Can Chickens Eat Onions? All You Need To Know

Chickens are omnivorous birds that eat all types of food that fit their beak. Can chickens eat onions? Yes, Absolutely. Pet chicken tends to consume the food leftovers. A responsible pet owner needs to ensure your Chicken is feeding on.

Onion is a versatile vegetable that is present in every single dish that you prepare. So, the leftovers of the food would naturally include onions.

Onions might not be highly nutritious for your Chicken, but they don’t harm them. You need not worry if your Chicken accidentally eats the onion in your leftovers. 

Chickens naturally eat grains, seeds, nuts, berries, fruits, and vegetables. When onions are included intentionally in the diet of the Chicken, will there be any health benefits? Or does it degrade its health? Let us look into that in this article.

Can Chickens Eat Onions?

Yes, chickens can have raw onions. Both red and white onions have many essential factors that support the body’s growth. Onions are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that benefit your chickens’ health.

can chickens eat onions

Your Chicken can consume a small number of onions; make sure you feed chopped onions in small quantities. 

Feeding excess onions can cause Heinz anemia, which impacts their body by weakening the legs. However, consuming onions in small quantities doesn’t cause any health issues.

Onions Nutritional Stats

Onions on a white background.

Energy – 31 Cal

Protein -1.4 g

Fat – 0.1 g

saturated fat – 0 g

carbohydrate – 5.1 g

sugars – 5.1 g

Dietary fiber- 1.8g

Sodium -2 mg

Vitamin C- 5.0 mg

Niacin – 0.3 mg

Folate – 0 mg

Potassium – 182 mg

Onions Nutritional Facts

Raw onions have a low number of calories. It does not provide any energy to the Chicken. Onions have a good water content that hydrates the birds’ bodies.

Onions have a low number of calories. The calories requirement in the chickens is relatively high due to their dynamic metabolic activities. Thus, the calories in the Chicken are not suited for the birds. The amount of protein in the onion is relatively less.

Onions are not efficient in providing the right amount of protein to the chickens. Chickens require a high amount of protein for the growth of their body. 

Onions consist of 0 % fat, which is very healthy for the chickens. Negligible fat content in the onions makes it an everyday meal in the diet of these birds. Onions have a small amount of sugar present in them.

This sugar contributes to the production of carbohydrates in the body. These carbohydrates are broken down to yield energy in the form of calories. They also contain some amount of fiber, sodium, and potassium. They are a good source of vitamins like Vit C and B.

Health Benefits Of Onions For Chickens

Onions consist of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to the birds’ health. They are rich in antioxidants That reduce the inflammation in the body. When taken in moderation, onions promote dermal health and support the bone’s health.

brown chicken on green grass field during daytime

The minerals and nutrients in the onions are suitable for the colon health of the chickens. Onions have negligible fat that can maintain and support heart health. It prevents many heart issues, and it is suitable for the cardiovascular health of birds.

The antioxidants protect the cells from active ions that might destroy the cell contents. Vitamin C takes care of the skin and the outer layer of the skin. It prevents scurvy and boosts the immune system.

These vitamins continuously replace the cells of the body at a faster rate. It also prevents the aging of the cells. Onions mostly contain sulfur compounds That may rupture the red blood cells and cause anemia.

Can Chickens Have raw Onions?

Yes, chickens can have raw onions. Both red and white onions have many essential factors that support the body’s growth. Onions are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that benefit your chickens’ health.

Raw onion

Your Chicken can consume a small number of onions; make sure you feed chopped onions in small quantities. 

Feeding excess onions can cause Heinz anemia, which impacts their body by weakening the legs. However, consuming onions in small quantities doesn’t cause any health issues.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Onions?

Baby chickens can eat onions in moderation. Baby chickens need whole, nutritious food for development and growth. Unfortunately, The onions cannot provide all the nutritional supplements that a baby chicken needs in its diet.

Baby chickens

They require a high amount of calories for the dynamic metabolic reactions in the body. But the onion provides a lesser number of calories. They require a good quantity of protein to develop the chest and lower body muscles.

Most of the chicken body is made of protein and fat. However, the onions provide negligible amounts of protein and fat that might not suit the baby chickens. Baby chickens require a diet that meets all the nutritional requirements.

But, the onions tend to show a lower amount of all the ingredients required by the chickens. Thus, You should give onions occasionally in small amounts.

Are Onions Safe For Chickens?

Yes, Onions are safe for the chickens. They have various nutrients and antioxidants that have positive benefits for the Chicken’s health. They help prevent various diseases such as cardiac, respiratory, and circulatory.

This is due to the low-fat content in them. They maintain the blood sugar level and blood pressure. Thus, onions are considered great when they are served s treats.

Are Onions Good For Chickens?

Onions are good treats to the chickens. They can help lower the blood sugar level and maintain the ionic balance in the body. They have nutrients and antioxidants that can keep the cells healthy and alive.

Onions have excellent nutrition content that supports the body’s immune system. They also help reduce the inflammation in the body, which is caused due to pathogens.

Are Onions Bad For Chickens?

Onions can sometimes be harmful to your pets. It consists of sulfides and sulfates that can affect the red blood cells. These cells have sensitivity to sulfur-containing compounds. In the presence of they degrade the outer membrane of the red blood cells by rupturing them.

This condition leads to a severe disease known as herniz anemia. There is a marginal reduction in the red blood cell count in this disease. You can’t be sure if it might lead to any other diseases. That can degrade the chickens’ health.

Do Chickens Like Onions?

Chickens are not picky eaters. They eat everything present in front of them. They always try to peck on the ground and roam around throughout the day.

Onions are versatile vegetables. You can pair them with a lot of other food. There are many types of onions available and established all around the world. 

Can chickens eat red onions?

Yes, chickens can eat red onions. Red onions are full of antioxidants and minerals that can benefit the Chicken’s health. Red onions have a strong, pungent flavor. This flavor might be disturbing to some of the chickens.

Sliced Red onion on white.

It is advised to feed red onions in small quantities compared to other onions. Chickens are not picky eaters. They peck on everything that you feed them. They can eat red onions in small portions to avoid any digestive issues.

It is always advised to control the feed of your Chicken. However, chickens do not prefer onions when compared to other vegetables. Thus, You should give the red onions in small quantities.

Can chickens eat green onions?

Yes, chickens can eat green onions; they have the same nutrition content. Thus, they are filled with antioxidants and minerals. Green onions have a leafy texture with a good amount of fiber.

Green onions

They are healthier than onion bulbs. Chicken naturals love to eat onions greens in their regular diet. The color of the green onions is more attractive than other types of onions. Chickens choose to eat green onions most of the time.

Can chickens eat cooked onions?

Yes, chickens can eat cooked onions. They can be boiled or steamed to your chickens. Boiled or steamed onions retain a good amount of water content required by the chickens. They are dangerous if they are fried or sauteed in butter or other oils.

Oils are known to increase cholesterol levels by depositing the fat in the blood vessels of the chickens. This might interrupt the flow of blood to the heart. This may lead to cardiovascular diseases that might be harmful to the chickens.

Can chickens eat spring onions?

 Yes, chickens can eat spring onions. They consist of all the nutrients that chickens need. It has sulfur-containing compounds and other antioxidants that protect the cells from harmful radicals. Spring onions consist of both green and white parts.

Spring onion

The green parts resemble the leaves, while the white part is known as onion bulbs. This is an excellent opinion that has many health benefits to your Chicken. You can chop both the green and white parts of the onion and feed them to your chickens.

Can chickens eat onions and garlic?

Yes, Chicken can eat both onion and garlic. Even though we consider these both to have a strong smell and spicy taste, they can be eaten by your pet chickens. Garlic is known to have many benefits to chickens.

When combined with the onion and garlic, they both take their nutrient content to a higher level. These two can be best to feed the Chicken. You should give the garlic raw to prevent various respiratory system issues.

They can prevent various infections that are common to chickens. They can also maintain and support the immune system.

How Many Onions Can Chickens Eat?

There is no fixed amount of onions to give to the chickens. It is always safe to give them in small quantities. This ensures that there is no damage done to the chickens’ health due to the onions. 

Excess quantities of onions may lead to indigestion and stomach upset. Chickens cannot tolerate high levels of pain, and it interrupts the body’s normal functioning.

When your Chicken eats excessive onions, it may lead to diarrhea. Diarrhea can lead to several other diseases due to the contamination of the surroundings due to the spread of bacteria.

How Often Can a Chickens Eat Onions?

You can feed onions to your chickens very often. It does not affect the chickens’ health while they are fed regularly. The quantity should be in less amount to ensure that correct amount to the chickens.

Onions have immunity-boosting substances that can boost the immune system when taken regularly. Onions help to prevent any bacterial diseases that cause harm to the body of the Chicken.

How To Feed Onions to Chickens?

You can give onions in raw or boiled form. They contain a lot of water when boiled and given to the chickens.

Raw Onions

These cooked onions are considered safe for the chickens as the heat destroys the bacteria. It is not safe to feed them dry onions. Dry onions might affect the Chicken’s health by degrading the quality of the eggs.

You can mix these onions in water and cook them until they become soft. In this way, you could kill the bacteria present in the onion. You can also roast the onion on a grill until they become soft.

Generally, chickens like to peck on their food. Roasted onions can be an excellent option for pecking. If you have leftover onions that you are thinking of discarding, You have an alternative. You can give that scrap to your Chicken. We are sure they will clean your plate.

Do Onions Affect the Digestive System of Chickens?

Onions do not affect the digestive system in the wrong way. Birds have an extra organ for the digestion of food, unlike mammals and reptiles. The extra part in their digestive system is known as a gizzard.


This gizzard acts as a mixer. It helps in grinding and crushing the food that comes from the crop. It has a rigid teeth-like structure that mixes and crushes the food for better absorption in the intestine. 

Onions have several benefits to the digestive system of birds. But sometimes, when onions are taken in excess, They lead to diarrhea and stomach upset. 

Diarrhea is a bacterial disease that contaminates the surroundings. The bacteria from the contaminated place spreads rapidly and causes various diseases harmful to the chickens.

Final Thoughts

Now we know that onions are not harmful to chickens’ health until they are given in moderation. You can feed them the leftovers of your food which consists of onions, without any worries. However, You should not consider them as the main course due to the presence of sulfur.

You have less wastage from your kitchen when you feed kitchen scraps and the leftover substances to your chickens. You need to research the food just before feeding them anything new.

It is always advised to know the nutritional content of the food before feeding it to your pets. You could consult a veterinarian for a proper diet for your chickens. Chickens are considered as best pets. They are established all around the world.


Can chickens eat raspberries?

Yes, Chicken can eat raspberries. Raspberries are considered highly nutritious to the birds. They contain an abundant amount of Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for birds. Chickens can eat both raspberries and leaves of raspberries directly from the plant.  You can include raspberries in the diet of these birds to improve their feathers and skin. Raspberries are a good source of nutrients and antioxidants that help improve the body’s functions.

Can chickens eat tomatoes?

Chicken can eat tomatoes in their diet. Tomatoes are a source of antioxidants and vitamins. They help improve the external skin of the body. Vitamin C helps to rejuvenate the old cells and provides them nutrition. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, potassium, and fiber. All these substances promote the normal functioning of the digestive system. Tomatoes can be considered the most nutritious food that a chicken can eat. Chickens love to peck on the raw tomatoes.

Can chickens eat watermelon?

Yes, chickens can eat watermelonYou can feed them by cutting them into small pieces. You can also give them a slice of watermelon of a suitable size. Watermelons have a 90% water content which can greatly hydrate the body of these birds. Watermelon can cool down the body’s temperature and make it metabolically active. Since birds do not sweat like humans, they excrete the sebum through the comb. 

Can chickens eat whole corn?

Yes, chickens can eat whole corn. They are considered the best treats for your chickens. Corn is packed with many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, You should not take corn daily due to its excess fiber and unnecessary layers. Corn can be broken down into small pieces in a special organ called the gizzard. It is better to crush the corn into small pieces and feed the chickens. Corn and provide a good amount of carbohydrate that is essential for the metabolic activities of the Chicken.

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