Can Rabbits Eat Sweet Potatoes? All You Need To Know

Rabbits are cute. And there is no wonder that you would love to feed them tasty Vegetables and fruits. So, can rabbits eat sweet potatoes? We all know potatoes are delicious. And hence, the sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes match the vegetation-type diet of rabbits.

Pet owners try to chunk down the sweet potatoes and feed bunnies. It is common for you to feel tempted to feed sweet potatoes to your bunnies as a treat. You love your bunnies and want to feed them good, delicious food.

But is sweet potato good for the rabbit? So, before feeding your bunnies sweet potatoes, please go through the below information. Sweet potatoes aren’t bad for rabbits. But, it doesn’t mean that sweet potatoes are perfect for bunnies either.

Before knowing its reason, we should know the composition factor of sweet potatoes and why you should or shouldn’t feed them to rabbits. To learn more, keep reading the article.

Can Rabbits Eat Sweet Potatoes?

can rabbits eat sweet potatoes

The answer is Yes and No. Many people and websites suggest that sweet potato is suitable for rabbits. But, even though sweet potatoes aren’t toxic for bunnies, you may get a doubt, some foods are more sugary than sweet potatoes, and they can safely eat them.

But then why can’t they eat sweet potatoes?. It’s because sweet potatoes are rich in starch. So, sugar and starch combination is hazardous to bunnies. Rabbits can physically eat sweet potatoes.

But, since it contains lots of starch and sugar, it is a wrong choice for bunnies. Also, it will destruct its digestive system too.

Sweet Potatoes Nutritional Stats

Sweet potatoes contain lots of nutrition; they are a significant vitamin A source. It’s very delicious too. But, it isn’t good for bunnies because a high amount of sugar and starch makes them bad food for bunnies.

One cup serving of baked or mashed sweet potatoes contain,

38433 IU vitamin A

39.2 mg vitamin C

1.4 mg vitamin E

4.6 mcg vitamin K

3.0 mg niacin

0.6 mg vitamin B6

12.0 mcg folate

26.2 mcg choline

76 mg calcium

54 mg magnesium

1.4 mg iron

108 mg phosphorus

950 mg potassium

0.6 mg zinc

1 mg manganese

.3 mg copper

Sweet Potatoes Nutritional Facts

Two Red and Gray Stones

Even though sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition, it isn’t suitable for rabbits. They are an excellent food for the diet of humans, not for bunnies. If you wish to learn more about the nutritional facts of sweet potatoes, then read below.

One cup serving of mashed or baked sweet potatoes contain,

180 calories

.3 g fat

4 g protein

41.4 g carbohydrates

6.6 g fiber

Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes For Rabbits

Even though sweet potatoes aren’t suitable for rabbits, some factors are beneficial to rabbits. Sweet potatoes are pretty high in many nutrients like vitamin C, beta carotene, fiber, and potassium.

Also, vitamin A in sweet potatoes can help the eye health of bunnies. But, rabbits don’t suffer from vitamin A deficiency since they get lots of vitamin A from other foods. Even though it appears beneficial, sweet potatoes aren’t suitable for rabbits.

But, sweet potatoes are at least better than plain white potatoes because it’s lower in calories and higher in fiber.

Can Rabbits Have Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are not a good snack for bunnies. Sweet potatoes contain lots of starch and sugar. Sometimes, it can only be suitable for underweight rabbits, only under the vet’s instructions.

Raw sweet potatoes

But, apart from that, rabbits should never consume sweet potatoes; it is bad for their digestive system. But, many rabbits even love to have potato skin, vines, and leaves.

But, providing them with sweet potatoes isn’t recommended. Since they contain lots of starch and are unhealthy for your rabbits, do not feed them sweet potatoes even though they like to have them because it can be bad for them.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Sweet Potatoes?

No, sweet potatoes aren’t suitable for rabbits. And, as a result, baby rabbits can’t eat sweet potatoes. If sweet potatoes are harmful to adult bunnies, then baby rabbits won’t digest the sweet potatoes.

A Bunny Besides Potted A Plant

Sweet potatoes contain lots of sugar and starch, which is harmful to baby rabbits and adult rabbits. Those sugary content in sweet potatoes would make them prone to diabetes, and also, high starch would cause digestive distress in them.

They will suffer from gas, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems. So, baby rabbits shouldn’t eat sweet potatoes. It isn’t good for them.

Are Sweet Potatoes Safe For Rabbits?

No, sweet potatoes aren’t safe for rabbits. And, hence you should not try to feed them sweet potatoes because sweet potatoes will make your bunny sick. Sweet potatoes are known for having too much sugar and starch, which will upset the stomach of bunnies.

Rabbits should never eat a food that consists of too much starch, starch, and sugar combinations, worse for bunnies. Also, sweet potatoes are difficult to digest too.

Therefore, you can’t give sweet potatoes to rabbits, it isn’t safe for them, and your bunnies will suffer from digestion-related problems if it intakes sweet potatoes often.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Rabbits?

Not really. We can’t guarantee that sweet potatoes are safe for rabbits. Even though sweet potatoes are very nutritious, it contains lots of starch, and hence it is the wrong food choice for your bunnies. Rabbits and starchy foods don’t get along well.

It’s because rabbits have the digestive organ cecum. It has the capability of fermenting fiber from the grasses. But, the starch consuming starchy and sugary foods will upset the balance of bacterias living inside the cecum.

And, due to that, rabbits will suffer from stomach problems such as gas. Also, it will lead to a dangerous condition called gastrointestinal stasis. Here, rabbits’ digestive systems will stop functioning due to G.I stasis. So, sweet potatoes aren’t perfect for rabbits.

Are Sweet Potatoes Bad For Rabbits?

Sweet potatoes can be bad for rabbits. It’s because sweet potatoes consist of two dangerous factors that are bad for rabbits. They are sugar and starch. Rabbits always need to eat low-calorie foods such as leafy greens or Hays.

But, since sweet potatoes contain lots of sugar and starch, they are high in calories, which is very high than the average calories they need. It also goes out of rabbits’ natural dietary range. And also, sweet potatoes are challenging for them to digest.

There is a high chance of your rabbits refusing to eat and acting suck. Also, its stool will clump in pellets. But, even if the bunnies digest the sweet potatoes, sugar and starchy factors in the sweet potatoes will lead to obesity, excessive weight gain, and even diabetes.

Can rabbits eat raw potatoes?

Potatoes Beside Stainless Steel Cooking Pot

No, rabbits cannot eat raw potatoes, and they shouldn’t eat raw potatoes. Even though potatoes are rich in vitamins and other nutrients, rabbits cannot eat raw potatoes. Potatoes also contain magnesium and manganese. But, still, they can’t eat potatoes.

It’s because potatoes are rich in sugar and starch. Sugar and starch aren’t suitable for rabbits. Since raw potatoes contain lots of starch and sugar, they can’t eat raw potatoes. Sometimes, they can only eat raw potatoes in lesser amounts.

Also, potatoes are rich in vitamin C. Therefore, try not to feed them potatoes, but also you can feed in lesser quantities.

Can rabbits eat cooked sweet potatoes?

Yes. It’s because cooked sweet potatoes are healthy and more beneficial to rabbits than raw sweet potatoes. Raw sweet potatoes also contain starch and are high in acidic content. Also, boiled sweet potatoes contain more nutrients and minerals than fried or baked ones.

Carved Potatoes In A Plastic Tray

Also, the leaves and skin of sweet potatoes can be consumable if it’s cooked. So, if you are planning to feed sweet potatoes to rabbits without adding any spices, then go for it.

Sweet potatoes can be delicious if it’s cooked. But, never feed them raw potatoes. It can be harmful to them and upset their digestive system.

Can rabbits eat dried sweet potatoes?

No, rabbits cannot eat dried sweet potatoes. Dried potatoes too contain starch. So, whether the sweet potatoes be raw, baked, or any other form, they cannot eat it.

Dried sweet potatoes aren’t suitable for rabbits since it contains sugar and starch. Therefore try to avoid feeding them sweet potatoes in any form.

Can rabbits eat sweet peas?

Green Round Fruits on White Background

No, rabbits cannot eat sweet peas. Sweet peas are toxic to rabbits. You should always keep them away from the plant. Sometimes, eating it may also result in sickness. Seeds of sweet peas are also dangerous for rabbits to eat.

So stop feeding them sweet peas since it’s not suitable for rabbits, and it will be likely to harm your bunnies. You don’t want to make your bunnies fall sick.

Do Rabbits Like Sweet Potatoes?

Yes, rabbits always like to have sugar and sweet foods. They enjoy having sugary food. So, they love to eat sweet potatoes since it’s high in sugar. But, as we all know, sweet potatoes aren’t suitable for rabbits, and they can’t have them.

High starch and sugar foods can even lead to dental problems, obesity, and gastrointestinal issues. So, even if rabbits like to have sweet potatoes, you shouldn’t feed them sweet potatoes.

Try sticking to other healthy alternative foods rich in fiber because these foods are healthy and good for them to have. Sweet potatoes will make their health worse. So, don’t feed them, even though they love to eat sweet potatoes.

How Many Sweet Potatoes Can A Rabbits Eat?

You may feel like feeding your bunnies a lot of sweet potatoes. But don’t, because sweet potatoes aren’t good for bunnies. So, they shouldn’t consume sweet potatoes often. But, if they have consumed it, monitor them for any digestive distress.

If the rabbits seem to be bloated, sluggish, and in pain, it will simply state that they face the adverse effects of sweet potatoes.

Also, if the rabbits aren’t eating, drinking, and pooping after consuming sweet potatoes, it indicates that your rabbits are suffering from severe problems. You should contact the vet soon if you find the following symptoms.

And never feed your adult or baby rabbits sweet potatoes because they will suffer from digestion-related problems.

How Often Can A Rabbits Eat Sweet Potatoes?

There shouldn’t be a question like how often rabbits eat sweet potatoes should arise. Because rabbits cannot eat sweet potatoes, they shouldn’t eat sweet potatoes.

But, if you are already providing sweet potatoes to your bunnies, you should stop feeding them sweet potatoes because they will face side effects later.

And sweet potatoes aren’t suitable for rabbits, even though it contains nutrition because sugar and starch content in sweet potatoes will upset the stomach of your bunny. You don’t want to take the danger of your bunny getting sick and suffering.

How To Feed Sweet Potatoes To Rabbits?

You shouldn’t feed sweet potatoes to rabbits. It is dangerous for your bunnies to eat sweet potatoes. But, the leaves, vines, and skin of sweet potatoes are at least better than sweet potatoes themselves.

So, never think of how to feed sweet potatoes to rabbits. Because they shouldn’t consume it and if they consume it in a large amount they will get sick immediately.

And if you are redundant in feeding them, then chop them into tiny pieces and feed only one or two tiny bits of rabbits. Also, do not forget to wash them very well.

Do Sweet Potatoes Effect The Digestive System Of Rabbits?

Yes, sweet potatoes will affect the digestive system of rabbits because there is a high chance for a bunny to lose appetite if they start eating sweet potatoes. Also, many gastrointestinal problems in bunnies are caused by high sugar and starchy foods.

Sweet potatoes are high in sugar and low in starch so that it will cause digestion disorders in rabbits. Sweet potatoes will also cause runny stools. Also, they won’t produce fecal pellets as they usually do.

Gastrointestinal motility disorders will also cause permanent damage and death in rabbits. So, never feed sweet potatoes to bunnies.

Can wild rabbits eat sweet potatoes?

Wild rabbits do not eat starchy foods. Starch-dense foods aren’t made for wild and domestic rabbits. Therefore, they can’t consume sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are not suitable for them. But it isn’t so toxic.

However, they will experience digestion or stomach upset after eating sweet potatoes. It’s because even wild rabbits can’t digest starchy and sugary foods. The same applies to sweet potatoes as well.

Since sweet potatoes contain lots of sugar, it isn’t recommended for your bunnies, whether it be wild or domesticated, to consume sweet potatoes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that rabbits should not consume sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are harmful to rabbits. They can’t eat it because the starch and sugar content in sweet potatoes are not suitable.

Sweet potatoes are nutritious and have lots of good vitamins and other benefits. But, they can’t consume it since the Tuber contains lots of starch and sugar. The starch and sugar combination is not at all suitable for rabbits.

And, rabbits cannot digest these. starch in sweet potatoes will make them sick, cause diarrhea, and cause other stool-related problems. Also, digestion-related problems will occur if the bunnies intake sweet potatoes excessively.


Can rabbits eat banana peels?

Yes, rabbits can eat banana peels safely. Also, they love the flavor of bananas. But, it would help if you washed the peels first since the peel may contain some dirt or pesticides. Other than that, bunnies can eat banana peels safely. Banana peels are t toxic to bunnies. Also, they are healthier since banana peels do not contain much sugar.

Can rabbits eat bananas?

Yes, rabbits can safely eat bananas. You can even feed them the peel as well. There is no harm in consuming bananas for these tiny creatures. But, it would be best if you only fed the bananas in smaller amounts. It would be best if you didn’t feed bananas to them more than twice a week. It’s because bananas contain a high amount of fructose. Too much banana can even cause digestion-related problems such as gas, bloating, and other problems. Therefore feed them bananas moderately.

Can rabbits eat beet leaves?

Yes, rabbits can eat beet leaves. But, they should always have a variety of foods in their diet. They need hay and rabbit pellets in their daily diet. But, they should have veggies in their diet as well. They can have spinach leaves as well.

Can rabbits eat bell peppers?

Yes, rabbits can eat bell peppers. Bell peppers are bunny-friendly and healthy food. Rabbits can also have all types and colors of bell peppers. Rabbits also love the sweet taste of these bell peppers. But, not all parts of the bell peppers aren’t nutritious to your bunnies. But, it is a nutritious snack for your rabbits, and you can feed bell peppers safely to bunnies.

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