How Long Can A Mouse Live Without Food? All You Need To Know

Mouse are tiny animals with tiny limbs, and some people find mice as adorable pets. But, how long can a mouse live without food? Mice are low-maintenance animals. They do not seek high-class caring and attention. And also, mice are the cutest.

So if you are planning on petting a rat, then go ahead. Okay, if you have a question, whether the mouse can live without food? Or how long can a mouse live without food? Then keep reading to find out amazing facts. Mice can be seen here and there, smelling and gnawing at food. Climbing cupboards, searching for food.

You may wonder, even though these are tiny, why do they eat so much. You may not have seen a resting mouse. So it is normal to have the question like how long can a mouse live without food? Don’t worry. Here we have covered all the answers to your doubt.

How Can I Limit Mice’s Food Supply?

If you want to limit mice’s food supply, then keep reading. Mice eat almost everything. They even eat nuts and other fruits, vegetables. Controlling mice’s access to food is quite difficult. Because, even if you put the food in safe jars, they can break in.

So if you want to limit mice’s food supply, then keep the food in mice-proof containers. Mice can break in if you put the food in plastic, metal, or glass containers. Then you have to invest in mice-proof containers, as they won’t be able to get into it.

Also, keep the food in the refrigerator and freezers. They won’t be able to get into the freezer. It is the best idea. Because you can keep your food bacteria-free and safe from the mouse, also sanitize the area.

Mice love to shelter in a nonhygienic place. So keep the site clean. And mice won’t try to live in that area.

How Long Can Mice Go Without Food?

Mice rely on food more than water. They can live without drinking water for a couple of days. But without drinking food? No, they can’t survive without food. Unlike other animals, mice need to nibble on food to get sufficient energy.

how long can a mouse live without food

Other animals need a complete feast to gather energy. But mice, with tiny crumbles and nibbling they can get the energy. Their digestive system is so delicate that they start to crave instantly after consuming food.

They digest food very fast and crave for another bit soon after the intake. Therefore mice can live for about only two to four days without having food. It won’t be able to survive more than that. Because they constantly need to nibble on food to survive.

How Long Can Mice Go Without Water?

Everyone needs water for survival. No one can go on without sipping water each day. But what about a mouse? Can they survive without water? Definitely no. Because water is essential for any animal, but how long can a mouse survive without water.

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Does it have the ability to survive without water for a couple of days? Then yes. Mice can live without water not only for a day but also for a month. They do not require water as much as humans and other animals require.

If they don’t drink a sip of water for a month, they will survive. It is because they can extract moisture from the food they consume. They can extract water from any food that looks pretty dryish.

How Long Can a Mouse Live Without Food?

Well, the answer is, a mouse can live without food for almost two to four days. They can’t survive more than that duration. Mouse needs to nibble on anything they come across because their digestion is super fast.

And minute after the consumption, they start to crave for another. But they only eat bits and small crumbles. But without water and food, they can only survive for about two to three days. It is difficult for them to survive more than that.

What Are The Effects of Minimal Food and Water Consumption on Mice?

Several types of research have found out that access to minimal water consumption influences mice’s weight.

Because 18% body loss occurs after 48 hours of water deprivation, a mouse can adapt to no water intake. When there is no sign of getting water, their body naturally starts to prepare for it.

As a result, vasoconstriction occurs, and mice’s body starts to release aldosterone. It maintains the body fluids through cellular dehydration.

Also, the same study has found out that if water intake is low, then the food intake will also be below. It is known as dehydration anorexia; this phenomenon regulates the amounts of solutes present in the body.

How long can a mouse live without food or water?

Rodents or mice can live without food or water for several days if you ask me about the exact day count, two to three days without food and a month without water. Yes, I know you are in shock. But this is true. They are dependent on food much more than water.

They need to nibble on food constantly. And if they don’t get food, then they can survive for the only period mentioned above. But if it gets access to the water, then the surviving period may get extended.

But what about water? A mouse can live without water for months. It is because they have the supreme ability to extract moisture from the food. Therefore, if they don’t get access to direct water, they can access water from an indirect source.

How long can a mouse survive without water?

The mouse can live without water for more days when compared to humans and other animals. They can go on for months without water. They aren’t so dependent on water as they are on food. They can survive without water.

Water isn’t an essential intake that they need to have to survive. However, they extract moisture from the food they consume, and hence they keep themselves hydrated.

The mouse can even extract the water from dry food, which we feel like very dehydrated food. So a mouse can survive without water for up to a month.

How long can a rat survive without food?

Rats are a creature that craves food often a day. If you see a rat at home, or anywhere you can always see them nibbling on something. If not fresh food, they even gnaw on furniture, paper, etc.

So it is customary to wonder how much these rats eat and how many days they can go without having food or water. Rats cannot live for more than four days without food. They need the energy, and they need food.

And hence they can only survive for two to three days without having anything to eat. After that, they will starve.

If your rat is a little fat, it might live more than that data because it can transform fat into energy. If you give them water in between and no food, they can also extend their lives.

How long can a rat survive without water?

A rat or rodent can live without water for up to a month. But, it is only in the case where you provide rats with food and no water. Because rats can extract the fluids from the food and balance their bodies without getting dehydrated, they are not dependent on water.

Even if there is no direct water access, they can indirectly consume water through these methods. They can supply the fluids into their bodies through this method. So rats can live without having a drop or sip of water for about a month.

How long can a baby mouse live without food?

Food, water, and shelter are the essential basic need of any animal, including humans. But the count of days and quantities to live without these factors depends on animals. There is a difference in the measures of food they need to survive.

White Baby Mouse

If you have an interest in searching for the answers to these questions, then keep reading. They can only survive for a best four days without food. Irrespective of the age of rodents, they can’t survive for more than four days without intaking food.

They need a limitless supply of food to nibble on. They don’t eat food in large quantities. But, their digestive system is so fast that they start to crave food minutes after digestion. So baby mice can only survive for about four days without having any food.

How Much Water Do Pet Mice Drink?

Mainly, the measure of water required depends on age and weather factors. If you shelter a mouse at your house in a cage, then we can say that the mouse lives in unchanging weather.

A pet mice needs 4 to 7ml of water a day. And if you have a lactating female mouse in your house, it requires 14ml of water per day.

However, it also depends on the condition of the weather. As the temperature increases, the amount of water intake also gets increased.

How long do rats live after eating poison?

A Red Heart Painted On A White Wall

If you are annoyed by rats and do not want them to roam in your home, you will think of killing the rats. And the easiest option is to poison the rats. There are different types of poisons available in the market.

Type of poison, the method you have chosen to poison the rat, the position of poison impact the effectiveness of poison. If the poison doesn’t work, then all your efforts will go wasted.

If you are introducing first-gen poison, then the rat may die after seven days. And if you are providing second-gen poison, the rat will die in two to three days due to internal bleeding. After the poison intake, rats will stop feeding.

How long do domestic rats live?

If you are thinking about petting a rat and want to know about a rat’s life span, keep reading. In the earlier days, rats used to live for about 1.5 to 2 years on average. But now, domestic or pet rats tend to live for about 2-3 years. It is the average life span of domestic rats.

How long do wild rats live?

It depends on the wild and captivity of the rat. How long wild rats live is tricky because there is no easy answer as different rat species are running, and there is a difference between different species.

However, wild rats tend to live for about 1-2 years only. They cannot survive maximum. It is the only period they can survive. However, the circumstance is different for domestic or fancy rats. They can live up to four years. 

How long do sewer rats live?

Shallow Focus Photo of a Rat Stared Down by a Cat

Sewer rats live in sewer areas, contaminated areas. They are adapted to living there. They can live in sewers for a long time.

Mainly it can be seen in toilet bowls, inside of plumbing, pipes, drainage, etc. Sewer rats can live up to two years. These rats are 6 to 11 inches in size, and they can live up to two years in these nonhygienic contaminated areas.

Where do rats go to die?

Most rats die in the nest. Because they are too tired to leave the place where it rests and go somewhere, rodents won’t be having the energy to go outside and search for food when they are poisoned.

Because it will require energy, and rodents won’t use their energy to go outside. Also, some rats try to run outside. Because when they consume poison, they feel suffocated and will have internal bleeding, and to get some fresh air, they will run outside.

How long can a mouse live without food and water? 

If you are interested in knowing how long can a mouse live without food and water. Then here is the answer. A mouse can live without water for up to a month. But in the case of food, a mouse can only survive for about two to four days.

They cannot survive more than that. But if you are wondering about water, they can live up to a month without sipping water because they can extract moisture from the food they intake. And able to survive without having access to direct water.

How long can a mouse live in a wall without food? 

It depends because the mouse can survive for about a month without food. But what about the wall? They can survive through the condensation in the pipe of a wall.

They get the requirements through the pipe. But they can only survive up to one to two weeks without having any food if it lives in a wall.

How long can a baby mouse live without food?

Be it a baby mouse or an adult mouse. They always want to nibble on everything. It is a need for them. Be it plastic, furniture, paper, anything. But what about the total days they can survive without nibbling or having any food. Then it is two to four days.

They can survive for a maximum of four days without consuming any food or water. It is the same for baby mouses too. They have the strength to live without a single bite of food for up to four days. However, it depends on the health situation of the baby mouse.


Rats are the strongest creatures; even it appears tiny. Suppose you are looking out at the signs of cats starving and interested in knowing in the days’ count of rats that they can live without water or food.

Then the answer, in short, is 2-4 days and a month without food and water respectively. Rats can also stay hydrated if it doesn’t get any liquids such as water or milk because they can extract the essential fluid they need from food particles.

Be it an adult rodent or a tiny mouse; they can live without food for about four days, and also, considering the habitat of mice; they can live up to four years.

Well, it is cute to have a pet rat. Even though mice nibble on everything and spoil things, they are cute creatures, and you can cage and pet a rat. Rats can eat each cockroach and other insects, and your home will be insect-free too.


How long can a mouse live in a house without food?

If a mouse has started living in your house, and if you wonder how long can they live in your home without food, then the answer is two to four days. They can survive for up to four days without food. But if they have access to water, then the surviving period may get extended.

How do you keep mice from dying in walls?

You don’t want mice to die in walls and get the foul smell all over your house. If you want to solve or prevent this problem, try to set up a trap in the wall. Or seal the gaps and vents. Inspect the walls frequently, and if you find its presence lure them out. Also, mouse-proof the yard. Leave cotton balls soaked in peppermint, as the smell will repel the mouse. Also, clean the wall, clean any food crumbs left and seal all the gaps to prevent mice from dying in walls.

How long can mice live in walls without food?

Mice can get the requirements from the wall through the condensation of the pipe. However, they can survive without water for a month and two to four days without food. If it doesn’t get food in the wall, it can survive for about one to two weeks. Because it will try to find something in the pipe, and they will gnaw it.

Will mice leave if there is no food source?

Well, it depends. Mice will search for food, and if they get no food at all, they eventually start to deter from the places where there is no food. And will start to disappear from that area, because food is the primary source of energy provider for them.

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