Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts? All You Need To Know

It is a big question for Guinea pet owners about what can be included in their diet. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel sprouts is another essential question? Yes, we all know that it is unchallenging and effortless to take care of a guinea pig. But, what about its diet? What are healthy foods and what aren’t?

If you are a guinea pig pet owner and juggling between questions about their diet, this page is made for you. All your doubts should end here. It is an essential factor to provide your pet with healthy food.

As we all know, guinea pigs can eat a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, and plants. But, if you intend to know more about feeding Brussel sprouts to your piggies, then keep reading.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Who doesn’t want their pet to be healthy and happy? Yes, we all love our pets and love to take care of them right. If you have any doubt regarding feeding Brussel sprouts to your guinea pigs, then yes, guinea pigs can consume Brussel sprouts.

can guinea pigs eat brussel sprouts

If you wonder what Brussel sprouts are, then Brussel sprouts belong to the cabbage family, just like kale and cauliflower. It is the most delicious and beneficial vegetable. They would love to have Brussel sprouts in their diet.

You should always maintain a variety of diets for them. Because, not only will they get bored, but they will lack essential nutrients too if they consume the same food every day.

Therefore you need to introduce new varieties and new fruits, Vegetables ( of course, the healthiest ones).

Brussel sprouts are healthy; they contain vitamin C, K, fiber, and protein. It is rich in nutrients. Even though they contain nutritional elements, you should not feed them with Brussel sprouts every day.

Brussel Sprouts Nutritional Stats

Do you wonder about the nutritional value of Brussel sprouts? Then, here is the list of nutritions and amounts provided by Brussel sprouts. These are the nutritional value of raw Brussel sprouts per 100 g.

NutrientsAmount present
Energy179 kJ (43 kcal)
Carbohydrates8.95 g
Sugars2.2 g
Dietary fiber3.8 g
Fat0.3 g
Protein3.48 g
Vitamin A (beta-Carotene lutein zeaxanthin)38 μg
Vitamin B10.139 mg
Vitamin B20.09 mg
Vitamin B30.745 mg
Vitamin B50.309 mg
Vitamin B60.219 mg
Folate (Vitamin B9)61 μg
Vitamin C85 mg
Vitamin E0.88 mg
Vitamin K177 μg
Calcium42 mg
Iron1.4 mg
Magnesium23 mg
Manganese10.337 mg
Phosphorus69 mg
Potassium389 mg
Sodium25 mg
Zinc0.42 mg
Water86 g

Brussel Sprouts Nutritional Facts

Green Round Vegetables

There are tremendous benefits of consuming Brussel sprouts. They supply a sufficient amount of vitamins and other minerals.

One cup of Brussel contains 4g of protein, 0.8 g of fat, 56 calories, and 11 g of carbohydrates. And also, these contain vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin K.

Calories: 56

Fat: 0.8g

Sodium: 16mg

Carbohydrates: 11g

Fiber: 4.1g

Sugars: 2.7g

Protein: 4g

Vitamin K: 219mcg

Vitamin C: 97mg

Folate: 93.6mcg

Health Advantages Of Brussel Sprouts For Guinea Pigs

Brussel sprouts are healthy for your guinea pigs. It is a good source of nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, you can safely provide them with Brussel sprouts. If you want to learn about the fantastic benefits of Brussel sprouts, then read the following.

These Brussel sprouts contain a high amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the growth and development of guinea pigs. They enhance their growth. And, also they need vitamin C to prevent scurvy.

Vitamin C is a common Fatal disease in small animals, including guinea pigs. So, food like Brussel sprouts is essential for a healthy life. It also repairs essential tissues in the body and helps in faster healing.

Brussel Sprouts also Contain antioxidants, which help enhance the guinea pigs’ immune system. It also prevents the possibility of inflammation in guinea pigs. Antioxidants are good for Guinea pigs to enhance their health and immune system.

Brussel sprouts also contain dietary fiber. It aids in the digestion of food. Foods containing fibers are suitable for your guinea pigs because they enhance their digestion and digestive system.

Brussel sprouts also contain Vitamin K, suitable for your guinea pigs. Vitamin K helps them in bone development. Vitamin K is necessary for Guinea pigs. Vitamin K can also reduce blood pressure and help with blood clotting.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Brussel Sprouts?

Yes, guinea pigs can have Brussel sprouts. There is no harm for them in consuming Brussel sprouts; Brussel Sprouts provide health benefits for them. It contains lots of nutrition, vitamins, and other minerals suitable for Guinea pigs.

These elements help them develop their bone, growth, and many more benefits. So, there is no danger in consuming these veggies. But, they should not consume Brussel sprouts regularly. So, if they intake Brussel sprouts, there is no harm in consuming them.

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Yes, baby guinea pigs can eat Brussel Sprouts. But, they should only consume it in a moderate amount.

Even though Brussel Sprouts contain lots of essential nutrients, they should consume a small amount too less often. Because intaking too much and intaking the Brussel Sprouts every day would harm the guinea pigs.

Are Brussel Sprouts Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Yes, Brussel sprouts are safe for Guinea pigs. Guinea pig’s diet should consist of vitamin C, K, and other essentials. Gladly, Brussel sprouts cover all these essentials. Therefore, they can happily have Brussel sprouts since it’s a good source of nutrients.

Guinea Pig Eating Grapes

But, apart from having beneficial factors, those Brussel sprouts contain phosphorous and oxalic acid and a little bit of sugar, which isn’t suitable for Guinea pigs. So, they should consume Brussel sprouts moderately.

And, also they should have it once or twice a week. Then, there won’t be any harm in consuming Brussel sprouts. If Brussel Sprouts are consumed in a large amount, it will cause gas and bloating problems in guineas.

Are Brussel Sprouts Good For Guinea Pigs?

Yes, Brussel sprouts are suitable for Guineas. It’s because you aren’t only feeding them a Vegetable, but also you are providing them lots of nutrition and vitamins in one bite. It is healthy food and contains dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

So, we highly recommend you provide your pets with raw Brussel sprouts. Because they can have them raw without losing any essential nutrients, you should not provide them with cooked or baked Brussel sprouts.

They can’t digest dairy products, meat, and processed food. They can’t digest those. Brussel sprouts contain lots of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin K. Therefore, it is a healthy food choice.

Are Brussel Sprouts Bad For Guinea Pigs?

Occasionally, they aren’t bad for Guinea pigs. But, it can harm the guinea pigs if they intake Brussel sprouts, often in a large amount. It’s because Brussel Sprouts contain a high amount of calcium, phosphorous, oxalic acid, sugar, and fat.

Therefore, if the guinea pigs intake a high amount of Brussel sprouts, it will potentially harm the piggies and cause several health issues. Therefore, if they consume the Brussel Sprouts in moderate amounts, there will be no harm.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Brussel Sprouts?

guinea pig eating food

Yes, guinea pigs love to eat Brussel sprouts. Most of them enjoy eating Brussel sprouts. But, there may be some guinea pigs who don’t like this vegetable. But, it’s okay. Everyone, including animals, have their personal choice and preferences.

Each animal is distinct and has a unique personality. So, it is okay if they don’t like Brussel Sprouts. But, the majority of them do like these Brussel sprouts. Guinea pigs mostly love to have green, leafy, fresh vegetables. So, yes, they like to have Brussel sprouts too.

How Many Brussel Sprouts Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Since we have learned the healthy benefits of Brussel sprouts, it is common for the pet owners to have a question, such as, how many Brussel Sprouts can these guinea pigs eat. It is pretty standard for you to wonder whether they can have it every day?

We all know that Brussel Sprouts are generally safe for Guinea pigs to consume. But it would help if you didn’t overfeed them with Brussel Sprouts. It isn’t healthy to have Brussel sprouts every day. You should avoid feeding them Brussel sprouts daily.

But, you can safely feed them one to two tiny Brussel sprouts to your guinea pigs twice or thrice a week. There is no harm in it. But, along with that, you should also incorporate other vegetables and fruits in their diet because they should have a variety of foods.

Another essential factor to notice is that you should never overfeed them, as it will cause lots of other health issues. Introduce only a tiny piece of Brussel sprouts to your guinea pig. Include two Brussel sprouts per serving if the food hasn’t upset its stomach.

How Often Can A Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Even though consuming Brussel sprouts has impressive benefits, it is best for Guinea pigs to consume twice or thrice a week. Consuming Brussel Sprouts in large amounts would cause gas and bloat. It is because they contain a moderate amount of phosphorus and oxalic acid.

Feeding them a moderate amount of Brussel sprouts once or twice a week is enough to get sufficient nutrients and vitamins. Also, it will allow them to stay healthy.

How To Feed Brussel Sprouts To Guinea Pigs?

You can easily feed Brussel sprouts to guinea pigs. It is unchallenging. You only need to follow below three steps to feed Brussel Sprouts to your guineas.

  • For the first, you should check the Brussel sprouts. You should only provide them fresh, green Brussel sprouts. Never feed them yellow or wilted Brussel Sprouts.
  • And then you need to wash those Brussel sprouts thoroughly.
  • After that, chop the Brussel Sprouts into smaller pieces. Chopping them into smaller portions makes guinea pigs easier to consume. You can even serve the Brussel Sprouts and other vegetables to generate a balanced diet.

So, this is the simplest way of feeding Brussel Sprouts to guinea pigs.

Do Brussel Sprouts Affect The Digestive System Of Guinea Pigs?

Yes, sometimes, Brussel sprouts can affect the digestive system of guinea pigs. Even though they contain a fantastic amount of vitamin C and K, other nutrients, and fantastic food to include in guinea pigs’ diet, there are also some disadvantages in consuming Brussel Sprouts.

Brussels sprouts with bacon and walnuts

Brussel Sprouts can also cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea in guinea pigs. But, this only happens if you feed them too much Brussel sprouts and if they are already suffering from digestion-related problems along with allergies.

If they experience any symptoms such as gas and bloating while having Brussel Sprouts, you need to stop feeding them immediately and give them plenty of water.

Final Thoughts

Brussel sprouts are healthy for your guinea pigs. It contains a fantastic amount of nutrients. But, if you are cooking some fantastic dish using Brussel Sprouts and wonder whether you can provide the same to your guinea pigs, then-No. You cannot feed guinea pigs in the same way you have prepared.

You should always provide fresh and raw veggies to your guinea pigs. One to two Small Brussel sprouts is acceptable for them to have twice or thrice a week. But, they should not have more than two Brussel sprouts per serving.

Apart from Brussel sprouts, you can also feed them Kale, Oranges, turnip greens, and parsley, which carry a high amount of vitamin C. These aren’t only delicious and healthy for your guinea pigs. So feed them Brussel sprouts, without any worries.


can guinea pigs eat broccoli or Brussel sprouts?

Yes, since Brussel sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin C, they can eat them without any concern. Brussel sprouts are suitable for Guinea pigs, and there is no harm for them in consuming Brussel sprouts in a moderate, tiny amount. It will benefit the guinea pigs.
It provides vitamins and other nutrients suitable for the growth of your guinea pig. Also, Brussel sprouts are delicious, and your guinea pig enjoys having them.

can guinea pigs eat raw Brussel sprouts? 

Yes, guinea pigs can eat raw Brussel sprouts. And it’s the only best way to feed them Brussel sprouts. Because you can’t provide them Brussel Sprouts in any other forms, as raw, they won’t be able to consume cooked, baked, and fried Brussel sprouts.
So feeding them raw Brussel sprouts is only the left-out way. Since they are herbivores, they can only digest raw foods. Not only that, raw Brussel sprouts have tremendous benefits. They will have more nutrients and vitamins than cooked ones. And also, raw Brussel sprouts are a lot healthier than having other forms of Brussel Sprouts.

can guinea pigs eat cooked Brussel sprouts?

No, guinea pigs should never have cooked, baked, fried, or processed items. They can only eat raw and fresh vegetables or fruits; therefore, they cannot eat cooked Brussel sprouts, it’s not good for them.
You should also offer them a small number of pellets and 1/3 cup of fresh and raw vegetables, fruits as their daily diet. But, you can’t provide them any cooked items, even if it’s nutritious to your guinea pigs.

can guinea pigs eat alfalfa sprouts?

Yes, it is safer for Guinea pigs to eat alfalfa sprouts. But, they should only consume the alfalfa sprouts in smaller amounts. It is because alfalfa sprouts contain lots of phosphorus. They can only eat small amounts twice a week.
These alfalfa contain vitamin K, so alfalfa is beneficial to the guinea pigs. Therefore your guinea pigs can have alfalfa sprouts without any worries, only in moderate amounts. Because consuming any food too much, isn’t beneficial to any creature. And, same applies to guinea pigs in the case of alfalfa sprouts.

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