Can Chickens Eat Watermelon? All You Need To Know

Are you a chicken pet owner and have numerous questions about their diet? Then read below. Can chickens eat watermelon is a familiar question, and most pet owners search for the answer. So, can they? The answer is yes. But, the answer doesn’t end here.

You should know many facts about chicks eating watermelon, its benefits, disadvantages, impacts on your chickens, etc. So, to remove all the doubts, you have on chickens eating watermelon, read below.

We have covered all the possible queries in this article. You can stop searching for your answers in other posts and comments and know more from this article.

Watermelons are great for your chickens to quench their thirst during the summer season. But, you should know a lot of things before feeding them watermelon. So, read this whole article thoroughly.

Can Chickens Eat Watermelon?

Yes, chickens can safely eat watermelon. Watermelon doesn’t contain any toxic particles, so it isn’t dangerous to your chickens. It doesn’t contain any dangerous amount such as persin so that you can feed them watermelon without worries. 

Can Chickens Eat Watermelon

Indeed, watermelon is a refreshing fruit. There are numerous health benefits to chickens in eating watermelon. They can even eat all other parts of the watermelon, such as seeds, rinds, vines, and flesh of watermelon. 

It is a good treat for them to remove their thirstiness. Watermelons can keep the chickens hydrated since they contain 93% water content. Chickens even love to eat watermelon because they always love to peck it away in small bits.

Watermelon Nutritional Stats

Pieces of fresh juicy watermelon

Watermelon is good for chickens. It contains the nutritions which are listed below,

energy – 30 kcal

cholesterol – 0

protein – 0.61 g

fat – 0.15 g

carbohydrate – 7.55 g

fiber – 0.4 g

sugars – 6.2 g

Vitamin C – 8.1 mg

Vitamin K – 0.1 ug

Manganese – 0.038 mg

iron – 0.24 mg

potassium – 112 mg

magnesium – 10 mg

phosphorus – 33 mg

sodium – 1 mg

zinc – 0.1 mg

folate – 3 mcg

Watermelon Nutritional Facts

Slices of fresh juicy large fruit with smooth green skin and red pulp with brown seeds

There are lots of nutritional benefits to consuming watermelon. One cup of diced watermelon that is approximately 152 g watermelon contains nutritions as follows,

Calories: 46

Fat: 0.2g

Sodium: 1.5mg

Carbohydrates: 11.5g

Fiber: 0.6g

Sugars: 9.4g

Protein: 0.9g

Vitamin C: 12.3mg

Vitamin A: 42.6mcg

Lycopene: 6890mcg

Since the watermelon is low in calories and contains minimal fat, it is suitable for your chickens. Watermelon also provides vitamin A, C.

But it is very high in sugar content, so your chickens should consume the watermelon in moderate amounts because too much sugar isn’t good for them. They will stop having other foods as a part of forming preference over watermelon.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon For Chickens

There are many health advantages to eating watermelon. Since it contains lots of water content, it can boost the hydration of chicken. It also contains some antioxidants and Vitamin C, B6, and A.

Antioxidants help chicken maintain their health and reproductive performance. And, watermelon contains more nutrients than antioxidants; they are zinc, thiamine, manganese, copper, phosphorous, folate, choline, riboflavin, and many more.

Since it contains many good nutrients, it is suitable for your chicken and improves its health. So, feeding them watermelon as a treat has lots of benefits too.

Can Chickens Have Watermelon?

Peep of Brown Chicken

Yes, chickens can have watermelon. They love this fruit. Chickens can safely have watermelon because they need a lot of water during the summer. And, watermelons contain lots of water; hence, it helps hydrate chickens’ body.

It also helps the chicken cool off and replenish the fluid in the body. You can supply watermelon in bits to your chickens, and you should feed them fresh watermelon.

So, yes, your chickens can safely have watermelon, and there is no harm in consuming the watermelon. They can ideally have them as a treat. Since it contains many nutrients and benefits the chickens in various ways, it is an excellent food as an occasional treat.

can chickens eat watermelon rinds?

Yes, your chickens can have watermelon rind. Chickens eat the entire watermelon without considering anything. They even eat the seeds, flesh, leaves, and other parts without hesitation. 

Watermelon Rind Preserves - Peeled

The rind is perfectly safe for your chickens to consume too. There is no harm in consuming these. But, it is not so high in nutrients as flesh. But, still, it contains some nutrients such as vitamin B and C

Watermelon’s rind is rich in fiber, so it improves the chicken’s digestive system and adds bulk to their stool. So, yes, your chickens can safely have watermelon rinds. There won’t be any health complications if your chickens consume the watermelon rind.

can chickens eat watermelon seeds?

Yes, Chickens can eat watermelon seeds. Adult chickens can digest watermelon seeds. They can process watermelon seeds without any harm. You can scoop in some flesh of watermelon without considering whether it contains seeds or not. 

roasted watermelon seeds

You don’t have to remove watermelon seeds since they can perfectly digest watermelon seeds. But, you should not feed baby chicks watermelon seeds because they are too tiny and won’t digest watermelon seeds.

Since their digestive system isn’t processed, they digest the watermelon seeds. So, feed your adult chickens watermelon seeds without any worries. They can safely have those.

what age can chickens eat watermelon?

A few days old of baby chicks can eat watermelon. It will try to eat the scraps of watermelon if you give them. But, it would be best if you did not try to feed them watermelon until it’s 3 to 4 months old. 

Chicks also require plenty of protein and other nutrients to develop and grow strong and healthy. So, it would be best to try to feed them quality foods that are rich in nutrients.

And, keep these types of treats aside because if you want your chicks to grow up as a healthy adult chicken, you should be patient until it grows a few months old. Until then, feed them healthy nutrients filled food. 

Can Baby Chickens Eat Watermelon?

Yes, baby chickens can benefit from watermelon. But, they can only eat watermelon with some constraints. You can feed them watermelon flesh, but you should never feed them its seed or skin because your baby chicks can’t digest those.

But, you can feed your adult chickens any part of watermelon without any worries. But when feeding baby chicks, you need to follow some rules. And, it would be best if you never overfed them watermelons too.

Since baby chicks are susceptible to diseases, you should monitor their diet. And the portion of food you feed them should match their digestion ratio. It is only to keep them healthy and avoid any complications later.

Is Watermelon Safe For Chickens?

Yes, watermelon is safe for your chickens. Since it is not composed of dangerous elements and particles, you can feed them watermelon safely. You can safely feed them the watermelon’s skin, seeds, rind, and flesh.

Close-Up Photo of Hens Eating

It contains lots of water, so it is an excellent treat to add. And they love the taste of it and finish it off soon. But, before feeding them watermelon, you should check out the condition of watermelon.

Even though it is secure to feed them watermelons, you should feed them fresh watermelon. And feed them watermelon in moderate amounts to keep them healthy.

Is Watermelon Good For Chickens?

From above of small red slices of watermelon on round plate next to turquoise swimming pool in sunlight

Yes, watermelon is good for chickens. The watermelon is rich in water, and it contains lots of minerals and nutrients suitable for chickens. Watermelon contains many essential nutrients that a chicken needs. It contains potassium, copper, and other vitamins.

But, it is low in protein. So, yes, watermelon is suitable for your hens and roosters, but even though it has lots of other healthy stuff, it doesn’t contain all the vitamins that chickens need. And, while feeding your chickens watermelon, you should feed them in moderation.

It is the best special treat for your chicken. But, you can’t introduce watermelon into your chicken’s diet as regular food; instead, they can have watermelon only as a good treat.

Is Watermelon Bad For Chickens?

Watermelon isn’t bad for chickens but, it should not be part of their staple diet since it contains lots of water and carbs, which are in the form of sugar. Watermelon also contains a small number of nutrients.

You can’t feed watermelon to them as regular food. You can only give them as a treat because it will fill up on the stomach of a chicken; as a result, they will hesitate to have other foods which offer lots of nutrients. 

If the watermelon is rotten or moldy, you should not offer them to chickens because mycotoxins in mold food can be harmful to your chickens. Also, pesticides used while growing watermelon can also harm the chickens.

So, wash the watermelon thoroughly before feeding them. So, yes, sometimes watermelon can be bad for chickens. But, not every time.

Do Chickens Like Watermelon?

Yes, chickens love watermelon. You can feed them watermelon directly. They will consume the watermelon happily. You can also cool the watermelon soup with mint and feed them. They will love it.

You can feed them fresh watermelon flesh without any worries. Since the watermelon is high in water content, your chickens will finish it off in a minute. And, both the rind and flesh of watermelon contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

Watermelon contains vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and antioxidants. So it is a good treat for your chickens. The fresh water in melon is good for producing eggs, and it provides additional hydration to them.

Since they need water to boost energy for egg production, it helps them in it. It also contains fiber which plays a vital role in their stool-related problems.

How Much Watermelon Can A Chickens Eat?

Do not overfeed your chickens with watermelon. A flock of 8-10 chickens can eat one small watermelon. One small watermelon is enough for a whole flock. Even though they love watermelon, they will get bored if they overeat watermelon.

And do not feed them too much watermelon. Since the watermelon is rich in sugar content, you should not feed them too much watermelon. If you feed them too much watermelon, it will result in bloating and diarrhea. 

So, to be on the safer side, feed them a tiny amount of watermelon twice or thrice a week as a treat. They would love to have the watermelon as a treat and enjoy eating it.

How Often Can A Chickens Eat Watermelon?

Chickens can eat watermelon. There is no harm in consuming watermelon; it isn’t poisonous to chicken. Chickens should not have watermelon every day. If they have too much watermelon, it will lead to diarrhea and runny stools. 

So, feed them watermelon as a treat. Please do not feed them every day in larger quantities because you don’t want to upset the stomach of Chickens. Feed them twice or thrice a week; however, you can feed them every day in tiny amounts.

How To Feed Watermelon To Chickens?

Watermelons are good for chickens. It is an excellent food for these birds. Since it contains a high amount of water, it is good to have watermelon in summer. If you plan to feed chickens watermelon, you should cool down the watermelon in the fridge.

And cut the watermelon into smaller slices. And, don’t worry about feeding them watermelon seeds or skin because they can munch on it too.

But, don’t overfeed them watermelon, because they will get bored out quickly if you feed them watermelon in excessive amounts. One watermelon is sufficient for a flock of 8-10 chickens. 

So, you do not have to fret about feeding watermelon to your chickens. You can serve them in smaller amounts, in small pieces.

Does Watermelon Affect The Digestive System Of Chickens?

Watermelon is not bad for chickens and won’t affect the digestive system if they consume the watermelon in moderation.

But, yes, if they eat watermelon too much, it will disrupt their digestive system since the watermelon contains too much water content; having them more would cause runny stools. 

And, if you feed them rot watermelons, it will affect their digestive system. Since the rotten fruit contains pests, it would affect the digestion of chicken. 

Therefore, feed them watermelon only in a moderate amount because having too much watermelon would make these sick and prone to bloating, gas, and other digestion-related issues. You don’t want your favorite chicken mate to fall sick.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there is no doubt that watermelon is the favorite fruit of everyone in the world. 

Watermelon contains lots of water and is rich in nutrients. Watermelon also contains many fiber, potassium, magnesium, and supplements; watermelon also helps your chickens stay hydrated. 

You can feed your chickens a handful of watermelon seeds or rinds. You can even give them a whole flesh of watermelon; it is suitable for your chicken. It makes your chickens healthier, but also watermelon makes your chicken feel active during summer days.

The entire plant of watermelon is also okay for your chickens to consume. So there is nothing to be anxious about in feeding watermelon to your chickens.

Chickens will enjoy having watermelons. Feed them watermelon moderately, and your chickens would love to have it as a treat.


can chickens eat unripe watermelon?

Yes, chickens can eat unripe watermelon, the same as ripe watermelon. Watermelon is an excellent treat to be included in your chicken’s diet since it contains lots of water content. Even though chickens can eat unripe watermelon, it is best to feed them ripe watermelon because it contains a small amount of beta-carotene and a low amount of lycopene. But, you don’t have to worry about your chickens facing health issues if they consume unripe watermelon. It isn’t toxic to them.

Can chickens eat yogurt?

Yes, chickens can eat yogurt. But, it is not suitable for chickens to consume yogurt in large amounts because it will upset the protein balance of their feed. Also, chickens do not have sufficient enzymes to digest dairy products. And, hence yogurt isn’t good food for your chicken. They need to have yogurt in moderation. Chickens even love to eat yogurt.

Can chickens eat zucchini?

Yes, chickens can eat zucchini. Zucchini is packed with lots of nutrients and vitamins. Zucchini helps chickens in deworming. But it would be best if you did not feed them lots of zucchini. Feeding them lots of zucchini won’t provide the right nutritional balance and make them less productive. So, yes, you can feed your chickens zucchini without any worries. It is safe for them to have zucchini and zucchini seeds.

Do chickens eat ants?

Yes, chickens do eat ants. It is safer for them to have ants. Chickens even dig around ants’ nests for ants’ eggs. They will eat the ant happily. Ants are the typical food of chickens. It is safe for them to consume ants unless the ant carries ant killer or red fire ant variety. Ants are a worthy cause of protein for your chickens. But, not all chickens will eat ants because they don’t prefer to eat them. If your chicken isn’t hungry, they will overlook ants. Chickens consuming ants depend on the location, your chicken’s preference, the time of year, and local ecology.

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