Do Guinea Pigs Fart? All You Need To Know

Do Guinea pigs fart?? It is a natural thing that happens in humans as well. But if guinea pigs fart, then “what causes guinea pigs to fart,”Do Guinea pigs fart a lot,” andwhen do guinea pigs fart.” Here is a detailed article for all your queries and concern regarding guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are also called cavies or rodents.

Guinea pigs Facts

Guinea pigs are different in shape and size. Guinea pigs have different body structures, like a rectangular mouth with 20 teeth. To always keep your guinea teeth tiny and straight. 

 Guinea pigs come in almost 13 breeds and vary in hair texture, hair color, and patterns.

 They are tiny creatures that have cylindrical shape body weighs between 700 grams to 1000 grams in weight. Guinea pigs are primarily found in South America. Guinea pigs come in almost 13 breeds and vary in hair texture, hair color, and pattern.

Do Guinea Pigs Fart?

Yes! Guinea pigs do fart. Guinea pigs do make a lot of sounds, and a different sound is made when they fart. Though this is quite natural and normal, excessive farting will also lead to severe health issues.

Interestingly, the guinea pig’s digestive systems function similarly to humans. Like humans, Guinea pigs, when they eat food that disturbs their large intestine, make them bloat and fart. Gastric problems are quite natural inhumane and make us disturbed the whole day.

do guinea pigs fart

Why Do Guinea Pigs Fart?

Your little guinea pets fart. Now that you know your little pig farts but do you know why do guinea pigs fart. Here comes an exciting fact about guinea pigs, their digestive system is similar to humans, but they don’t have the ease in passing gas effortlessly like humans. 

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs also produce intestinal gases during digestion ad cannot pass out. Apart from this, when they take food at that time, they even consume some gas. All these lead to produce gas in guinea pigs, and they fart.

Farting is a normal part of the guinea pig’s routine, but if your guinea pig is farting on a daily basis, this might be a symptom of a health concern.

What Causes Guinea Pigs To Fart?

There are several causes for guinea pigs to fart. Immediate digestive action in the small intestines of the pigs releases gas.

During digestion, due to the breakdown of the food, some part of gas would be released, but the guinea cannot pass out gas, unlike humans.

Do Guinea Pigs Farts Smell?

Generally, guinea pigs won’t smell when they fart. But it can be smelly when your face is right next to it and when you are close to it.

But usually, when guinea pigs fart, they are not smelly as it’s a tiny creature, and their smell won’t affect the surrounding air in the environment.

Guinea pigs eating

Which Foods Should Be Avoided?

Guinea pigs are natural herbivores and much eat green vegetables.

  • So foods such as chocolates, peanuts, onions, garlic, Ice-burg lettuce, avocado, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, bread, meat, and dairy products. The reason should avoid these are low nutritional value, rich in fat and sugar content, Some foods cause gas and bloating, and some are hazardous and poisonous.
  •  On a high note, though guinea pigs loves eating hay, pellets and vegetables, never try to offer any vegetables or hay or plants from your yard as they might contain pesticides.
  •  It is also advisable to take a nutritional chart for your little pet guinea pig from a veterinarian.

How Can You Manage Excessive Gas In Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are naughty and entertaining pets.

Excessive gas is caused in guinea pigs for various reasons like the digestion process, eating gas while taking food, having generation due to food being eaten, etc. But to an extent, as a precautionary measure, we can reduce the excessive gas in guinea pigs. 

Firstly try to put your guinea to your side on your laps and press gently on the abdomen moving your hand upside towards the stomach. The massage done on the guinea pig’s belly will help release the gas through its mouth.

If your guinea pig is bloated, try making them some exercises such that the gas somehow expells out from the mouth or through farting.

Can Guinea Pigs Get Bloated?

Guinea pigs do get bloated. The bloating in guineas are natural but examining before getting dangerous is essential.

Most importantly, the oat in guinea pigs occurs because of excess gas in the body, which suppresses the organs and leads to heavy and abnormal pain. As the digestive system of a guinea pig is similar to humans so bloating also occurs.

Guinea pigs eating greens

How to identify if a guinea pig is bloated?

Several symptoms can identify to know whether your little guinea pig is bloated. Here is a lost of symptoms to be noted :

  • Excessive breathing
  • Muscle spasms 
  • Weakness
  • Swollen belly
  • Hard and tight stomach
  • Constipation
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite 
Guinea pig eating apple

How do we know if a Guinea Pig is healthy?

Guinea pigs are usually happy, clean, and energetic animals. A healthy guinea pig has fresh and bright eyes without redness and dullness.

  • Guinea will be very active and enthusiastic in playing and other actions.
  • Good appetite and love having food.
  • If a guinea is happy and healthy enough, it will make all noises like wheek, squeaks, and makes other sounds.
  • Guinea pigs even popcorns when it’s healthy and happy.

What Causes Gas in Guinea Pigs?

Gas in the guinea pigs is caused due to a sudden diet change or excessive consumption of fermented vegetables.

Indigestion of food would be the primary cause of bloating. Other factors like stress, sleepless nights, dehydration on the body also cause bloating.

It’s more important to check and offer the water to your pet guinea pigs as like food. Cold ad rotten food might also lead to paying in guinea pigs. 

Your little guinea pig can show signs of sore and painful belly, rapid breathing, uncomfortable to eat, will suffer from constipation, swollen and stiff belly.

Guinea pig, in field

What If Your Guinea Pig Doesn’t Fart at All?

If your guinea pig doesn’t fart at all, then that could be a dangerous situation. The gas yielded during the digestion process and food intake process. Most often, guinea pigs are formed due to a change in diet, intake of fermented vegetables, etc.

So if the gas won’t come out either from the mouth or as farting, that could be a dangerous situation for guinea pigs. Need to consult a veterinarian immediately to prevent bloating.

How to Prevent Excessive Farting in Guinea Pigs?

Maintaining a good, balanced, and toxic-free diet for our little ones can help prevent excessive farting in guinea pigs. Excessive farting in guinea pigs can be prevented to some extent by some massaging.

We should take our little Guinea pigs on our laps facing us. Then slowly massage on the belly towards the upside. This process will make the gas in the belly of the guinea come out from its mouth. 

The excessive farting in guinea pigs can also be prevented by A balanced diet that could smother the digestion in the guinea pig’s stomach would help prevent farting.

When do guinea pigs fart?

Your little guinea pigs fart when there is gas suppressed inside their gut and irritates them indigestion. It’s such a painful feeling to guinea pigs as we humans feel when we develop excess gas in our bodies.

Another reason is as simple as a usual outcome of the digestion process in them. Unlike humans, they cannot quickly leave the gas as and when it’s disturbing.

Since it’s a tiny creature, it struggles to pass out the gas at times when there is an excess of gas produced inside its belly.

Guinea pig with smooth hair

Do guinea pigs fart a lot? 

Farting is not a crime nor a bad thing, but a living creature must get rid of the unwanted gases as and when required. In guinea pigs, again, it depends on the guinea pigs because the diet and the habitat of the guinea pigs are responsible for guinea farting.

Naturally, farting is not an abnormal issue, but when observing a frequent action of your guinea pig farting, this could be a problematic issue. In such cases, it’s better to consult a veterinary.

How often do guinea pigs fart?

It’s a natural process being a living being due to our digestive system complications and process. Guinea pigs fart but not regularly.

As discussed, guinea pigs farting depends solely on their daily diet plan and water intake. Habitat also plays a significant role in guinea pigs’ daily routine. Sometimes rotten food and contaminated cool water can also develop lead to the bloated gut.

On a high note, take care of your little guinea pig of farting frequently, then don’t neglect rescue and approach a recognized veteran to reduce the gassy guinea gut into a normal one.

Do guinea pigs fart stink? 

Guinea pigs fart won’t generally stink because naturally, they are tiny, and their fart won’t smell odd. The gas released during farting mixes up with surrounding air, and it’s unnoticeable.

guinea pig and girl

Instead, pet owners like guinea pig owners usually tell that the pig’s fart is observed in vibrations, rumbling sounds, or a puff of gas split when they hold their guinea in their hands.

Guinea pigs are healthy and perfectly clean animals who love being fresh. When they fart, there is no odd smell, but making different sounds is discovered by the guinea pet owners.

What do guinea pigs fart sound like?

Guinea pigs fart sound weird. They make rumble noise, and it also sounds as if they are snoring, growling, gnawing, whistling, squeaks, wheeks, etc. They are tiny animals that fart, make sounds, and feel like vibrations when we hold them.


A guinea pig is a tiny animal with a sensitive digestive system that develops a gas that this guinea pig cannot release out.

Guinea pig also develops gas or bloat because of gas consumption while taking food in a hurry.

Guinea pig fart but doesn’t stink because its size and volume cannot smell foul when released in the air.

Bloating in guinea pigs can be prevented by offering them healthy and clean food. Apart from that, a quick message on the abdomen is to be given when needed.

Loving animal guinea pig is affectionate and loves being cuddled and interacting frequently.

If there is excessive bloating or farting regularly, then consulting a veterinarian is thoroughly recommended.


Can guinea pigs get attached to one person?

Yes, guinea pigs do identify their pet parent or so-called owner. But not necessarily attached to one person. Guinea pigs can recognize their owner with the smell, voice, and sometimes look. Like the other pet animals like cats and dogs at home, the guinea pigs can get attached to their owners and caretakers. 

How do you know if your guinea pig is sad?

Your guinea pig, if sad, stressed, or depressed, gives a clue in its behavior. If your guinea pig is depressed, it will be restless, listless, and will not have much enthusiasm and energy.
On the other way if it’s stressed or shows irritation by tossing its head and baring its teeth. Guinea pigs will also show it’s irritation by displaying anger and aggressive actions.

Do some guinea pigs like to be held?

Your little guinea pig-like other pets love human interaction like cuddling and playing in the comfort of their owners. But few guinea pigs feel uncomfortable when held in hands.
They feel irritated when you try to hold them and play. Naturally, pets love cuddling and playing, but an important aspect here is that one needs to know how to handle them in their comfort zone.

Do guinea pigs understand affection?

Perfectly guinea pigs are affectionate and understand human affection when given and sprayed on them. Guinea pigs love kissing and being kissed when they have an excellent affectionate bond with their owners or fellow pig buddies. If the guinea pig gives you back, we can understand that it is affectionate towards you.

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