Can Turtles Eat Tomatoes? All You Need To Know

A turtles diet can include fresh fruits and vegetables. But, what about tomatoes? Can turtles eat tomatoes? It is the common question most pet turtle owners go around seeking. The answer is yes.

But, you need to know lots of things about your turtles eating tomatoes, the quality, quantity, time, and everything about feeding tomatoes to turtles.

So, if you are a pet owner seeking an answer to these questions on Instagram posts, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere, then keep reading to find out all. Here we have provided lots of facts about turtles eating tomatoes.

Can Turtles Eat Tomatoes?

Turtles can eat tomatoes. There is no harm for turtles in consuming tomatoes. But, it would be best if you only fed your turtles ripe red tomatoes. Red tomatoes are safe for your turtles to have.

can turtles eat tomatoes

Meanwhile, green tomatoes, vines, and leaves are poisonous to your turtle. Not only these, but tomatoes are also relatively high in sugar content, which would lead to loose stool and bloating in turtles.

And, hence tomatoes are safe, and turtles can eat them only when served as a rare treat. It would be best never to feed them lots of tomatoes to your turtles. It would potentially harm them.

Tomatoes Nutritional Stats

Crop woman washing tomatoes in water bowl

A 100-gram raw tomato contains,


Carbs- 3.9 grams

Protein- 0.9 grams

Sugar-2.6 grams

Fiber-1.2 grams

Fat-0.2 grams

Water- 95%

Tomatoes are loaded with essential nutrients. A single raw tomato contains vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, and potassium.

Tomatoes Nutritional Facts

Red Tomatoes on White Textile

Tomato contains many nutritional benefits. It is also filled with carbohydrates and fiber.

A small 100 gram of raw tomato contains,

Calories: 18

Water: 95%

Protein: 0.9 grams

Carbs: 3.9 grams

Sugar: 2.6 grams

Fiber: 1.2 grams

Fat: 0.2 grams

Tomatoes contain many vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin K1, potassium, and folate. And, it also contains plant compounds such as lycopene, naringenin, beta carotene, and chlorogenic acid.

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes For Turtles

There are lots of health benefits for turtles in consuming tomatoes. Most of the time, turtles face vitamin A and calcium deficiency. But, fortunately, tomatoes contain both nutrients. Tomatoes have plenty of vitamin A and calcium. 

Reptiles like turtles need quite a lot of calcium in their regular diet. So, tomatoes compromise that. Tomatoes also help the turtles in the growth and maintenance of its shell and also claws.

Since it contains lots of calcium, it benefits the shells and claws of turtles. It boosts the immunity of turtles and improves heart health. It also prevents infection from regulating metabolism. And, hence we can say that tomatoes contain lots of health benefits for turtles.

Can Turtles Have Tomatoes?

Yes, turtles can have tomatoes. Since tomatoes are high in vitamin A and calcium, it is suitable for turtles. Turtles diet need these two elements mainly. But, the tomatoes you feed your turtles should be red and ripe. Also, you should feed them tomatoes moderately.

Turtles eating vegetables

Although these foods are considered a good food source, you cannot overfeed tomatoes to your turtles. While feeding, remove its leaves and foliage and feed them tomatoes only once or twice a week. 

If you follow these rules, your turtles can have tomatoes safely, without any worries, because eating a moderate amount of tomatoes won’t cause any harm.

Can Baby Turtles Eat Tomatoes?

Baby pet turtles are relatively small. And hence, they will get ingested of toxic dosage of tomatoes and a dangerous amount of sugar. And, hence it would put them at risk. 

Eating tomatoes would cause severe problems in baby turtles since they are tiny, and anything of a small amount of toxin would get into their body quickly and will face severe side effects.

So, keep away tomatoes from your baby pet turtles until they get old and more prominent. It is safe for adult turtles to consume tomatoes.

Are Tomatoes Safe For Turtles?

Yes, tomatoes are safe for the turtle to have. Even tortoises can have Tomatoes. Since it’s a fruit, it will run naturally high in sugar content. But, don’t worry. They can safely have tomatoes as an occasional treat or an occasional unique addition to their diet.

But, it would be nicer if you never fed them tomatoes daily. Also, you should carefully pay attention to the number of tomatoes you are providing to your turtles. 

Also, if you feed them tomatoes daily, they will develop a taste over that fruit and refuse to have other nutritious vegetables and fruit that are low in sugar content.

Tomatoes are safe for your turtles only when you feed them red, ripe tomatoes. Also, you should never feed them green tomatoes, vines, and leaves to take no chances. 

Are Tomatoes Good For Turtles?

Yes, tomatoes are good for turtles. It also contains some nutrients that are helpful for your turtle. But, it would help if you fed them red, ripe tomatoes. Those are good for your turtles. But, if the turtles eat tomatoes too much, it will lead to severe diseases.

So, they should only have the tomatoes in moderation. Tomato is good food for turtles, only if it’s eaten in a moderate amount. 

It provides essential minerals to turtles like calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins like vitamin A. Pet turtles mostly face calcium A and calcium deficiencies. So, feeding tomatoes to turtles is good.

Are Tomatoes Bad For Turtles?

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Tomatoes cannot be suitable for turtles and tortoises if they eat tomatoes in excessive amounts. And, they can only eat red, ripe tomatoes. If they consume green tomatoes, leaves, and vines, they will face problems.

Green tomatoes are poisonous to your turtles. So, tomatoes are good for them if you feed them red, ripe tomatoes. However, tomatoes are high in sugar content, so eating a lot of tomatoes would cause bloating and loose stool in turtles. 

Therefore, tomatoes cannot be suitable for them if you introduce them into their regular diet. You can treat them tomatoes occasionally, in a moderate amount. But, not every day.

Do Turtles Like Tomatoes?

Yes, turtles love eating tomatoes. They love the taste of tomatoes. It’s because tomatoes are high in sugar content, and who doesn’t love to have a sugary treat. Tomatoes are very delicious to turtles, and they will eat any amount of tomatoes.

Turtle made from tomatoes

But, it is advised to maintain a limit while feeding tomatoes to turtles. Because if you feed them daily, they would prefer tomatoes over other nutritious food, so they won’t get any supplements they need.

So, yes, turtles love tomatoes very much, and they will eat them often and in excessive amounts if you feed them in bulk.

can box turtles eat tomatoes?

Yes, box turtles can eat tomatoes. But, they can only have red and ripe tomatoes. Box turtles should never eat green tomatoes, veins, leaves, and stems. And, also you need to keep an eye on the number of tomatoes you are providing to your turtle.

eastern box turtle

Box turtle will happily eat the tomatoes if you feed them. It’s because tomatoes are high in sugar content, and box turtles love to have sugary treats, and hence they prefer to have lots of tomatoes. 

That’s why you should never give it to tomatoes as a regular diet. Instead, it would help if you fed them only as a treat, that too infrequently and very rarely.

can aquatic turtles eat tomatoes?

Big aquatic turtle swimming in blue sea

If your aquatic turtles live in the wild, they won’t include tomatoes in their natural diet. But, it is recommended for your aquatic turtles to have vegetables in their diet. And, hence, you can feed your aquatic turtles a small number of tomatoes.

There won’t be any harm in consuming tiny pieces of tomatoes for your aquatic turtles. But, if the consumption amount goes beyond the limit, there will be a danger. 

Since tomatoes are high in sugar content, it would cause severe issues in aquatic turtles. So, feed them tomatoes in a moderate amount.

can turtles eat cherry tomatoes?

Cherry Tomatoes

Yes. Your pet turtles can eat cherry tomatoes. But, while having cherry tomatoes, those tomatoes should be in only red flesh. It might be better if you never tried to feed your turtles green cherry tomatoes, stems, and leaves of tomatoes.

Those are poisonous to them; when feeding them every day or cherry tomatoes, always try to keep down the portions and only feed moderate amounts of tomatoes.

Never feed them these frequently, thinking it’s good for them. Feed them cherry tomatoes as an occasional, rare treat.

can red eared slider turtles eat tomatoes?

Red-Eared Slider Turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans)

Red-eared slider turtles are also aquatic turtles. These red-eared slider turtles are much similar to snapping turtles and yellow-bellied sliders. Therefore, you can feed these sliders tomatoes without any worries, only in smaller amounts.

It would be nice if you never overfed tomatoes. A small amount of ripe, red-fleshed tomatoes are a wonderful treat for your turtles, and they will enjoy having these tomatoes. 

But, pay attention to maintaining limits, as too many tomatoes would cause problems in them.

How Many Tomatoes Can Turtles Eat?

It would be good not to feed them tomatoes in higher amounts. Yes, tomatoes are safe and suitable for turtles. But, it would be nice if you never fed them tomatoes frequently. Feed tomatoes only once or twice a week.

While introducing the tomato to turtles, start with a portion of only one tomato. After feeding them, check their stools for any dangers.

If all is well, slowly increase the number of portions. But, never feed them more than one tomato per week. Because too much coconut is not suitable for turtles to eat, leading to several problems.

How Often Can Turtles Eat Tomatoes?

As we all know, turtles can eat tomatoes. But, it doesn’t mean that you should overfeed them with tomatoes. According to VCA hospital, tomatoes are not as nutritious as vegetables.

Turtles can only eat tomatoes twice a week. Tomatoes are sweet, and it is their favorite treat. Think about children; once they form a preference over-sweet candy, they always beg you to give them those.

The same applies to turtles as well; if you overfeed them, they will develop a preference over the tomatoes and will likely prefer these fruit more than having other nutritious vegetables.

While serving potatoes to turtles, you can Chop them down into tiny pieces or mix them with other vegetables to produce a variation. Chopping the fruit is recommended because it is easier for your pet to swallow the tiny pieces.

Feed your turtles tomatoes, only in lesser amounts, only twice a week. Not more than that!!

How To Feed Tomatoes To Turtles?

It is easiest to feed them. Turtles can’t eat Vegetables that are in huge chunks. If the pieces are huge, they won’t swallow them quickly. 

It would be better if you tried to feed a bite-size piece of tomatoes to your turtles. Before feeding, you should make sure that the tomatoes are red and ripe. Also, remove the green of the stalk.

Turtle eating tomato

So, slice the tomato into six smaller pieces. And feed them. Keep these chunks in their food bowl, or mix the tomatoes with other vegetables.

Anyways, you can serve them. Also, don’t worry if your pet turtle leaves the skin of the tomato. Typically, it won’t eat those peels of tomatoes. And, do not serve them cooked tomatoes.

can box turtles eat cherry tomatoes?

The answer is yes. Box turtles can eat cherry tomatoes. But it will be best if you feed cherry tomatoes to box turtles in moderation. Since cherry tomatoes contain lots of sugar content, you should feed them tomatoes in lower amounts. 

And, while feeding them tomatoes, you need to make sure to feed them red, ripe tomatoes. Please don’t feed them unripe or green tomatoes. So, you can feed them cherry tomatoes safely. Your box turtles would love to have this fruit as a treat.

Do Tomatoes Affect The Digestive System Of Turtles?

Tomatoes won’t affect the digestive system of turtles if you feed tomatoes in smaller amounts. But, there will be digestion-related issues if you feed them overly. 

The high amount of sugar and acid in tomatoes would cause painful bloating in the turtle’s stomach and diarrhea. 

Their digestive tracts aren’t simply developed to digest these many sugars. As a result, their intestinal flora would be imbalanced. So, it would be best if you only fed tomatoes to them in moderate amounts.

Considering these, feed them tomatoes only in smaller amounts, that too rarely as a treat.

Final Thoughts

Tomatoes are safe fruit for turtles; you can add tomatoes into the turtles’ diet as a treat. You can feed them tomatoes as raw or cooked. However, you can serve them raw tomatoes to preserve their nutrients.

Turtles also need calcium for their shell to be strong. And, these tomatoes supply enough calcium to them. But, it would help if you did not feed them unripe, green tomatoes.

And it would be best if you always tried to add varieties to its diet. Feed them tomatoes in limited amounts. Your turtles should not consume too many tomatoes; try to feed them fresh tomatoes as well.


Can turtles eat bananas?

Yes, turtles can eat bananas. Bananas contain lots of vitamins and minerals suitable for turtle’s health. It also contains vitamin B6, potassium, and manganese, suitable for your pet turtles. But, it would be best if you only fed them bananas in moderation. Bananas should not consist more than 5-10% of their overall diet. It’s because bananas contain lots of sugar and starch content. But, yes, you can feed them bananas.

Can turtles eat bread?

No, turtles cannot eat bread. Bread isn’t a healthy food for your turtle. Bread can be harmful to your turtles. Turtles don’t possess certain enzymes required to break down the particles of bread. They cannot break down and digest the bread because bread contains yeast in it. And, turtles won’t get any nutrition by consuming bread. So, it is best not to give them bread.

Can turtles eat grapes?

Yes, turtles can have grapes. But, grapes aren’t healthy for turtles. Because grapes contain sugar, it has an unbalanced calcium-phosphorous ratio. And grapes are also low in minerals. Therefore, your turtles should not have grapes in excess. But, there is no harm in consuming grapes in moderate amounts. So, please do not feed them grapes regularly.

Can Turtles Eat Strawberries?

Yes, turtles can eat strawberries. But, it would be better if you did not overfeed the strawberries. Overfeeding would be dangerous and would cause digestion-related issues. Strawberries contain a good amount of vitamins, and it’s suitable for your turtles if they consume strawberries in moderate amounts. They even love strawberries and other types of berries. So, it is perfectly safe to feed strawberries in a moderate amount.

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