Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi? All You Need To Know

While Guinea Pigs can be fed with a lot of fruits and vegetables you may wonder Can Guinea Pigs eat Kiwi? Kiwi is a beautiful fruit that is refreshing, tangy, sweet, and has a distinct pleasant flavor. But that’s not all.

Kiwi is healthy for humans, as well. However, what about guinea pigs? As we know, guinea pigs are herbivores’ organisms, and it is reasonable to wonder whether including Kiwi in their diets is a brilliant idea or not. The answer is, fortunately, yes.

Kiwi is not only pleasantly edible for your guinea pig, but it offers numerous health advantages, as well. Keep reading to understand the nutritional content and analyze the positive or negative presumption about Kiwi and guinea pigs. What is a Guinea Pig?

What is a Guinea Pig?

The guinea pigs, scientifically known as Cavia porcellus, are the domesticated species of South American rodent that belongs to the Caviidae family. As pocket pets, several varieties of guinea pigs are often trained.

Adorned with adorable anatomy, the guinea pigs possess a robust physique with an average weight of about 1.54 to 2.5 pounds. At the same time, the maximum length observed in these organisms is around 10-11 inches.

It is perfectly natural to see the guinea pigs live 8-10 years in captivity, provided with reasonable care.

Because their teeth are continuously sprouting, one of their primary anatomical (body) “quirks” is their requirement to keep chew constantly to file down their teeth (growing longer). 

They are spirited creatures with high socializing potential, making them ideal companions for responsible pet owners and people who want a loving pet in a bit of package.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

Well, Yes, Guinea Pigs can Eat Kiwi. Nevertheless, the most critical factor determining the inclusion of this fruit in the diet of these creatures is the amount.

Having said that, though Guinea pigs can eat Kiwi, it is essential to monitor the consumption quantity, which should be moderate, that is, in small definite amounts.

This is majorly due to the nutritional content of the fruit, which includes high sugar content and specific vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that, when consumed in large amounts, might not align with the metabolic system of the guinea pigs.

Furthermore, the increased amounts can result in acidity, obesity, or other health issues. Remove the peel before giving your guinea pig the Kiwi, and then feed your pet little chunks at a time.

Precisely speaking, half or one tablespoon per guinea pig is more than enough. When your guinea pigs consume kiwi fruit, keep an eye on their feces for any changes or signs of medical concerns. If you see any, make immediate modifications to keep them healthy. 

What Do Guinea Pigs Typically Eat?

Food is one of the significant aspects of staying healthy and happy. Then what is the secret to secure the same for your guinea pigs? If you reflect on what Guinea Pigs typically eat, know that these tiny creatures munch on a wide variety of foods.

While the basic nutritional requirements of Gunie pigs include 30–50 mg of vitamin C per day, clean, fresh, filtered, and chlorine-free water is also a must. Remember, Guinea pigs thrive on low-fat, low-sugar diets.  

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The mainstays of their diet generally include high-quality guinea pig chow and Timothy hay.

Furthermore, a selection of vitamin supplements or vitamin-rich fresh vegetables and fruits can make up 5 to 10% of their diet; stale fruits and vegetables ( more than 12-24 hours old) are a significant setback and should be immediately discarded.

Freshwater (replaced daily) in a clean water dispenser is compulsory. 

What Are the Advantages of Kiwi for Guinea Pigs?

Besides being a juicy and pulpy fruit, Kiwi contains many essential nutrients such as potassium, fiber, various other vitamins, minerals, etc.

These nutrients are crucial in guinea pigs’ diet and certainly help their hearts and bodies in the long term. However, some general benefits include: 

  • The nutritional content of Kiwi aids in improves eyesight and makes your guinea pigs’ skin healthier.  
  • It may help cure pains and aches if our pigs become wounded or harmed. 
  • Kiwi improves bowel movement. Therefore it’s an excellent fruit to add to your guinea pig’s diet in case of constipation.  
  • The nutritional content also improves the health of your pet’s cardiovascular system.  
  • Kiwi is well-known for reducing respiratory issues and protecting cells from oxidative damage. 
  • What’s more, Kiwi is recognized to contain more than 100% of the daily required minimum amount of Vitamin C., And Guinea pigs cannot generate vitamin C on their own. You must supplement their diet with vitamin C to make up for the shortfall in their bodies. One of the significant benefits of Kiwi for Guinea Pigs is the enrichment of the nutrient level.

Remember that Kiwi contains a lot of sugar, contributing to obesity and other health problems; it is important not to overfeed.

What Are the Nutritional Values of Kiwi?

Kiwi is an excellent fruit for people to eat because it has many nutritional benefits. For example, one Kiwi contains about 81% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

Kiwi also consists of potassium, essential for functioning correctly. Kiwi has many other vitamins and minerals that are great for people’s health as well.

In addition, Kiwi also contains a good amount of fiber and manganese.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi Skin?

While most guinea pigs love feeding on kiwi fruit, you should avoid serving kiwi skin to these little creatures to keep them safe.

Although the skin of a kiwi contains specific nutrients, it also has a rougher and slimier texture, making it considerably more difficult to digest and, in rare circumstances, can causing choking in guinea pigs.

Not only may kiwi skin induce choking, but it also carries the majority of pesticides and chemicals put on the fruit. Most of these toxins and pesticides are absorbed by kiwi skin and remain there even after a thorough cleaning.

Furthermore, the Green hairs on the skin might be harmful to a guinea’s stomach, which is already vulnerable. To stay on the safe side, peel the kiwi skin before offering it to your adorable and cuddly companion. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi Seeds?

Yes, it is okay for the small, slippery and soft seeds of Kiwi to go down the digestive system of guinea pigs. Kiwi seeds are tiny, delicate, and not firm enough to cause any damage to your guinea pig’s throat.

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Therefore, like the fruit, the seeds are completely safe and nutritious for your guinea pig’s consumption.

However, they should be kept away from the newborn guineas since their necks are considerably smaller and prone to choke. On the other hand, Kiwi seeds are usually tiny enough to be safe for guinea pigs to eat.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi Berries?

Yes, Kiwi Berries fall in the edible category of fruit that Guinea pigs can consume. Kiwi berries are grape-sized kiwis that are sweeter as well as smaller than ordinary kiwis. Additionally, their skin is softer, delicious, and edible.

Kiwi berries are comparable to typical green Kiwi in terms of nutrients, and they provide the same health advantages to guinea pigs.

Antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C, and vitamin E are abundant in them. Nevertheless, It’s also crucial to offer kiwi berries to Guinea pigs in moderation and carefully wash them if you’re feeding the skin. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dried Kiwi?

Dried Kiwi is not suitable for guinea pigs. And a significant reason for the same is that the exterior surface of dried Kiwi is covered in granular sugar.

This kind of sugar produces a substantial rise in sugar consumption in the diets of guinea pigs, which is highly detrimental to their health.

Therefore, as a result, we must be cautious when feeding our guinea pigs any fruit with high sugar content, as this will make them more susceptible to various health issues.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Golden Kiwi?

Yes, you can include golden Kiwi in guinea pigs’ diet; however, they should only eat it in moderation. Golden Kiwi is a fruit with golden-brown skin that is smooth and hairless.

The inside of the Golden Kiwi is yellow, and it has comparatively fewer seeds than a green kiwi. The good news is that golden kiwis contain even more vitamin C than green kiwis, making them very helpful to the health of guinea pigs. 

Which Foods Guinea Pigs Cannot Eat?

Well, there are several food items that you should strictly avoid offering your guinea pig. The reasons to adopt this practice are many such as Some foods are toxic.

In contrast, others are affluent in fat or sugar, and some may pose a choking hazard or lack nutritional value, induce bloating or cause other health hazards. The following is a list of things to avoid feeding your guinea pig:

  • Dairy products
  • Onions
  • Papaya
  • Meat
  • Seeds
  • Watermelon
  • Apple
  • Avocados 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Cabbage 

Which Fruits Can Be Alternatives to Kiwi?

If you want to give your guinea pigs a nutritious snack and want nothing more than a Kiwi replacement, well, in that case, the options are many.

You may use a variety of fruits instead of Kiwi. These fruits have a similar flavor to Kiwi and are beneficial to your guinea pigs’ health since they contain nearly the same number of nutrients and vitamins. The following are the most common kiwi alternatives:

What Food Should Guinea Pigs Eat?

The food items that guinea pigs can consume to stay healthy and happy include food items rich in nutritional content. Hay, Vegetables, Pellets, Twigs, and Fruits are certain food items that Guinea Pigs Should Eat. 

Foods that should be Avoided Giving to Guinea Pigs

Besides avoiding food items rich in fats and sugar, you should also avoid giving your guinea pig any plants, flowers, or grass from your yard or garden since they may contain pesticides or other harmful substances; many houseplants are also hazardous.

So always keep an eye on your tiny pet while they are out of their usual environment. Some other items include chocolate (or anything else containing caffeine), bread, Bok choy, corn kernels, nuts, garlic, rhubarb, potatoes, iceberg lettuce, and peanut butter

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

No, it is not advisable to feed infant guinea pigs Kiwi. They are too young to consume the fruit and might end up choking on them. 

However, you can work on introducing your young guinea pigs to Kiwi once they are at least four weeks old. A four-week-old guinea pig is advised to give mashed flesh of Kiwi with complete removal of the outer layer of skin.

At this stage, you may also feed them the seeds. Furthermore, it is recommended to wait 24 hours after giving the young ones mashed Kiwi to see whether they develop an allergic response.

In case they do, stop giving them the fruit and switch to other alternatives for nutrition. However, you can continue feeding the newborn guinea pigs if there is no adverse reaction and they appear to like it. Until they are an adult, only give them a small piece of Kiwi once a week.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Kiwi Leaves?

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Although there is no proper study or research regarding the impact of Kiwi Leaves consumption by the guinea pigs, the general recommendation is mainly against the same.

The reason advocated for not feeding the kiwi leaves is that the leaves are nutritionally high in calcium, which is harmful to the health of guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs eat Kiwi Peel/Skin?

The Peel/Skin of Kiwi is fibrous, rough, and exhibits a slimy texture. To keep it on the safer side, it is advisable to avoid feeding your Guinea pig’s Kiwi skin. The Kiwi’s fuzzy, hairy covering isn’t delicious or beneficial for the guinea pig’s sensitive stomach.

What’s more, consuming the rough textured peel can also result in choking. The green flesh of the Kiwi, on the other hand, is safe to eat. Furthermore, kiwi skin may contain chemicals hazardous to guinea pigs, so removing it is a good idea.

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi skin?

Guinea pigs cannot eat kiwi skin. Before you give your guinea pig kiwi, it is highly recommended to peel it and chop it into tiny pieces. The kiwi fruit’s skin is tough, making it difficult to swallow and perhaps choking them. 

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi berries?

Yes, guinea pigs can heartily enjoy eating kiwi berries. As compared to ordinary kiwis, Kiwi berries contain sweeter as well as more delicious and juicy content. 

Can guinea pigs eat green Kiwi?

Green Kiwi is not safe for guinea pigs to eat. You should avoid feeding this fruit to your pet, as it could lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

Can guinea pigs eat watermelon kiwi?

Guinea pigs can eat watermelon, but there is a risk of choking. Watermelons are not toxic to guinea pigs, and the fruit will provide them with some nutrients they need.

The fruit, however, is high in sugar and may cause them to have diarrhea. Do not feed watermelons regularly because they can lead to obesity.

Can guinea pigs eat golden kiwi skin?

Golden Kiwi is a kind of fleshy fruit with golden-brown skin that is smooth and hairless.

This type of Kiwi contains even more vitamin C than green ones, making them very helpful to the health of guinea pigs. And though the golden Kiwi’s skin is a lot smoother, it’s still not safe to feed them the skin. 

Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes, Kiwi? 

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Since guinea pigs are herbivores, they cannot eat any meat. They can, however, eat vegetables and other plant matter like lettuce leaves or carrots.

Kiwi is a fruit that the guinea pig cannot eat because it will not digest the fruit and may cause stomach or intestinal issues.

Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes kiwi skin? 

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Guineas can eat most fruits and vegetables, but they should not be fed tomatoes. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers are all part of the nightshade family, as are other vegetables.

Guinea pigs can eat kiwi skin but should not have the seeds inside it as they contain a toxin that is deadly for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes?

Guinea pig diets are not as simple as cat or dog food. They have a sensitive digestive system and can only digest vegetables, hay, fruit, and grains.

In conclusion, guinea pigs can eat tomatoes but not the skin.

Can guinea pigs eat strawberries, Kiwi? 

Guinea pigs cannot eat strawberries because they are not in the guinea pig’s diet. Kiwi is also not recommended because it can cause intestinal blockages.

How many strawberry and kiwi Can Guinea Pigs Eat? 

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies or cavy, are tiny animals kept in captivity and bred. They come from the family Caviidae, which includes 14 other species. Guinea pigs are social animals that do best when they live in groups.

Guinea Pigs can eat fruit like strawberries, apples, bananas, and kiwis. Note that they need to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables. They can also drink water, milk, or plant-based drinks.

Can guinea pigs eat strawberry kiwi?

It is not recommended that they do. Kiwis are very high in sugar content, which may lead to diabetes or obesity for your pet.


We can informatively state that Kiwi is not harmful to your guinea pigs as long as you are cautious and feed it in moderation. Guinea pigs may eat kiwis. It’s high in numerous beneficial components, including vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber.

The best thing you can provide your rodents is a balanced diet rich in nutrition, so be sure to serve them a variety of permitted fruits and vegetables. If your guinea pigs are diabetic or don’t have Kiwi, you can substitute mango, banana, or celery.

Maintain enough kiwi intake, and don’t let your emotions influence the rate at which the pigs eat; two or three times each week is more than plenty.

To prevent your guinea pigs from the hazardous effects of chemicals and pesticides, clean Kiwi and peel off the outer covering. You may be confident and never have to worry about your guinea pig’s health this way.


How Many Kiwis Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Though nutritionally rich, Kiwi is beneficial for guinea pigs only when consumed in moderate amounts. Because only a small portion of the kiwi fruit is beneficial to your guinea pig, you may feed it only once or twice a week. Also, make certain that the portion size is reasonable.

What Would Cause A Guinea Pig To Die Suddenly?

An instant choking on the rough and slimy peel/skin of the kiwi fruit can result in the sudden death of Guinea pigs. 

Can Pigs Eat Kiwi?

Yes, pigs can Kiwi. The juicy fruit is quite beneficial for the Guinea pig’s health, consumed indefinite amounts with its nutritional content. 

What Is Lethal To Guinea Pigs?

Consuming Kiwi peel/skin or a large amount of this puppy fruit itself can be highly lethal to the health of your Guinea pigs. Besides this, in the case of infant guinea pigs, consumption of seeds of Kiwi can also prove detrimental. 

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