Can Ferrets Eat Raw Eggs? All You Need To Know

Can Ferrets Eat Raw Eggs? Actually, you can! In fact, feeding raw eggs to your pet ferret is easily the best way to include healthy portions of eggs in its diet. You should, however, also include other foods into your pet ferret’s daily diet.

While eggs are extremely nutritious items to include in your ferret’s daily diet, your ferret also needs other nutrients. Eggs don’t account for all of these nutrients. Therefore, while it is a great item to offer pet ferrets, you should also offer other foods!

You will understand why this is the case as your keep reading this article. We have covered everything you need to know about feeding raw eggs to your pet ferret!

Can Ferret Eat Raw Eggs?

Yes, ferrets can eat raw eggs and are quite safe too. The reason is that ferrets, whether pets or in the wild, are carnivorous in nature. Therefore, as a rule, your pet ferret is also likely to enjoy raw foods more than cooked forms.

can ferrets eat raw eggs

Think of it in the sense that ferrets have been evolving to enjoy raw meat through generations because that is all they can count on in their natural wild habitats.

In addition to the fact that ferrets are likely to enjoy raw eggs more than cooked ones, raw eggs also offer a better quality of nutrition. When raw, eggs reserve a lot of their nutrition profile which is generally lacking in cooked eggs.

Having said that, you must take care to only feed fresh raw eggs to your pet ferret. Offering stale eggs can take a toll on their digestive health.

Raw Eggs Nutritional Facts

If you feel that your pet ferret is not sourcing a healthy or required amount of protein and healthy fats from its existing diet or even if you simply want to add variety to it, you can gradually include raw eggs as a part of your pet’s diet.

They are high in critical micro and macronutrients, and the advantages they offer have been studied extensively. Some of these nutrients are protein, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and B12.

However, there are some differences between the nutritional profiles of raw eggs and cooked eggs. The fact that eating raw eggs or dishes containing them raises concerns about the risk of contracting Salmonella infection.

Health Benefits Of Raw Eggs For Ferret

Ferrets will generally source optimal benefits by eating free-range eggs laid by healthy chickens. The rich amounts of protein that your pet ferret can source from eating fresh eggs will ultimately be used by its body to improve its musculature and cell structures.

When it comes to feeding ferrets, raw food is usually a better alternative. Bacteria such as salmonella aren’t major problems as far as ferrets are concerned because their bodies are designed to handle such bacteria.

They have a short intestinal tract, which allows food to pass before bacteria may react or adversely affect their bodies.

If your pet ferret has fallen ill, you could even feed it the yolk of an egg directly using a syringe. However, we would strongly recommend consulting your regular vet before you do this.

Cooked eggs, like other foods, lose their protein and fat content when exposed to heat. This is the main reason why choosing raw eggs to feed your pet ferrets is better not only for its tastebuds but also for its health!

You must, however, bear in mind that because eggs are not a meal replacement, they should be offered as a treat.

Eggs are a full and abundant supply of animal protein for both humans and ferrets. Because ferrets are carnivores who metabolize protein well, eggs make a healthy and nutritious snack when added to their meals.

Each egg contains roughly six grams of protein that your pet ferret can source. Further, due to their narrow digestive tracts, ferrets require a diet that is also rich in fats, and eggs fit that bill perfectly.

Therefore, it is safe to say that eggs could easily be one of the healthiest snacks to be feeding your pet ferret.

Eggs also contain vitamin D, commonly known as calcium, which is a vitamin that isn’t present in many dietary sources, in addition to a lot of protein and good fats.

Vitamin D deficiency in ferrets can cause a variety of problems, including decreased bone density. Eggs are a great source of calcium, so they’ll help your ferret acquire the calcium they need on a daily basis.

The general consensus in the veterinarian community is that you must avoid feeding too much of the albumen of eggs to your pet ferret. The reason is that eating too much albumen could hamper the processing of a nutrient known as biotin in your pet ferret’s body.

This, in turn, could lead to health issues. However, the yolk contains a surplus of that same nutrient.

Therefore, to ensure that your pet ferret stays healthy, you must feed it both the albumen as well as the yolk. Further, it would be best if you limited your pet ferret’s egg intake to no more than two a week.

Can Ferret Have Raw Eggs?

Yes, ferrets can have raw eggs. In fact, it is ideal if you can include raw eggs that are free-range and fresh in your pet ferret’s weekly diet. Along with the fact that eggs are extremely nutritious foods, your ferrets are also likely to enjoy raw eggs thoroughly.

Further, you should prefer feeding your pet ferrets raw eggs overcooked eggs since cooking the eggs drastically reduces the amount of nutrition that the eggs, in their raw state, could offer your pet ferret.

Micronutrients such as avidin, which is known to activate the absorption of biotin, are destroyed, leaving your pet ferret with an incomplete source of nutrition.

Can Baby Ferrets Eat Raw Eggs?

Yes, you can feed your baby ferret raw eggs but in extremely limited quantities. However, you should start with a small amount of egg. If your pet ferret enjoys it and does not face any adverse reaction to eating it, you can offer some more to it. 

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You cannot feed hard-boiled or cooked eggs to your baby ferret. The fact is that baby ferrets are supposed to be on a liquid diet that is provided to them by their mothers. Therefore, adding any solid foods to it is a risk in itself.

Raw eggs, being of a liquid consistency, are generally safe for baby ferrets. Still, you should remember that overeating eggs can cause your pet ferret to experience constipation and digestive issues. Therefore, try not to exceed two eggs in any week. 

Not only will the eggs serve as an excellent snack and a treat, but they will also keep your pet baby ferret at the best of its health.

Can ferret Eat cooked Eggs?

Yes, ferrets can eat cooked eggs. However, we would advise you to prefer raw eggs over cooked ones. The reason is that ferrets, being carnivorous animals, prefer eating their animal sources of nutrition in a raw manner.

Further, cooking eggs often leads to some nutritional value of it getting destroyed due to the heat.


While the most commonly raised argument for preferring cooked eggs over raw eggs is that of the risk of salmonella, the fact is that ferrets’ bodies have evolved to handle such risks efficiently.

Ferrets’ digestive tracts are so small that the bacteria is unable to affect their bodies before your ferret is enjoyed its egg and passes it in its stool.

Regardless, this does not go to say that cooked eggs are not healthy for your pet ferret. Simply exercise moderation when feeding eggs to your pet ferret, whether cooked or raw!

Are Raw Eggs Safe For Ferret?

Yes, raw eggs are completely safe for ferrets. However, simply to be safe, you should choose free-range eggs that are fresh for your pet ferret. Eating stale eggs or eggs that are poor in quality could create digestive issues for your pet ferret.

Are Raw Eggs Bad For Ferret?

No, raw eggs are not bad for ferrets. But, it is crucial to note that eggs can be included only as a snack in your pet ferret’s diet and not as a complete meal plan.

Raw eggs

Further, constipation in your ferret might result from eating too much egg, causing discomfort and other health issues. Therefore, you should avoid feeding your pet ferret more than two eggs in a week.

As we mentioned, you must start with only a little egg. If your ferret seems to enjoy it and stays healthy after eating it, you can gradually increase the quantity of egg that you offer to it.

Do Ferret Like Raw Eggs?

Ferrets generally prefer their food raw. Therefore, it would be logical to say that most ferrets enjoy raw eggs better than cooked or scrambled eggs.

However, this is a subjective topic. Some ferrets might genuinely enjoy cooked eggs, while others may simply stick to their naturally harbored instincts and enjoy raw eggs more!

How Many Raw Eggs Can A Ferret Eat?

You should avoid feeding your pet ferrets more than two eggs in a week. During your ferret’s shedding season, however, you can raise the amount to three or four eggs every week.

However, bear in mind that eggs can cause constipation, so don’t give out more than two eggs every week. Remember that most things in life require moderation.

Meat provides practically all of the nutrients they require for optimum growth and health. Therefore eggs serve solely to give diversity to their diet. As a result, don’t overdo things needlessly.

Final Thoughts

Raw eggs are excellent foods to include in your pet ferret’s weekly meal plan. That said, you can experiment with what kind of eggs your pet ferret prefers, whether that is raw, boiled, or even scrambled eggs.

Eggs, all in all, are excellent sources of supplementary nutrition when included in your pet ferret’s diet in the right quantities. Therefore, feel free to crack an egg into your pet ferret’s bowl if you want to reward it for being a good ferret!


Can ferrets eat raw meat?

Yes, ferrets can eat raw meat. In fact, raw meat is the preferable way to feed your pet ferrets since in captivity, too, their diet must be as close to their diets in the wild. However, you should take care to ensure that the raw meat you provide your ferret is clean and free of bacteria and viruses. 

Can cats eat raw eggs?

No, cats cannot eat raw eggs. The chances of being affected by harmful bacteria like salmonella are too high when feeding raw eggs to your pet cat. Further, raw eggs contain a protein known to hinder the absorption of biotin in cats and other animals, and biotin is an essential nutrient for your pet cat’s skin health!

Can puppies eat raw eggs?

Yes, puppies can eat raw eggs, but you must avoid feeding raw eggs to them unless you can source organically grown eggs that are free of bacteria. However, you should prefer cooking eggs before feeding them to your pet puppy since cooked eggs offer healthy amounts of biotin along with the safety of being free of harmful bacteria. 

Can ferrets eat raw chicken?

Yes, ferrets can eat raw chicken safely. As we mentioned, raw meat, including raw chicken, is the preferable way to feed animal sources of nutrition to your pet ferret. In this manner, you can offer your pet ferret a diet that is closest to their diet in their natural habitat. 

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