How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? All You Need To Know

So, How much do Siamese cats cost? Siamese cats are a one-of-a-kind breed, with long, slender legs and enticing blue eyes. Though they are excellent companions, there are several expenses connected with this lovely cat species. A Siamese kitten can cost between $250 and $1000, but an adult purebred Siamese cat would cost more than $1000.

Various factors determine the cost of a Siamese cat. Adopting one from a shelter may be less expensive, but the price of a purebred might vary considerably. Pedigree purebred cats can burn a hole in your purse, with prices ranging from $400 to over $1,000.

The issue of how much a Siamese cat cost is a trick question since it includes the cost of purchasing the feline and the expenses you will spend while she is in your house. Let us find out more about the same.

Siamese Cat Pricing: An Overview

The coloration and rarity of the Siamese you pick might influence the price. The coloration alludes to the Siamese’s “points,” its face, ears, paws, and tail.

The Cat Fancier’s Association, which establishes standards for displaying and breeding cats in the United States, accepts just four colors for purebred Siamese cats:

  • Chocolate Point: Ivory is the color of the body. The hue of the points is milk chocolate. The eyes are a brilliant blue.
  • Blue Point: The body is a pale blue. The points are a gray-blue color. The eyes are a bright blue.
  • Seal Point: The body is cream or fawn in color. Points are a dark brown color. The eyes are a bright blue.
  • Lilac Point: The cat has a white glacier body. The color of the points ranges from grey to reddish. The eyes are a bright blue.

Siamese cats have a wide variety of pricing. What you may anticipate paying depends on the color and age of the cat, the breeder, the area where you receive the animal, and other considerations.

If the cat is show-quality or has already competed in cat shows, you will also pay extra. A show-quality cat possesses all of the qualities specified by the Cat Fancier’s Association, including a specific head shape, tail coloration, and coat texture.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Expensive?

Compared to the domestic shorthair cat, which is prevalent in many areas of the world, the Siamese cat is an uncommon breed, accounting for fewer than 10% of the global cat population.

How much do Siamese cats cost

They have originated in Siam, which is now Thailand, and have a unique black mask on their faces and white or tan bodies. The white or light tan coloration is caused by a specific gene modification that prevents color from being produced.

How much do Siamese cats cost? 

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A Siamese cat from a pedigree builder will be the most costly, but it will also come with warranties. Many folks spend less than $600 and earn less than $300 on average. The most expensive is the cost of ownership!

How much do Siamese kittens cost?

Siamese kittens are not only adorable and cuddly, but they are also less costly than adult Siamese cats! If you’re interested in purebreds, you should go to a respected breeder. A kitten may cost anywhere between $250 and $500.

As a result, adopting a Siamese kitten from a cat shelter is less expensive. Check there first if you’re determined to bring one of these blue-eyed beauties home. Many siamese rescue facilities can also help you find a lovely Siamese kitten or adult. 

Does the color of a Siamese cat affect the price?

A major determining factor of a siamese cat in its pricing is its color. When purchasing from a breeder, it typically just influences the price.

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Official cat shows are overseen by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). The CFA approves colors for each cat breed. They also identify which cats do not cooperate and, as a result, are unable to participate.

As a result, cats with a specific coloration command a much higher premium.

What factors influence the Cost of a Siamese Cat?

The primary determinant of how much you pay for a Siamese cat is where you get it! Each buying option has advantages and disadvantages, with many individuals preferring to buy online through social media sites.

Buying through a social network group has its drawbacks. There is a specific risk to a cat’s health. There will be no actual assurance of health, immunizations, or genetic screening of the parents.

The fact that one will spend a lot less for their cat draws individuals to this choice. Some folks prefer to buy from a breeder since there are more visible restrictions in place, as well as greater assurances of healthy kittens from healthy parents with no genetically transmitted diseases.

What are the one-time costs when buying a Siamese cat?

Siamese kittens cost approximately $250, whereas pedigree kittens range from $400 to $1000, depending on the breeder.

However, if both parents have championship status, the fee would be higher, reaching as much as $1500. Adult Siamese cats are more costly than kittens, with prices ranging from $1000 to $2000. 

Regular Costs Associated with Siamese Ownership

You may have thought that the purchase of the cat and the initial one-time charges were terrible enough, but you must have a true sense of how much your tiny bundle of fur is going to cost you over the years before you buy.

So, let’s have a look at the annual expenditures. These, like the one-time charges, are estimates. For example, the cost of insurance might vary greatly depending on the age of your Siamese cat/kitten and whether they’ve had any past health issues.

Also, if your Siamese cat goes to the potty outside, you may leave the litter box/cat litter out.

How much do Siamese cats cost annually?

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In addition to one-time expenditures, you will incur costs virtually every day. They quickly add up over time! All rates are determined by the age of your Siamese, whether or not they have health issues, where you look for insurance, and so on.

One of the considerations you should make right now is how much money you are willing to invest in keeping your cat healthy. The typical yearly costs are listed below.

Annual health examinations – $200

Cat Insurance – $ 350

Worming, flea, and tick treatment – $170

Cat litter – $150

Food – $1000

Can I Get a Rescue Siamese Cat?

It’s a beautiful thing to do to save a cat. You are providing a home for a cat that does not have one for whatever reason.

Perhaps it was mistreated, and it fled. You may never know what occurred, but re-homing a cat is excellent. Yes, you will save money (though plan to make a little gift), but as you can see from the above statistics, the purchase price is only a minor fraction of the entire expenditures!

Purchasing a rescue Siamese entails some risk. The cat may have difficulties as a result of its past experiences. You never know what you’re going to get, and you might need to be a little more patient than usual!

However, one thing is for sure, and you will bring home a friend for life who will be grateful to you for all their life.

Do all Siamese cats have blue eyes?

The Siamese cat breed is the only one that has blue eyes all the time. The blue eye color, on the other hand, may vary. Seal point Siamese cats have deep blue eyes, while Lilac point Siamese cats have lighter, grayer blue eyes.

The Siamese cat breed is prone to a number of health issues.

You will be required to take extra care of your Siamese cats since they, like all cat breeds, are prone to health issues.

The most common health issue is progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a degenerative disease that affects the photoreceptor cells and could lead to blindness. (PRA), a degenerative condition that damages photoreceptor cells and can result in blindness.

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PRA is a hereditary illness in Siamese cats that can result in complete blindness with no effective treatment. Normal Siamese cats can still be carriers, and even if both parents are normal, kittens can have PRA.

Affected cats exhibit symptoms of PRA as young as one and a half to two years of age. Most breeders would advise against using afflicted cats or close relatives for further breeding.

The breed’s life expectancy ranges from 8 to 12 years, and its colors range from chocolate to seal, blue, fawn, cream, and cinnamon. This breed, sometimes known as “meezers,” likes human connection and becomes unhappy and destructive if left alone for long periods.

The following are some of the breed’s other prevalent health issues:


Amyloids are protein molecules that can cause sickness by accumulating in tissues and organs, and they are the same protein that gets in the brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers. Amyloids build up in the kidneys, pancreas, and liver of cats.

Once it accumulates, it clogs the organ and causes organ failure, which can be detected by blood or urine tests. Still, a tissue biopsy is the most accurate approach to diagnose amyloidosis.

Although there is no effective treatment for this condition, a healthy diet and medicines can assist in maintaining the activities of afflicted organs such as the liver.

Feline asthma

This disease, which is prevalent in cats, produces inflammation in the airways of the lungs. Certain breeds, like the Siamese, are predisposed to this potentially fatal health issue.

Asthmatic Siamese cats typically develop a wheezing cough. Inhalers and oral medicines to decrease inflammation and open up the airways are used to treat the disease.

Certain types of cancer

Siamese cats are also prone to cancers such as lymphoma and lymphosarcoma, as well as skin cancer. Lymphoma is characterized by the production of aberrant lymphocytes, a kind of white blood cell, and can manifest itself in any bodily area or organ.

Fortunately, this is a curable kind of cancer, albeit treatment can be prohibitively expensive. Your cat must get a bi-annual complete blood count because it is easily identified with a blood test.

Weight loss, swollen glands, and difficulty breathing are just a few of the frequent symptoms. Skin cancer, on the other hand, is most commonly expressed as mast cell tumors.

It’s pretty similar to lumps and lesions, and if you see any suspicious skin lumps on your Siamese cat, you should visit a doctor right away so that it may be medically removed right away.

The condition of feline hyperesthesia

This breed is also susceptible to Feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which causes heightened sensitivity to touch and other nerve and skin stimuli.

Agitation and self-mutilation by licking or biting the feeling away are possible symptoms. To reduce the unpleasant symptoms, prompt diagnosis and treatments are required.

How much do flame point siamese cats cost? 

We frequently find them for $400 to $1000, but they may go up to $2000 depending on your residence and other circumstances. If the parents are show-class cats, the price will skyrocket.

How much do calico cats cost? 

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A Calico ranges in price from $200 to $2,000. Even if you pick a high-priced breed, the initial investment will be minimal compared to the expenditures of caring for your cat throughout its life.

How much do tabby cats cost? 

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Tabby cats that have been “randomly” bred might cost as low as $100 or less. Purebred tabbies may cost between $700 and $1500. Designer tabbies, like the Bengal, start at approximately $2k and go up from there.

How much do Balinese cats cost? 

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A Balinese kitten with a typical pedigree from a middle-tier breeder may cost $650 and $800. Balinese kittens with outstanding pedigrees from reputable breeding farms will cost more than $750, and in some cases as much as $2,000, for a cat ready for competition.

How much do Burmese cats cost? 

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A Burmese kitten can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000. If you want a particular hue, the pricing will be more. Blue Burmese kittens are in high demand. Burmese kittens from well-known breeders can cost much more, ranging from $1,200 to $2500.

How much do snowshoe siamese cats cost? 

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The Snowshoe Siamese ranges from $600 to $1,200, making him more costly than the Shorthair parent but less expensive than the Siamese. Snowshoes are a recognized breed with championship status.

How much do lynx point siamese cats cost?

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The Lynx Point Owning a Siamese cat is not costly. You may expect to pay between $200 and $400 for a lynx point siamese cat.


Adopting a Siamese cat will cost you between $430 and $660 in the beginning. Depending on where you adopt your cat, you may expect to spend anywhere from $15 to $1,000, or even more if you want an award-winning pedigreed feline.

After you’ve adopted and set up a home for your cat, you’ll need to pay them about $35 each month. You might be able to spend even less if you budget correctly. Whatever breed or pet you choose to adopt, it is your obligation to care for them properly. Consider everything, and make sure your finances can support an animal so you can give it a happy and healthy long life.


What is the rarest Siamese cat?

The Foreign White Balinese is the rarest Siamese cat. Foreign White Balinese cats are extremely unusual since they require two copies of the long-haired gene, which can only be found in real Balinese cats.

What is a Siamese cat known for?

Siamese cats are most famous for their sleek, unique look. Although many Siamese cats are silver-gray with blue eyes, their coats can also be orange, brown, cream, and even blue or lilac-colored, among other colors.

What is the cost of a male Siamese cat?

A Siamese male kitten can cost between $250 and $1000, whereas an adult male purebred Siamese cat costs more than $1000. Various factors determine the cost of a Siamese cat.

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