How Fast Can A Rabbit Run? All You Need To Know

Rabbits are known all around the world for their adorable charm, large ears, buck teeth, and incredible speed. But, how Fast Can A Rabbit Run? Therefore, to thoroughly know about the same, let us explore the statistics and records for the remarkable speed of these adorable creatures. Dive in to be thoroughly enlightened about how fast a rabbit can run— it’s probably faster than you think!!

You’ve probably seen your pet rabbit dart across your lawn or seen photos of these furry creatures, racing with their back feet all the way up to their faces. In fact, anatomically, the bodies of rabbits are constructed to allow them to dash off if they feel endangered or threatened. 

How Fast Can A Rabbit Run? 

Rabbits, in general, are instilled with swift survival instincts. When feeling threatened or endangered, most rabbits will become very alert, active, and dash off swiftly.

The difference between death and burrow safety can be measured in fractions of a second in the wilderness. Rabbits can outwit and outpace predators in the wild, allowing them to evade and avoid deadly attacks.

Snowshoe rabbit running in the snow

Wild rabbits, on average, travel at a speed of 35 to 45 miles per hour. Some wild varieties can sprint even faster, reaching up to the speeds of 45 miles per hour. Rabbits can accelerate quickly and turn sharply without losing momentum, in addition to being incredibly fast.

Domestic rabbits are much slower than wild rabbits. Due to their habitat, pet rabbits have low muscle tone and are unconcerned about predators. Pet rabbits, on average, may achieve speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

Do Rabbits Run or Hop?

A Rabbit doesn’t run; instead, they hop. This hopping motion is accomplished by lifting both feet off the ground simultaneously and driving forward. A rabbit’s front feet will land one after another, creating velocity.

And when racing, the back feet appear to reach all the way up to their faces. The hop of a rabbit is similar to that of cheetahs and other swift animals. Rabbits have the ability to walk, although they prefer to hop.

How Do Rabbits Run So Fast?

how fast can a rabbit run

As a prey species, a rabbit’s ability to sprint quickly can mean the difference between life and death. The muscular hind legs and oversized feet of a pet rabbit are responsible for much of its speed.

As a result, the rabbit’s body is dependent on extremely particular circumstances to provide it with this unique capacity. The fit also helps that their muscles have been finely tuned over time, allowing them to move quickly.

If there is a requirement for speed, there must also be a demand for:

Proper Anatomy

The bodies of pet rabbits are built to react rapidly. The design of their legs is the most evident example of this. With their long, muscular hindquarters, they are built to travel rapidly. As a general rule, the longer a rabbit’s hind legs are, the faster it runs.

They are capable of leaping vast distances with a single push of their back feet. A rabbit’s strong legs allow it to leap into the air and drive itself forward over the ground.

Pet rabbits can leap 3 feet into the air and nearly 10 feet forward in a single bound. Rabbits are prey and must flee from predators rapidly, which they accomplish with the help of their unique rear legs.

Effective Muscles

The muscles in pet rabbits are comprised of muscle fibers. The slow-twitch muscle fibers are responsible for stamina and endurance, whereas the fast-twitch muscle fibers are responsible for acceleration and speed.

According to the studies, rabbit muscles had 45-54 percent more fast-twitch muscle fibers than slow-twitch muscle fibers. Therefore, the rabbits’ ability to sprint so quickly is mainly due to the large proportion of their fast-twitch muscles. 

What’s more, fast-twitch glycolytic fibers, the fastest form of fast-twitch muscle, are seen in rabbits. Because they get their energy from glucose rather than oxygen, this muscle fiber type can burn calories faster.

Hence, it is no surprise that pet rabbits can dash off faster, given the bigger proportions of the quickest type of fast-twitch muscle fiber.

Skillful Capabilities 

It’s only natural for rabbits to have acquired talents to adapt, survive, and prosper in the face of so many environmental dangers throughout their lives. One of these abilities includes the capacity to reach high speeds in a short period of time.

Rabbits can accelerate in a short amount of time. The ability of rabbits to outpace their predators and vanish out of sight in a matter of seconds is primarily due to their rapid acceleration.

Rabbits have also perfected the capacity to perform rapid turns – zig-zagging — without slowing down or losing momentum. This is very remarkable, given most creatures are unable to do so.

 The Right Size 

The size of a rabbit does not affect speed, but it does improve agility. A rabbit’s small stature makes it far more difficult to catch or capture. Its stature also assists in hiding in the wild, burrowing into burrows or hedges where predators cannot reach them.

The smaller a rabbit is, the lighter it is on its feet. And thereby, the rabbit will consume less energy, and its muscles don’t have to be as powerful to propel the creature because of its lighter weight. As a result, it takes less time to accelerate.

How Long Can A Rabbit Run At Top Speed?

A rabbit’s skill to run at full speed is limited. It has an excellent acceleration time and nimble motions like a species designed for sprinting. This, however, comes at the expense of durability.

Keep in mind that a rabbit has a lot of fast-twitch muscle fibers. Due to this, slow-twitch fibers, which are needed for endurance and stamina, are squeezed out.

Pet rabbits’ fast-twitch fibers are also glycolytic, which means they burn through energy quickly. A rabbit can sprint quickly, but only for a short time.

How Fast Can Wild Rabbits Run?

The wild rabbit, according to studies, can reach high speeds of roughly 35 to 45 miles per hour.

They can readily dodge predators by running at full speed, jumping at the drop of a hat, and turning on a dime as a result of this.

How Fast Can Pet Rabbits Run?

While it’s easy to believe that wild rabbits are better equipped for sprinting, our pet rabbits are no slouch either.

Despite the fact that pet rabbits rarely need to use their tremendous speed, according to studies, on average, they may achieve top speeds of 35 miles per hour, which is a full 5 miles per hour quicker than the wild cottontail.

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In fact, research demonstrates that when pet rabbits dwell in a completely safe and secure atmosphere, they frequently use their defense systems for entertainment and play.

Therefore, you may find your furry friend running at full speed up and down your corridors just for amusement.

How Fast Can Hares Run?

Despite their striking resemblance, hares and rabbits are evolutionarily separated by a degree. Hares and jackrabbits descended from more massive forebears possess the fastest top speed of almost any pet rabbits, that is, a blazing 45 miles per hour!!

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Their muscular hind legs make them particularly well adapted to running and jumping, although they can’t do so for very long.

Hares are basically built for speed, not endurance. When being pursued by predators, they would alternate full-throttle dashes with acrobatic leaps, changing direction in mid-air and zig-zagging away from their pursuers.

How Fast are Rabbits When Running Uphill?

The average speed when running uphill would still be in the 18 to 45 mph range. Rabbits have powerful rear legs that allow them to sprint as fast as they can on flat terrain when running uphill.

There is no genuine way to estimate the speed of a rabbit going uphill because there is no standard measurement. Unlike most animals, who find it more difficult to run uphill than downhill, the rabbit is at ease on any terrain.

Because of its peculiar anatomy, the rabbit has a significant advantage when sprinting uphill. Hares and rabbits have longer hind legs, which makes it easier for them to leap uphill and on inclines.

Some researchers believe that rabbits sprint faster uphill than downhill, although there is currently no means to confirm this claim. Rabbits will always run uphill as a defensive tactic if they desire a chance to elude a faster pursuer. 

How Long Can A Rabbit Run at A Fast Pace?

So far, there is no knowledge about how long a rabbit can keep its speed, as it is used for evasive top burst speeds and movements rather than marathon running.

We already know that rabbits have potent muscles that are both amazing and designed to propel them forward. As a result, rabbits can jump higher into the air and cover greater distances with a single hop.

Rabbits are known for their agility due to their employment of fast-twitch muscle fibers. Rabbits also have muscles that utilize either oxygen or glucose for energy.

Glycolytic fibers get their energy from glucose or sugar; thus, they can burn it considerably faster than oxidative fibers. The fast-twitch glycolytic fibers also enable rabbits to accelerate swiftly and attain higher speeds in less time, allowing them to cover a longer distance.

What temperature can rabbits tolerate?

A rabbit’s optimal outdoor temperature ranges from 12° to 21° C (55° to 70° F), and while your bunnies can endure temperatures as high as 30° C (85° F), anything over that puts them at danger of heatstroke.

What are some other defense mechanisms of rabbits?

When a rabbit detects a predator, its initial impulse is to flee and hide. Aside from fleeing from predators, rabbits have various strategies for avoiding creatures that may wish to feast on them.

These furry pets have a good sense of smell, for example. As a result, they can detect a predator even if it is not yet near to them. The sense of smell also allows them to see partners or pals.

Rabbit hearing sense

In addition to possessing good senses of smell, Rabbits also have excellent hearing senses, allowing them to detect activity and take action quickly.

They have enormous ears that can not only catch up with sounds clearly but also swivel. This indicates that the rabbit can hear in all directions.

Rabbit eyesight

Again, rabbits have keen eyesight, allowing them to notice what is going on around them. They have approximately 360-degree vision, and because their eyes are on both sides of their skulls, they can see in all directions.

When a rabbit notices a predator, it will quickly freeze in place and try to blend in with its surroundings to avoid the animal’s attention. If this move fails, the rabbit will flee in a zigzag path to avoid the animal that is chasing it.

If all else fails and the rabbit is caught, it will fight back by kicking and scratching as a final option.

How Fast Can A Jack Rabbit Run?

A jackrabbit, frequently designated as the fastest known rabbit species, is basically a variety of hare.

According to the available data, Jackrabbits could reach an average speed of 45 miles per hour. They can also leap a whole ten feet in one go!!

Hares, like rabbits, have a short endurance and can only maintain these bursts of speed for a brief period of time.

How Fast Can A Cottontail Rabbit Run?

Cottontail rabbits are the most common wild rabbits in North America. Cottontail rabbits have evolved to be exceptionally swift and agile as a result of their reputation as prey animals.

Cottontail rabbits can run at speeds of up to 18 mph for a half-mile. They can readily evade predators by running at full speed, jumping with agility, and running in a zig-zag manner to confuse predators.

How Fast Can A European Rabbit Run?

Wild Rabbits, European Rabbit, Oryctolagus Cuniculus

The European rabbit is regarded as one of the world’s swiftest rabbit species. It is as quick as a jackrabbit, reaching top speeds of 45 mph. It is, however, smaller and lighter, providing it greater agility.

How Fast Can A Lionhead Rabbit Run?

The British Rabbit Council and the American Rabbit Breeders Association recognize the Lionhead as a variety of domestic breeds of rabbit.

Designated with the name Lionhead, these rabbits possess a wool mane encircling their head that morphologically resembles a lion. And because this rabbit is a domesticated species, it can run at speeds of up to 35 mph (56 km/h). 

How Fast Can A Mini Lop Rabbit Run? 

The Mini Lop rabbit, as recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, is a type of medium-sized domesticated breed of rabbit.

Categorized under domesticated breeds, the running speed of these rabbits ranges somewhere between 30 to 35 mph.

How Fast Can A Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Run? 

Listed amongst one of the smallest breeds of rabbits originating from the Netherlands, the Netherland Dwarf rabbits are also a category of popularly recognized domesticated rabbits.

Though the actual running speed of this breed is unknown, it is assumed to coincide with the range of the domesticated rabbits and therefore lies somewhere between 30 to 35 mph.

How Fast Can A Mini Rex Rabbit Run?

Mini Rex Rabbit is again a breed of domestic rabbit. Therefore the running speed of these furry creatures, on average, is about 35 mph. 


It’s likely that you were amazed to learn how quickly a pet rabbit can run! Their muscular hind legs have evolved over hundreds of generations to keep them secure from predators – or to have a lot of fun dashing up and down your hallways when they’re safe and comfy.

So, the next time your pet rabbit spends the day napping, remember that they still have a lot of running to accomplish afterward!


Can a rabbit outrun a dog?

Though rabbits are regarded as fast-paced creatures, they are not faster than the members of the Canidae family. A Dog’s top speed is 50 kph, while that of a Rabbit is four kph.

Can rabbits outrun predators?

One of the most common prey animals, rabbits, have evolved to ward off the predators skillfully. Though their running speed alone will not prove handly in outrunning the predators, skillful capabilities such as reaching high speeds in a short period of time, capacity to perform rapid zig-zag turns and hiding capabilities can help in outrunning the predators. 

Do rabbits come back if they run away?

Rabbits kept as pets are ill-equipped to live in the wild. Therefore, there’s a reasonable probability of the domesticated rabbits returning on their own time. However, it would be best if you made an effort to reclaim your pet as well.

Can you outrun a rabbit?

The average running speed of rabbits is about 35 miles per hour, while that of humans is about 28 mph. Therefore, it is possible that a rabbit can outrun you.

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