Can Rabbits Eat Bananas? All You Need To Know

Pet owners often struggle to find a concrete answer to the question- can rabbits eat bananas? If you too have this question, know that it is pretty usual for you to ponder over it. We all know that bananas are sweet, delicious fruits packed with many health benefits for humans and animals. This potassium-rich fruit has high nutritional value and is absolutely a safe food for your bunny. 

Anyway, you need to be aware not to provide it with bananas in significant amounts. A banana is an excellent fruit that helps build immunity in a rabbit’s body and saves it from getting afflicted with infections and diseases.

Are you wondering why you should consider bananas as occasional treats for your dear rabbits? Well, sit back, and stay glued to your screen to know everything about the degree of appropriateness of bananas for your rabbits’ health. Let’s now begin with the core discussion!

Can Rabbits Eat Bananas?

While having bananas in your breakfast, you may feel the urge to give your rabbits a share of these fruits that you are consuming. If you offer your bunnies bananas, they are sure to nibble on these, and they would love doing so.

can rabbits eat bananas

Do you know why? Well, it is because of the rich tropical flavor and sweetness of the fruit. It’s now the time to spill the beans as to whether bananas are safe fruit options for rabbits. 

First, to begin with, bananas are healthy options for rabbits, and you can offer them these fruits, but only in small amounts. When feeding, make sure that the size of the banana piece that you will feed your bunny does not exceed the size of an adult’s thumb. 

Make sure that your rabbits don’t get addicted to bananas because the sweetness of the fruits makes these their favorite food item.

Feeding bananas to rabbits in excess may make them suffer from digestive problems, allergies, and diarrhea. Never exceed the banana feeding limit of one or two slices to the maximum per day. 

Banana Nutrition Stats

Nutrients PresentAmount Of Nutrients In A Medium-Sized Banana 
Carbohydrates27 g 
Protein1.3 g 
Fiber3.1 g 
Energy105 calories 
Vitamin C10.3 g 
Potassium422 g
Magnesium31.9 g 
Phosphorus26 g 
Selenium1.9 mcg
Beta carotene30.7 mcg 
Sugar14.4 g

Bananas Nutritional Facts

Pair of Bananas

Bananas are storehouses of various essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The unique benefits offered by these to both humans and animals are indescribable. Let’s see what precisely these nutrients are and the benefits that these have to offer. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is synonymous with immunity boosters. Bananas contain a significant percentage of Vitamin C, so this specific element in this very fruit will give the rabbits a strong immunity. 


Folate is a crucial element in bananas. It helps in multiplying the production of red blood cells in the bodies of rabbits and enhances their immunity power, thus shielding them from any diseases and infections. 


Manganese in bananas aids in enhancing the rabbits’ metabolism rate, thus not letting them grow obese. Manganese also contributes towards the proper metabolism of the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the rabbits’ bodies. 


Bananas contain about 75% of water which is high. As a result, the rabbits will stay hydrated and healthy most of the time. Their digestive system also functions efficiently and ensures an overall, improved bowel movement. 


Thanks to the proper potassium concentration in bananas, rabbits can now experience better contraction and relaxation of muscles and overcome stress. This will lead them to take proper rest and have a good sleep. 


Phosphorus in bananas aid in calcium absorption in the rabbits and also strengthens their bones. Thus, they have a robust body frame and enormous body strength. 

Can Rabbits Eat Banana Chips?

Banana chips are palatable and way too delicious. The bananas are skillfully cut into super thin slices and then dried to convert these into chips.

Banana chips are excellent sources of Vitamin A, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. So, you can offer your rabbits these banana chips but only in small amounts by considering these as occasional treats.

Banana Nad banana chips in bowl

As much as banana chips have health benefits, these have a significant downside because the chips have high sugar and calorie content. If you wish to feed your bunnies with banana chips, make sure not to add excessive sugar to the chips.

Always remember not to offer banana chips to your rabbits more than one or two chips per day. Bananas will always be healthier options than banana chips for rabbits any day in their raw and entire form. 

Can Rabbits Eat Banana Skins?

Banana peels or skins are healthy food options for your pet rabbits as, unlike the fruit itself, the banana peels have no sugar content, which is undoubtedly a beneficial aspect of the peels. Moreover, these peels are rich sources of fiber, carotenoids, and polyphenols.

Banana and banana peel

The peels of unripe bananas are richer in antioxidants and have more significant health benefits for rabbits.

Just make sure that the banana peels are organic and that you have washed these properly to eliminate toxic elements such as chemicals, pesticides, and impurities from these peels. 

Benefit Of Banana For Rabbits

Bunny in cage

Bananas have significant health benefits for rabbits. Let’s see what these are!

  • The potassium present in bananas aids in enhanced calcium absorption in the bone, giving the rabbits a sturdy skeletal frame and enabling them to stay strong. Moreover, their body muscles are significantly toned if they consume bananas in the right amount. 
  • The fiber content of the bananas aids in better digestive health and spares the rabbits from suffering from intestinal problems. 
  • Bananas provide the rabbits with adequate energy to leap or jump and run about everywhere. 
  • While Vitamin C in bananas aids the rabbits in enhancing their immune system, the presence of Vitamin B6 protects them from getting afflicted with cardiovascular diseases. 

How Much Banana Can A Rabbit Eat?

According to experts and vets, rabbits can consume only small portions of banana fruit safely. To remain on the safe side, you may choose to feed your rabbits only one tablespoon of banana every day.

Else, you may also offer them two tablespoons of banana each day. Both of these serving sizes are safe and conducive for the health of the rabbits.

How Often Can A Rabbit Eat Bananas?

It is an important question to have. After all, it is evident that you will have this question lingering in your mind. Well, feeding your rabbit 1 to 2 tablespoons of banana slices per day is perfectly alright.

Strive to stick to this serving size and never exceed this limit to ensure that the bunnies’ health is appropriately preserved. If you have baby bunnies at home, make sure to provide them with only a teaspoon of banana slices every two days.

Can Rabbits Eat Banana Leaves?

Wondering all these while if banana leaves are safe for your pet rabbits? Well, these are safe foods for your bunnies. These repel bacterial growth in the rabbits’ bodies and facilitate the digestive health of the bunnies.

The high antioxidant content of these leaves makes these a healthy choice for your dear bunnies. On average, rabbits can consume about 40% of the banana leaves because these leaves are so large that they can not succeed in eating up these entirely. 

Banana leaves

There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before feeding your rabbits the banana leaves.

Ensure that the banana leaves are free from pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals by washing them properly. Else, these elements may cause health complications in rabbits. 

It is recommended that you consult the vet before offering banana leaves to your rabbits. This is because if your rabbit is already suffering from any dental or digestive problems, banana leaves will not be a wise food choice.

Only mature rabbits can feed banana leaves. Never offer these to rabbits below three months old because they won’t be able to digest these leaves and may suffer from complications related to digestion. 

Can Baby Bunnies Eat Bananas?

Though bananas are safe food options for rabbits, it may not be prudent enough on your part to offer bananas to your bunnies if they are not mature enough. Make sure that your furball is at least three months old to feed on fruits such as bananas.

Two Rabbits
Rabbits in a cage.

Before that, you can provide them with vegetables only if they have been feeding on hay for a minimum period of 2 weeks.

If you wish to include bananas in the rabbit diet, make sure to habituate your bunny with only one kind of fruit at a time. Start with leafy vegetables, and then move ahead with including fruits in their diet.

It is better to refrain from offering bananas to your baby bunnies.  

Can Rabbits Eat Bananas Every Day 

If you were wondering whether rabbits can eat bananas every day, we are here to sweep away all your speculations right away. Always remember that rabbits can eat bananas every day but only in small amounts.

If your bunny has reached adulthood, you can offer it about two tablespoons of banana pieces per day. However, if your rabbit is still a baby, make sure not to offer it bananas more than one tablespoon every 2-3 days. 

Can Rabbits Eat Apples And Bananas?

Both bananas and apples can be offered to rabbits, but these will be safe food choices for them only if you provide them with these fruits only in small amounts, as occasional treats.

Feeding bananas to the bunnies in excessive amounts may lead to the conditions of hyperactivity, diarrhea, obesity, and diabetes in these creatures.

Rabbit with apple

Similarly, if apples are offered to the rabbits in large amounts, they may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, enhanced heart rate, and even death in fatal situations. Always remove the apple seeds and stems before serving these to your bunny.

This is because these parts of the apple contain a highly toxic compound, cyanogenic glycosides. Therefore, you must be careful enough not to provide your pet rabbits with more of these fruits than the specified limit. 

Can Rabbits Eat Green Bananas?

Green bananas

Bananas having green peels are a good fruit choice for bunnies. Do you know why? This is because these have lower sugar content as compared to brown or yellow bananas.

However, you need to remember to provide your bunny only in the required amounts and not exceed the usual limit. 

Can Lionhead Rabbits Eat Bananas?

Lionhead rabbits can eat bananas without getting afflicted with any adverse health condition. Ensure not to provide them with too many bananas because these have high sugar content and may acquire diabetes, obesity, and diarrhea.

Lionhead rabbit

Since lion head rabbits require a mixed diet of hay, grass, fruits, and vegetables to stay healthy, you need to ensure that they don’t grow an addiction to this sweet fruit. If they do, they will start disliking the hay and grass, which form an essential part of its meal. 

Can Wild Rabbits Eat Bananas? 

Wild rabbits are not much habituated to eating a wide variety of fruits. However, you can provide them with bananas only in small amounts to ensure that the sugar buildup is prevented.

Wild rabbits

You can provide them with a serving size of 1 to 2 half inches of banana slices per day. Combine this fruit with some berries and dry fruits to give the wild rabbits a wholesome meal. You may also follow this food pattern while feeding your pet bunny. 

Can Rabbits Eat Frozen Bananas?

Frozen bananas are one of the best summer foods that you can offer to your pet bunny. The best part of the super sweet banana is that your rabbit will undoubtedly love munching on frozen bananas. 

However, you should not offer them frozen fruits in large amounts frequently because these may adversely impact their intestines. 

Frozen banana

Before offering your bunny frozen bananas, you need to follow a specific methodology of freezing these fruits. Firstly, please wait for the bananas to grow a little spotty and then peel them. Take a Ziploc bag, place the banana inside it, and refrigerate it. And, it will be frozen!

Can Rabbits Eat Brown Bananas?

Brown bananas can be fed to bunnies, but you need to make sure that these don’t grow too ripe. More often than not, brown bananas result from enzymatic browning, indicating the ripening and damaging of these fruits.

Three rotten brown bananas on a concrete table

So, it is better not to feed your little bunnies the brown or overripened bananas because these get rotten, and your pet won’t even like the taste of these fruits.

If the banana has fewer brown spots on it, you can still feed your bunny with it but not if it has a deep brown peel. 


Bananas are safe fruits for rabbits. Just keep in mind the above pointers and offer them bananas only in small amounts. Keep your rabbits healthy by exercising the above feeding rules. Take care of your little bunnies! All the best.


Can rabbits eat ripe banana peels?

Though it is safe to offer your rabbits ripe banana peels, it is better to refrain from doing so. This is because ripe banana peels may indicate rotting, so consuming rotten peels is undoubtedly going to aggravate the digestive health of your pet rabbits. Only if the peels are not that ripe can you offer these to your bunnies. 

Can bunnies have unripe bananas?

You can feed your rabbits with unripe bananas because these have comparatively low sugar content than a sugary, ripe banana. As long as you regulate the feeding amount, unripe bananas are safe for rabbits.

Can rabbits eat a whole banana?

Rabbits cannot eat a whole banana. Feeding them the entire piece of banana can make them fall sick as they will fall prey to diabetes, obesity, and allergies. To ensure that they stay safe, you can feed them only small amounts of bananas, that is, about two tablespoons of banana slices.

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