proper level and holds the appropriate amounts of magnesium, calcium, and other minerals.

King Betta Diet

Small pieces of meat like live brine shrimp and some types of worms should be fed to a carnivorous fish like the king betta. Including mosquito larvae in your king betta fish’s diet can also be a healthy addition.

However, while these foods are healthy for your pet king betta, you will have to be careful about not exceeding your king betta’s ideal food intake. One way to do that is to feed them in small portions in the morning and then in the evening. 

Breeding King bettas

King bettas are pretty easy to reproduce in an aquarium because they are essentially bubble nesting fish. That means that the king male betta fish builds a bubble nest beneath floating plants or inside shelters.

The male is curled around his mate during spawning, which takes place beneath the nest location. The female generally lays a few eggs at a time, and the male fertilizes them with his milt. The eggs are caught between the female’s body and pelvic fins.

After both parents have fertilized the eggs and deposited them in the nest, the fry hatch in 48 hours and feed on their yolk sacs for a few days.

When the young king betta fish start to swim independently, you’ll need to provide them infusoria-grade food for a few days. Artemia nauplii and micro-worms can then be used as fry food.

King Betta Diseases

Unfortunately, the king betta species of fish are highly susceptible to health issues and diseases. Some of them have been discussed below. Bear in mind that if you suspect that your king betta is suffering from any of these, you will have to consult your veterinarian.

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Constipation in King Betta

Constipation is caused by overeating. The signs and symptoms are a lack of appetite, lack of feces in the tank, and a bloated tummy.

A couple of days of fasting for your betta usually solves the problem. You could also give your fish a defrosted frozen pea without the skin. The pea’s fiber content can aid in the removal of a blockage.

Fin rot in King Betta 

A bacterial infection causes fin rot, which causes the fish’s fins to rot away into frayed ribbons. Fin rot spreads throughout the fish’s body and might eventually kill it if left untreated.

To treat fin rot, replace the water in the tank and add an appropriate patented medication from a reputable fish store.

Ick in King Betta

Ick in King Betta appears as white spots on the fish’s body, gills, and fin structures. In an attempt to dislodge the parasites, affected species will flick their bodies against the substrate, rub against hard tank surfaces, and clamp their fins.

In most cases, a patented white spot treatment applied to the water will eliminate the parasites in a matter of days.

Velvet disease in King Betta

Velvet disease in King Betta is also caused by a type of parasite. The bodies of affected fish exhibit a greyish covering. Velvet, like Ich, may be cured with medication purchased at your local fish store.

Fungal infections in King Betta

Fungal infections commonly affect stressed and damaged fish, leaving them with fluffy white patches that resemble cotton wool. Fungicide put to the aquarium and spot therapy with gentian violet, or methylene blue might be used to treat affected fish.

King Betta Availability

King bettas are more challenging to get by than their typical tiny betta counterparts. Suppliers like Petco, on the other hand, frequently have King bettas in stock. Using discount coupons or vouchers can help you save a lot of money buying King betta fish.

Typically, you might have to pre-order these fish for your personal collection because it is not a very common species of regularly available fish. When buying a King betta, be sure it’s not a Giant betta, which is an entirely different, much larger species.

What is The Cost of a King Betta Fish?

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A king betta fish can cost anywhere from $5 to $20. An uncommon color combination or a fish with a unique appearance will command a premium price. You may obtain these fish in nearly every pet store.

You’ll have to also consider the cost of a tank, as well as other fish supplies like food and aquarium decor, in addition to the price of the fish.


The king betta is a colorful and glorious addition to your fish tank. However, you must ensure the strict standards that a king betta needs in its environment. If you can’t do that or if you can’t provide it the space it needs, you should hold off buying these fish.


What size tank does a King betta need?

A king betta needs a five to ten-gallon tank at the very least.

What is the size of a giant betta?

A giant betta fish usually measures anywhere between three inches to seven inches in length.

What does King betta mean?

The King betta is a slightly larger and more colorful version of regular betta and is also referred to as Siamese fighting fish.

Can you keep two male king betta fish in the same tank?

It would be best to avoid housing two king male betta fish in the same tank because they can be highly aggressive to threats from other alpha fish of the same species.

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