How Do Chicken Eggs Get Fertilized? All You Need To Know

Chickens lay eggs like other birds. We know that they don’t need any roosters to produce an egg, right? 

However, if you expect fertilized eggs, you’ll require a rooster to perform with chicken. The rooster is taking the task and genuinely dedicated to it! The process is fascinating and magical too.

In this article, we will discuss how do chicken eggs get fertilized and how you can contribute to getting it.

When are Eggs Fertile?

An egg will yield only a chick when chickens mated to the rooster before it was formed. 

Many poultry farms didn’t have any roosters for milling until it’s needed a batch of egg-laying chickens. That means all eggs are unfertilized in the supermarket.

Roosters are usually often seen in smaller or hobby flocks. It’s like almost all eggs are potentially fertile with fresh eggs from a small flock. But no need to worry, like the embryo, is a speck on the yolk and stops growing when the egg is kept refrigerated. 

Fertilized eggs take twenty-one days for incubation under specific temperatures that produce chicks. The chicken will breed if the days start too long in spring in outdoor situations. 

Although the rooster mates with chickens all over the year, she incubates eggs only in optimal conditions. Those chickens choosing to hatch for eggs are said to be “gone broody.”

What does a fertile chicken egg-like?

A chicken egg is a fertilized ovum or blastodisc. The female bird’s oviduct carries the blastodisc from the point of conception until it is ready for hatching.

The blastoderm is the first stage of chicken egg development. It can seem like a small, white circle that begins to take up about 1/3rd of the yolk’s circumference at this point.

White Rooster on Brown Soil

How Do Chicken Eggs Get Fertilized?

Rooster Done His Part

Roosters don’t have reproductive parts like mammals that’s testes will produce sperm. Its sperm leave the male via an opening called the cloaca, then enter into the female via reproductive tract entrance called oviduct. 

From there, the sperm complete their journey to the reproductive system of the female. In a journey that takes a week or more, they swim into the chicken’s shell gland. Then narrow the reproductive tract (called isthmus) by the infundibulum and the magnum. Therefore, they wait for the eggs in the steps of forming.

Not all roosters are fertile.

The commercial chicken industry has an infertility issue. According to research, about 40 percent of roosters produce sterile sperm to prevent fertilizing eggs by other roosters.

how do chicken eggs get fertilized

Chicken Also Done Hers

Chicken eggs start their journey as yolks onto the ovary. Once released, they go to the infundibulum, a funnel-shaped part where the sperm is waiting. 

Meanwhile, it’s fertilized and passes the chicken through the same route where sperm entered. The white part of the egg gathers the yolk around in the magnum.

The shell membranes are down-laid in the isthmus. The shell becomes a hardened form in the gland as soon as the egg is ready to lay. 

Most chickens don’t lay eggs in the evening. So if an egg is ready, the chicken will hold the eggs for the following day. Once she starts to spread, she’s formed a new egg. Also, sufficient sperm will remain in the chickens that fertilize their eggs for the whole week or much more.

Hens can stay fertile for a while after mating.

Black Hen in Cage

An interesting fact about hens is that they can lay fertilized eggs for 3 to 4 weeks after mating. This means that the hen will still be fertile and produce more eggs even if its partner has passed away or left them.

Eggs contain everything for chick development.

Eggs contain everything needed for a chick to develop and live, such as proteins and amino acids.

It’s the only source of food that is an appropriate size for chicks; however, it can also feed with other nutrients like ground cornmeal or grasses, which provide additional benefits.

chick hatching

As a developing organism, eggs need specific resources to develop and grow. These include fertilized eggs, food, water, and nest.

  • Eggs contain everything for chick development
  • Developmental period is about 21 days from deposition of egg to hatching
A Chick And Eggs On A Nest

How Do Chicken Eggs Get Fertilized- In an Eggshell?

  • Roosters dance around the chicken.
  • Chicken squats for mating.
  • Rooster mates with chicken.
  • The sperm fertilizes the yoke before it has the shell.
  • The fertile egg takes 21 days to hatch.

How Many Eggs Fertilize at Once?

At first, the rooster fertilizes one egg, that’s referred to as the egg of the day. However, sperm are placed into sperm pockets and fertilized in the eggs in the next few days. This sperm remains viable for up to 2 weeks, but five days is the standard time frame.

If the chicken is productive and therefore sperm keeps viable for two weeks. Also, a rooster can fertilize nearly 14 eggs from one mating.

How To Know If The Egg Is Fertilized?

The simple way to check is to open the eggs. Usually, a fertilized egg has a yolk white ring with it. However, opening the egg is no longer viable.

One of the most simple processes is handling it. Just keep the eggs incubated for a few days, place them in a dark room, and shine a light under the end of the egg. If it’s fertile, you can easily detect a shady spot by veins. Opposite, you can see the shape of the yolk.

A blood spot doesn’t indicate fertilization.

A blood spot doesn’t indicate fertilization but rather is a regular occurrence before the egg has incubated.

A blood spot does not indicate fertilization. When it comes to blood spots, one of the most prevalent misunderstandings is that they show fertilization.

In reality, a burst artery can happen during development and cause a defect on the embryo or fetus’s skin and an increase in red cells.

Chicken Reproduction

In sum: 

  • Chicken egg fertilization was not only magical as it seems but also still impressive. 
  • It takes male and female chicken; the process takes place before the egg white or shell formation. 
White and Black Chicken on Gray Concrete Floor

How to Tell an Egg Is Fertilized?

The process of “candling” is the earliest and most efficient technique to tell if an egg has been fertilized. This makes it a reliable way to determine whether or not your eggs have been fertilized before you decide on which hens they should be placed.

To tell if an egg is fertilized, one can check the candling process. This process involves shining a light through the shell and watching for any reaction from inside.

If there is no reaction, then it’s unlikely that there was ever a fertilization event or even sperm in contact with the yolk membrane of this egg at all.

Process of Fertilization of Eggs

The fertilization process starts when the sperm enters and penetrates the egg, where it initiates a series of changes in preparation for development. 

According to the process of fertilization, eggs don’t always have chickens in them. They may be empty and still able to produce chicks as long as there is sperm inside.

This can occur if a chicken has been artificially incubated and is not allowed contact with any other birds during this time (which would make it difficult for rooster/hen to impregnate an egg).

The only way for these eggs or chickens without either parent present but having sperms is to generate a chick if they have been incubating in an environment with heat and moisture.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you expect fertilized eggs, you’ll require a rooster to perform with chicken. It’s taking the task and genuinely dedicated to it! 

This article tried to discuss how fertilized chicken eggs can also be fed and contribute to getting them. We hope that you enjoyed our trip through How Do Chicken Eggs Get Fertilized. It’s genuinely fascinating and also a fantastic process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do farmers know if a chicken egg is fertilized?

Usually, many times farmers can get unexpected fertilized eggs. But, how can they know whether the eggs are fertilized or not? There’s a straightforward but effective way to get the point.

Farmers can candle the eggs. It involves taking the egg under a bright light to detect dark splotches in a dark room. Once they notice any vital spots on it, they can easily understand that the egg is fertilized. That’s very simple to do.

Are the eggs we eat fertilized?

Most commercially sold eggs in the grocery come from poultry farms and weren’t fertilized.

To make the egg fertilized, roosters and chickens mate together. It takes time, the situation as well as proper steps to succeed. Without adequately doing it, nobody can fertilize eggs. 

Do fertilized eggs taste different?

 It’s one of the most asked questions on the internet about eggs. Hopefully, there’s no taste difference between fertilized vs. unfertilized eggs.

All fertilized or unfertilized eggs taste the same as eggs. Interestingly, some believe that fertilized eggs taste different than infertile eggs. This common misconception comes from the appearance of fertilized eggs.

Are fertilized eggs healthier?

 As we disclose above, there’s no nutritional difference between infertile and fertilized eggs. Most eggs sold in the market are sterile, and roosters aren’t kept with the laying chicken when the eggs are detected fertile during the process.

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