How High Can Rabbits Jump?

Do you know how high can Rabbits Jump? Their jumping ability depends on various factors such as age, size, and the breed of the rabbits. Furthermore, the jumping ability also depends on the rabbit’s environmental conditions. A rabbit that is suffering from an injury may not be able to jump higher.

On television, we always see adorable rabbits munching on carrots or vegetables or just hopping around. However, their capacity to jump is well-known. The ability of rabbits to jump and the safety measures that must be taken before handling them are well known to anybody who has ever owned a herd of rabbits.

One of these precautions is installing a rabbit fence around the area to function as a barrier. It is necessary to put an obstacle around the yard that encloses the rabbits.

How High can Rabbits Jump? – Overview

If a rabbit has a motive to jump higher, then the rabbit will jump a lot higher. For example, a rabbit being chased in the wild will jump higher and faster than expected.

At the same time, a pet rabbit or tamed rabbit may not jump higher or run faster than the rabbit living in bleak situations.

How High can rabbits jump

Generally, a wild rabbit needs to be more vigilant because of predators, whereas their owners protect domesticated rabbits. It is a strenuous task to measure the height in the wild.

So, you must be wondering, “how high can a tamed rabbit jump,” according to the Guinness book of world records, the highest jump recorded by a tamed rabbit is 1 meter or 39,2 inches. This record was set by a rabbit named Mimrelunds Tösen (The Lassie of Quivering Grove), who belonged to Tine Hygom (Denmark) in Herning, Denmark, on June 28, 1997.

The longest leap recorded by a domestic rabbit is 3 meters or 9feet 9.6 inches. Yabo the rabbit, owned by Maria Brunn Jensen (Denmark), currently holds this record.

Adult rabbits can safely jump up to a height of 4-5 feet or 1.2-1.5 meters if they’re prompted or have a reason to do so. At the same time, a baby or young rabbit of around 1-2 months could jump up 60-90 cm high. As the rabbits get old, they lose their ability to jump high.

Different breeds carry different jumping and running abilities. It is observed that medium-size breeds of rabbits usually jump higher due to their strong hind legs, while small and giant breeds struggle to jump this much.

Large rabbits carry more weight as compared to smaller ones. Therefore, they have not considered the best jumpers. At the same time, the small breeds have smaller hind legs. Thus, their ability to jump is hindered.

Why Do Rabbits Jump?

Just like humans, rabbits also carry a particular type of personality. Their jumping style can convey a lot of information based on their environmental conditions.

An un-tamed rabbit has to be careful and vigilant in wildlife conditions because of many predators and dangers. They often rely on their ability to smell mainly and their ears. These features help them to take early action from a nearby poacher.

Due to evolution and anatomy, they’ve developed a pair of solid legs, often known as “hind legs.” Their hind legs help them generate a force that assists them in taking high jumps.

Rabbits’ front legs are more petite and allow them to reduce the shock so that they can cover large distances with extremely high speeds without hurting themselves.

Whenever wild rabbits are being chased, they tend to run in a zig-zag fashion, which helps escape dangerous situations.

Their hind legs provide the necessary force required to jump immediately, whereas their front legs assist in comfortably changing directions. Both legs are beneficial and imperative to a rabbit.

In everyday situations, jumping can mean a lot of things. It can indicate happiness, a state of sorrow, and the beginning of the mating process. Young rabbits or baby rabbits often jump over each other to indicate a state of vitality, or they’re in the mood of playing.

Do Rabbits Like Heights?

Due to the rabbit’s evolution and anatomy, every animal living on the land is more comfortable on its feet. They’re designed to jump at heights. Some rabbits can jump up to 4 feet.

When jumping, a rabbit also makes sure that the destination is safe to land. If a rabbit is lucky enough, he may not have to withstand the shock from landing.

What Height Can Rabbits Jump From?

An average can jump from 4-5 feet without getting hurt, and a giant rabbit can fall without getting hurt around at the height of 4 feet. A small-sized breed of rabbit is also capable of withstanding high enough extremes.

But, when they fall unexpectedly, they don’t get the required time to spread their body. So, that pressure after landing can get soaked up. Therefore, owners should provide soft cushions near elevated platforms.

A rabbit may jump onto things such as a bed or sofa. Also, an owner may need to deploy a jump fence or a wire fence that will protect rabbits from unusual situations.

How Fast Can Rabbits Jump or Run?

Rabbits are often considered the best jumpers. But, one fact that surprises people the most is that they can run at a speed of 35 mph; just for information, Usain Bolt (fastest man on the planet) runs at a rate of 27.78 mph.

Some species, such as the jackrabbit, which is clocked at a speed of 45 mph. But, rabbits are not capable of maintaining this speed for a prolonged time. Therefore, they run in a zig-zag fashion. Wild rabbits run fasters than pets as they are in precarious environmental conditions.

However, pet rabbits can still run faster than an average human. Rabbits have fast-twitch muscle fibers, which help them to accelerate quickly. But, they don’t have as many slow-twitch muscle fibers as fast-twitch muscle fibers. Therefore, they can hop for only a short period.

They use their strong legs to hop. A bunny hop is as long as 10 feet. On top of that, due to their small size, some species are as small as a human foot. They can change directions and jump over obstacles very quickly.

Therefore, it is necessary to deploy fences around the yard, and the fence keeps them safe from predators or poachers.

Do Rabbits Jump When They are Happy?

Rabbits happen to have a prominent personality. The way they jump in the air indicates a lot about their mood and emotions. Yes, a rabbit does jump when they are happy and feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

When they are happy, they jump up high and twist their bodies. This behavior is known as “binky.” A binky indicates that the rabbit is fit and healthy. However, it also conveys that the rabbit’s diet is well balanced, and the rabbit is happy.

Juvenile rabbits often jump over each other when they’re happy with the environmental conditions and are in a playful mood. In adults, jumping over each other indicates the ritual of the mating process.

Sometimes your bunny can feel sad or depressed, to know more check out on this article How to Tell If Your Rabbit is Sad or Depressed.

Do Rabbits Land On Their Feet?

Rabbit with Hind legs

Whenever a rabbit leaps forward or in a vertical direction, it’ll use its hind legs to generate the necessary force to do so. Their front legs help them soak up the shock after landing.

Moreover, the front legs also change the direction unexpectedly to escape unreliable situations.

When in the air, they shift their weight and try to land on their toes. This ability gives them the required resiliency to the crash landings, and they often spread their body to withstand the massive pressure across the four legs. They seldom try to land on the front legs.

Rabbits must be on the lookout at all times if they fall from an elevated platform without notice. They might not be able to spread the pressure across the four legs. Therefore, it is imperative to look after the baby rabbits.

How High Can a Rabbit Jump Vertically?

A rabbit’s ability to jump is affected by various factors, including size, age, and breed. In addition, the rabbit’s jumping ability is affected by its surroundings also. A rabbit suffering from an injury may be unable to jump higher.

If a rabbit is poached, the rabbit will jump much higher. A rabbit being chased in the wild, for example, will jump higher and faster than in normal conditions.

At the same time, a pet or tamed rabbit cannot jump higher or run faster than a rabbit living in deplorable conditions. A wild rabbit must be more vigilant due to predators, whereas their owners protect domesticated rabbits.

For example, A New Zealand breed rabbit, which falls into the category of medium-sized rabbits, can jump higher, whereas a dwarf rabbit may not be able to do so.

Similarly, a giant breed rabbit carries more weight than an average rabbit; therefore, their weight meddles with their capability to jump at a considerable height.

A medium-size rabbit has more muscular front legs. Thus, they are capable of surviving a crash landing with ease. In comparison, both giant and medium breeds would not be able to do it properly.

How Can High Dwarf Rabbits Jump?

Dwarf rabbits have a smaller structure and size as compared to New Zealand rabbits. Thus, they do not own strong hind legs, which helps them to maneuver and jump higher.

Dwarf Rabbit

It is observed that, on average, they carry a weight of 2-2.5 pounds which allows them to be more agile. Furthermore, a healthy dwarf rabbit can jump as high as 1 meter vertically. With an exception, some dwarf rabbits safely jump up to 3.5 feet.

How High Can a New Zealand Rabbit Jump?

New Zealand rabbits fall into the category of medium-sized to large-sized rabbits. Therefore, it is pretty clear that they can jump higher than most of the average rabbits.

As a result of their strong back legs or hind legs, they can leap high in the air. They have the ability to jump up to 36 inches (91.4 cm) in the air.

Rabbit munching carrot

Due to their ability to make massive jumps, they are equipped with eyes capable of 360-degree vision.

With an adequate amount of obstacle training, they get comfortable with even higher leaps. Trained New Zealand rabbits are often used in competitive rabbit jumping contests.

How High Can Baby Rabbits Jump?

In normal conditions, a baby rabbit may be able to jump 2 feet vertically in the first 2-3 months of its lifecycle. Though, it also depends on many factors like the rabbit’s health, breed, and size. A healthy rabbit can vertically jump higher than the one with diseases.

Similarly, dutch breed rabbits are known for being agile and jumping higher than giant angora breed due to their size difference and different structure.

Size plays a vital role in determining the ability to jump; medium-size species are known for their splendid fitness level. Therefore, they can jump higher than giant rabbits or small-sized rabbits.

How High Can a Bunny Fall From?

It is not safe for bunny rabbits to jump from heights at the initial stages. But, they’re able to withstand the pressure up to a height of 2 feet.


How high can a hare rabbit jump?

Hare and Rabbits have very similar structures and shapes. The only thing that distinguishes Hare from rabbits is that Hare has a pair of long ears that helps them identify dangerous situations and conditions around them.

They can’t jump as high as medium-sized rabbits. But, their broad jump is one of the highest among different species of animals. Snowshoe hares are known for their ability to jump longest, and the record is set at 11.9 feet. Hares are known to be one of the fastest animals on the planet.

How High Can A Medium Rabbit Jump?

Medium-sized rabbit breeds have strong hind legs, and they generally carry less weight than large-sized rabbits. Furthermore, their hind legs are made for absorbing the shock after landing. Therefore, they could jump as high as 4-5 feet.

Also, their back legs help them to move at an incredible speed when they’re poached. For instance, Himalayan breeds have got the ability to jump higher when compared to dwarf rabbits. Moreover, when they sense a risk, their ability to take leaps prevents them from a precarious condition.

How High Can A Wild Hare Jump?

Wild hares have solid and long hind legs. Therefore, they can jump as high as an average rabbit. But, their hind legs are made for running at faster speeds than an average rabbit. Consequently, they take leaps in the horizontal direction. European hares can touch the rate of 56/h. Hares leap forward to escape from the predators, whereas rabbits hope to escape from a precarious situation. When comparing the speed of Hare to that of rabbits, the Hare has an advantage.

What Does It Mean When A Rabbit Jumps Straight Up?

When a rabbit jumps straight up, this means the jump in the vertical axis, or simple words, the height of the jump in the vertical direction. The height should be measured from the ground or the plane to the height of the rabbit when in the air from the environment. Rabbits are consummate jumpers; therefore, deploying a high fence or a garden fence may be required, especially when you’re looking after a herd of a rabbit. Rabbits can be athletic and may be capable of escaping from the yard with ease.

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