Can Parrots Eat Cheerios? All You Need To Know

Parrots have a sensitive digestive system compared to other birds. Can parrots eat cheerios? All you need to know is addressed here. Cheerios come under the cereal category. They are manufactured in The United States. They are tiny and loop-like in shape. Cheerios have become popular as baby food, Generally fed to children of age 9-12 months. Cheerios are exceptionally high in fiber and low in sugar.

Many birds enjoy plain cereals, likewise parrot. Parrots can eat cereal but must avoid sugar, artificial flavor, and dyes. And Original cheerios don’t contain any sugar or artificial flavors and dyes. Parrots not only enjoy cheerios, but they also love them.

What are cheerios?

Cheerios are natural grains in the purest form are safe for parrots. Most often, Parrots accept cheerios or nuts instead of seeds.

Cheerios are a great snack and can be served as one meal of the day. The best cheerios to feed parrots are original cheerios, as they have the least amount of sugar.

can parrots eat cheerios

The best nutritious food given to Parrots is cheerios as they are high in protein and fiber, which gives energy. Cheerios are also known as good snacks for birds.

To your surprise, when you give all types of cereals on the lawn, you will find cheerios are best-picked cereals by parrots.

Parrots have a sensitive and different digestive system when compared to human beings. They need to have pure and processed food for easy digestion. Large and crunchy food particles will give them trouble while swallowing as they have narrow necks.

Cheerios with added sugar and artificial flavors and dyes should be avoided for parrots as they may cause obesity, diabetes, and dangerous heart diseases.

Cheerios Nutritional Stats

Cheerios mainly contain whole grain oats. They contain serval other nutrients like Fibre, Vitamin D and are low in calories and fat. They provide iron in the parrot’s diet.

There are several flavors available in cheerios, and some of them include ingredients like added sugar. A bowl of cheerios contains 100-110 calories which are food for birds, especially parrots.


Calories – 100 g

Fat – 2 g

Sodium –170 mg

Carbohydrate – 20 g

Protein – 4 g

Calcium – 4 mg

Iron – 30 mg

Vitamin D –0 mg

Niacin – 6 mg

Vitamin B6 – 8 mg

Phosphorous – 10 mg

Magnesium – 15 mg

Zinc – 8 mg

one glass bowl of whole grain oats cereal on a white studio background

Cheerios Nutritional Facts

Cheerios are nutritious food as they are made of whole grain, containing nutrients like protein, iron, minerals, fiber, and vitamin D. It is low in calories and fat.

They are no added sugar or artificial flavors or dyes in them. It is used as the best snack for all birds and even for small children.

  • Cheerios have a good amount of carbohydrates which provide sufficient energy for the parrot. They are usually mixed with a bowl of milk to increase their nutritional value. 100 g of calories is the average energy that your parrot needs. Cheerios ensure to provide all the energy to the birds. Most of this energy is used in metabolic activities in the body.
  • Cheerios have a low-fat content. It has about 2 grams of fat in a cup full of cheerios. This fat is essential for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. You can supplement this snack with other fat supplements to provide healthy fat to the parrot.
  • Cheerios also contain other essential vitamins and elements. It has calcium which is much needed for the growth and maintenance of the pneumatic bones of the parrot. Iron helps to prevent anemia and also regulates blood circulation.
  • Phosphorous and magnesium are some of the essential nutrients and are very useful to the parrot. Zinc helps to promote the immune system and safeguards the parrot from other diseases.
  • The grains used in this cereal are derived from wheat, corn, and oats. They are the healthiest form of meal that we can provide our pets.

Cheerios are the best food for breakfast for parrots and human beings as it is essential to have a balanced diet with high nutrients in the morning.

Health Benefits Of Cheerios For Parrots

Cheerios are considered healthy food for parrots. It contains all the required nutrients like fiber, proteins, iron, minerals, and vitamins, essential for the birds, especially parrots.

The most attractive and nutritious food as they have no added sugar and fewer artificial flavors and dyes. Let us have a glimpse at the health benefits provided by the cheerios are 

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • carbohydrates 
  • fiber
  • omega-3 acids
  • protein

All these ingredients are highly preferred as birds foods due to their health benefits. Hence, Cheerios can serve as a wholesome, nutritious diet for your parrot.

Zinc is present in the cheerios, strengthens and improves the immune system. The high amount of fiber aids in digestion.

Can Parrots Have Cheerios?

Yes, they can have cheerios, as it is high in nutrients and less in fat and calories. It can be given as one time meal in the day. It is considered healthy food. A limited portion of cereal is always good for parrots.

Many kitchen items, along with cheerios, are fed to parrots. However, Cheerios should not be given as everyday breakfast to the parrots. Generally, they are made from sugar, gelatin, and corn syrup.

Cheerios on spoon

Consumption of cheerios on a daily basis can lead to the accumulation of these substances in their body. These are made of artificial additives and hence have to be taken in a less amount.

Overeating may lead to obesity and diabetes, which are very harmful to the parrots. When your parrot is affected by any of the diseases, You should regularly monitor its diet with care. Since any misfeeding leads to complications and threatens the life of the bird.

Lucky charms, fruit loops, and corn flakes are other types of oatmeal present in the stores. Corn Flakes could serve as better alternates to the cheerios.

Cheerios consist of sugar and corn syrup, which makes them unhealthy when fed on a daily basis.

Are Cheerios Good For Parrots?

Yes, Cheerios are suitable for Parrots. It is considered nutritious food. The original form of cheerios is high in fiber and low in fat.

It is made up of whole grain oats, which is suitable for parrots and all birds. You can give it to parrots along with fruits, nuts, and milk as they give additional nutrients.

 It is best to provide these cheerios as a treat to your parrot or budgie. Birds cheerios are available at the pet store. You can always pick them for a pet parrot. Cheerios consist of zinc which improves the thyroid gland.

Are Cheerios Bad For Parrots?

Cheerios in which artificial flavors, color, and sugar are added are not suitable for parrots as they are harmful to the digestive system of parrots. Parrots should have cheerios in limited quantities.

Excess consumption of cheerios may lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. As mentioned above, they cause long-term effects such as diabetes, obesity, and heart issues, weakened bones, vitamin, and mineral deficiency.

These adverse effects are not immediate. They show their impact in the long run. The most unsuitable ingredient in these cheerios is sugar.

Feeding on the hidden sugar every morning could affect its health. It is better to prefer organic brands and cheerios without sugar. Organic cheerios might be beneficial to your parrot.

Do Parrots Like Cheerios?

Parrots like cheerios as it is attractive and feels like a tasty snack. To your surprise, when a hand full of cereals are given to parrots, the best-picked cereal is cheerios. Not only Parrots, even small children likes cheerios as it is colorful.

Parrots not only enjoy cheerios, but they also love them. Cheerios are considered a simple and easy diet for your pets. It can be fed when there is no other food available or as snacks.

How Many Cheerios Can Parrots Eat?

It is always better to feed cheerios in limited quantity to parrots as they have a fragile digestive system. A bowl of cheerios is a good portion of food for parrots.

It is considered a healthy snack so that it can be given as one time meal in a day. Do not give it more than two times a week.

scarlet macaw

Cheerios is a famous brand of cereal that comes in many different flavors. The original cheerios without any flavor are considered the healthiest among all of them. The natural grains of cheerios are considered very healthy for parrots.

Cheerios can be soaked in hot water and then removed to feed the parrot. It makes them soft and lactose-free as we are using water instead of milk. By consuming these hot cheerios, your parrot can warm up its body on a cold winter day.

How Often Can A Parrots Eat Cheerios?

Cheerios are slightly low in fat and high in fiber, so you should give them in a limited portion one time day. You can also give it along with fruits, nuts, raisins, and milk, which gives additional benefits to the parrots.

Parrots should be given a pure form of cheerios that doesn’t have added sugar or artificial flavors or dyes. Cheerios are given in the breakfast mostly as it has high nutrients in them.

The crunchy form cheerios are not suitable for parrots as they have trouble swallowing because they have narrow necks. It would be helpful if you avoided the large and rough cereals for parrots.

How To Feed Cheerios To Parrots?

You can feed cheerios along with fruits and nuts. You can also mix it with milk which can make the food more nutritious as it is essential to balance the diet along with other nutrients. A bowl of cheerios would have 100-120 calories which are suitable for parrots.

Parrots should be given small and processed food as large and crunchy food would give them trouble swallowing.

colorful cheerios in bowl

The best way to feed parrots is by putting cheerios and other cereals in a sac and tying it to a roof in the balcony where cats or other pets can’t reach it so that parrots can happily have food from it. 

You can also soak the cheerios in milk for some time and feed the parrots. This step is not advised when your parrot is lactose intolerant.

You can supplement these cheerios with a small number of calcium supplements. It helps to promote and improve the parrot’s immune system and bones. 

Generally, Xylitol is used as a sugar substitute in many commercially produced portions of cereal. This substance is very harmful to most birds, including parrots. Xylitol is also addictive in nature and causes long-term effects on the health of parrots.

Excess consumption may lead to xylitol poisoning, which is hazardous to the parrots. Even sugar-free cereals consist of at least one sugar substitute. In this case, it is Xylitol. It might disrupt the activities of the digestive system.

Do Cheerios affect The Digestive System Of Parrots?

Parrots have a sensitive digestive system. They can have only the simple and pure form of cheerios. Parrots have trouble swallowing significant crunches of cereals. They need to have processed and soft food for easy digestion and easy swallowing as they have narrow necks.

Cheerios have both advantages and disadvantages to the digestive system of these parrots. The high fiber content in the cheerios promotes digestion.

Close up portrait of a rainbow lorikeet eating birdseed

Parrots have a different organ known as a gizzard, which helps in crushing and grinding the food with sharp teeth. This organ servers to be helpful when the parrot consumes hard food such as seeds, nuts, and also cheerios.

Even if the parrot eats any food which is hard to chew in the mouth, It goes down to the gizzard and gets crushed. When the food which is fed has high fiber content, it makes the work of the gizzard easy.

The fiber in the food clears out the stomach and ejects unwanted food in the form of pellets. Thus stomach Thee fiber in cheerios aids indigestion.

Artificial sugar and preservatives, when taken on a daily basis, affect the health of parrots. This sugar is hazardous to the digestive system of the parrot.

It may lead to diabetes, obesity, and other chronic disease and threaten the life of your pet. Hence, cheerios have to be fed once or twice a week in the form of treats.

Can parrots eat corn flakes?

Yes, parrots can eat corn flakes since they are just toasted corn. It has fewer artificial sugars and preservatives. Mostly Corn flakes are preferred over cheerios.

The primary ingredient in these cereals is corn. Thus, this cereal is relatively healthy for parrots. However, these should not be fed more than four times a week.

Can parrots eat muesli?

Muesli is a combination of grains, seeds, and nuts. They are free of artificial additives. They are considered to be healthy alternatives to cheerios.

Woman eating cereal for breakfast. Overhead view.

They provide many health benefits such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the parrot. They are considered organic food for your pets. Muesli is also considered as one of the whole-grain cereals.

Final Thoughts

Cheerios may not be a good substitute for your pet parrots. This is due to their artificial preservatives and ingredients. Opting for something natural would benefit the parrots and also improve their health. It is crucial to provide a balanced diet with nutrient supplements. You may either prefer fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains instead of feeding something artificial. As mentioned above, These cereals might not show their impact immediately. They affect the health of your parrot in the long run.

Not all cheerios are safe for parrots. Many of them have artificial sugar content in them. Apart from cheerios, you can prefer other cereals such as muesli and corn flakes which are relatively safe for the parrots. However, these should not be provided in large amounts. These cereals are commonly given as breakfast to parrots and parakeets. Some of the alternate breakfasts for your pets are bread, eggs, rice, and tomatoes. They should be given as prescribed by the veterinarian.

Make sure you avoid feeding your pet the food which is dyed. These artificial colors are generally not excreted, and they tend to remain in the parrot’s body.


Can parrots eat honey nut cheerios?

Honey is considered to be unhealthy for parrots. Since the honey nut cheerios are not advised to be fed to these birds. However, honey nut cheerios contain less amount of artificial flavor, and they are considered healthy artificial compared to other types of cereals.

Can cockatiels eat cheerios?

Yes, Cockatiels can eat cheerios. But it is advised that unsweetened food should be preferred every time when it comes to the diet. Cheerios can be fed as snacks twice a week.

Can parrots eat cheerios?

Parrots can eat cheerios in moderation. Anything in excess is not suitable for these birds. Hence cheerios have to be consumed twice a week as bird treats. Overeating these cereals should be avoided.

Can parrots eat sweetcorn?

Parrots can eat sweet corn as one of their meals. Sweet corn has abundant fiber, which helps in the digestion of food. Sweet corn is natural and organic food that could provide a lot of health benefits to your parrots.

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