Do Hamsters Like Music? All You Need To Know

Music has the power of transforming anyone into different moods. Who doesn’t love music when it relaxes us. Do hamsters like music? Do you wonder whether your pet hamster likes the music or not? Then, there is good news for you. Yes, hamsters do like some types of music. There are different genres available in music. They love pop, classical, metal, and rock music. But, they love the music only when it’s not too loud because louder noises stress them out. If you want to learn more about your hamsters listening to a variety of music, then you need to read this article. All the information, data, and exciting, amazing facts about hamsters listening to music and all the answers to your questions are given here. So keep reading to find out more.

Do Hamsters Like Music?

Yes, some hamsters love music. Hamsters love different genres of music. Hamsters like pop, classical, metal, and rock types of music. But, they have a condition that the music should not be too loud because louder music will stress them.

And also, music taste differs from one hamster to another. It’s because hamsters, too, have unique tastes, and it varies from each other.

do hamsters like music

To find out which music your hamsters like, you should listen to a variety of music along with your hamsters, and you need to watch out for its behavior.

If they seem to be enjoying the music, you can assure that your hamster likes that type of music. And also, one great thing about listening together with a hamster is, it will improvise your bonding with your cute pet.

Do Hamsters Like Listening To Music?

Yes, hamsters like to listen to music. They like listening to the music when the music is in low volume. Because loud noises creep them out, we know that they like specific genres of music and love them.

But, there is also music that they despise. They hate some genres of music and would not want to listen to them. So, while making your hamsters listen to the music, you need to watch their behavior.

If they show some signs of dislike, you need to stop that music. Most hamsters love to listen to instrumental music and also gentle music. It’s because this type of music makes them feel very calm and helps in providing good sleep.

What Music Do Hamsters Like?

Hamsters mostly like music that calms them. These creatures like instrumental music and gentle music. Also, hamsters love classical music. Since the melodies are straightforward and complex, and purely instrumental, they love it more.

white hamster as music star singing with microphone and holding guitar on the stage

Also, classical music is devoid of any distortion. Since the hamsters are always on high alert and waiting for any dangers, this music helps them calm down.

And also, classical musics helps them in reducing anxiety and also stimulates its mind. It also has the power of relieving pain, lowering blood pressure.

Hamsters even love pop music. But, the taste of pop music differs from one another. Several types of research say that 80s pop songs are popular around hamsters. They do even love some rock and metal songs.

Hamsters love repetitive type music. Not the music which is very sharp and has sudden changes in paces.

How Loud Should I Play Music For My Hamster?

Hamsters are very reactive to noises. They love music too. But, loud noises and kinds of music make them very anxious.

Loud noises such as loud music, the barking of a dog, tv all make them feel very stressed. So when you are playing something, you need to make sure to lower the volume.

When you are introducing the music to your hamster, you should start slowly. You need to play the music quietly for some time.

You have to play the same music and when you are starting to introduce music, start with classical. And according to hamsters’ responses and behaviors, you can change the music’s time and duration.

Can Hamsters Get Used to Music?

hamster plays sopilke isolated on white background

Yes, there is a possible chance that hamsters will get used to music. Hamsters will get used to the music genres they like.

They can get used to various types of music such as classical, rap, hip-hop, metal, electronic and pop music. But, sometimes, even if they don’t like the music, they will get used to it.

Do High Pitched Noises Bother Hamsters?

Yes, they get very stressed and anxious when they listen to high-pitched noises. Hamsters always stay on alert. It’s because they are the easiest prey, and they will closely watch out for dangers.

When they suddenly hear loud pitched noises, they will get anxious, thinking that the predator is hunting them. High-frequency noises bother hamsters.

If the volume is too loud or very close to the noise, they will get terrified and stressed because these noises will also reach them in high decibels. And also, these are very sensitive to noises.

Do Bass and Deep Voice Bother Hamsters?

Hamsters have excellent low-frequency hearing. And, due to that, they can hear sounds below 100 Hz. You can hear low-frequency noises in urban areas.

Low-frequency noises include cars, airplanes, air conditioning, and other industrial machine sounds. And thunder, earthquake, animal voices, and more giant animals’ walking may also cause low pitch voices.

Hamsters can detect earthquakes; it’s because they can easily hear low-pitched noises. Also, some speakers, which have bass incorporated into it, will cause low-frequency noises. Since they can pick up these types of sounds, it will frustrate them.

Hamster Hearing Frequency Range

Hamsters’ hearing ranges from 96 Hz to 46500 Hz. Meanwhile, humans eating ranges from 64Hz to 23,000 Hz. It simply means that hamsters hear lots of noises that we don’t hear.

Therefore, you need to know what is best for your hamsters to listen to and which music they like and which doesn’t harm them.

What Sounds Do Hamsters like to hear?

Mostly hamsters like soft, gentle, melodic sounds. They love music like classical, instrumental, pop, rock, etc.

Mainly, they love to hear instrumental sounds more. Because this type of music has the power to calm them and make them anxiety-free, it will also help them receive a good sleep. Hamsters have a very delicate hearing.

Therefore they can hear a variety of noises that humans cannot. They can even hear low-pitched, frequency sounds very clearly. Therefore, they won’t like harsh, loud music. Because those will irritate and stress them.

And also, it depends on their associating mentality with sounds. They may like the treat bag opening sound. But they may hide by the sounds like the barking of dogs, walking, meowing, etc. It’s Because they think someone is trying to hunt them.

Do Hamsters Like Classical Music?

Yes. Hamsters love to listen to classical music. They enjoy listening to it. They love classical-related or similar types of genres. It is only because these types of music calm them and make them stress-free.

small degu rodent playing big drum full-length closeup isolated on white background

But, while making them listen to classical music, you need to be aware of some factors. Specific compositions are erratic, or some music includes fast-paced, and also some include loud crescendos.

So you should be conscious of that. But, apart from that, hamsters enjoy classical music.

How Do I Understand If My Hamster Likes Music?

You will get to know if your hamster likes music. There will be a positive change in its temperament, behavior, and attitude if it likes the particular music you have played.

When your hamster likes the music, it will start paying attention by remaining in a calm state. And, also there is a chance that your hamster will fall asleep.

But, if it doesn’t like the music, it will become very aggressive, try to hide, and make high-pitched sounds to indicate its displeasure.

do hamsters like music? 

Yes. Without any doubt, you can say that hamsters enjoy listening to music. There are some genres that they love most. They like classical, instrumental and also rock, pop, metal music sometimes. It depends on the personality of your hamster.

Because music taste and choice will vary according to the hamster, each hamster has a unique preference. So according to that, hamsters will enjoy listening to music. But, they try to stay away from loud noises and loud music because it will stress them.

do hamsters like loud music?

No, they don’t like to be around loud music. Hamsters have very delicate ears, and they react to high-frequency sounds. If you are playing music or tv, you should always control your device’s stereo because they get very stressed by loud volumes.

If you are practicing loud music, or instruments do not keep the hamster cage in your room. Even if there are children in the house, they shouldn’t scream and make loud noises. It’s because they have a very delicate eat and it will make them feel very anxious.

do hamsters like classical music? 

Hamsters enjoy classical music. Out of all the music types, they enjoy classical music the most. It is because classical music melodies are complex and unique. And also, the instrumentals are clear and pure.

Classical music entertains them and also provides them with a calm, stress-free mood. Hamsters always like to listen to music that is instrumental and peaceful. This type of musics makes them feel very relaxed and also helps them in getting good sleep. It lulls them to sleep.

what music do hamsters like?

Hamsters like a variety of music. However, it all depends on the preference and music taste of the hamster. Each hamster has a unique taste, and according to that, some may like to enjoy music, and some may not.

Most hamsters love music like classical, instrumental. It’s because this type of music calms them. Also, it lulls them to sleep. And, also hamsters love listening to rock, pop, metal, and other genres of music as well.

But, they hate loud music. It’s because loud music makes them anxious and fret. Hamsters generally like soft, gentle, and instrumental music.

do hamsters like rock music?

Yes. Hamsters like rock music. It depends on the nature of the hamster too. Some may like rock music, and some may not. They will enjoy listening to it. However, the music shouldn’t be too loud.

Because loud noises will make them feel very stressed, therefore, play rock music, if your hamsters love it. But only in a moderate volume. But, sometimes, the rodents who listen to these types of music very often become agitated, more aggressive, and jumpier.

do hamsters like rap music?

Generally, hamsters like classical, instrumental-type music. They like music that is low paced and very gentle. But, they may like rap music too.

degu hamster standing full-length and playing music with small cello on black background

But, sometimes, when the rap music is too high a volume, they feel very anxious. Also, listening to this type of music will lead to depression and anxiety-related problems. But, yes, they like rap music when it’s in low volume.

do syrian hamsters like music? 

Yes, Syrian hamsters like music too. Hamsters generally enjoy listening to music, as they make them feel very calm. Even strain hamsters love music such as classical and music that is musical and low paced.

But, they hate loud noises. So, okay, they like music only in low volume because you don’t want your Syrian hamsters to be stressed and anxious.

do hamsters like pop music?

Yes. Some hamsters are fond of pop music. Most hamsters like 80s pop music. They love listening to whimsical tunes and catchy, simple beats. But, it depends on the character of the hamster.

Each hamster has different tastes. And some may like pop music and some may not. Some hamsters find pop music energizing, some feel like it relaxes them, and some do not enjoy it all.

do dwarf hamsters like music? 

Yes, dwarf hamsters like music too. They enjoy music as well. Dwarf hamsters love classical and instrumental-type music. Also, they like to listen to pop, rock, metal, and various genres of music.

A tiny, cute dwarf Roborovski hamster sits in profile on a red cloth.

But, they have only one concern. They don’t want the music to be too loud because they hate loud music since it stresses them out.

what kind of music do hamsters like? 

Hamsters enjoy listening to various types of music. It depends on each hamster. It’s Because different hamsters have different types of tastes. Some may like music, and some may not like music at all.

degu pet musician with bassoon isolated on white background

Hamsters generally like music such as classical and instrumental. They love listening to soft, gentle, and slow-paced music. This type of music makes them feel very calm and relaxed; this lulls them to sleep.

But, apart from that, they love pop, rock, metal, hip hop, and various other genres of music. But, the only thing you need to know is that the music shouldn’t be too loud because loud music makes them feel scared and anxious.

They have very delicate hearing, and loud music will be very irritating to them.

what music do Syrian hamsters like? 

Hamster looking

Syrian hamsters like a variety of music as well; they too love classical type music. Syrian hamsters enjoy classical music; they find it a very gentle and calming one.

Some hamsters may not like the music at all. Syrian hamsters also hate loud music, and those types of music stress them. Syrian hamsters find slow-paced music delightful.

do hamsters like piano music?

Hamster on stage playing piano

Yes. Hamsters like listening to piano music. Because this type of music emits warm vibrations and calms them, it also produces mellow sounds, making them feel very relaxed.

Therefore they love pianos. Pianos are a great source of happiness in hamsters because they love the sounds produced by a piano.

Conclusion: Do Hamsters like music?

In conclusion, we can utter that it depends on hamsters. Some like it, and some may not. But they don’t hate music. But, they will dislike and try to move away if the music is playing at a loud volume.

We all know that hamsters like to listen to classical music and enjoy it, but there is no proof. Evidence that indicates hamsters love the classical instrumental type of music isn’t available. But, yes, they love certain types of sounds and music. If the music volume is moderate and not too loud, hamsters will like music because it makes them feel very relaxed.


Can hamster listen to you?

Yes. Hamsters can listen to you. With proper socialization, you can make your pet listen to you. However, the hamster will recognize and bond with you very well. According to a study, hamsters bond with one to two people. Your hamster may tolerate guests and family members, but it will only listen to you or bond with you and also recognize you.

Do hamsters like to be cuddled?

Yes. Hamsters love to be cuddled and handled. This type of handling and cuddling can build trust between the owner and the pet. When it trusts you, it will feel safe and secure around you. Therefore you need to cuddle them more often. It’s because they love to be cuddled, and they will feel safer around its owner.

How do you connect with a scared hamster?

Hamsters get frightened very easily. So, if you want to bond with a scared hamster, you need to follow these steps. You have to make sure that your hamster is comfortable around you. Hamsters are afraid of anything. Therefore you must make them feel comfortable. Since hamsters have excellent hearing, talk to them slowly. Your hamster should get used to your sound. Therefore talk to them in a calm voice. Also, feed good food to your hamster. Handle them very well. Cuddle them often. And also try playing with them. It will increase the depth of the bond between you and the hamster. It will connect you both.

Does hamster hate noise?

Yes. It is because hamsters are susceptible to noise. They are also susceptible to high-pitched noise and screams. Sudden noises will also startle them. And these noises may even cause stress-related disorders in them. So yes, hamsters hate loud noises. Apart from that, they are okay with calm voices.

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