Do Guinea Pigs Like Music? All You Need To Know

Who doesn’t love music? As a guinea pig owner, you may even wonder, do guinea pigs like music? We all love to listen to music when we are happy, sad, distressed, or excited. Music carries us to a different world of emotions. It is pretty standard for us to crack the house with loud music. We may even feel compelled to make our guinea pigs happy by making them listen to the kinds of music we enjoy.

If you have a guinea pig at the house, it is pretty standard for you to worry whether the loud music will harm them or whether they try to enjoy the music along with us. Guinea pigs team owners are in search of these types of questions, whether guinea pigs like music? Can we play music in its cage? They are searching for this answer in all ways.

They are posting, asking questions on social media. If you are a guinea pig pets owner and like to find out more about the listening capacity of these creatures to music, and their likeness towards music, then keep reading this article to find out the reason for playing music around guinea pigs. We have tried to cover all aspects, things, and tips related to guinea pigs listening to music.

Do Guinea Pigs like music?

It is a complicated question. Scientists have been trying to discover an answer to this question. Guinea pigs owners have been searching for answers to this question. Guinea pigs’ likeness towards music depends on various guinea pigs.

do guinea pigs like music

Some guinea pigs might like music, and some may not. These animals make some noises such as clucking, grunting, etc. When some kinds of music may feel like other guinea pigs trying to communicate with them.

They may feel like the pieces of music are friendly, and they would love it. But some noises may sound very scary, and they feel like some predators are trying to catch them. Some guinea pigs may like music, and some may not like music at all.

It all depends on different guineas. If your pet is showing a behavior like enjoying music, it is in love with the music. Also, when listening to the music, please keep the voice low because listening continuously to loud music would cause damage to the inner ear and stress them.

Can Guinea Pigs Listen To Music?

Yes. Pet guinea pigs listen to music. When your pet lives with you, it is likely for them to listen to the music as well. Guinea pigs have a highly developed hearing. They are susceptible to sounds and loud noises.

Their sensitive hearing is so developed. It is to alert them from predators. So yes, piggies can listen to music. Some guinea pigs love music, and some may not. While making them listen to the music, make sure to watch out for its behavior; this is something you should do.

If it looks pretty distressed, stop the music or choose an alternative one. If your guinea pig is enjoying the music, then it will close its eyes, it will purr, jump, etc.

If the guinea pig is showing overactive or hyperactive, it is a sign of distress. If it seems to disengage in everyday activities, it is also a sign of discomfort.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Soft Music?

Yes. We recommend soft music for your guineas because soft music will calm them and make them feel happy. Low volume music and music such as water sound, piano music, bells are good to listen for your guineas. It is actually like treats for them.

A small pretty guinea pig sits on the keys of a musical instrument. Close-up.

You will get a response such as purring from them because this type of music will calm them. And these types of music will make them feel happy and excited.

Do Guineas Pigs Like Loud Music?

No. Initially, loud music won’t harm the piggy. But listening to loud music for a prolonged period is harmful to your guinea pigs. Guinea pigs have sensitive hearing. So while listening to loud music, they will feel stressed.

And also, this loud music would make them susceptible to diseases and parasites. Also, if they are highly stressed, they won’t process vitamin C.

Hence, they would suffer from a lack of nutrition. And also, listening to music for a more extended period would cause damage to their inner ears.

How To Know What Music Your Guinea Pig Likes?

If your guinea pigs like particular music, then it would be evident in their behaviors. You cannot play anything for them. While enjoying the music, they will close their eyes, jump with excitement, and purr often. Also, you can see them popcorning.

guinea pig listen music on earphones

Guinea pigs have sensitive hearing. It is considered as their defense mechanism as well. Because, in the wild, when the predators come to chase them, they get alerted through their sensible hearing.

So, music that feels normal for a human would be too loud for your guinea pigs. Therefore loud noises aren’t recommended, and also, it makes the guinea pigs feel uncomfortable.

If you see your guinea pigs very calm, closed eyes, and feel like enjoying music while you play it, then it would mean that your pet has liked the music. Guinea pigs usually love slow, soft-tone music.

What Sort Of Music Do Guinea Pigs Like To Listen?

Guinea pigs like music such as soft and low tone music. Also, they love to hear the sounds of water, piano music, bells, etc. They love soft music because it calms them very well.

Sometimes music similar to guinea pigs’ quiet noises would make them fall in love with that music. On the other hand, it would think that other friendly guinea pigs are trying to communicate with it.

And hence they would like those types of music. But, please do not play loud music or music that feels scary because it would make them anxious and scary.

How Intense Should I Play Music For My Guinea Pigs?

Typically, guinea pigs have a higher sensitivity to sounds than humans. The hearing range of Guinea pigs is 54-5000Hz, which means loud noises aren’t suitable for them. Loud, high pitch sounds would irritate them and make them feel very stressed.

Rock, screamy music is harmful to your guinea pigs. Music that has a lot of bases would harm the ears of Guinea pigs.

Therefore you should always okay music in a moderate sound when you are around with your guinea pigs. When you play music, it should be of soft tone and low tones to calm them.

How Do Guinea Pigs React To Music?

It depends on the personality of Guinea pigs. Some guinea pigs may find music soothing and pleasant. Meanwhile, some guinea pigs will get stressed while listening to music. Guineas, who love music, would close their eyes and make purring sounds.

If they are calm and showing very normal behavior, you can say that your guinea pig is enjoying the music. But, if your pig starts to whine or chatter its teeth, it indicates that your guinea pig hates the music, and it’s making them feel very distressed.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music?

Well, there is no scientific proof that suggests guinea pigs like music. But, many pet owners claim that music calms and soothes the guinea pigs. Music is good for them. If the tune is soft and calm, then it would positively impact the guinea pigs.

But loud music would make them stressed and scare them. Therefore it is only advised to play them soft music. Some guinea pigs may not like music, and some would enjoy the music. It depends on the personality of Guinea pigs.

What Music Do Guinea Pigs Like?

Guinea pigs love to listen to calm, low, soft-tune music. Guinea pigs do not like loud music; it’s because they have sensitive hearing. When they hear too loud music, they feel like someone is chasing and hunting them down.

Therefore, you can only play slow, soothing music to your guinea pigs because they will love this kind of music and find it very calming. Also, music such as chimes, sounds of water, bells, piano sounds would call them, and they will feel happy and contented.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Loud Music?

No. Guinea pigs do not like loud music. Because loud music has the power to harm them, they have sensitive ears. Even a slight sound would awake them. Then imagine about loud music, it would damage their ears and also stress them a lot.

Therefore playing loud music around your guinea pig isn’t at all recommended. This loud music would also scare them. They will feel like someone is coming behind them to chase and hunt. And they will feel anxious and scared.

Therefore, guinea pigs do not like loud music, and it isn’t advised to play loud music for them.

What Kind Of Music Do Guinea Pigs Like 

Guinea pigs usually do not like loud music. They have sensitive, intense hearing. Therefore if they listen to loud music, it would damage their ear. Unexpected and prolonged music would scare them immediately.

Guinea pigs like soft, calming music. They love piano covers, water sounds, and chimes. And, music taste also depends on your guinea pig’s personality. Those may like various genres, and each guinea pig will possess a different kind of taste.

So try to identify its taste by paying close attention to its behavior while listening to music. If it shows happy signs, you can affirm that your pet likes that particular genre of music.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Soft Music? 

Yes. Guinea pigs love soft music. Soft music makes them feel very calm and soothing. Soft music would have a positive impact on them. They love soft tunes and low-tone sounds. They love them and would enjoy those types of music.

Also, these slow times have the power to calm them down. Soft music such as piano covers, low, water sounds, and bell sounds would calm them and make them feel very happy and relaxed.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Relaxing Music?

Beautiful Guinea pigs breed Golden American Crested and Coronet cavy

Yes. Guinea pigs love relaxing music. It is because relaxing music calms them and makes them feel relaxed. Who doesn’t love to be relaxed and be in a good mood?!.

Relaxing music soothes them, and they would like to listen to relaxing soft tunes, low music due to its calming power.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Quiet Music? 

Yes. Guinea pigs like quiet music. Quiet music has the power of calming and relaxing them. They love low-pitched, frequency sounds. This music is perfect, and it calms them. So yes, guinea pigs like quiet music since it makes them feel contented and relaxed.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Classical Music?

Yes. Guinea pigs enjoy classical music. Loud music is too harsh, and it would harm them. But playing soft, calming music such as classical music is perfect.

Because they have an increased love towards these types of music because they can make them feel very relaxed and calm, there is no harm in playing classical music. They love this type of music.

Does Music Calm Guinea Pigs?

Many guinea pig pet owners have been saying that they love calming music, and it calms them. Specific genres and types of music have a positive calming effect on guinea pigs.

Soft music calms them down. They feel very relaxed and get a positive attitude. Guinea pigs enjoy calming music since it has calming properties and affects them positively.

Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of Music?

Guinea pigs will feel afraid and scared while listening to heavy and loud music. They are also scared of high pitch, frequency sounds. And also, they will get irritated by the sound of a group of people shouting, loudspeakers, slamming doors, and alarm clocks.

smiling modern child with headphones and guinea pig homeschooling at home in sunny day.

So, you should pay utmost attention while playing music to your guinea pigs because loud music has the power of destroying its inner ear and causing lots of stress. Therefore these tiny creatures are terrified of loud music.

But, they love soft, low music, and there is no harm in playing them in a moderate sound. Meanwhile, they are terrified of high pitch, loud sounds.


The answer for, do guinea pigs like music isn’t straightforward because it depends on the personality of Guinea pigs. Many like music, and many do not. There is no scientific evidence that suggests guinea pigs love music.

Some guinea pigs like the music of low volume, soft and calming, and some guinea pigs may not like music at all. It all revolves around the nature of your pet. Some guinea pigs won’t be having any problem listening to calm music, and in fact, they enjoy listening to it. But, one thing you should give thought to is to adjust the stereo. Because listening to loud music for a prolonged period would harm them.


What sounds do guinea pigs like to hear?

Guinea pigs like to hear soft and quiet noises. Also, some music has a similarity to other guinea pigs’ noises. So playing these types of music would make them happy because they think some friendly guinea pigs are trying to communicate. Guinea pigs usually love soft jazz music, low-tuned music, and calming music.

What are unhappy guinea pig noises?

If your guinea pig is hissing, whining, growling, and chattering the teeth, then it means that your guinea pig is unhappy and irritated. It displays that guinea pigs are uncomfortable and very unhappy.

How to get my guinea pig to relax?

If you want your pig to be relaxed, then invest in a suitable cage. Also, plant some hiding places in the cage. Avoid playing loud music and always try to play only soft music. Do not make sudden movements and always speak to them in a calm voice. It will make your pet feel relaxed.

What sounds calm to a guinea pig?

Soft music and sounds calm guinea pigs. Sounds such as water, bells, chimes, piano music, classical music all have the power of soothing your guinea pigs. These sounds calm them and make them feel very contented.

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