Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plums? All You Need To Know

Guinea pigs are great pets with entertaining nature. But “Can guinea pigs eat Plums?”.

So far, we know guinea pigs personalities and nature, but many pet guinea lovers will have many queries like “Can guinea pigs eat,” “Can guinea pigs eat plums,” “can pigs eat plums,” “can guinea pigs eat dried plums,” ” Can guinea pigs eat red plums.”

So finally, yes! Guinea pigs can eat and can eat plums as well to a moderate level. As we know, consuming anything in a larger quantity would degrade your health.

Can guinea pigs eat plums?

Lets us firstly know about plums. Do you know Plums are drupes called Gravestones?. Plums are from the Rosaceae family and genus Prunus and have a waxy texture and coating outside.

Plums are fruits with a pit or a stone. Plums, when dried, are also called prunes. Plums are a dessert fruit with so many varieties in them.

Nutrition in plums

Plums are rich in fiber content. Plums have less fat content and have almost 30 calories per plum fruit. Plum fruit has many nutritional benefits, and it contains the following list of nutrients present in it:

Nutritional facts per one plum.

  • Water (g) – 57.57
  • Energy (Kcal) – 30.36
  • Protein (g) – 0.46
  • Fat (g) – 0.18
  • Carbohydrates (g) – 7.54
  • Fiber (g) – 0.92
  • Sugars (g) – 6.55
  • Calcium (mg) – 3.96
  • Iron (mg) – 0.11
  • Magnesium (mg) – 4.62
  • Phosphorus (mg) – 10.56
  • Vitamin B6 (mg) – 0.02
  • Potassium (mg) – 103.62
can guinea pigs eat plums

Health benefits of feeding plums to guinea pigs

As discussed, plums have different nutritional contents which provide health benefits. Feeding Plums to guinea pigs helps boot the immunity in them.

Thus if fed with plums, the guinea pigs will have a lower risk of illness and be affected by the disease.

As plums are rich in the potassium content, they help control blood pressure and regulate bone strength.

These plums are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, etc., which constitute antioxidants that help reduce inflammations.

Consuming plums is a good indication for guinea pigs that they are healthy. Plums contain Vitamin C, which helps in taking iron content.

As plums have low calories, i.e., fat, your pet guinea pig is light, happy, and entertaining.

Vitamin B6 in plums makes guinea pigs have a smoother flow of transmission of nervous signals.

Adverse effects of feeding plums to guinea pigs

Plums have both benefits to guinea pigs’ health and can even affect their health as well.

Plum fruits have a bit in which it contains cyanide which harms their health.

Guinea pigs have the chance of plums being swallowed unknowingly, which could be a significant concern.

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Plums are usually rich in oxalate content, leading to calcium stones in the kidneys and causing urolithiasis in the pet guinea pigs.

Plum stones are highly dangerous, which causes choking, so if the pet guinea pigs love to have plums, then on a higher note, please make sure you remove the plum stone and wash it thoroughly.

Overeating plums by guinea pigs will make them painful and impending.

Do guinea pigs like plums?

Yes, Guinea Pigs love eating plums. If you notice when you offer a plum to your pet guinea pig, it loves munching plums a lot. They become filthy while eating.

Guinea pigs are so in love with plums that they still keep on munching even after completing one.

How to feed plums to guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat plums and loves to eat plums. But excessive eating of plums can even cause dangerous digestive issues and can also cause diarrhea.

While introducing or feeding plums to the guinea pigs, carefully remove the stones and pit inside, which causes dangerous effects when swallowed.

Always try to feed fresh plums instead of dried plums because they contain less percentage of pesticides if any.

An essential factor to notice here is guinea pigs love to be hygienic, so always offer plums after thoroughly washed with clean water.

How often can guinea pigs eat plums?

Guinea pigs should be usually offered plums as a desert or occasionally. Guinea pigs love to eat delicious fruits. It would be hard to avoid plums once introduced to them. But try to avoid feeding your pet guinea pigs.

How much serving of plum can guinea pigs eat?

Your pet guinea pig should always be served with a small number of plums. Serving plums occasionally will enhance vitamin C.

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Make sure to serve your pet guinea pigs with Plums twice a week.

The best approach in serving plums to your pet guinea pigs is always to offer them finely chopped plums after removing the pits.

Is plum suitable for our guinea pigs?

Yes, plums are suitable for Guinea pigs. In smaller quantities, when offered Plums to Guinea pigs, they are highly beneficial for their health. As discussed, plums have a variety of nutritional contents in like

  • Carbohydrates are 3%
  • Potassium is 2 %
  • Magnesium is 1%
  • Iron is 3%
  • Protein is 1%
  • Fiber is 1%
  • Vitamin A is 5%
  • Vitamin B6 is 1 %
  • Vitamin C is 7%
  • Vitamin E is 1%
  • Vitamin K is 4%

Are guinea pigs allowed plums?

Yes, your pet guinea is OK to be allowed to eat plums. Plums are delicious fruit, mouth-watering, and refreshment. Once introduced, it would be tough to resist your pet guinea pigs to avoid dessert and delicious fruits.

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Besides this, mouth treat plums also have adequate nutrients and so many health benefits.

If guinea pigs are served with more plums, then it could cause them some serious health issues like:


Guinea pigs, if fed with a large number of plums, then the sugar levels present in the plums cause a severe health issue of Diabetes.

Stomach Ache

Guinea pigs have a brittle stomach, so if they eat an excess amount of plums every day, their stomach will be upset because of a large number of sugars. Excess consumption of plums will also lead to cramps in their little stomach because of the indigestion of sugars consumed.

Formation of Calcium Stone

Eating excess plums develops calcium stones due to the presence of oxalates. Excess consumption of plums could also result in severe pains in the guinea pig’s stomach.

Can guinea pigs eat black plums?

Yes, your pet guinea can eat plums of all colors and tastes but in a moderate quantity.

Yes, you can offer guinea pig black plums once or twice a week like ordinary plums.

Black plums contain antioxidants that help in preventing pathogenesis diseases.

Can guinea pigs eat plum tree branches?

No, not at all. Guinea pigs should not be introduced to eating plum tree branches as they are rich in toxins.

Plum trees also have plum fruits which have plum leaves, plums with pits and stones.

Can guinea pigs eat plum puree?

Guinea pigs can eat plum puree, which doesn’t have any additive contents like sugars and flavors. Preserved and commercial purees of plums are not suitable for your guinea pig’s stomach as it causes indigestion problems.

We can Plum puree at home by washing the plums with fresh water, removing the outer skin and inner pit, and smashing them to make a paste. Finally, serve it to your guinea pigs.

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Can guinea pigs eat plum tree leaves?

No, not at all. Guinea pigs should not be introduced to eating plum tree leaves as they are rich in toxins.

Plum tree leaves also have viruses, pesticides, and dirt, causing guinea pigs’ health issues.

Can guinea pigs eat canned plum?

Usually, canned plums are processed and added with preservatives for more extended storage.

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Generally, canned plums should be avoided from guinea pigs but if you are still interested in offering them to your pet guinea pigs, choose those plums that are less preservatives additive.

Can guinea pigs eat plum jam?

No plum jam is an utterly concocted food containing added additives like extra sugar, salt flavors, etc.

If your guinea pig loves to have it, then it can be offered with homemade plum jam,

Avoid serving your food with frozen jam or plum jam from outside. It could cause your little guinea pigs to suffer from stomach cramps and digestive issues.

Can guinea pigs eat frozen plum?

Giving your guinea pigs frozen plums is highly not recommendable. Even though at worse cases, if you want to feed your guinea pigs with frozen plums, then defrost the plums and serve them.

The main reason frozen food is not recommended is that it would be too cold and becomes rigid.

How to prepare plums for our guinea pigs?

Just follow these careful procedures to prepare plums for your guinea pigs:

Firstly wash the plums thoroughly with fresh water to rinse and remove the toxins and dirt accumulated on the skin of plums.

Let it clean and then remove the pits or stones inside the plums, which is essential always to follow as it contains cyanides and toxins which ruin guinea pigs’ health.

Then leave the skin of the plums as it is rich in antioxidants.

Lastly, cut the plums into fine pieces and serve them to your guinea pig.

Don’t forget to limit the plums to moderate quantities.

Can guinea pigs eat red plums? 

Yes, we can feed Guinea pigs with red plums, which are common plums rich in most f the vitamins and minerals, and accelerate the guinea pig’s immune system.

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There are various health benefits of eating plums in average quantity, but if they are served with excess plums, it could lead to various health issues.

Can guinea pigs eat dried plums? 

Yes, you can serve your little guinea pig with dried plums but in a moderate quantity like plums. Most of the dried plums are called prunes.

Not all plums can be dried and made prunes. The delicate skin plums which are less at risk of fermentation are turned out to be prunes.

But prunes that are dried plums are highly caloric and contain sugar, so they are not recommendable to feed guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat mangos? 

Yes, definitely guinea pigs can eat mangoes, but like plums and other fruits, the quantity should be moderate.

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Mangoes are rich in sugar, and excess consumption of such fruits will cause diabetes and digestive problems.

Make sure you give your guinea pig fresh mangoes rather than tinned, processed, or frozen ones.

Can guinea pigs eat Christmas trees?

Generally, any tree leaves or branches are toxic for guinea pigs. Christmas trees brought from the store and outside should be strictly avoided by guinea pigs.

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The tree oils can be irritating to the guinea pig’s mouth and stomach cause drooling and vomitings.

The tree needles are also not easily digestible.


Your little guinea pig can have plums in their diet but in a recommendable quantity.

Excess consumption of plums every day will lead to significant health issues causing diarrhea, formation of calcium stones in kidneys, stomach ache, diabetes, etc.

Plums can be offered to your little guinea pigs in a moderate quantity because plums have many nutritional contents and health benefits in addition to fiber and antioxidants.

A plum twice a week is more than enough for your pet guinea pig to have healthy and safe digestion.

Make sure you remove the stone or pit inside the plum, which contains a dangerous element called cyanide which could damage your health, causing a choke in your stomach.

Never give your guinea pig frozen, processed food and plum leaves and branches as they are toxic for your pet guinea pigs.


What is the healthiest vegetable for guinea pigs?

The healthiest vegetables like broccoli spears, spinach, green, and red bell pepper high in vitamin C are highly beneficial.
We can also give Carrots, Zucchini, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes twice a week for the guinea pigs a healthy and balanced diet.

Can guinea pigs eat plum skin?

Yes, guinea pigs can be given plum skin and strictly avoid the pits inside. But make sure the skin is washed thoroughly and cleaned with fresh water.

What fruit is safe for guinea pigs?

Always make sure fruits and vegetables should be offered as a snack or dessert for your little guinea pig. Here is a list of some healthy fruits for guinea pigs:

Can guinea pigs eat peaches or plums?

Peaches or plums should constantly be introduced in a smaller piece initially. There are many factors n which the quantity of fruits offered depends upon like health conditions, weight, physical movements, and nutritional requirements.

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