How Much Does a Hamster Cost? (Including Care Costs)

Ownership of a Hamster is one of the most beautiful home pets, and it needs the same attention and care that other animals, like a dog or a cat, receive. But how much does it cost to own and care for a Hamster? Let’s have a look at the content of the post.

To buy a hamster at the pet store, you need to know some of their particular routines, such as playing at night and sleeping during the day. It is equally essential to have a great bond with a hamster knowing everything needed to know about your pet.

Bringing Home a New Hamster – One-Time Costs

Do appropriate and proper research while you spend money on the care, supplies, toys, beddings, cage, food, vet bills, surgery, and everything else that could be done for the animal, this should get it started with


Purchase a large house for the hamster to play in, ride in, and explore all of the time, with the stable ground and minimal wiring. 

The hamster’s cage should offer a variety of rooms for eating, playing, exercising, and relaxing. 

Use toilet paper to clean and disinfect the hamster’s cage and its contents, such as the exercise ball and water bottle, once a week at the very least. You should also clean and disinfect any contaminated areas or food residue on a regular basis with a habitat cleaning solution or a 3 percent bleach solution, as needed.

Habitat extras:

Their strange behavior, some hamsters are happy to nest in a cozy place to relax and to hide like a tube or a hut. They also enjoy scouring through tunnels. Thus, it may be attractive to purchase habitats that have a tunnel system and run on specially constructed hamsters or exercise balls adhering to the hamster’s needs. Buy a hamster, the additional chewing toys or treatments are a great way to maintain your teeth strong and healthy.

Types of hamsters 

To have hamster ownership, you should know how much do hamsters cost anywhere and their breed. Typically the hamsters are two to seven centimeters long and feature small eyes and black, brown, grey, white, yellow, and red hair. In big cheek bags, they transport and collect food. They have big feet, four toes forward, and five toes behind. Hamsters are chisel-shaped, lifetime-long front teeth.

Dwarf Roborovski

The Roborovski dwarf hamster is the tiniest breed, measuring only two inches when fully grown and with an average lifespan of three years. 

Hamster cost

The pet hamster is to be kept in a mesh tank because it is so small. It is a fast-paced race with a lot of energy and requires care at times. 

The same-sex hamsters appear to get along well. When it comes to humans, hamsters are usually docile and rarely bite. Every hamster is nocturnal, sleeping and working during the night.

Campbell’s Dwarf Russian

The Russian dwarf hamster of Campbell can be up to four inches and has a lifetime of two years; this breed can be placed in a big hamster cage and needs a good amount of toys and bedding. 

Campbell’s Dwarf Russian

It is a little mammal that is fast and can bite if frightened or afraid. They are friendly hamsters although they are nocturnal, they might wake up throughout the day for a short length of time.

Syrian Hamster

The Syrian hamsters are popular pet hamsters five to nine centimeters long and two to four years long. They can be referred to as the golden hamsters or the teddy bear hamsters.

Syrian Hamster

Hamster’s that is the most skilled animals in the world. 

Dwarf Winter White Russian

Owning a hamster, such as the dwarf white Russian winter, you should know it is similar to the Campbell dwarf Russian hamster. four centimeters in length and a two-year lifespan are typical. Its fur may turn white in the winter. 

Dwarf Winter White Russian

The tiny White Russian hamster is quite dull and bites less than many other hamster species. They are so quick, making them difficult for toddlers to handle.

Chinese Hamster

The Chinese pet hamster generally grows up to five centimeters long and has a lifespan of three years. This species is remarkable for its friendly and convenient handling when tamed and handled regularly in its youngest years.

Chinese Hamster

The Chinese hamster is also a sociable plant that can be maintained in homosexual groups or pairs.

Supplies and Setup

You should first know the cost of your hamster to get your hamster. You have to buy from a reputable place, expect to pay up to $20 to $25 to buy a hamster. However, the hamster cost of ownership is much higher and can vary from place to place to purchase or can get it for free. 

Expect the payment for installation to cost around $ 150 to $ 250, followed by an average cost of $ 600 per year or $ 50 per month that is including veterinary care costs. 

You might expect to pay $150 to $160, or more in the first year of the hamster on necessities such as litter, bedding, and food, toys, water bottle, and enclosure.

All prices come from the Price Index of Produce.

Food expenses, how much does it cost?

You can get $1.25 for a Cantaloupe, and $0.64 per pound for strawberries and cauliflower for $1.06 per pound, and a pound of $1.21 for each vegetable and $0.75 for each broccoli. The annual cost of bedding is considered 30 liters for approx. $11 and 60 liters for $ 20, if you bring $132 to $240 every two months.

Hamster Balls Inside the Cage

Certain balls are intended for use without the hamster cage, while others are equipped with a stand that can be used to put the pets inside the cage; it can be found in the pet store and costs little money. You can put it in a ball with a stand in the cage as soon as you get your new hamster home. 

hamster in cage

A new atmosphere 

Attempting to force the ball to use your hamster will fail. He will track it down on his own time. He’ll look into it. Stress can make the hamster sick, so let him find out for himself in their cage.

Before putting my hamster in a cage, how long should I let it curled up in a ball?

There should be sufficient ventilation and air holes in the ball, and the ball should not be overheated. Adult hamsters should be given hamster balls that are at least four months old, according to the ASPCA. Especially young hamsters may be harmed or become trapped in the ventilation holes of the exercise ball. Your pet’s ball, as well as the cage, should be safe.

Food and Supplies

Maintaining balanced food for your pets is essential for proper care. The main concerns are as follows:

General diet

Plenty of high-quality hamster pellets, as well as restricted amounts of grain, vegetables, fruits, and Timothy hay, could make up a well-balanced diet for your hamster. Apart from the pellets, any food should be consumed in moderation which includes cat food sometimes and should not make up more than 10% of your pet’s total diet. Ensure that you have access to clean, filtered water daily.


It is okay to offer your treats now and then, but they must not exceed 10% of their overall diet and be maintained moderately since ur could affect the pet. Take it to the vet care for more information.

What to avoid:

Although hamsters can taste little amounts of many different varieties of fruit and vegetables, for health concerns, many foods should be off-limits, keeping in mind how much does a hamster eats. Grapes with no seeds, grapes, carrots, strawberries, a limited quantity of nuts, good quality food, etc could be given. 

Avoid harmful bitter almonds, multicore bread and all produce delicious hamster delicacies, on the other hand, chocolate, caffeine, and products containing high fat should be avoided. 

What do hamsters eat?

A solid bet to fill your hamster is pellet food. It prevents them from collecting the best bites. Feed your hamster every day and maintain the bowl at approximately three-quarters full, do not worry about how much does it cost. Your diet may also include veggies that you can serve every other day for your hamster. 

hamster eating nut

The menu is full of kale, neck-greens, courgettes, and shredded carrots. Give hamsters only as much fruit and vegetables in roughly four hours. A watertight hamster is a happy hamster.

How much does a hamster eat?

  • Pelleted food: 3/4 full or 75% refill daily
  • Views: dark green leafy every day, or 15%.
  • Apples, bananas, melons once a week or 5%.
  • Treats: grapes and licorice are present twice weekly, or 5%.
  • Water: daily supply of pure water

How can I keep my hamster healthy?

Take a vet with tiny animals a couple of days after being brought back home, and then every year, their health care is very important, place it in new bedding. 

Take your hamster for vet visits if any of these signs are present:

  • Wheezing and runny nose
  • Irregular eating or drinking
  • Bald patches
  • Loose stools
  • Blood in the urine

Annual Visits to the Veterinarian

According to the ASPCA, it is critical to see your veterinarian once a year to ensure that your beloved hamsters’ health is in good working order. 

Check your pet’s health, hardiness, and content for a vet on an average at least once a year or even a monthly visit. Do keep in mind to find out the hamster vet cost.

Symptoms of Health Problems in Hamsters

If your hamster appears to be in good health, you should see your veterinarian once a year. However, if you see anything unusual, you should take your pet to the emergency vet right away and spend time with your hamster. 

Diarrhea, weight loss, overly long teeth, nose flutter, tangled coat, shiver, glazed eyes, wheezing, foot sores, bloody urine, fur loss, or loss of appetite are all signs that your hamster sweetheart is unwell. Hamsters have a short lifespan. Thus, the sooner you find a veterinarian, the better.

Do hamsters get sick?

Amyloidosis is kidney disease and congestive heart failure is common in pet hamsters. They may die as a result of these situations. Surgery is done by the veterinarian.

Other microorganisms that cause diarrhea and dehydration in hamsters are also a risk, care should be taken. Because some bacteria strains can transfer to humans, you should handle a sick hamster with caution.

Total Annual Cost of Owning a Hamster

First-year cost: $345

Annual cost: $260

Total lifetime cost: $605 – $865

The most expense with those tiny boys will be litter and bedding, which will cost an estimated $210 per year. To save money, use unscented journals or toilet paper. You have to keep a journal on how much does a hamster cost and what are the other expenditures and supplies. 

In a livestock store, a typical hamster mix costs around $50 per year. 

When you put a chew toy inside the hamster’s cage, its teeth never cease growing, just like rabbit’s teeth. 

Along with the cage, you’ll need to purchase some toys, such as a hamster wheel, for an additional $40. Large hamster cages with tubes and tunnels are sometimes more expensive and difficult to clean, so construct your obstacle course out of used toilet paper rolls instead.

Does taking a hamster to the vet cost a lot of money? The average cost of a hamster’s vet visit is around $35. It’s possible that you’ll need to find an exotic veterinarian or veterinary care or one who is knowledgeable with small animals, therefore the price will be greater.

How much does a hamster’s vet bill cost?

It is dependent on your location, the prices of the veterinarian, the length of time it takes for your hamster to be treated, and other factors such as these. Hamsters to the vet checks are usually cheap because they just verify whether the hamster is healthy. Some medicines can be expensive, as well as laboratory and long-term therapy.

Putting down a hamster

Allow your pet to be euthanized by your veterinarian. Regardless of how well you have prepared yourself for euthanizing your hamster, the actual act of euthanizing your hamster may be traumatic for you. Your veterinarian will ensure that your hamster’s euthanization is swift, painless, and calm.

Do vets put down hamsters?

Yes, it varies depending on the veterinarian. Although not all of them utilize gas, some vets use gas. 

The vet will inject his needle directly into the heart chest, or else into the stomach. Sadly, the hamsters do not have veins large enough to be I.V.

You must insist on thorough anesthesia of your pet if this is the approach your vet utilizes. This way, your pet will be already sleeping and will not know what is going on.


Is It Necessary To Take A Hamster To The Veterinarian?

Hamsters are natural explorers who just climb the cage and become prone to accidents. Make your local veterinarian an emergency appointment. 
Pay attention to any signals that something is wrong with your pet. Diarrhea, weight loss, runny nose, hair loss, coughing, itching, and urine and stuffing are all the signs. Vary depending upon the situation a surgery might be required.

Should I Take My New Hamster To The Vet?

A veterinarian with hamsters should evaluate your animal hamster within 48 hours after purchasing. This inspection may be necessary for the shelter or sale, otherwise, health insurance is useless. 
Vaccination is not required for hamsters. Your pet, on the other hand, requires annual examinations and parasite tests on their faces monthly. Hamsters over the age of two should be vaccinated twice a year.

Hamster Cost And Vet Bills For Vet Visit 

In terms of diagnosis, the cost of visiting vets will most likely vary from city to city and state to state. With such few animals, however, many physicians will not have to follow complicated therapies. 
After accounting for the checkup and medication, vet costs came to over $80 monthly, the price that is to be spent for your pet’s care. 

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