Can Rabbits Eat Rosemary? All you need to know

Bunnies are cute creatures, and it’s fun to own a bunny. Okay, so, can rabbits eat rosemary? Rosemary is a herb, and there is no wrong with wondering whether rabbits can eat those. So, if you are a newbie pet owner and unclear about rosemary and rabbit facts, read below.

Rabbits can safely have rosemary. Rabbits love fruits, veggies, and herbs. But, there are many things that you need to know before feeding rosemary to rabbits.

To learn more about rabbits’ eating patterns, read everything given here; you will clear up all your uncertainties. This article is perfectly made for rabbit owners to know more about their pet’s diet.

Can Rabbits Eat Rosemary?

Yes!! Rabbits can safely consume rosemary. There is no harm in rabbits consuming it. Your rabbits can even safely have the stalk and leaves of rosemary.

can rabbits eat rosemary

Rosemary is a great herb to be included in rabbits’ diet, it acts as a balanced diet for your rabbits, and you can feed them a handful of rosemary often as a treat.

Even though your rabbits can have rosemary, not all of your rabbits would like to consume it due to its strong smell. 

However, if your bunny is a herb lover and enjoys rosemary more than anything, you can happily feed them rosemary. Rosemary also supplies a great deal of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber beneficial to your pet rabbits.

Rosemary Nutritional Stats

Person Putting Rosemary Into Vegetable Dish

As claimed by the United States Department Of Agriculture, 100 g of rosemary contains,

Energy-131 Kcal

Carbohydrates – 20.70 g

Protein -3.31 g

Total Fat – 5.86 g

Cholesterol – 0 mg

Dietary Fiber – 14.10 g

Vitamins and minerals in 100 g of rosemary is as follows,

Thiamin – 0.036 mg

Vitamin A – 2924 IU

Vitamin C – 21.8 mg

Sodium – 26 mg

Potassium – 668 mg

Calcium – 317 mg

Copper – 0.301 mg

Iron – 6.65 mg

Magnesium – 91 mg

Manganese – 0.960 mg

Zinc – 0.93 mg

Rosemary Nutritional Facts

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Rosemary contains lots of nutrients; it is beneficial to your rabbits. Rosemary helps in maintaining bunnies’ health. It supplies a significant amount of nutrition to bunnies. Now let’s look at the nutritional facts of rosemary and how it helps the bunnies.

Vitamin A

Rosemary is packed with lots of vitamin A. Vitamin A facilitates varieties of functions in rabbits. A rabbit needs to have vitamin A in its diet because it helps rabbits in various functions, such as reproduction, immune functions, cellular communication, and vision. 


Another essential feature of rosemary is, it contains lots of calcium. Calcium is essential to both animals and humans as well. Calcium builds strong bones and teeth in rabbits; it helps in muscle contractions, the functioning of muscle tissues and nerves.


Iron is an essential element that your bunnies need. They need iron to make hemoglobin, carry carbon dioxide out of the body, and deliver oxygen. Rosemary contains ample iron, and hence it benefits the rabbits.

Not only these, but rosemary also contains many macro and micronutrients. It is also stuffed with vitamin B6, vitamin C, thiamine, manganese, magnesium, and folate. So, rosemary is an excellent treat for rabbits.

Health Benefits Of Rosemary For Rabbits

There are numerous health benefits for rabbits in consuming rosemary. Rosemary supplies various essential nutrients to rabbits.

Rosemary contains dietary fibers, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, K, E, proteins, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese. Rosemary is suitable for rabbits in preventing gastrointestinal problems such as gases, diarrhea, and bloating.

Rosemary even benefits the brain functioning of rabbits. It also lowers blood pressure. Rosemary contains lots of vitamin C, and it helps the muscle development of rabbits. It also helps the development of bones, connective tissues, and skin. 

Since rabbits are more prone to scurvy diseases, vitamin C helps them prevent it.

The vitamin K in rosemary helps in maintaining the healthy bones in rabbits. Vitamin E in rosemary acts as an antioxidant in rabbits’ bodies, and the fiber in it helps increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

Rosemary is also rich in potassium and magnesium. So consuming rosemary would reduce the risk of death by heart diseases. It also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones in rabbits. So rosemary is a good herb for rabbits to have as a treat.

Can Rabbits Have Rosemary?

Yes, rabbits can safely have rosemary. They can even consume leaves, twigs, and flowers of rosemary as a treat. These leaves are excellent for them since they are non-poisonous and non-toxic.

Rabbit and rosemary

However, there is a small problem associated with it because rosemary is a herb that has a strong, pungent smell. Since it is an aromatic herb, your rabbit will turn away from it.

But, apart from that, this herb contains lots of antioxidants that help rabbits boost their immunity. It also aids in neutralizing free radicals as well.

So rosemary is suitable for rabbits, and they can have it safely on occasions as a good treat. However, try feeding them rosemary in small amounts.

Is Rosemary Good For Rabbits?

Here is the GOOD NEWS! Rosemary is suitable for rabbits. It is not listed in the foods that are toxic to rabbits.

Rosemary is the safest herb for rabbits. It is non-poisonous and non-toxic. It consists of many minerals and vitamins that are suitable for rabbits. However, even though rosemary is good for rabbits, they can only have it as an occasional treat.

It is not a herb they can have every day as their staple diet. It should not be an alternative to their regular diet. You can only use rosemary as a supplement.

Meanwhile, rosemary can be a great addition to your rabbits’ diet. But, you only need to follow the rule of moderation while feeding them rosemary. Besides, rosemary is perfectly safe for your pet rabbits to consume.

Is Rosemary Bad For Rabbits?

The reply is “No; rosemary isn’t bad for rabbits.” It contains many health benefits, and it is one of the safest herbs for rabbits. But, if you overfeed rosemary to rabbits, it will lead to severe problems such as diarrhea and bloating. 

Apart from that, rosemary is a good herb for rabbits. So moderation is the key to be followed while feeding rosemary to rabbits.

However, some rabbits dislike having rosemary. It won’t like to eat rosemary due to its strong smell. You can add this herb with other herbs and mix it up to mask the smell. 

So, rosemary isn’t bad for rabbits, and you can safely feed them rosemary in moderate amounts without any fear of your rabbit getting sick.

Do Rabbits Like Rosemary?

The short answer to this question is No. Rosemary is a healthy food, but most of the time, healthy foods doesn’t smell or taste good, and as a result, animals will try to stay far away from those types of diets.

Even though rosemary has considerable benefits to rabbits, they don’t consider it a favorite food. They dislike rosemary, and they are not a great fan of rosemary. It is said that a healthy treat such as rosemary is a non-favorite food for rabbits.

However, they don’t even wait or demand the owners to feed them rosemary. One of the reasons for their dislikeness towards rosemary is its strong, pungent smell. The smell of rosemary drives the rabbits away.

How many rosemary can a rabbit eat?

Whenever you treat your rabbits, you should always focus on how much and how often, questions because you should not try to spoil your pet’s health by feeding them treats.

Treats should never be included in your pets’ staple diet, and you have to introduce them occasionally to rabbits.

Okay, it’s time to know more about feeding quantities of rosemary. Even though rosemary is great for rabbits, providing rosemary every day in huge quantities would cause severe problems in rabbits.

And, it would be nice if you were much more careful while introducing new food to your rabbits’ diet.

If you are feeding rosemary to them for the first time, you need to observe for any symptoms related to digestive problems; if they show no signs of distress, you can feed them rosemary without any fear.

However, feed them six leafy greens to the rabbit weighing 2 pounds. You should strictly follow this calculation. However, if your rabbits dislike rosemary, you can stop feeding it to them. Never force them to have any food.

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Rosemary?

Even though rosemary is an excellent herbal plant to feed rabbits, you cannot feed rosemary to them every day. However, a small amount of rosemary provides them plenty of health benefits.

You can safely feed your rabbits rosemary once or twice a week. But, if you overfeed your rabbits, it will lead to gastrointestinal problems. You can safely feed them one cup of chopped rosemary along with other types of leafy greens for a rabbit weighing 2 pounds.

Feeding them raw rosemary once or twice a week is a good option. Please do not feed them rosemary every day as alternatives to the daily diet.

How To Feed Rosemary To Rabbits?

Okay, it’s time to learn about feeding methods. If you are planning on feeding rosemary to rabbits, then do as follows,

Before feeding your favorite bunnies rosemary, you should chop down the leaves first. Besides, feed them rosemary leaves in smaller quantities. Never give them the whole rosemary leaf and leave them to have it.

If you are feeding it for the first time, feed them small one or two chopped rosemary. If they show no adverse reactions, increase a little more quantity.

However, rabbits are not a fan of rosemary, and it’s normal for them to show signs of dislikeness. Therefore, only feed them rosemary if they like to have it.

Does Rosemary Affect The Digestive System Of Rabbits?

If you feed your rabbits rosemary in moderation, there won’t be any problem. However, if they have too much of it, it will lead to problems. So, it would be best to feed your rabbits in appropriate amounts.

If you overfeed them, it will result in diarrhea, gas, bloating, and stomach upset. Therefore you need to feed your rabbits rosemary in smaller amounts.

Doing so is crucial since they have a sensitive digestive system, so feed them in limits. It would be nice if you always took care of your pets’ health.

Can rabbits eat thyme and rosemary?

Bunch of green plant thyme on table

Yes, rabbits can eat thyme and rosemary. Both are safe for rabbits to consume. Thyme is excellent for rabbits suffering from digestive issues. It also treats diarrhea very well. Thyme even helps them expel the worms.

So, yes, you can feed your rabbits thyme safely, without any fear. And keep in mind to plant thyme continually, before it flowers, to feed your rabbits soft leaves and stems.

We all know that rosemary is suitable for rabbits. It consists of lots of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Rosemary helps them in the functioning of the body. So, yes, your rabbits can have rosemary and thyme safely. These both don’t contain any toxins or poisons in them.

Final Thoughts

Let me conclude by saying that rosemary plants are perfectly safe for your rabbits. As you have seen in this article, it is a non-toxic herb for your rabbits. It is also an excellent snack for your rabbits. By introducing rosemary occasionally, you can maintain diversity in their diet.

However, while feeding them rosemary, you should moderately feed them. If you feed them rosemary in larger quantities, it will lead to several problems. They will even suffer from problems related to digestion.

And hence, feed them rosemary only in moderate amounts. It is a great treat for them and consists of many vitamins and other minerals. So, feed rosemary to rabbits without any worries. Rabbits can safely have parsley, thyme, rosemary, dill, sage e.t.c


can rabbits eat dill?

Yes, they can safely have dill plants. You can even feed them dill flowers and baby dill; it is even better than carrots and other fruits. Dill is a great treat to give your rabbits. However, rabbits enjoy eating dill. Dill supports intestinal motility and cecotrope pellets formation. It is fantastic because it is light in calories and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. So dill is an excellent treat for your rabbits. And while feeding them dills, always try to choose fresh dill.

Can rabbits eat pumpkins?

Yes, rabbits can eat pumpkins. There is no wrong with rabbits having pumpkins. Since the pumpkin’s flesh is sugary and sweet, rabbits love to eat them. You can even feed the leaves of pumpkin to your rabbits. However, it would be best if you did not feed them rinds and seeds of pumpkin. And they should not have pumpkins in more significant amounts. If they have too much pumpkin, they will suffer from stomach aches. So, feed them a tiny amount of pumpkin as a treat.

Can rabbits eat endive?

Yes, rabbits can have endive. Endive is a source of potassium, vitamins, and lots of other minerals. So, they can have endives safely. It provides lots of fibers and other nutrients that your bunny friend needs. Endive is rich in vitamin K and contains low calcium amount. So endive is a better option to be included in your pet rabbit’s diet. It is safer for them to consume since it doesn’t contain any harmful contents in it.

Can rabbits eat aubergine?

Aubergine is also known as eggplants. Rabbits can safely consume aubergine. It contains plenty of fibers, vitamins, and other minerals. But, you should not feed your rabbits the leaves and tips of eggplants since it is poisonous to them. They can only have aubergine in smaller amounts. You can feed them raw aubergine but not cooked and dried one. So, yes, you can feed aubergine to your rabbits, but only in moderate amounts.

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