Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate? All You Need To Know

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate? Is it safe for them to consume chocolate? If so how much can you give them? Wow, that’s a lot of questions to be answered which we will be covering up in this article.

Who doesn’t love chocolates? From little kids to grown-ups love having chocolates. There are delicious yummy chocolates in the market, which makes us drool over at the sight of chocolate. But, when you have a cute pet like a hamster, you might wonder if you can feed your cutie with chocolate.

You might think, what’s wrong if I give a little bite to them. Chocolates are sweet, and won’t he like them? Then this is the perfect page. You will know all the things about feeding your hamster with chocolate. You will see whether it’s good or bad. Keep reading to add extra bits to your knowledge.

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate?

Of course, pet lovers would have this question. Who doesn’t like chocolate? You may even wonder if my hamster can eat chocolate? Then you will be shaken with the answer.

It is a big NO. Chocolate isn’t at all suitable for a hamster. It would even make the health of the hamster worse. Chocolate would even make them die. It is a horrible snack for your hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate

Chocolate contains Theobromine. Also, it contains Caffeine, which is very bad for your hamster. It would even damage the central nervous system of your cute pal.

Hamsters consuming chocolate would make their digestion a problematic task due to the component Theobromine present in the chocolate.

Chocolate Nutrition Stats

According to the USDA, 25 grams (g) of white chocolate contains 146 calories and 10 grams of fat. It also has 13 g of carbohydrates, which are sugar, and 50 milligrams (mg) of calcium.

White chocolate, despite its name, is not a typical cocoa-derived substance. It contains no cocoa at all.

Dark chocolate is widely regarded as the healthiest of chocolates, with the United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate guidelines even recommending it as a healthy after-dinner treat.

A 1 ounce (oz) serving (28 g) of 85 percent dark chocolate contains 136 calories. It also has no sugar and 2 grams of fiber. Carbohydrates are 12 grams in the same serving size.

Chocolate Nutritional Facts

A 1-ounce serving of dark chocolate with cacao solids ranging from 70% to 85% contains:

170 calories

2-gram protein

12 g of fat

13-gram carbohydrate

3-gram fiber

7 grams of sugar

Can Hamsters Have Chocolate?

No, hamsters should never have chocolate. It isn’t perfect for them to have chocolate. Chocolate would even make them die. Chocolate contains harmful content, Theobromine, which is very bad for your hamster.

Theobromine will slow down the metabolism rate of hamsters. Having chocolate is very bad for your hamster. You should never even consider giving a bye of chocolate to your hamster.

Chocolate has two toxic substance that is harmful to the hamster. They are Theobromine and Caffeine. Apart from that, chocolate is sticky, and it would get stuck in their system.

Is Chocolate Good For Hamsters?

Having chocolate is very bad for your hamster. You should never even consider giving a bye of chocolate to your hamster. Chocolate has two toxic substance that is harmful to the hamster. They are Theobromine and Caffeine.

Apart from that, chocolate is sticky, and it would get stuck in their system. Hamsters are omnivores; they cannot consume chocolate. Chocolate is very harmful to your hamster. It contains Theobromine.

Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid compound, which is very bad for a hamster. It is obtained from the husk of the cocoa bean. Hamsters won’t be able to digest them. Also, their metabolism rate will decrease, and hence they will get sick and even die.

Also, it contains Caffeine which is highly toxic to hamsters. So you should never even consider giving a tiny bit of chocolate to your hamster.

Is Chocolate Toxic To Hamsters?

Yes, chocolate is very much toxic to hamsters. It contains a harmful content, Theobromine, and also it is high in Caffeine.

So intaking of chocolate is harmful to your hamsters. In addition, dark chocolate is very much more dangerous than white chocolate. Dark chocolate has more cocoa per inch than white chocolate.

Let it be white or dark; overall, chocolates are very toxic to the hamsters. So don’t even think of including chocolate in a hamster’s diet.

Is White Chocolate Harmful To Hamsters?

Even though white chocolate is harmful to hamsters, it is less detrimental to hamsters than dark chocolate. Milk or white chocolate isn’t much concentrated with cocoa, which is potentially damaging to the hamsters.

Delicious white chocolate on ceramic plate

When dark chocolate contains 90%, cacao milk chocolate only contains 10-50% of cacao. Also, the Theobromine level in dark chocolate is ten times higher than white chocolate, making white chocolate a little safer option. But chocolates should be avoided at any cost.

Can Hamsters Die From Eating Chocolate?

You will be wondering, and you might think chocolate might worsen the health of hamsters. But death? Will death follow after the intake of chocolate? Then get ready to read the shocking fact. Yes, chocolates can even lead to the end of your cute hamster.

Therefore you should never feed your hamster chocolate. Consuming chocolate may lead to internal bleeding, diarrhea, and other issues, all leading to death. If your hamster has finished chocolate, you can see it showing inactivity, behavior change, and other things.

How Much Chocolate is harmful for A Hamster?

Chocolates, even small pieces, can lead to the death of a hamster. Chocolates have Theobromine and saturated fat, and sugar which is quite harmful to hamsters. Humans can easily digest those compounds and discharge them.

But hamsters won’t metabolize them and will remain in their blood for 24 hours. This will potentially lead to the death of the hamster.

Hence, it is scientifically proved that chocolate, whether white, dark, or baked, will kill your hamster; if not, death would cause serious health problems such as heart attack, seizures, and eventually death.

Can Hamsters Eat M&Ms?

M&M s are colorful and tasty. The sight of m&m s would make anyone drool over. They are produced by mars, with colorful shell-filled chocolates. They have a colorful outer shell, and inside of it is filled with different chocolates for different m&m s.

Bowl Of Candies

Suppose you wonder whether a hamster can consume those small buttons like chocolates with M written on it. Then you should be worried. They can’t swallow m&m s. It is rich in sugar, and consuming sugar and fat contents is dangerous for the hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Nutella?

No, it is advised not to feed Nutella to your hamster. Even though this product is marketed as hazelnut cream, it contains 58 percent processed sugar, cocoa solids, and 10 percent saturated weight.

Nutella Bottle

All of this may expose your hamster to Caffeine, Theobromine, and high-fat contents. Therefore even Nutella cannot be consumed by a hamster. Nutella is also hazardous to the hamster.

How Often Can A Hamster Eat Chocolate?

There shouldn’t be this question arising because consumption is very harmful to the hamster. It would help if you didn’t even consider feeding your hamster chocolate once. So leave the question of often, because chocolates cannot be consumed by them at all.

How Much Chocolate Can A Hamster Eat?

Hamsters cannot eat chocolates. Even a bite or a small inch would lead to death. So hamsters cannot even be served with an inch of chocolate.

Cute Hamster Enjoying Tasty Treat

It is very harmful to them. So don’t even give a bite just for fun. Or don’t feed them just because you enjoy it. Hamsters cannot consume chocolate.

Do Hamsters Like Chocolate?

Well, who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolates are colorful to sight. It pleases three senses. It smells so good, and even it tastes better and colorful to the view. We all love chocolate.

But do hamsters love chocolate as we do? Hamsters might think of chocolate as a delicious treat. And might want to grab it as it is colorful. But chocolates aren’t suitable for hamsters. It even makes the hamsters die. So giving chocolate isn’t at all recommended.

Can hamsters eat milk chocolate? 

Photo Of Stacked Chocolates

Be it white or dark, these hamsters cannot consume milk chocolate. Some say Hershey’s milk chocolate can be fed to them.

But in fact, chocolate is dangerous to them. Even though milk chocolate is a little safer than dark chocolate, it should be avoided at all costs to save the life of your hamster.

Can hamsters eat chocolate chip cookies? 

Cookies are tasty. It comprises flour, sugar, egg and butter, oil, extra nuts, and other crunchies. Chocolate chip cookies are delicious. But if you think whether it is suitable for your hamster, then you are wrong.

Cookies On Square White Ceramic Plate

Chip cookies cannot be given to hamsters. It is rich in sugar, and sugar is very harmful to them. If they nibble on it, it might be okay. But it can’t be included in the regular diet and the food that can be fed often.

Can hamsters eat white chocolate? 

No, white chocolate cannot be consumed by the hamster. White chocolate might seem non-harmful to you. But it is dangerous to the hamsters.

Several compounds existing in chocolate are harmful to them. Be it black or white, chocolates are very dangerous to the hamster. Theobromine and Caffeine, and other compounds are very toxic to them.

Can dwarf hamsters eat chocolate? 

Whether it be dwarf or any hamster, it is harmful to the hamsters to consume the chocolate. Chocolates are dangerous to them. Even it will kill a dwarf hamster if it consumes. So chocolates cannot be given to dwarf hamsters too.

Can hamsters eat chocolate biscuits? 

Top view arrangement of tasty macaroons of chocolate and vanilla flavors served on ceramic plate on white table

One or two small pieces of biscuits can be fed to the hamster. But chocolate biscuit? Um no. Chocolate biscuits cannot be given to them.

Like chocolates and other cookies, a biscuit isn’t a food that can be incorporated into a hamster’s diet. So exempt chocolate biscuits and other chocolate products entirely.

can hamsters eat dog chocolate?

No. Chocolates of any kind are not pieces of advice to hamsters. Cats and dogs can eat human foods. And there won’t be any harm followed by consuming several foods.

But for hamsters? No. Dog chocolates cannot be given to them. Overall, chocolate is a bad food that cannot be given to the hamster. It will not only leave him sick but also dead.

Can hamsters eat chocolate ice cream? 

Who doesn’t love to have ice cream in hot weather? Well, if you think about whether you can feed your cute hamster pals a little bit of ice cream. Then you should avoid feeding them.

If your hamster accidentally licks the ice cream, then it’s okay. Do not feed ice cream on purpose.

Pink and Brown Ice Cream

Because chocolate ice creams are cold, it would drop the temperature level of hamsters instantly, leading to health issues. Also, even though it contains calcium, it doesn’t contain nutrients.

Consuming ice cream would even shorten the life span as it also has Theobromine, a toxic compound that can kill the hamster. Also, ice creams are high in sugar and fat, which would lead to diabetes and obesity, and eventually death.

Can Syrian hamsters eat chocolate? 

No, any hamsters cannot consume chocolate. Whether it be Syrian or dwarf hamsters, they cannot consume the chocolate. Chocolate is sticky, and it will get stuck on their pouch.

Close Up Photography of Hamster

Chocolates cannot be given to any hamsters. It will even kill the hamster. So chocolate is the food that should be avoided if you don’t want your hamster to get sick.

Can hamsters eat chocolate cake?

A tiny small piece of chocolate can be given to hamsters. It will make them feel fresh and active. But note the point. You can only provide a tiny bit. It is also based on age and health factors. Considering the age of the hamster, you can only give in tiny amounts.

Sliced Cake on Plate

Give a small slice to a three to four months old hamster. But supervise before giving it. Please do not feed them any chocolate-related products. But cake is made with eggs, flour so providing a tiny slice is okay.


Can Teddy bear hamsters eat chocolate?

Teddy bear hamsters, also known as Syrian or golden hamsters, cannot consume chocolate. Chocolate consists of Theobromine and Caffeine, a dangerous compound to be incorporated into a hamster’s diet. So it would be best if you don’t feed chocolate to any hamsters.

What food can kill hamsters?

Potato chips, chocolate and Caffeine products, onion, garlic, citrus foods, Apple seeds, avocados are few foods that cannot be given to hamsters. Hamsters should never consume these.

What can teddy bear hamsters eat list?

Lettuce, carrots, spinach can be given to the hamster to eat. Also, you can include small amounts of but as a treat. Green leaves, broccoli, cauliflower can also be given to teddy bear hamsters, and also it is healthy to consume.

What happens if your hamster overeats?

Hamsters are picky while having food. Overfeeding your hamster isn’t a good idea. It may lead to obesity, digestion problems. Also, eventually, it will be dealing with heart issues too. Even the food is over nutritious, food should be given in moderation. They are tiny creatures, and overfeeding them isn’t a good idea. And should be avoided.

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