How Much Is A German Shepherd Puppy Cost?

Are you considering adding a German Shepherd puppy to your home and wondering How Much Is A German Shepherd Puppy costs? Well, this breed isn’t inexpensive — and deservedly so.

With the ideal blend of intellect, athleticism, courage, and loyalty, the German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds today. And what’s more, these elegant and proud dogs can ideally be anything from loving family pets to capable military dogs, assistance dogs, or skillful herders.

Therefore the immediate answer to the question “how much is a german shepherd puppy?” is “pricey.” Nevertheless, it is possible to find puppies without papers for a cheaper cost (as little as $200 in some situations). Still, these puppies are usually from lines that have not undergone health and temperament testing.

Given this, it is far more preferable to spend a little more on the initial purchase price and buy a well-behaved puppy with excellent genetics! Let’s take a closer look at why German Shepherds are so expensive and what factors influence their purchase price.

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How Much Does A Purebred Race of German Shepherd Cost?

German Shepherds inherit genetic and phenotypic characteristics from their parents and forebears.

As a result, purchasing a purebred German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder can be costly, but it is a more conscientious option because you are potentially avoiding puppy mills.

how much is a german shepherd puppy cost

Furthermore, buying from a reputable provider can put your mind at ease because you’ll know your puppy grew up healthy, avoiding unethical activities.

Depending on the quality and type of the dog, a purebred German shepherd might cost anywhere from $1200 to $3,000 or $4,000. The breeding facilities play a crucial role because of the numerous facilities incorporated in the breeding procedure.

For instance, a reputed breeder may have exceptionally high breeding standards–qualified families, extensive health assurances, including medical procedures such as any surgery or orthopedic repair for animals with hip dysplasia–resulting in a $5,000 price increase.

Furthermore, knowing what your purebred German Shepherd puppy’s basic appearance and behavioral qualities would be like before purchasing one is beneficial. Obtaining purebred German Shepherd pups from a reputable breeder should always be your priority.

Proceed with care if the bargain looks to be too good to be true. Purchasing from a reputable and experienced German Shepherd breeder is unquestionably superior to buying from a backyard breeder or a pet store.

The costs are definitely worth the bonding experience with your newly acquired healthy and hearty companion. 

How much are German Shepherd puppies?

German Shepherd is rated amongst one of the most popular breeds of the Canidae family, especially in the United States (with the American Kennel Club ranking them as the third most popular breed in 2020).

They are one of the dog breeds that every youngster can know and name, thanks to their beauty, devotion, and intelligence, which make them excellent amigos and watchdogs.

A well-bred GSD puppy, on the other hand, is not inexpensive. Without a puppy contract, the average buying price is $800, though it may appear tempting to take advantage of a “deal” like this, just don’t go for this price tag.

German Shepherds have a number of health concerns that are unique to the breed. The greatest puppies are produced by responsible breeders who test and pick the healthiest dogs for breeding.

The cost of these health-checked and papered puppies will be far higher than $800. German Shepherd puppy costs in most AKC breeders start at $1500 and can reach as high as $3,000.

The cost of a German Shepherd’s commodities

Welcoming home your new four-legged companion is a huge responsibility, for it becomes a life dependent on you. And therefore providing your fur-buddy with the basics becomes not only a priority but a responsibility.

In fact, it will be much easier to welcome your new German Shepherd into your home if you have the necessary materials.

After sifting through numerous goods on Amazon, Walmart, and PetSmart’s bestseller lists, the initial cost of materials is expected to range between $215 and $855. For a large dog, like your newly acquired companion, your first-year costs should be around $450 on average. 

Supplies Prices Range Average Cost

Food & Water Bowls$15 – $50 $30
Quality Food$250-$700 $480
Dog Bed (36″ or 42″)$25 – $90 $60
Leash$10 – $30 $15
ID Tag with Phone Number$5 – $20 $10
Dog Collars (x2)$15 – $40$50
Dog Crate (36″ or 42″)$60 – $150 $110
Plastic Poop Bags (900-1080)$20 – $120$70
Pooper Scooper$15 – $30 $20
House Training Pads (75-100)$15 – $45$25
Stains and Odors Removal Spray$5 – $20 $10
Toys$50 – $155 $90
First-Aid Kit$15 – $50 $30
Brush$5 – $45 $15
Shampoo$5 – $20 $10
Tooth-brushing Kit$5 – $15$10
Toenail Clippers$5 – $30$15
Vet costs in the first year of life$1000-$2000 $1500

After the initial expenditure, the cost drops to between $95 and $390 for each successive year.

After the first year, the average cost each year will be somewhere around $245. This covers the cost of re-purchasing products such as child toys, a bed, shampoo, plastic bags, and a tooth-brushing kit.

Other items such as muzzles, clothing, play cages, and fences are not included in this list. Rather, it is a record of necessary supplies. Second-Hand Stores, local pet stores, and popular websites may be worth looking into to help save money on some of the pet goods.

Medical expenses for a German Shepherd

Dogs, like humans, can develop a variety of illnesses and diseases during their lifespan, with some being more common than others.

There are specific diseases that are more common in German Shepherds than in other dog breeds, in addition to the rising prevalence of cancer in all dogs.

The following health problems and diseases have been reported to be more widespread in German Shepherds, according to the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Organization:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy – an eye disorder 
  • Degenerative myelopathy – a progressive neurological auto-immune disease 
  • Skin allergies
  • Epilepsy
  • Bloating
  • Panosteitis – a growth disorder
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Pancreatic enzyme insufficiency
  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Pannus – a type of corneal inflammation
  • Perianal fistulas
  • Lupus
  • Von Willebrand’s disease – a hereditary bleeding disorder

According to several licensed veterinarians, a German Shepherd puppy’s first-year medical bills should be roughly $650.

Even if the frequency of trips to the clinic decreases each year, the medication cost rises as the dog grows larger, bringing the annual fee close to $675. Below are some further details.

Medical Cost Range Average Cost

Medical Cost RangeAverage
First Year Vet Cost$450 – $850$650
Spay/Neuter (optional)$60 – $450$255
Gastropexy (optional)$230 – $420$330
Adult Year Vet Cost$430 – $935$680

Medical bills are among the most elevated amounts that dog owners must pay. Experts advise purchasing a German Shepherd from a trustworthy seller to avoid accidentally purchasing an unhealthy dog.

In addition, have your dog examined by a licensed veterinarian on a regular basis. This may appear to be an extra cost at first, but it usually saves dog owners considerable money in the long term.

What is the cost of feeding a German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd belongs to the category of large canine breeds with a voracious appetite; therefore, you will need to carefully consider the food expenses.

The German Shepherd, which can weigh anywhere between 50 to 90 pounds depending on gender, age, height, and activity level, eats around 3 1/2 to 5 cups of food each day. (however, always consult your veterinarian to determine what is best for your dog.)

The average cost of feeding a German Shepherd puppy for the first year (assuming your puppy maintains an average weight as determined by the feeding recommendations) is estimated to be $780, as puppies consume approximately 320 lb. of dry food.

Adults consume 400 lb. each year on average, depending on the type of food and brand, resulting in a yearly cost of $860. Keep in mind that the price difference between budget and luxury products can be significant.

Yearly Food Cost Average Cost

Puppy $780    

Adult Dog $860   

Furthermore, don’t forget about treats when looking at the German Shepherd food price! A bag costs between $5 and $10 and lasts about a month.

German Shepherd grooming

The German Shepherd, with its amazing and elegant physical attributes, requires proper care and attention. And when it comes to raising a four-legged companion, grooming is an important aspect to ensure a healthy and happy existence for your adorable pup.

Unless owners groom their German Shepherds at home, which some skilled groomers say is entirely possible, it is advised that owners take their dogs to a professional groomer about six times a year, with charges ranging from per appointment. 

The owner has the option of taking the dog to a professional groomer, which may be beneficial to the dog’s health and well-being. As a result, professional grooming services might cost anywhere from $960 to $1,400 each year (according to the AKC).

A bath and shampoo, hair removal (if necessary), brushing and styling, nail cutting, teeth brushing, and eye and ear cleaning are all common services provided by professional dog groomers.

Furthermore, prices are determined by a variety of factors, including the dog’s size, coat condition, health and age, dog behavior, and the treatments requested. 

Having said that, if you want to groom your German Shepherd puppy at home, you’ll be required to invest in the necessary tools and equipment. Keep the following in mind:

  • The German Shepherd, despite its short double coat, is a breed that sheds a lot. Despite this, the coat is simple to keep clean, though daily brushing is recommended. When shedding increases in the fall and spring, you’ll need to de-shed twice a week to keep it under control.
  • An infrequent bath (3-4 times per year) is sufficient, and nail and cutting are required once a month or less if your dog walks on the sidewalk.
  • Accessories for brushing and clipping nails, as well as a shampoo for the occasional bath, will be included in grooming charges. So, if you choose the finest grooming products, you may anticipate paying between $50 and $80.

Why Are German Shepherds So Expensive?

Breeding dogs entails much more than just mating two adults of the same breed, producing puppies, and selling them.

Responsible breeders present their canines as show dogs, have them cleared for any breed-specific health issues, dispense a significant amount of time and effort to selecting the appropriate mating, and provide sensory stimulation and early socialization to their puppies.

The majority of health problems that German Shepherds can have cannot be diagnosed in a single visit to the veterinarian.

Instead, more complicated diagnostics like x-rays (to check for hip dysplasia) or genetic testing are required. This isn’t cheap – and it will be reflected in the puppy’s buying price! 

A competent breeder will, in particular:

  • Canine opthomolagist exam
  • Hip x rays
  • Cardiac tests
  • Thyroid tests
  • Elbow x rays

The AKC mandates this testing for all German Shepherd Dog breedings. Do not believe a breeder who claims that his puppies are healthy because their parents have never had any problems.

Without radiographs, it is impossible to diagnose health issues such as minor hip dysplasia. 

What Are The Most Important Factors That Influence The Price Of A GSD puppy? 

Let’s check out certain aspects that breeders consider when deciding on a price for a puppy they’re selling.

Bloodlines and ancestors 

The genealogy of a puppy affects its price, so if the puppy comes from show-winning parents, you may expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for your new fur buddy.

If you are looking forward to raising future show dogs and thereby presenting your fur-buddy at different competitions, this hefty investment will usually pay off in prizes. 


When it comes to the cost of a German Shepherd dog, age is the most important aspect. Because they are most impressionable and could be trained to their owner’s desire, a young German Shepherd puppy between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks will cost the most.

When a German Shepherd puppy reaches the age of 12 weeks, the price will gradually reduce. Yes, older canines are less attractive, and as a result, the price is determined by this element.

The tough thing about getting an adult dog is that you will have fewer years with him, but you will spend less time focused on training and more time focused on playing, cuddling, and forming a great bonding experience with your new fur buddy.


When it comes to German Shepherd dogs, you can anticipate males and females to be priced almost similarly, which is not the case for all breeds.

The advantage of a male German Shepherd is that he has a lot of sheer force and vitality, making him an ideal companion for working and active families. Female German Shepherds, on the other hand, are gentle and would fit in well with families with little children.

Color of the Coat 

Rare colors, by definition, cost more; this is a fundamental concept that applies to all dog breeds.

A white German Shepherd, for example, is quite unusual and will cost more than a black and tan German Shepherd. They are more expensive because recessive genetics make unique coat hues more difficult to breed.


This may seem strange, but the place where you will purchase your German Shepherd can considerably impact the price.

The price will be lower in smaller towns where there is less demand for this breed. Breeding restrictions are also more stringent in some states and localities, which has an impact on the price by raising it.

Warranties and certification 

If you didn’t previously know, some breeders would brag about their different standards in order to justify their excessive charges. Never be fooled by these certifications, and always do your own research on the breeder before making contact with them.

A good breeder will always offer a lifetime warranty on their puppies, as well as the assurance that you can return the dog if there are any issues. They should allow you to meet the puppies’ parents.

Is it necessary to note here that the breeder must give proper documentation of vaccines, health testing, and a paper proving the puppies are at least eight weeks old?

Furthermore, finding the most competent breeder will save you money in the long run by avoiding the medical costs that poorly-bred puppies from puppy mills may face later in life.

Is A German Shepherd A Good Family Dog?

When choosing a German Shepherd as your potential companion, you may wonder if they will prove to be quality family dogs or not? Well, factually speaking, when properly taught, all dogs make excellent family pets. 

In general, German Shepherds or GSD make wonderful family pets, but it’s vital to keep in mind that temperament, breeding line, sex, and how breeders treat them all play a role in whether they’ll be good for you and your family.

You must understand that dogs have several wants that must be met in order for them to be happy, and if you do not tend to meet those demands, you may anticipate your dog to become mischievous.

As stated previously, the German Shepherd is an excellent family dog. Because of their placid attitude and caring temperament, they are regarded as wonderful home dogs. The following are the most common reasons to choose a GSD as your family dog:

  • The High intellectuals. On a rough ratio, GSDs make up the majority of police dogs around the world. And this is largely due to the smartness of the dog breed to quickly understand and work on what you want them to accomplish.
  • German Shepherds are loyal to their owners and ardently guard them – They are incredibly protective of their owners, showering them with a lot of affection and care. If properly trained, they will love, care for, and respect their family, as well as actively guard them against invaders.
  • GSD puppies have high energy levels; therefore, they don’t become weary as quickly as other dogs. Hence the kids in the family are free to interact and play with the dog to their heart’s content. 
  • These canines are a very faithful dog breed that knows how to guard and serve the family they are a part of. They can be taught to do practically anything if they put their minds to it.
  • German Shepherds make excellent companions since they are loving and friendly to their family members. Yes, they might be a little grumpy around strangers, but they make excellent company for those who are familiar with them. Furthermore, if properly socialized from an early age, German Shepherds enjoy spending time with children. Along with love, care, and respect for your dog, proper puppy training is crucial. Also, don’t let children play with the dog when they’re eating or trying to be alone.
  • German Shepherds are generally healthy if kept on a good diet – GSDs should be fed nutritious food and groomed and cared for properly. They are a healthy dog breed if you are dedicated enough to your dog. Having said that, German Shepherds, on average, require 30 minutes of exercise per day in order to keep themselves healthy. Because they are an energetic dog breed and require at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, walking and playing with your dog will gradually make you healthier.
  • German Shepherds are adaptable to any lifestyle – One of the best things about GSDs is their ability to fit into any situation. So it’s no problem to tailor your day to your dog’s needs; your dog can easily adapt to your lifestyle.
  • Furthermore, purchasing a German Shepherd bred for show excellence is not the greatest option, as long as you are looking forward to raising a family pooch. Finding a breeder that deals with German Shepherds, breeding them as pets is the best option because they are more relaxed and easy with little children.

Overall, this canine breed will make a wonderful addition to your family because they are loyal, clever, and outgoing. If properly trained, most people will not perceive them as the frightening dog that they are often accustomed to.

What Is The Price Of A Blue German Shepherd? 

GSDs come in a variety of colors. Blue German Shepherds are a sub-breed of GSDs. Their hair is blue/black, and their eyes are in blue hues. A blue german shepherd dog can cost anywhere from $1300 to over $1700.

Blue German Shepherds are more unusual than the normal GSD, yet there are several breeders in the United States providing these sub-generic forms. As a result, the expense of picking up the dog adds to the total cost.

How Much Does A German Shepherd That Has Been Trained Cost?

 Obedience-trained German Shepherds range in price from $6,000 to $12,000. The price of a GSD puppy ranges from $700 to $1800, with weekly training costs ranging from $600 to $2,500. A GSD trained as a guard dog (for law enforcement or the military) can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $70,000.

How much does it cost a month to own a German Shepherd?

For your four-legged companion, you should roughly set aside at least $90-120 every month. This will cover the essentials, like high-quality food and routine vet visits. Some German Shepherd owners tend to spend a lot more money than others.

Additional expenses, such as in cases when many German Shepherd owners resort to professional grooming since their dogs shed a lot, impacts the basic budget, increasing the cost severalfold.

For instance, a single grooming visit might cost as much as $120, depending on your region and the groomer you choose. Furthermore, this canine breed is prone to a number of behavioral disorders that can be difficult to address for new dog owners, including: 

  • separation anxiety
  • Increased Prey drive
  • Continual barking
  • Reactivity 
  • Pulling on the leash

Many German Shepherd owners enroll their dogs in weekly training classes, either in a group setting or one-on-one with a trainer. For continued training, you may expect to spend anywhere from $90 (for group classes) to $600 (for private lessons) per month.

In other cases, some German Shepherds are destructive, and they need a lot of chew toys and bones to keep from chewing up their owners’ furniture. These new chews and toys may add up rapidly, costing anything from $40 to $130 every month.

The basic monthly expenses include: 

  • $50-$80 for high-quality food. Your German Shepherd should be fed premium food. Your puppy will eat a lot throughout his first three years of life due to his high energy and exercise requirements.
  • Vet bills range from $80 to $165 per appointment. However, categories such as Wellness checks, immunizations, deworming, spay/neuter surgery, and maybe stomach tacking surgery, if required, are generally included.
  • Toys and Chewables: $40-130 German Shepherds can be destructive; therefore, it is advisable to provide them with chew toys to satisfy their chewing urges.
  • Training: $90-$600. Weekly training is required if your dog has behavioral issues such as separation anxiety or aggression.
  • Grooming by Professionals: $80 to $120 per appointment. Some owners hire a professional groomer to control the excessive shedding and maintain the charismatic physical attributes of their canines.

How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost Per Year?

Well, to address this topic, let’s divide the cost required into two categories: expenditures on GSD puppies and Adults.

Expenses for a German Shepherd puppy ownership for the First Year 

When owning a GSD puppy, you can expect to pay for the following: 

  • Food – $270 to $780
  • Immunizations – $70 to 140
  • Spaying or neutering – $70 to $250
  • Dog supplies – $200 to $250
  • General veterinary care and laboratory tests – $450 – $850
  • Parasite control and treatment (both internal and external) – $100 to $150

Therefore, on average, during the first year, a German Shepherd puppy can cost anywhere from $790 to $1,690. Remember, the following estimates are based on reports from German Shepherd owners.

Depending on where you live and how you raise your pet, they may be higher or lower. Simply the first year of a German Shepherd puppy’s life can cost you almost $4,500.

Expenses for an Adult German Shepherd in a Year 

The following is a rough estimate of the annual cost of owning an adult German Shepherd:

  • General veterinary care and laboratory tests – $430 – $935
  • Immunizations – $80 to $120
  • Food – $300 to $860
  • Parasite control and treatment (both internal and external) – $100 to $150
  • Miscellaneous expenses – $150 to $200

An adult German Shepherd can cost anything from $1000 to $2250 per year to keep. It’s vital to note that these figures exclude costs associated with dog illnesses, injuries, breeding, travel, professional training, competitions, and showings.

Average Lifetime Expense 

Raising a German Shepherd Is Expensive Over Time Healthy German Shepherd dogs have an average lifespan of 9 to 13 years. This indicates that raising a German Shepherd puppy will cost you anywhere between $7,610 and $20,200.

Forbes, on the other hand, anticipated that the cost would be considerably higher. A large dog’s lifetime cost, according to the worldwide media firm, can be nearly $25,000 or more. 

What Is the Price of a Black German Shepherd?

The military and police commonly use black German Shepherd puppies. What’s more, did you know German Shepherds are born, with any range of hues including the White, Grey, Black, tan or blue shades?

However, the genetic constitution resulting in anything other than the combination of black and tan shades is rare. 

Black German Shepherds have a procreated due to the presence of a recessive gene that causes them to possess a black coat. This raises the price of GSD puppies by a factor of two. Therefore, Puppies of black German Shepherds range in price from $1,000 to $3,000. 

Furthermore, it is important to mention here that German Shepherds can change color as they become older, even if they were born black or grey. GSD puppies are born black to keep their black color until they are matured.

If you want to adopt a black German Shepherd, we recommend selecting an adult because you’ll know it’ll stay that color and be less likely to change.

Overall, if you’re looking for a black German Shepherd, bear in mind that they’re considerably tougher to come by, and you’ll probably have to keep up with the put waiting list if you want to acquire one.

Why Do The Puppy Prices of German Shepherds Vary So Much?

Many people are perplexed by the vast price range of the German Shepherd dog breed, but it’s rather simple to grasp why the cost of German Shepherd’s puppy litters varies so much.

The cost of a German Shepherd is mostly determined by its size, breed, and where it is purchased. For example, you can easily obtain rescue dogs belonging to this canine breed for less than $300 from an animal shelter or between $200 and $500 through a rescue group.

A regular German Shepherd from a competent breeder, on the other hand, will cost you anywhere from $1200 to $4,000 on average (and occasionally much more), depending on its size and variety.

The most costly German Shepherds are those who have been trained as working or show dogs as adults. They can cost anything from $6,000 to $7,000 on average and much more in extreme cases.

Furthermore, if the German Shepherd puppy comes from a line of German Shepherds with exceptional hunting or exhibiting skills, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

This is due to the fact that German Shepherd puppies from a line of hunting or exhibiting champions are more likely to develop the same characteristics as compared to litters procreated from normal parents.

Even from a respectable breeder, the latter can be had for a few hundred dollars.

What to Keep Clear of When Purchasing a German Shepherd Puppy? 

Finding the proper breeder is a difficult task itself. In comparison to puppy farms, responsible breeders are few and far between.

Are there any criteria you can use to ensure the breeder is legitimate, aside from checking the AKC list of registered breeders? There is, indeed! If the breeder isn’t AKC certified, it may cause you to hesitate, but they could still be a very responsible breeder.

To begin, make a quick list of desirable and unwanted characteristics to avoid backyard breeders. You must always ask the appropriate questions and assess the responses you receive. The following are some crucial inquiries:

Discuss the caring techniques for the German Shepherd puppy with the breeder: 

This is also a good place to start evaluating the breeder’s professionalism.

Responsible breeders should be able to provide extensive information on what the German Shepherd breed requires to prosper, as well as information on potential health issues and the breed’s history.

Make sure you’ve done your homework ahead of time so you can verify their responses.

Don’t forget to check on the Experience: 

You want to make sure you’re dealing with a professional breeder. Without hesitation, they should be able to tell you all you need to know about their breeding history.

They may even show you their certificate, as well as a list of other dog owners who have purchased German Shepherds from the breeder and are willing to testify.

Ask if you can see the puppies and choose one right away. 

This is a crucial question to consider. If the breeder replies no, you should not buy from them. A reputable and professional breeder should have nothing to hide and should have all the necessary facilities and circumstances to properly care for their pets.

Just because the breeder says yes doesn’t mean you can trust them not to be a backyard breeder. You should still go out and assess the situation and its methods before making a final decision.

However, dire circumstances may arise when visiting the breeder isn’t feasible, especially because they typically reside in rural locations in order to have enough space for their puppies. In that case, focus on acquiring all the other details regarding your potential pup. 

Don’t forget to check on the parents.

Remember to keep an eye on the parents? Even if the father GSD isn’t there, the mother should be, especially if there is a newborn litter.

In order to care and watch out for her puppies, the mother GSD must be present. If the breeder avoids showing you the pup’s parents, that is a massive red flag and someone you should avoid at all costs.

Examine the puppies’ and their parents’ vaccination records.

Inquire about any records or registrations. Because immunization records are the most common documentation, it is highly recommended to acknowledge them.

If the breeder is unable to meet these requirements, do not hesitate to walk away and not buy a German Shepherd puppy from them.

While these are just a few examples of questions you can ask to determine whether or not a breeder is trustworthy, there are many more.

Don’t be shy or hesitant; these are your future fur kids, and you want to be sure they come from a loving and caring home. Any and all questions should be welcome until you feel ready to commit to your potential GSD puppy.


While we hope that you were provided with an insightful reflection on How Much Is A German Shepherd Puppy Cost, the bottom line is, German Shepherds are not inexpensive canine companions. 

To say the least, expect to pay roughly $1,500 for a puppy from a competent breeder. If your puppy has an unusual color or comes from champion bloodlines, the price can be significantly boosted.

Furthermore, you must factor in all of the costs connected with raising and caring for a German Shepherd dog when calculating the total cost of ownership. If you want your German Shepherd professionally trained, be prepared to invest a lot more money.

Finally, to avoid unexpectedly high medical costs, take all necessary precautions to learn about your German Shepherd’s medical history and focus on growing a healthy and happy dog, as well as securing a fun-filled bonding experience. 

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How much Should I Pay for German Shepherd puppies?

On average, acquiring a german shepherd can cost anywhere between $1500 to $4000, depending on various factors such as color, type, age, gender, provider, etc. However, we have sketched out the average cost of a few classes for you:
German Shepherd Type or Breed Average Cost
Rescue Dog from a Shelter or Social organizations $200 to $500
German Shepherd Puppy from a breeder $1500 to $4000+
Trained German Shepherd Work or Show Dog $6500
Trained GSD Protection Dog $55,000

How much does it cost to import a German Shepherd into the country?

In addition to the basic charge of the GSD canine breed, Importing to the United States costs roughly $1600 just for transport. The additional AKC transfer and DNA testing fees are also applied. 

How much is a german shepherd puppy cost near Florida?

German Shepherds are not inexpensive pets. Expect to pay roughly $1,500 to $3000 for a puppy from a competent breeder (whether from a show or a working line). The case is no different near Florida. However, you may expect certain discounts from a number of providers. Nevertheless, if the prices are too good to be true, well, that is a huge red flag. Skip ahead and move on to the next browsing store or provider. 

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