Can Guinea Pigs Eat Clover? All You Need To Know

Guinea pigs owner come across many doubts. There isn’t a perfect handbook of feeding guinea pigs. So, Can guinea pigs eat clover? Guinea pet owners may want to know an answer to this question. So, Can they have a clover? Is it good for them? Do they enjoy having it?. Yes, clovers are safer for your piggies to have.

If you intend to learn more about feeding clover to guinea pigs, then keep reading. If you have significant doubts and searched on Google, Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere for an exact answer for the Guinea Pig Care Sheet, then this is the perfect page for you.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Clover?

Yes, Guinea pigs can eat clover. But, it would be best if you were careful while providing clover to your piggy. Feeding clover to guineas should be in moderation. Also, you need to observe the type of clover you are providing to your guineas.

can guinea pigs eat clover

Since there are many clover species, only some are good for your guineas to have. There are two common types of clover such as white and red clover.

White clover is suitable for your guineas to have as a fun snack. But, since the red clover contains lots of calcium, you should give it to them less often.

Clover Nutritional Stats

Clover plant

There are lots of nutritions hidden in clover. 85 g of clover sprout contains 25 calories, 0.5 g of total fat, 5.1 mg sodium, 3g carbohydrate, 0g sugar, and 3g protein. And also contains 20 mg calcium, which is a lot, and then 0.7 mg iron.

Clover Nutritional Facts

Clovers offer many benefits; even the seeds, leaves, plants, and flowers are all edible. It is rich in calcium and protein. Also, clovers contain lots of minerals and vitamins. There is zinc and phosphorus also vitamins such as A, E, and K are present in clover.

Clovers are also rich in antioxidants, which help in fighting free radicals. They contain 26% of protein and 8% dietary fiber. So, yes, clovers are good and have many benefits in consuming them.

Health Benefits Of Clover For Guinea Pigs

Clovers are suitable for your guineas, and they enjoy munching on them. There are also some health advantages to eating clovers. They are, as follows,

Clover has the power to fight with free radicals. Since clover contains many antioxidants, it helps fight free radicals.

Close-Up Photo of Two Brown and Beige Guinea Pigs

Another exciting benefit about feeding clover to guinea pigs is, commonly, guineas are prone to scurvy disease. It is due to a lack of calcium.

But, clover contains a sufficient amount of calcium, which is suitable for your guinea pigs. So, these are the health benefits of clover for Guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Clover?

Yes, guinea pigs can have clover. There are different types of clover, such as red, green, purple, and other types. And also in different forms such as clover pellets, weeds, flowers, stem, etc.

But, one thing you should know about feeding clover to your guineas is that it should be moderate. You cannot give a high amount of clover to your guineas. You can even feed red clover to your baby guineas.

You should feed only 1/4 teaspoon of clover to your adult pet. And also, you can feed them other parts such as leaves, flowers, and stems of clover.

Can guinea pigs eat white clover?

Yes, there is no harm in guineas consuming white clover. They can safely eat white clover. White clover also contains nutrients, which are suitable for your guinea pigs. And also, white clover contains iron, which helps generate healthy blood.

And also, white clover is used in treating some common illnesses such as fever, cough, and cold in guinea pigs. So, next time when your pet is sick, you can feed them a small amount of white clover.

Can guinea pigs eat white clover flowers? 

Yes, your guineas can eat white clover flowers. These flowers contain lots of calcium and protein, good for your piggies. White clover is the healthiest flower of all colors; it is the most beneficial. And also, white clover flowers are the favorite of Guinea pigs.

Black and Yellow Bee on White Flower

They love to eat them. And also, these white clover flowers offer significant nutritional benefits to them. You can feed them these flowers without any worries.

Can guinea pigs eat white clover leaves?

White clover leaves

Yes, they can have white clover leaves. These are also called three-leaf clover since it contains three leaves. But, they should eat clover leaves in moderation. Also, before providing them, you need to wash those leaves thoroughly.

Because it might contain some pesticides you sprayed on the plant, you can provide the clover leaves in moderation.

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Clover?

Yes. It is not so bad for baby guinea pigs to have clover. But, they should eat in moderation. Too much clover isn’t suitable for Guinea pigs. And also, red clover is suitable for baby guinea pigs. Because red clovers contain lots of calcium, baby guinea pigs need lots of calcium.

Owen the baby guinea pig, tri-color

Calcium should be there in its diet for good body development. But, your baby guinea pigs can eat clovers in small amounts; they can only have them in a moderate amount.

Is Clover Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Yes. Clover isn’t toxic to your guinea pigs, and it’s safe for them to consume clover. But, while eating it, they should only take a tiny amount of clover. They can’t have too much clover; it’s safer for them to have in tiny amounts.

And, also you need to make sure that the whole lawn isn’t treated with harmful chemicals. Because eating clovers grown in pesticides will make them sick since the particles of chemicals will be left out in the leaves.

And also, clovers are high in calcium. Incorporating lots of calcium into the diet will make them prone to bladder stones. Therefore it is recommended to consume moderately.

Is Clover Good For Guinea Pigs?

Yes, clover is suitable for Guinea pigs. Clover contains lots of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Clover contains plenty of vitamin C, A, and K. Also, clovers contain a high amount of calcium and other required elements.

Clovers are suitable for their teeth health, and also clovers have the power of fighting free radicals. Also, clovers contain iron and are suitable for their health too.

But, clovers can be beneficial only if they consume them in a moderate amount along with other foods such as celery, basil, spinach, kale, and all other leafy vegetables.

Is Clover Bad For Guinea Pigs?

No. clover isn’t a bad food for Guinea pigs. However, clovers can be a bad one to incorporate into the diet of guineas if it consumes clover in more significant amounts. Because consuming clover in a large amount would upset their stomach.

Some may not even like the clover too. Also, if they consume them highly, guineas will be prone to bladder stones since clovers are high in calcium. It would be best if you slowly introduced clover into the guineas diet.

Not together. Also, there shouldn’t be any pesticides remnants on the parts of clover because it will harm them.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Clover?

It depends on your pet. Some may enjoy having clover, and some guineas may not like it all. If your guineas like to have clover, then feed them.

But, if it shows behavior like dislikeness, stop feeding them clover. Some guineas will like to have it and enjoy munching on it. It all differs from a guinea to another.

How Many Clover Can A Guinea Pigs Eat?

Photography of Green Clover Plants

Guinea pigs can eat only a few amounts of clover in a day. They can’t eat a massive amount of clovers. Only a few leaves they can eat. Because having too much clover isn’t good for them. They can have a few clovers, like 2-3. Dead only 1/4 teaspoon clover.

How Often Can A Guinea Pigs Eat Clover?

They can only eat clovers less often. Twice or thrice a week is perfect. They should not consume clover daily in high amounts.

Since clovers contain calcium, they are terrible to consume very often. So, yes, you can safely feed them clover, only in moderate amounts and less frequently.

How To Feed Clover To Guinea Pigs?

You can feed the clover directly to your guinea pigs. Raw clover is safe for them to consume without losing any essential nutrients. So, you don’t have to worry about the method of feeding clover to guinea pigs.

Also, you can allow them to graze the lawn/yard in which clover is present. It is safer for them to consume like that also. However, before feeding, thoroughly clean the clover and feed them.

Because if there is any pesticide or chemical present in clover, it would potentially harm them.

Does Clover Affect The Digestive System Of Guinea Pigs?

No, clover won’t affect the guinea pig’s digestive system if it consumes clover moderately. But, if guineas consume the clover in large amounts, it will upset their digestive system. Also, too much clover will lead to bladder stones.

So, yes, if the clover is taken in high amounts, it will upset the digestive system of guinea pigs. Therefore keep a limit; while feeding clovers to guinea pigs.

Final Thoughts

Yes, clovers are a healthy choice for your guinea pigs. But, they should consume clover only in moderate amounts. It would be nicer if you never overfed your guineas with clover. It is just wrong for them to have clovers in an excessive amount.

You should also record the amount of clover your pet is consuming. You can also safely feed red clover to your guinea pigs. They can also eat other types of clover, such as green, red, purple, and white clover.

However, they can also consume their leaves, stems, flowers, and other parts. They are all good for them if guineas consume them in a moderate amount. Also, it is suitable for their health too.


can guinea pigs eat clover grass?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat clover grass. The Clover plant is a nitrogen-fixing plant. Clover grass can grow everywhere, and it’s drought tolerant. So, it can grow in water-deficient areas too. Clover grass is perfectly safe for Guinea pigs to eat, and also, it’s easier to eat them. They can quickly consume it.

Can guinea pigs eat red clover? 

Yes, guinea pigs can eat red clover. Red clover is suitable for Guinea pigs. Red clover contains lots of calcium. So, it is an excellent food for them to have in their diet. Red clover is also more beneficial to baby guinea pigs. And also, red clovers are filled in with lots of calcium, protein, carbohydrates, and minerals. Clovers can solve their calcium deficiency problem.

Can guinea pigs eat clover flowers?

Yes, it is safe for guineas to consume clover flowers. But, it would help if you made sure that the clover flowers are collected from the untreated area with pesticides and other weedkillers. Apart from that, it is safe for them to consume clover flowers. Also, it has nutritional benefits for them.

Can guinea pigs eat green clover?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat green clover. There is no harm for them in consuming green clover. It isn’t toxic to them. However, it would be best to wash the clovers thoroughly and feed them moderately. So, yes, without any worries, you can feed them green clover, and they will enjoy having it.

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