Do Cats Eat Guinea Pigs? All You Need To Know

Since guineas are rodents, it is common for you to question do cats eat guinea pigs? The reply to this question is yes and no because it depends on the cat. Since the guinea pigs are so fragile and tiny, there is a high chance of getting swallowed by cats.

Since cats love to chase and eat rodents, and guinea pigs fall into the category of rodents, they may try to kill and eat. Even if the cat is friendly with your pet guinea, there is a high chance for them to injure the guinea.

Therefore you should think twice before placing the cat and guinea together in the same place. Keep reading to find out more factors like reasons, solutions, problem precautions for cats eating guinea pigs.

The door to your answers is here. Here we have tried to solve all the queries to the common questions. Stop searching other posts for the answers. This article has covered every possible thing that you need to know.

Do Cats Eat Guinea Pigs?

Yes, cats do eat guinea pigs. Cats and guineas tend always to fight. But, if there is much training and established relationship with them, they may not fight and try to get along. There will always be a higher chance that your cat may kill and eat the guinea pigs.

do cats eat guinea pigs

Since guineas fall into rodent categories, it is common for a cat to predate them. It will be a difficult task if you want to build a good relationship with guineas and cats. And, there is also a high chance of cats injuring guineas.

Do Cats Get Along With Guinea Pigs?

Cats are called natural hunters. They always tend to hunt small, tiny, moving creatures. Even if you try to establish a good relationship with cats and guinea pigs, cats will show the wild side.

The cat will likely result in the death of guineas and eat the guineas if they both are placed together. Even if the cat doesn’t kill the guinea pig, there is a high chance that they might try to injure the guinea.

Guinea pigs will even face scratches and injure from the cat. Cats are naturally interested in rodents, more than anything. If they come across any rodents at their sight, they will try to kill and eat them.

But, yes, by establishing a good relationship and training, you can make the cats and guinea pigs get along with each other. These pets can live together.

Do Kittens And Guinea Pigs Get Along?

Yes. Sometimes kittens and guinea pigs get along. Well, it may sound strange since they are prey and predator to one another. But, they both can indeed get along with each other. It is true in the case of pet cats.

Because, unlike wild cats, domesticated cats do not have to hunt, to get food. If the cats are trained, and their relationship with guinea pigs is improvised through training, you do not have to worry about kittens and guinea pigs since they will not cause harm to one another.

If they are properly introduced and supervised, they can live under the same roof together.

Are Cats Good With Guinea Pigs?

You are not advised to keep guinea pigs and cats together without any proper training. The cat may get afraid when it’s placed with a guinea pig for the first time.

But, gradually, when it is kept for long with guineas, cats will learn that guineas are an excellent source of food.

image 352

By planning carefully and providing training, you can place them both together and make them play with each other without causing any harm to one another. You can have both of them as pets if you provide proper care and training to them.

Some cats may look at the guineas as a playing mate, or some cats may look at guineas as a food source. But, only domestic cats tend to get along with your piggies. Meanwhile, wild cats may pose a significant threat to guineas.

Will My Cat Kill My Guinea Pig?

If the cat is reared with guineas together or has a good relationship with them, then you don’t have to get worried about your guinea pig and your cat getting along with each other.

But, there is a high chance that your cats will injure the guineas; it may also grip them tightly with its paws and harm the guineas. And also, if both the cat and guineas are new and introduced, the cat will become hostile and injure the piggy.

Even if you see both of them getting along, cats are natural hunters, and they hunt the rodents no matter what. So, even if they both seem to get along nicely, there is a high chance that the cat will likely harm your guineas.

Can Guinea Pigs Make Cats Sick?

Yes. Because if guinea pigs and cats live together, there is a high chance that both of them can pass the illness to one another. There is an illness called bordetella, which can pass from guinea pigs to cat and vice-versa.

Therefore you are required to wash your hands with soap after handling one of your pets. Also, when one pet falls sick, separate from other pets to prevent them from spreading the illness to one another.

Can Cats Be Allergic To Guinea Pigs?

It isn’t easy to tell. Because humans may be allergic to guinea pigs or cats, but it’s rare in animals to be allergic to each other.

Although, if it’s showing allergic signs, then it may be due to other underlying conditions. Therefore, you need to check the bedding often and clean its fur and other things.

Can You Have Guinea Pigs With Cats?

Yes, you can have guinea pigs with cats, but only under supervision. But, it is always safer to keep both of them separate. Because, even though they seem to be getting along with each other, cats may try to harm or injure them. It may try to grip its paw on guinea.

Please take extra precautions and should implement a secure cage. By providing proper training, care, and other behavioral training, you can enhance their relationship and make them get along together.

Will, My Cat, Kill My Guinea Pig?

Yes, your cat can kill your guinea pig. It’s because cats are natural hunters, and its basic Instinct will always tell them to kill the pig when it’s next to it. If they are feeling hungry and playful, then it will kill the guinea pig.

Kitten Standing on Windowsill Peeking from behind Curtain

But, some domesticated house cats may not try to harm the guinea pigs and will play with them. But some cats and wild cats won’t spare the guineas and will injure and kill them at first sight.

Are Cats Good With Guinea Pigs?

It is always better to keep both guineas and cats separate if they lack proper training. You can place them together if you have provided training and made both feels like amigos of each other.

The cat and guinea pig looks at each other, Domestic pet feeding cavy, Funny pets, Cat and guinea pig are best friends,

Cats may actually like guineas, and sometimes they may even play with them. But, in almost all cases, these cats will harm the guineas. It may even scratch and kill the guineas while playing.

Some cats may like guinea pigs and will get along with them. But, some cats will only view the piggies as their source of food.

Therefore you should only keep them together under careful supervision because they won’t get along together. And if the cat is a wild cat, then it is a significant threat to your guineas.

How Do You Cat Proof A Guinea Pig Cage?

You can purchase a cage for a guinea pig. Because when it’s in a cage, it will feel safer. It would be nice if you always covered the cage with a lid. It is to make sure that your cat never gets a chance to harm the guinea.

The cage must be covered and locked at all sides. And hence, the cats won’t be able to open the cage and attack the guinea pigs. Cage bars should be as close as possible. It will prevent the cat from poking its paw into the cage and trying to attack your piggy.

How Do You Introduce A Cat To A Guinea Pig?

If you want to introduce your cat to a guinea pig, then follow the below steps. The first step is you should introduce both of them to each other when they are babies. So, naturally, when they grow up together, they will experience good faith and become friends.

Funny pets. Cat and guinea pig are best friends. Guinea pig sitting on the head of the cat

And also, you should never force them to be friends. It will take time for them to get to know each other and get along with each other. It would be best if you always held the pet in your arms whole introducing both of them. Either of pets in either hand.

Once you feel comfortable with each other, you can set up a play area for both of them. Also, place tunnels and hiding areas in the shared play area because guinea pigs are the natural prey to cats. These tricks will help both of them to get along with each other.

Do Cats Chase Guinea Pigs?

No, cats do not chase guinea pigs. It’s because guinea pigs don’t move fastly as other animals. Your cats won’t try to chase guineas because cats get thrilled when they chase and hunt down their prey.

Since guinea pigs don’t provide this thrill, your cats won’t like to chase them down. Guinea pigs are active. But they don’t move fast; that’s why cats and other animals do not like to chase these guineas.

Do Dogs and Guinea Pigs Get Along?

Yes. Dogs can get along with other animals. Even cats and dogs get along. And, they can even get along with guineas. But, there will also be a danger because dogs can try to kill and hurt small animals like guineas.

This is a picture of a dog playing with a guinea pig.

Because dogs are naturally trained to hunt down small rodents, there is a chance of dogs attacking your guineas if you keep them together. But, you can develop their relationship by proper training.

Dogs will behave better with guineas and even get along with them if there is proper training. They will play and get along with each other. But, still, you will be required to supervise them.

Do Cats and Guinea Pigs Get Along?

Yes, they can get along. But, before that, you need to provide exceptional training and care for cats and guinea pigs to behave well with each other. Since the guinea pigs are so small and delicate, even the playful paw might hurt them and end up injured.

And also, since there is no physical interaction between them, guinea pigs will even get stressed. And sometimes, your cat may feel like hunting the guineas and try to irritate them.

Do cats kill rabbits?

Pet cats that roam the streets are renowned for butchering newborn bunnies in the most heinous manner.

Instead of hunting for food like feral cats, well-fed housecats are more likely to play with their prey, including skinning rabbits alive. It is estimated that less than 10% of wild young bunnies survive in captivity, thus it is critical to seek aid as soon as possible.

How Do You Pet-Proof a Guinea Pig Cage?

Here is a list of tips that you can do to pet-proof your guinea pig cage and its room. They are as follows,

image 357
  • Firstly, you should keep the enclosure of Guinea pig on a solid table. The table should not be rickety. It is a good idea.
  • You shouldn’t leave enough space on the table that your cat can jump.
  • You should put something on the cage and cover the top with a lid.
  • You should lock all the sides and cover them appropriately to make them feel safe in their cage. No other animals should get access to it.
  • If the cage is made of smooth plastic, it will be hard for your cat or other pets to jump on that metal or any other materials cage.


We can say that cats and guinea pigs sometimes get along only when they are appropriately introduced or given specific training methods to behave nicely with each other. Cats are natural predators, and cats like to kill and eat small animals, especially rodents.

They may even scratch guinea pigs and injure them. But, you can even prevent this with proper training and supervising them properly. If the cat is domesticated, then there is a chance to get along with each other.


Will my cat eat my guinea pig?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cats. Some cats become friends with guinea pigs. But, some only view them as possible food. Even if the cat doesn’t eat your guinea pigs, it is likely to harm or injure them.

Can cats coexist with guinea pigs?

Yes, they can coexist with guinea pigs. There is no harm in guineas and cats living together. But, there is a high chance that your cats may harm the guinea pigs. They can get along together and even can play with each other. But, sometimes, even a playful paw would injure the guineas. And also, the cat may consider the guinea as its good source and will try to kill and eat it.

Are guinea pigs ok around cats?

Yes, sometimes they are ok with each other. And sometimes cats may not. It depends on cats. Some wild cats may consider guineas as possible food and kill them. And some domesticated cats may not think of guineas as food and will get along with them nicely. Therefore, it is ok for your guinea to be around cats if special training is given to your cat, and it doesn’t consider the guineas as its food.

How do you introduce a guinea pig to a cat?

It would help if you introduced the guinea pig to a cat slowly. What you need to do is, you should keep the guinea in its cage for a week for your cat to get used to seeing guineas every day and is comfortable in seeing the guinea. You can also allow the cat to sniff and go around the cage of the Guinea pig. When you feel like your paw mate has lost interest in the cage of Guinea pigs, take them out slowly and introduce them to your cat by holding them. Also, when your cat gets even more comfortable by seeing guinea pigs, you can keep them on the floor. But, it would be best if you never left them alone. 

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