Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon? How Would It Affect Its Health?

Bacon may seem a very go-to food item to eat for humans. But can dogs eat raw bacon? It does well with its taste and texture and can be blended with many dishes to substitute for any meat. It sure does enchant people with its savory aromas, and it may attract your dogs too. It’s ok to feed meat to your dogs if they can digest it well and adapt to it, but specifically, bacon isn’t a variety you should be going for in the case of your dog. Let us know more about it and learn why it is so. There are essential things to know before sharing your bacon with your furry friend.

can dogs eat raw bacon

Can Dogs Eat Bacon?

Bacon isn’t a wise choice of food for dogs. It can cause some severe sickness, allergies, and various health issues, which would be fatal in the long term.

Bacon isn’t the only choice, so you can find a variety of other meat treats like chicken, turkey, cooked pork, etc., for your dogs and keep them healthy and safe.

Moreover, it gets difficult for dogs to resist bacon due to its aromatic nature. They would charm their way to you for bringing that meaty treat you cooked.

Humans also shouldn’t eat bacon due to the same reasons. It is a delicacy high in salt and fat contents. Those contents get even higher when we cook it in oils and sauces, making it quite unhealthy.

Bacon can be considered a high-quality treat for your dog. It has the perfect crisp, smokey flavor and delicious taste, making the dog barking mad for it. Their 10000 times amplified sense of smell makes it irresistible for them to hold back their hunger.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon?

Generally, it is considered safe for dogs to eat raw bacon. But it still can make them sick. It’s because raw meat has bacteria and parasites coming straight from the source animal. Although giving them a teeny tiny amount won’t hurt much, keep it as a rare treat.

Feeding bacon every day is also not advised for dogs. It has high fat and cholesterol content which may lead to excessive storage of fats in the body. Consuming bacon every day makes your furry friend prone to obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Due to preservatives, sodium, and nitrates present in bacon, your dog may suffer frequent dehydration and sodium poisoning incidents which would deteriorate its health for the long term.

My Dog Ate Raw Bacon, What Now?

It wouldn’t be a problem if the quantity of bacon they ate wasn’t necessarily significant and just a tiny amount. But if it consumed a good amount of it, some early symptoms would be indigestion, gastrointestinal irritation, bloating, uneasiness and vomiting.

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Depending on the situation, the effects can be very harmful, so consult your veterinarian immediately and ask for their assistance. Don’t Try to rectify the condition yourself if you don’t have the proper knowledge and go for a professional opinion first.

Will Raw Bacon Make My Dog Sick?

Yes, consuming a fair amount of bacon, whether it’s raw or uncooked, would probably cause health issues like indigestion, pancreatic inflammation, diarrhea, gastric cancer, parasitic infections, and trichinosis.

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These problems would vary for different breeds and individuals. These parasite infections can worsen the condition of your friend and could be life-threatening as well. Regular check-ups and treatments, along with proper care and diet, are a must if you want your dog to live a good life.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Consuming Raw Bacon in the Future?

Build a healthy and consistent lifestyle for yourself and your furry friend, try to stay efficient, and adopt good habits for yourself. Your dog will blend perfectly in your lifestyle and habituate the daily routine very well.

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Train your dog to accept food only from you. They should not search all around the house and eat whatever they can lay their paws on at the moment. Maintain a healthy balanced diet, and regular walks and exercises are a must to keep their sanity and health in check.

Moreover, dogs can also be trained or adapted to an utterly vegetarian diet and still stay healthy. The nutrients could be fulfilled by the substitution of meat products with other vegetarian nutritious food items.

Can My Dog Eat Raw Fish?

No, raw fish is an entirely inappropriate food to eat for a dog. Uncooked fish has parasites and bacteria like salmonella, listeria, etc., which are harmful to the dog and can affect humans.

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However, we can feed cooked and deboned fish to dogs, and it would have good nutritional benefits. If bones aren’t adequately removed, they may choke or hurt the gums of your dog.

Cooked fish can provide amino acids and omega-three fatty acids to their diet and improve their skin and fur coats. Include fish in its diet according to its preferences and don’t overfeed the fish. The quantity should balance the everyday nutrient needs and keep the dog healthy.

Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Undercooked or raw pork isn’t suitable for both dogs and humans. It inhabits parasites like trichinella spiralis larvae, which can cause a fatal parasite infection called trichinosis.

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If cooked properly, we can include pork in a balanced nutritious diet as it is high in protein sources and rich in other essential nutrients.

Dogs are carnivorous; that’s why their digestive tracts and nutrient assimilation system are designed to eat meat.

But due to excessive inter-breeding and living in very sheltered conditions, many dogs nowadays aren’t capable of hunting and eating raw animal meat. So, cooked meat is a more manageable way for adapting to the slackened conditions of their body.


What happens if a dog consumes a pound of raw bacon?

A pound of raw bacon is quite a high amount and would be toxic to its system and may cause illnesses like trichinosis, parasitic infections, indigestions, and pancreatitis. It would be ideal to call your vet immediately and get your dog examined thoroughly.

Can dogs get salmonella from raw bacon?

No, raw bacon can cause salmonella infection or salmonellosis due to bacteria in meat products like chicken, beef, turkey, and pork. Bacon doesn’t have this bacteria in it.

What happens when your dog eats a pound of raw meat?

Raw meat products like pork, bacon, or fish are not suitable if fed to a dog uncooked. It most probably would cause parasitic diseases in them due to various fatal bacteria and catalysts. Cooking makes it safe to eat and kills all the harmful bacteria in it.

How much bacon is too much bacon for a dog?

A moderate amount of 100-120g of cooked bacon can be included infrequently in the diet to keep it healthy and balanced in nutrients.

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