Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Although we know how famous apples are for humans, what about the guinea pigs? can guinea pigs eat apples? Apples are amongst the top popular fruit on the planet. Nearly 81 million metric tonnes of apples are eaten every year in the world. The amount is insane, 15% of the fruit consumed on Earth.

Guinea pigs are vegetarian and love food like grasses. But they are fond of almost all fruits or vegetables too. As we humans like apples, Can Guinea Pigs eat apples? Yes, it’s simple. But sometimes, the answer isn’t as simple as seen. There are 2500 varieties of Apple’s all over the world. So you should need to know more about the Guinea Pigs and Apples.

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In this article, we’ll discuss them at once so that you can get a clear view. Let’s dig into every single thing you should need to know!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

The answer is yes. Apples are perfect fruits for your pet guinea pigs. It’s a healthy and nutritious treat for them. Although they’re not overeaters, guinea pigs enjoy eating apples. It also contains more sugar than grass. That means guinea pigs can quickly get calories by taking apples.

One thing is essential, don’t force the apple to be your guinea pig. It’s not because it contains nutrients or it’s your favorite fruit. They don’t eat the treat if they’re first meeting people. New guinea pigs are cautious and sometimes get too familiar with people.

Can guinea pigs eat apples

Don’t worry, and it’s okay. Just try again later when you get their trust. Most importantly, ensure either your guinea pig enjoys eating or not.

Indeed, the digestive systems of guinea pigs are super sensitive. Apples are a typical example of high sugar content fruits. So, start slow when it’s fruits with high sugar. Many owners give their guinea pig to eat an entire apple.

But it could be a choking problem. It needs to be small in slices so that it can easily chew to digest. Apple seeds also seem small, but it’s significant for your little cavy.

Are Apples Good for These Guinea Pigs?

Apples are nutritious fruit for humans as well as animals. Guinea pigs benefit from these healthy foods. 

Usually, the minimum requirement of Vitamins is 10mg/day. Apples have Vitamin C for these guinea pigs’ health. Besides, Vitamin C is very known for its antioxidants.

That boosts disease resistance as well as blocks free radical agents. Those who eat apples are more disease-resistant than those who don’t eat apples.

Apples are also the source of Vitamin B Complex. Thiaminriboflavin, and B-6 are very common. It works well for a healthy nervous system for these guinea pigs. Again, apples have dietary fiber that’s useful for digestion. 

In addition to this, apples are a source of calcium too. Minerals such as Potassium and Phosphorus are also present in the apple. Lastly, apples contain deficient levels of bad cholesterol. This type of cholesterol is bad for humans and animals.

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Nutrition To Guinea Pigs

Apples are good for guinea pigs. It contains quality nutritional content. As a result, apples are a source of various nutrients for guinea pigs.

One of the most consumed apples is ‘Red Delicious’; next is the nutrient per 100g of Red Delicious Apple.

  • 33 Calories: It makes a low-calorie food for guinea pigs to enjoy.
  • 8.63 g CHO: Carbohydrates provide 
  • 3 mg Vitamin C: Make sure that the guinea pig has a solid immune system.
  • 67 mg Potassium: Potassium helps to regulate nerve signals and balances.
  • 6 mg Calcium: Calcium is significant for the strong bones of guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat green apples?

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The answer is yes, but only in smaller slices and not regularly. 

Guinea pigs can eat green apples just like apples. It tastes sour and acidic than the red apples. However, green apples have a higher value of nutrients and benefits than others.

One of the most notable things is sugar, and it has less sugar than red apples. It contains vital vitamins and multiple minerals for the guinea pigs.

Also, when it comes to green apples, the famous name is Granny Smith apples. It’s a popular green apple that is also cultivated in Australia. But, can your guinea pigs eat the Granny Smith? 

Granny Smith’s high nutrients are good for guinea pig’s health. Low CaloriesVitamin CVitamin KAntioxidants are them.

Can guinea pigs eat apples with skin?

Believe it or not, apple skin contains 50% nutrients of the whole fruit. So anyone interested to know can these guinea pigs consume apple skin? 

Guinea pigs can quickly eat apples with skin. It’s safe and edible for them. But, one thing is essential- balance. Apple skin contains a high amount of fibers. It’s good for digestion, but excess can cause diarrhea.

Furthermore, apple skin contains vitaminsnutrients as well as antioxidants. These reduce the risk of cancer, so skin is helpful for the guinea pig’s health. 

The apple with skin is safe and edible for guinea pigs. Just wash before taking to remove pesticides.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Red Apple?

Is it okay to feed guinea pig red apples since they are delicious and juicier than green apples? When it comes to red apples, you should be cautious about the portion amounts you give your guinea pigs because they contain a significant quantity of sugar.

Can guinea pigs eat cooking apples?

Guinea pigs are not domesticated foragers, so they cannot eat cooking apples.

Guinea pigs are not herbivores, so they should not be fed cooked apple products or veggies. They also do best with hay and small amounts of fresh fruits in their diet.

Guinea pigs should always provide with raw vegetables and fruit as a part of their diet. Apples, however, are high in sugar which is not suitable for guinea pigs.

Can baby guinea pigs eat apples?

In general, baby guinea pigs can eat apples. However, they require a lot of healthy nutrition and need to be monitored closely because apple seeds contain cyanide, which is toxic.

Guinea pigs and apples are not a great combination. Apples can give Guinea Pigs diarrhea or even kill them, so they should only be given to guinea pigs on infrequent occasions when their owner is sure it’s safe for the little guy.

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Can guinea pigs eat applesauce?

Guinea pigs should not give applesauce because it is too sweet. Apples are rich in sugar, and guinea pigs can’t digest the sugars in applesauce.

While guinea pigs can eat applesauce, they should give healthy fresh fruit and vegetable diet. Apples are high in sugar, so it would make sense to only provide the guinea pig applesauce as part of their daily meal plan.

Guinea pigs are sensitive to sugar, so too much of it can harm them. Depending on the type and amount of apple sauce that they eat, guinea pigs may be able to digest applesauce or not.

Are apple seeds poisonous to guinea pigs?

Many believe apple seeds are harmful to guinea pigs because the seed contains a naturally occurring chemical molecule called amygdalin, which converts to cyanide when crushed or chewed and digested.

Apple seeds indeed contain amygdalin, which can be dangerous to guinea pigs. However, there are other types of apples with similar properties, and it’s not the only type of seed available for them to eat.

The seeds of apples are poisonous to guinea pigs, but not for the reasons that previously thought. Discovered that when chewed or crushed, cyanide has released into the body.

In the wild, guinea pigs will eat apples and other fruit. However, in captivity, it is best to avoid feeding them these products because of their potential toxicity.

Can guinea pigs eat apple cores?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat apple cores. Guinea pig’s teeth are not adapted to munching through thick hay-like apples, and the core will probably get stuck in their throats or cause choking.

Apples are high in fiber to be a nutritious part of a guinea pig’s diet. Guinea pigs should never actually eat the whole apple as it would lead to serious digestive issues and potentially death.

No, guinea pigs cannot eat apple cores because they are too thick and hard.

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Risks to Consider When Feeding Apples to Guinea Pigs

Apples have usually considered being a safe and nutritious fruit for both human and animal consumption. However, research has revealed that there are certain dangers associated with eating apples.

Even though these dangers are not life-threatening, it is nevertheless essential to be aware of them. The following are some of the hazards that guinea pigs may encounter:

Apples are a sweet fruit that, when ingested, cause the body to produce more sugar. Sugar in excess may be hazardous to guinea pigs, and as a result, it should be restricted wherever feasible.

The seeds discovered inside the apples contain cyanide, a potent toxin that can be lethal if consumed. If your guinea pig consumes an excessive amount of these seeds, they may be at risk. Remove the seeds from the apple before feeding them to the guinea pig to avoid this situation.

The fact that they are somewhat acidic can be detrimental to guinea pigs’ health and well-being. When feeding your guinea pig with apples, be sure you give it a small amount and not too much of the fruit.

Overindulging in anything is hazardous, and this is something you should keep in mind even when you are feeding your guinea pig with apple slices.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples Daily?

Guinea pigs should not be fed apples daily, and it would be ideal if you were able to control the number of apples that you provide your guinea pig at any one time.

In essence, apples should only be given to your guinea pigs as a special treat to look forward to it. Apples are extremely sweet and contain beneficial elements that can improve your pet’s health, but they will become hazardous if you feed them to your pet regularly.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples Daily?

Guinea pigs should not be fed apples daily because they will develop health problems. Apples also contain a lot of sugar that the guinea pig cannot digest properly.

It is best to give guinea pigs fresh vegetables, hay, and water instead of fruit containing pesticides or other toxins.

Apples are a hazard for your pet because if it eats too many of them over time, it can cause renal failure and even death. You should offer fruits that have adequately processed so that there’s less chance of harm coming from this fruit on your pet’s body.

Final Thought: Can Guinea Pigs Have Apples?

Apples are good fruits for guinea pigs once in a while. It’s tasty, nutritious, and not pricey. Also, the plus point is they don’t require refrigeration. Small slices are sufficient for single guinea pigs. So, multiple guinea pigs owners needn’t worry about their pet foods. Make sure to feed these guinea pigs in balance to keep them healthy. 

In summary, apples are nutritious fruit for guinea pigs, and they enjoy them.

Happy Feeding!

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How many apples can a guinea pig have?

Once a week, a Guinea pig can eat a piece of apple from a bowl. On the other hand, the serving size may vary based on the individual’s age, lifestyle, and other circumstances.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat an Entire Apple?

Never offer a guinea pig a whole apple at a time. For the sake of safety, limit the number of apples you give your guinea pig per serving to half a cup.

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Apple Juice?

When it comes to standard apple juice that we may get at the store, guinea pigs should not consume it. Guinea pigs are only able to finish a tiny amount of homemade apple juice at a time. That is freshly squeezed apple juice diluted with water, with no additional sweets or nutritional additives added.

Can guinea pigs eat dried apples?

To get the best results for your pet guinea pig, we recommend that you use dried apples that have been specially designed for them, such as the Small Pet Select Apple Slices, which is made entirely of apples and has no extra components.

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