How Long Can a Hamster Go Without Food & Water?

If you wonder how long can a Hamster go without food or water, it is not more than 2-3 days.

The extent to which you will care for your pet hamster depends on how much work you are prepared to put into taking care of these beautiful creatures. The frequency with which you should feed your Hamster, the amount of food you should provide it, and the frequency with which you should clean its cage are all questions you’ll want to be answered. 

One important thing that all new owners must know is how long their pets can go without eating or drinking, which will be answered in this article.

Hamsters are distinguished by their round bodies and thick, silky fur. Their ears are equally round and furry, and even their feet are coated with hair. Their fur coats are patterned in many colors, with most of them being brown or black.

How long can A hamster go without drinking water?

The amount of water that hamsters require varies depending on the rodent’s breed and gender. For example, female Syrian hamsters need approximately three teaspoons of freshwater per day, but male Syrian hamsters require just one teaspoon of water per day.

Hamster drinking water

A healthy male Chinese hamster will consume little more than two tablespoons of liquid each day. Female Chinese hamsters are known to drink around three tablespoons of water each day.

How long can dwarf hamsters go without water?

Even though Dwarf hamsters use less water than Chinese or Syrian hamsters, other factors may affect their water intake.

Small and medium-sized animals can be expected to drink more water once they are sick, but large animals drink less.

How long can Syrian hamsters go without water?

Contrary to common perception, the lifespan of a hamster is not impacted by starvation or dehydration.

The maximum span of time is simply three days. They get upset and then unwell if they are deprived.

Hamsters are actually quite active and need a lot of food and water to run, like gasoline. It will cause them considerable suffering if they are denied this. They may die!

It is important to maintain your Hamster’s food and water available to keep them well-fed and happy.

How long can A hamster go without food?

The fact is that in the case of an attack war, hamsters will try to conceal food. On the other hand, the stockpile will not last them much more than a day or two.

If you believe this supply of food would keep your Hamster alive through the long winter when you move to the Sunshine State, you’ll be in for a nasty shock when you return.

Hamster eating

As a treat sometimes, we’d offer our hamster poultry, eggs, fruits, and veggies. To ensure your Hamster is getting the nutrients he or she needs, it’s crucial to offer him or her a balanced diet.

Hamsters and Dehydration: Discover Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

It is important for your Hamster to have access to water within its living habitat. Most owners will give their Hamster an inverted water bottle that uses a suction system and only releases water when your Hamster is drinking from it.

A hamster cage can also have a bowl of water, some hamster supporters say; others even add that you should use a bottle to add water as well. Even if there is still some water in the bowls and bottles, they need to be checked and replaced daily.

It’s easier to identify and solve problems like leaks or unclean water bowls if you keep an eye on your Hamster’s water. You will need to bring your pet hamster to the vet if he stops drinking.


A dehydrated hamster is only going to live for a few days, tops. If you do not offer water in sufficient quantity for hamsters in their living area, you may discover that their water levels quickly drop after they’ve been active for several hours, even in situations when they are just mildly to moderately active.

Exercise balls are believed to be unsafe for hamsters because of the risk of dehydration, thus owners are discouraged from leaving their pets in the balls for more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Rehydrating Your Hamster

If your Hamster is only a little dehydrated because he ran out of water for a few hours, replenish his water and let him drink as much as he wants. If you think your Hamster is dehydrated or you’re unsure of how long he’s gone without water, you should take him to the clinic.

Intravenous fluids may be used to rehydrate your pet. If your Hamster is not doing well, your veterinarian may prescribe salt and mineral supplements, along with fluids, to help return him to good health.

Symptoms of Dehydration

When a hamster becomes unwell, it typically lacks water, and dehydration can soon become deadly. Signs of dehydration in hamsters include sunken eyes, dry mucous membranes, lethargy, weakness, and difficulty breathing, as well as skin that’s loose and difficult to the touch.

If your Hamster has diarrhea, he may suffer from dehydration because of fluid loss. Pinching the loose skin on your Hamster’s neck to test for dehydration is a simple method. As soon as you release the skin, it should return to its previous state. A dehydrated hamster will be unable to leave a tent since its skin needs time to heal.

3 ways to take care of your Hamsters While You Travel?

It is practically difficult to be housebound for a prolonged period. You could take a few days off to relax while you take care of Hamster by following these steps

Request that Someone Take Care of Your Hamster

You might ask a neighbor or close friend to look after your Hamster while you are gone. Alternatively, your buddy may make sure your Hamster has everything it needs by taking regular trips to your home to make sure it has food and water and is happy.

Install a timed feeding and water supply dispenser.

Most pet shops now have pet feeders and water fountains that may provide water and food to your Hamster when you are away.

Hamster in cage drinking water

Carry Your Pet Hamsters when you travel

If you’re traveling to a place where pets are allowed, you may want to carry your Hamster along. Before traveling, it’s best to contact and ask if the hotel accepts pets, as well as to plan how to travel with the animal.


In other words, let’s return to the original query. For how long can your hamster go without water? You really shouldn’t have to learn about this.

You should always have a number of accessible water bottles that don’t leak or break so that you can always keep your hamster hydrated.

If you’re planning to go out, take the necessary precautions and make sure no one is left alone for a long period.

In addition to ensuring that their cage is clean and well-stocked with fresh food and water, you can make certain that you are doing all possible to provide your Hamster with the greatest life possible.


Do I Need To Worry About My Hamster Not Drinking Water?

He could consume enough fruit/vegetables to hydrate himself sufficiently. However, if he doesn’t drink water at all, it’s imperative to provide him with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables (if he’s a dwarf hamster) or/and only fruits (if he’s not a dwarf). To improve your water’s quality, you can purchase a more expensive brand from a pet shop or grocery store.

Is It Possible For Hamsters To Stockpile Water And Food?

One or two days’ worth of food can be stored in a hamster’s cheeks. They are unable to carry water for extended periods of time as a camel can, though.

Is It Necessary For Hamsters To Have Fresh Water Daily?

Hamster owners, knowing their duties, are aware that a regular supply of freshwater is a must. Although if your Hamster has a bottle of water in his cage that holds enough water to last for days, he might still become dehydrated if the bottle leaks or breaks,

When you initially bring your hamster home, how long should you let it alone?

After placing your hamster in his cage, make sure to leave him alone for a while. To help your hamster adjust, simply hang out for a few minutes each day once he is awake. Do not stare at him through the bars of his cage for hours at a time.

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