How Much Is A Guinea Pig? All You Need To Know

So you want to have that fluffy little Guinea Pig friend in your home but thinking how much it will cost? How Much is a Guinea Pig? Don’t Worry. We got your Back and we break the expenses down here in this article. Be sure to sit down and calculate how much it will cost to keep a new pet happy and healthy before committing to getting one.

Although guinea pigs are less costly to purchase than other pets, this does not guarantee that they will be less expensive to maintain in the long term. Keeping two of these friendly and loving animals is a must if you want to enjoy their company.

Additionally, you’ll need to account for continuous expenditures, such as their food, as well as infrequent charges, like veterinary care, in your budget. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you! 

Keep reading to learn more about guinea pigs’ cost, food, and more.

How Much Are Guinea Pigs?

It’s the number of guineas you have that determines the cost of guinea pigs. A buffet, a run, food, a water bottle, a meal dish, clean bedding, and grooming tools are all necessities for two guinea pigs.

how much is a guinea pig

You may anticipate spending around three or four pounds a week on new bedding and three or four pounds a week on food once you’ve bought these first goods.

If you decide to add another guinea pig, this doesn’t climb much, but you may require a bigger cabinet and run if you add a fourth guinea pig.

Whether from a shelter or a pet store, getting a guinea pig is a very affordable option. Keep in mind that many guinea pigs languish in shelters and that the price of a new pet might vary widely depending on where you get it.

Annual Expenses

Monthly estimates may be used to break down an animal’s yearly cost into each expenditure.

A guinea pig may care for roughly $70 a month, which gives you an indication of the annual fee less additional guinea pigs, frequent veterinary appointments, and any special medical requirements. 

Two baby guinea pigs cuddling under shelter bridge

A guinea pig may cost anywhere from $100 to $500 each year, with the most expensive ones going between $200 to $1,000. It costs at least $200 a year to cover all overhead expenses, with the lowest point being $500 and the highest point being $800.

For example, you may save money on supplies by buying bedding in bulk or secondhand cabinets and other goods wherever available.

Environment Maintenance

Between $50 to $200 each year

Guinea pigs need little care in terms of their habitat. Once you’ve sorted out their hutch or enclosure, your primary investment will be bedding.

Guinea pigs typically need cage cleaning every other day, and since they like burrowing into their bedding, you’ll want to ensure they have enough.

Health Care

Annually, between $200 and $1,000

Guinea pigs are relatively low-maintenance animals, so you can keep them healthy on a tight budget. Your annual costs may rise if you opt to spend more on their food or purchase insurance. 


Guinea pigs will enjoy having a variety of hideaways and chews in their cage, but the best way to keep them entertained is to provide them with regular enrichment.

Allowing them to spend time outdoors in a safe cage is an excellent way to consume fresh grass and take in new sights. It costs between zero and one hundred dollars.


Annually, between $100 and $500

When it comes to guinea pig food, you have a lot of options. You can maintain your guinea pig healthy on a budget or choose quality food that costs more. Make sure the type you purchase is made exclusively for guinea pigs and includes extra vitamin C.

Your guinea pig will require the following items:

Food that has been pelletized

Vegetables Grass hay

You could also include these foods in their diet:

Sticks to chew

Regular Expenses


Food is the regular expense of pigs. A 40-ounce bag of guinea pig food costs, on average, between $10 and $20.

Food for Guinea Pigs will primarily consist of Timothy, orchard, or oat grass. Guinea Pigs, on the other hand, are big fans of fresh vegetables and lettuce. If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to buy both timothy hay and pellet food for your guinea pigs.

Small Animal Bedding: $22 for a 60-liter package.

If you use it correctly, you can expect to get three to four bedding changes out of a 60-liter bag. Remember to change the bedding of your Guinea Pigs at least every three to four days.

A veterinary checkup

Checkups with an exotic veterinarian are required for your guinea pigs every year. In most cases, you can expect to pay about $50 for each of your guinea pigs to see a veterinarian on an annual basis.

Veterinary care for a guinea pig may be more expensive than you expect because many veterinarians don’t treat exotic animals regularly.

How Much Is A Guinea Pig?

Pigs can be purchased for between $10 and $40, with the average cost being about $25. However, there are also initial and ongoing costs to be considered.

A pair of pigs can cost up to $40 a month after the initial $200 investment. Groups thrive, so the cost of keeping guineas isn’t always related to the price of one.

How Much Maintenance Is A Guinea Pig?

Funny cute guinea pig hiding in a knitted woolen scarf (selective focus on the guinea pig nose)

Every day, guinea pigs need a break from their cage. Grooming guinea pigs is an ongoing process.

Long-haired dogs require daily grooming, while short-haired dogs only need to be brushed once a week. Weekly cleaning and spot-cleaning of a guinea pig’s cage are recommended.

How Much Is A Guinea Pig Check-Up?

If you’re decided to visit the vet regularly for your guinea pig, expect to pay about $50 each time. It will cost more to take a Guinea pig to the vet if they have a health issue than take a cat or dog to the clinic. Some vets won’t treat them at all.

How Much Is A Guinea Pig Health Check? 

Annually, between $50 and $100

Prefer taking your guinea pig at least once a year to the vet is always a good idea. Your veterinarian will examine their overall health, including their weight, dental condition, and other factors.

Six-month checkups may be required for an older guinea pig or one with a chronic health condition.

How Much Is A Guinea Pig Cage?

If you want your guinea pig to feel at home, go large! Check out the cages for Guinea Pigs, which have plenty of space for them to run, play, and mingle in this hutch.

The large surface also makes it easy to clean up and connect with your pet. For less than $100, they could be yours!

How Much Is It To Neuter A Guinea Pig? 

Neutering is possible for both men and females. The cost of neutering guinea pigs varies, but the procedure typically costs $60 per guinea pig.

Keep in mind that if your objective is to prevent the pigs from having unwanted pregnancies, you will only need to neuter one of the sexes of the pigs.

How Much Is A Guinea Pig To The Vet?

Your pet’s general health will be examined by your veterinarian, who will weigh them, read their teeth, and so on.

Older or sicker rodents may need more frequent examinations, such as once every six months. The annual fee will be between $50 and $100.

How Much Is A Guinea Pig Near Me?

Pigs near me may be purchased for between $10 and $40, with the average cost being around $25. However, there are also initial and recurring fees to be considered. A pair of two pigs may cost up to $40 a month after the initial $200 investment.

How Much It Is To Spay A Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs do not need to be spayed or neutered unless there is an underlying cause – the most apparent is avoiding pregnancy. It is mostly an elective treatment that allows a man and a female to cohabitate. Spaying a pig costs $60.

How Much Is It To Adopt A Guinea Pig? 

Certain animal shelters may have guinea pigs available for adoption. These pigs may have been surrendered to the top due to a change in a family’s circumstances or allergies.

Typically, a shelter will do health tests and determine if the guinea pigs are acceptable for children to handle.

Happy girl holding cute guinea pig

The adoption fee covers all guinea pig’s expenses, including veterinarian care, mediation, and food. It might cost between $20 and $40.

How Much Is A Guinea Pig Run?

We suggest having a run with at least 15 square feet of play space for your guinea pigs. Thus, a 5x3ft or 4x4ft run would provide enough play space for your guinea pigs.

How Much Water Is Too Much For A Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs normally take 80–100 mL (3.3 ounces/2.2 pounds) of water per day, depending on the pig’s size, nutrition, age, and activity level.

However, it might fluctuate according to meteorological conditions such as humidity, temperature, and so on. Additionally, water consumption may fluctuate during pregnancy or nursing. 

How Much Is A Guinea Pig Ball? 

Provide your guinea pig with a ball that it can push about and occupy itself for an extended period, especially if you have one pet pig.

Even better if you have two or more guinea pigs. Generally, you’ll want to choose a tiny ball for them to push about readily but big enough that they cannot swallow it.

One Time or Infrequent Expenses

$50-$80 for a Guinea Pig Enclosure: 

Although a minimum enclosure size of 7.5 square feet is required for two Guinea Pigs, we recommend an enclosure of approximately 10.5 square feet. Guinea pig cage prices vary according to the size and features desired!

Accessories for Cages: 

This category includes food dishes, water dispensers, toys, and shelters. They may need to be replaced from time to time as a result of chewing and wear. $5-$10 for a 16-ounce small pet water bottle, and $6-$10 for a small pet food bowl.

Hay Rack: $5-$12 Hideaway House: $6-$15 Guinea Pig Chew Toys: $2-$5 each.

Taking the average price of each of the above items into account, the total cost of your Guinea Pig starter package will likely be around $200.00, give or take a few dollars depending on where you purchase your items.

Owning a Guinea Pig On a Budget

You can certainly keep a guinea pig on a shoestring budget, and they do not require fancy equipment. If you spend your money carefully on the finest food you can afford and save in other areas; you will discover that you can keep expenses down.

Necessary Items for Your New Guinea Pig

The following is a master checklist to use while purchasing for a guinea pig:

Checklist of Guinea Pig Essentials:

  • Cage/hutch /Bedding
  • Hayrack
  • Containers for water
  • Tunnels, covert locations, and bridges
  • Pellets of pure drinking water
  • Food!

Other factors that will influence the price of a guinea pig

Comparing pet stores to private breeders

The cost varies depending on where you get your guinea pig, and you may save money by shopping around beforehand. Private breeders selling guinea pigs online all have pricing comparable to pet shop costs.

Still, they often offer a larger range of colors than you would find in a pet store since private breeders are more concerned with raising healthy pigs than with flooding the market.

Is the cost of guinea pigs higher in other countries?

Costs for guinea pigs will stay relatively steady throughout the United States, although comparable prices are promoted in the United Kingdom and Canada. For instance, a single pig costs around $27 in the United Kingdom.

However, you must factor in delivery expenses. Canadian pigs will cost between $60 and $80 in Canadian dollars or $47 and $62 in US dollars. 

Adult guinea pigs are more expensive than newborn guinea pigs.

The pricing difference will be minimal since most guinea pigs are sold around 6-8 weeks of age. The cost of a young or adult cavy is the same and has been constant since guinea pigs became so popular.

If you adopt an adult guinea pig from an animal shelter, you should anticipate paying the same fee as you would for a newborn — unless the cover offers them for free, as they sometimes do.


After you invest in one-time expenses such as their cage, owning guinea pigs can cost as little as $200 per year. When it comes to food and equipment, there is always a budget option and a premium option, so regardless of whether you are on a tight budget or have some extra cash to spend on your new pet, you will find options.

If your guinea pig is involved in an accident or develops a medical condition that requires ongoing care, you can anticipate an increase in your annual costs. You may wish to insure your guinea pig from the start, and the majority of policies cover multiple guinea pigs.

While food and bedding will account for the majority of your annual expenses, these can be found to fit most budgets, large or small. Whatever the yearly cost of your guinea pig, most owners agree that it is well worth it to spend time with these adorable little animals!


Are guinea pigs worth it?

Guinea pigs are considered exotic pets; therefore, seeing the veterinarian for health concerns will cost more than visiting the veterinarian for a cat or dog. You may easily spend $400 getting a fresh guinea pig set up. However, it is worthwhile. They are friendly, gregarious animals that like cuddling, snuggling, and sitting on your lap.

How much does a guinea pig and supplies cost?

Guinea pigs are like rabbits, will need a constant supply of bedding and hay. Around $40 to $60 are the monthly expenditures for bedding, hay, pellets, and fresh food.

Are guinea pigs expensive?

Guinea pigs are quite inexpensive to purchase, ranging in price from $10 to $40, with an average price of approximately $25. 

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