Do Pet Rats Fart ? All You Need to Know

We all want a locomotory friend to be around us. Some good ideas in your brain, right?  Probably better than humans, pets do this job quite well. Primarily, cats, dogs, and birds pop into minds as we think of pets.

The idea of keeping a rat is quite fascinating. Nowadays people keep rats as a pet. Quite surprising, isn’t it? The furry friends are a good companion for you but only for some years as their life span is not high.

Rats are good pets, but the most annoying thing about them is their “farts.” Yes, pet rats fart. It stinks too. Many posts would say “use cookies” or “wonder,” among many other well-known comments on a fart. 

Do pet rats fart


Like other animals, farts are very common. The sound is not audible, but it will smell as bad as decaying organic matter. You won’t make out that your little furry friends are letting out nasty fart smells.

The foul odor will not compare to the size of your pretty rat. If this is the condition while they fart, what happens when they poo. The gas could not kill someone!! Don’t worry. Though rat’s poo smells worse than the fart, it won’t kill anybody.

It surely won’t be impressive to introduce your furry little to someone and let them live this awful smell. Posts like this will help to see a lot of little detail about pet rats. So let us save you from a mini embarrassment search through these posts.

Do Pet Rats Fart?

Farts are a natural thing. First, learn about the process that occurs during the digestion of food in which the microbes present in the gut break down the food matter to release energy. This is accomplished by the production and release of gas.

It is a standard process of metabolism. This released gas is called fart. Whether it will smell bad or worst depends on the previous day’s food. So it is for pet rats too. Life cannot be based or would come to rest if your pet rat farts bad. 

Every living being has a complete digestive system, including humans, like birds, octopuses, sea anemones, and sloths, are some exceptions. Most awful among these are those of elephants.

Though pet rat also has a digestive system, fart is apparent content. The sound may not be heard, but there will be a funky fart smell around. Try to make your pet rat eat healthy food.


The gas released depends on the food being consumed. Usually, foods containing a high amount of Sulphur, high fiber, egg, meat causes awful smelling farts.

Know that the feedings habit differs for each rat. Use cookies, learn the unanswered question and even know and share the rest. What food may cause one rat to fart may not fill other rats with gas.

Being a rat owner means being very cautious about the food you give to your animals. The nutrition-packed diet not only helps you get rid of the foul smell of farts but also of the pellets of your adorable pet.

Another question cannot escape these posts if you are still wondering about farting. You must decide the feeding pattern for your rat to keep them healthy and not make the whole house smell like rat fart.


This is the essential point to be discussed as the whole posts revolve around this. It’s the kind of food you give to your rat, the gas they release later.

Rats eat anything you give them. The wild rats are quite different than the domestic ones. Wild rats eat on seeds, nuts to dead and decay. You can’t give your little gnawer anything like that.

You ultimately subordinate to them to provide the essential nutrition they require. You can give them fresh, canned, and processed foods in balance. If you want to eat them with vegetables, don’t give them the raw ones.

Their digestive system is not as capable as ours of digesting complex things. So this may cause them indigestion which will either lead to sickness or may cause more gas.

It is believed that rats eat whatever their owners eat. The thumb rule is always to give your animals whatever you eat, except junk, sticky, and citrus foods. Never share even any slight unhealthy food that might lead to farts.

In some cases, it may lead to diabetes which you need to check on All About Hamster Diabetes – Symptoms, Prevention, And Care Share these critical comments about fart that comes in need of other pet owners.

This wouldn’t mean you will feed the furry squealer a pack of chips or a cup of cookies. Most pet owners either feed their rat a manufactured rodent mix or prepare it manually at home. You would find the menu online to ease your work.

It is the wish of the pet owner about what to feed their rodent friend. We must understand that many rats are different from the other. So don’t follow any general feeding habits. Check out what suits your rat the most and control farts.


  • Fresh Veggies and Fruits

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your pet’s diet. For example, banana, apple, dried tomatoes, peas, etc.

Before giving these to your pet, remember to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. You can also peel them off as the outer surface could contain germs, pesticides, dirt, grit, etc. 

  • Meat

Include an excellent small amount of egg and meat for healthy growth.

You can also include a small amount of peanut butter on bread.

  • Soy Products

You can feed them with soy products, especially the females, as they help prevent mammary tumors.

  • Water

Give your pet enough water.

  • Nuts

Seeds and nuts are excellent rat foods.

If you can get your hand on organic products, it will be best of all.


The not-to-do list is longer than the to-do list. The below-listed food is not to be given to your roddy (rodent) friend as it would be fatal for them.

  • Dried Beans

Dried beans have anti-nutrients that can destroy vitamin A and enzymes in your furry friend. This vitamin is needed for the digestion of proteins and starch. 

  • Sweet Potato 

Raw sweet potato can cause cyanide in the stomach. 

  • Corn 

Dried corn can lead to liver cancer due to the presence of fungal components. You can give them sweet corn, which is an excellent alternative to regular corn.

  • Stale Foods

Don’t give stale foods which have developed molds on them. These molds could contain toxins and can kill your rat. Don’t give them anything which you don’t prefer to eat.

  • Citrus Foods

Also, male rats should not be fed with citrus juices as it reacts with a protein specific to the males. It can lead to kidney damage and cancer. The females can enjoy the taste of sour juices.

  • Fast Foods

Avoid giving tofu, insects, and raw sweet potatoes. Don’t feed them with junk food as it could be fatal for them. It is also a must to avoid anything infested with carbon, sweet, or spicy must also be avoided. 

  • Drinks

Carbonated drinks may make your rat fart a lot or won’t let it burp. Also, these foods can look to show overweight. Yes, it leads to many types of health problems.

  • Vegetables

Avoid vegetables like beets, eggplants, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, and spinach as these are carcinogenic for your rat. Keep in mind not to give them sticky food. This can cause suffocation or choking.

How to avoid rat farting?

Rat farting is entirely natural, and by no means can you avoid it. Only you can reduce it. First, try to find out and make a list of foods that make your rat fart more often. Also, avoid pressing your rat stomach while holding it.

Lastly, take good care that your rat has a balanced and healthy diet. Another point is don’t overfeed them as rats can not burp or vomit. This will affect their stomach or cause excessive farting.

What to do if your rat farts?

If your rat farts while on your lap, open the windows and try to make the room airy. After eating, set your furry friend free. Try being in an open space like the garden where it is airy as it won’t be uncomfortable even if your rat farts.


Rats are brilliant and exciting animals. Here you will encounter some facts that will keep you in wonder. Rat’s teeth never stop growing. Rats do laugh, but we can’t hear it as it has a high frequency.

When they’re happy, their ears relax and become droopy. They are social animals and can reproduce every 3 weeks. Sometimes try to swim with them. They are proved to be good swimmers. Rats can outstand camel in being thirsty. Rats can survive without water for many days. 


I hope this fact doesn’t make you excited enough to try this on your rat. Rats also come with belly buttons. Here you can get excited enough to find out this. Rats always have a very high memory capacity.

If they ever get lost, they can look out the way back home as soon as they are hungry. This is the trait to be there for being a pet. Hope these posts about rat farts will make your day. 

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