Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi? All You Need To Know

We all know that hamsters are omnivores. It means they can eat both herbs and insects. So, what about kiwi fruit? Can hamsters eat kiwi? Yes, hamsters should eat veggies and fruits to be healthy. If you are curious about the answer, then yes, hamsters can eat kiwi. Kiwi is a safe fruit for hamsters.

But, there are a few items you need to learn before feeding them massive amounts of kiwi. It would be good if you also fed them a correct portion. It is essential to follow a perfect plan before feeding them any other vegetables or fruits. If you intend to learn more about kiwi facts, keep reading.

Do you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of feeding kiwi to your hamster? How to take care of your hamster? Or, how the kiwi tastes to them, then do not skip, and read entirely.

Can hamsters eat kiwi?

Yes. Hamsters can eat kiwi. Usually, hamsters enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables. Kiwi is a moisture-rich, soft fruit. And it’s delicious. So, your hamsters will enjoy eating kiwi. They are good treats.

Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi

But, you should be aware while feeding them this fruit because they shouldn’t overeat kiwi since it’s rich in sugar. Therefore, you should only feed them a moderate amount of fruit, which is of tiny amount.

Kiwi is a safe and healthy edible choice. So, you can feed kiwi to your hamsters without any worries. They will enjoy this crazy delicious food and empty its bowl soon. Kiwi is also nutritious to them and has health benefits.

kiwi Nutritional Stats

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Kiwi fruit has lots of benefits. It’s a good food source which contains lots of beneficial vitamins and other minerals. Kiwi fruit is a good fruit and delicious to hamsters.

But only when they consume the fruit in a moderate amount. There are many benefits and elements in kiwi fruits suitable for hamsters. Kiwi fruit contains the following nutrients.

100 g of raw kiwi fruit contains,

61 calories

0.5 g fat

3 mg sodium

15 g carbohydrates

9 g sugar

3g dietary fiber

1.1g protein

kiwi Nutritional Facts

From above of slices of fresh kiwi placed in blender for vitamin refreshing smoothie

Do you wonder about the nutritional facts of kiwi? Then, we have listed the nutrition in a serving of one kiwi. One kiwi contains many much nutritions and elements.

Calories: 42

Carbohydrates: 10 g

Dietary Fiber: 2.1 g

Protein: 0.8 g

Sugar: 6 g

Vitamin C: 106 %

Magnesium: 3%

Calcium: 2%

Kiwi fruit also contains lots of vitamin C and K, which are suitable for the health of hamsters. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin, which regulates blood clotting.

One cup of kiwi fruit contains vitamin K at 40 mcg. Kiwi also contains a reasonable amount of copper, folate, potassium, and dietary fiber, which is also suitable for your hamsters.

Health Benefits Of kiwi For hamsters

Kiwi is suitable for your hamsters. It is a good fruit that offers a lot of nutrition. There are lots of health benefits in having Kiwis to your hamsters.

Your hamsters will fall in love with the fruit in a short time because it’s delicious. And, it contains lots of health benefits too. If you are wondering about the health advantages of kiwi fruits for hamsters, then they are as follows,

Kiwi is fantastic for aiding the hamster’s indigestion. It can regulate the digestive tract of hamsters. The fiber in kiwi helps them in their digestion process. Also, another benefit of having kiwi for hamsters is, it boosts immunity.

Kiwi fruit contains an extra high level of vitamin C, which helps their immune system. And also, kiwi fruit promotes healthy blood in hamsters. It has the power of moderating blood pressure and reducing the risk of blood clotting in hamsters.

Can hamsters Have kiwi?

Kiwifruit is also known as, Gooseberry; it is a green-colored, oval-shaped Berry with tiny black seeds. It is very flavorful and has a unique taste. Kiwi fruit is lovely, and hamsters would love the taste of kiwi, and they enjoy having it.

Not only that, this fruit is packed with lots of benefits and nutrients. Kiwi fruits also provide lots of hydration to too.

It is an excellent fruit if consumed moderately. It is a safe food to give to your hamsters. So, hamsters can safely eat kiwi. There is no harm in consuming kiwi, but it’s beneficial too. So, you can feed them kiwi without any worries.

Is kiwi Safe For hamsters?

Yes, Kiwis are safe for hamsters. Kiwi fruit doesn’t contain any toxins. Therefore there is no harm for hamsters in consuming kiwi. But, the condition is, they can only have kiwi in moderate amounts. It’s because kiwi contains lots of sugar and citrus content.

Hamster with fruit

Consuming these two in high amounts would cause severe problems in hamsters. The sugar present in kiwi would cause hamsters dental problems and weight issues.

Also, the citrus content will cause diarrhea and upset the stomach of hamsters. So, kiwi is only safe for hamsters if it’s consumed moderately.

Is kiwi Good For hamsters?

Kiwi is suitable for hamsters. Kiwi can be an excellent food if given in moderate and proper amounts. It’s because kiwi contains vitamin C. Which is excellent and essential for the excellent health of hamsters. They need vitamin C to balance any deficiencies they got.

Since they can’t produce vitamins on their own, it’s essential to feed them foods that contain a good amount of vitamins. Apart from having a good amount of vitamin C, kiwi also contains vitamin K, E, vitamin B, and other minerals.

Hamsters need these vitamins for growth and proper development. Also, kiwi contains a good amount of potassium too.

Kiwi fruit also contains fiber, which helps in balancing their digestive system. So, it is a delicate fruit for your hamsters to have. They will enjoy having it too.

Is kiwi Bad For hamsters?

Eating Hamster

Kiwi can be bad for hamsters, sometimes. Even though they are nutritious and contain many vitamins, kiwi fruit contains a high amount of sugar, which is harmful to hamsters. Also, kiwi contains a high amount of calcium.

Calcium is suitable for baby hamsters, but it is toxic for adult matured hamsters. Too much calcium is not good and dangerous for adult hamsters.

Because it will lead to bladder stones in hamsters, consuming too much kiwi would lead to diabetes, diarrhea, and obesity problems. We all know that anything extreme is wrong. The same applies here too. Consuming kiwi in a high amount can be harmful to hamsters.

Do hamsters Like kiwi?

Yes, hamsters like kiwi. They will eat kiwi; immediately, you feed them. They will even finish off the fruit bowl so soon. It’s because kiwi is tasty, delicious for them. They love its taste. And would eat any amount of kiwi fruit.

Also, these are soft fruits, so easy to consume too. And also, kiwi has health benefits too. They carry many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, making kiwi a good treat. But, even though kiwi has lots of benefits, they should only consume the fruit moderately.

Because consuming kiwi too much, would harm them and cause many health issues. You don’t want your hamsters to fall sick, even if they love to have a kiwi in high amount. Therefore, keep an eye on the limit of feeding kiwi.

can hamsters eat kiwi skin?

No, hamsters cannot eat kiwi skin. Therefore, you shouldn’t feed them kiwi skin. Before Feeding them fruit, you should peel off the skin and check the portions if any skin is remaining on the fruit.

Person Holding a Knife

The pieces of fruit shouldn’t contain any skin. It is because the kiwi’s skin is dry and also not tasty. The kiwi skin is not the tastiest all. And, also the surface which binds the skin to fruit contains lots of sugar.

Therefore, the sweet and sticky structure of fruit will get stuck in hamsters’ cheek pockets, which will lead to choking issues and dental issues like rotting of teeth. Therefore never feed kiwi skin to your hamster. It isn’t at all suitable for them to have.

 can hamsters eat kiwi seeds? 


No, hamsters cannot eat kiwi seeds, and they shouldn’t eat kiwi seeds. But, removing all the seeds of fruit is an impossible task. But, still, you need to remove the seeds as much as you can and feed the seedless part to your hamsters.

After removing the seeds, chop the kiwi into smaller, tiny pieces and feed your hamsters.

The reason why hamsters cannot have kiwi seeds is, the kiwi seeds are so tiny, and they can inflict congestion in hamsters’ throats, and also it will cause other problems in hamsters. Therefore, avoid giving them kiwi fruit with seeds; try to remove them as much as possible.

How Many kiwis Can A hamster Eat?

There are different sizes and types of hamsters. So, feeding kiwi should match their size. The feeding portion depends on its size factor. You can feed them kiwi, a chunk size of its paw.

But, you may wonder! Only a chunk size of its paw? Because, yes, it seems to be so less to us. But, get ready for a shock; the small, tiny-teeny size of kiwi equals the size of a potato. So, it will fill the stomach. It’s stomach filling.

Before feeding them the kiwi, you should ensure that the fruit is fully ripened and peeled. Because if the kiwi is unripened, it would upset the stomach, and also, it’s complicated to chew the fruit.

Offer a small, paw-sized kiwi to hamsters twice a week. Kiwi will become their favorite fruit in no time because it’s delicious and can be an excellent treat to them.

So, you should offer your hamster only a tiny amount of kiwi and too less often. You can’t feed it frequently.

How Often Can A hamsters Eat kiwi?

Even though kiwi is delicious and healthy, hamsters cannot have them regularly. You should only feed them kiwi fruit once or twice a week.

Or only on one occasion three or four weeks. They possess high sugar content and consuming kiwi every day would cause several issues. Therefore all types and sizes of hamsters can only have kiwi once or twice a week. Having kiwi every day would be hazardous to your hamsters.

How To Feed kiwi To hamsters?

The digestive system of hamsters is overly sensitive. So, serving them anything apart from the mushy portion of kiwi would cause many problems.

  • So, before mixing the fruit with anything or mashing up the fruit, you should peel the skin of the fruit.
  • And, also you should remove its seeds and chop them into smaller pieces. It is how you should feed kiwi to your hamsters.
  • Also, you should feed them a moderate amount of kiwi, it’s okay, even if the amount is less, but the portion shouldn’t go too high because it will result in overdose and cause other problems in them.
  • Also, if you provide them fruits in bulk, they will store them and try to utilize them later, resulting in mold formation in the fruit.

Does kiwi Affect The Digestive System Of hamsters?

Overeating kiwi would affect the digestive system of hamsters. Too much kiwi would be a significant amount for your hamster’s tiny stomach. Also, it will cause some problems such as diarrhea too.

Hamsters have got a sensitive digestive system, and kiwi would irritate them. So, feed your hamsters, kiwi. But, you should only feed them a moderate amount of kiwi because it would harm your hamsters.

And you don’t want your hamsters to suffer from problems. Kiwi also contains citric and lots of sugar, so intaking too much fruit is dangerous, even though it has beneficial factors. So, keep an eye on the amount of fruit they are consuming.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hamsters can eat kiwi. Kiwi is a good treat for hamsters. These creatures will love to have kiwi in their diet. They will eat any amount of fruit you give to them. But, it would be best if you kept the limit.

And shouldn’t feed them an excessive amount of kiwi. Too much isn’t good for them. It’s because the high sugar content in kiwi would lead to health problems in hamsters. Therefore you should feed them kiwi in a moderate amount to prevent any health issues.


can hamsters eat peaches?

Yes, hamsters can eat peaches. Hamsters can enjoy foods and treats which is outside of their regular diet. But, sometimes they can’t eat peaches because peaches are very high in sugar. Also, some species of hamsters are prone to diabetes, and consuming peaches would make them diabetic. So, the answer is yes and no.
Some can eat peaches, and some cannot. Also, peaches aren’t an excellent food for hamsters. It’s because kiwi is too high in acid and sugar, so a tiny amount of peaches would make some species sick. So, be careful while providing peaches to hamsters because it will be dangerous to some hamsters.

can hamsters eat papaya?

Only Syrian hamsters and roborovskis can eat papaya in a smaller amount. But, papaya skin and seeds aren’t suitable for hamsters. And they shouldn’t eat them. Papaya also contains lots of minerals and nutrients. It contains phosphorous, calcium, fat, and a lot of sugar.
So, other dwarf hamsters such as Russian Campbell, winter white dwarfs cannot eat papayas because papaya is too sugary for them and should be avoided at all costs. Both Syrian and roborovskis can eat papaya only once or twice a week, in the form of fresh or dried fruit. If you are feeding dry papaya, you should ensure that extra sugar and artificial sweeteners aren’t added.

can dwarf hamsters eat kiwi?

Yes. Dwarf hamsters can eat kiwi. There is no harm for dwarf hamsters in consuming kiwi fruit. It is suitable for them and beneficial since kiwi fruit contains lots of minerals and other nutrients. Also, these fruits are delicious, and hamsters would love to have them. But, since the dwarf hamsters are tiny and have a sensitive digestive system, it is best not to overfeed them with kiwi. Because kiwi contains lots of sugar and would cause diabetes in them, dwarf hamsters are prone to diabetes and will catch it soon. Also, overeating kiwi would cause diarrhea and other digestion-related problems.

can hamsters eat melon?

Melon is not suitable for them. Melon contains lots of acidic and sugar content. Also, it contains a hint of sugar and phosphorus. Also, melon contains a massive amount of water content too. A high amount of water amount would cause diarrhea in them. But, they can eat melons since it contains other healthy nutrients. But, you should only give them a tiny amount of melon because having too much melon would upset their stomach. Also, it would be nice if you never gave them very often. Consider giving them rarely because melon isn’t a good treat for your hamsters.

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