Can Cats Eat Green Beans? All You Need To Know

It’s always good to add some greens into your pet’s diet. But as we all know cats are fond of fish, can cats eat green beans? Surely, this is a question that’s floated through your mind at some point or the other.

Well, we can tell you with complete certainty, thanks to the expertise offered by not only the American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals but also countless other medical experts, that green beans are, in fact, safe for your pet cat to eat. But the thing to remember is that you can’t feed green beans to your cat indiscriminately and every day.

We know this probably raises more questions for you as a pet cat owner, which is why we have discussed whether cats can eat green beans and other related questions in extensive detail in this article. Keep reading to understand this food’s relationship with your pet cat!

Can Cats Eat Green Beans?

We know for a fact that felines are carnivorous animals. However, cats do need green vegetables every once in a while simply to keep their digestive system healthily functioning.

Further, cats can certainly source some of their nutrient requirements from green vegetables too. Green beans for your cat are no different. Cats can eat green beans quite safely. 

can cats eat green beans

Among other such organizations, the ASPCA states that green beans can benefit your pet cat due to their high protein and fiber content.

However, you must be careful with the number of green beans you offer to your cat since some cats might experience some digestive distress from eating this vegetable.

If your cat seems to be eating it well right from the start, you can feed it to your pet feline either as a treat or even as a part of its daily meals!

But all in all, green beans are an extremely nutritious vegetable to include in your pet cat’s diet. Veterinarians also often advise cat owners to include this vegetable in diets that are tailored for weight loss in obese cats.

Due to their relatively high protein content (for a veggie) and richness of dietary fiber, they make for excellent snacks without making your cat put on unnecessary weight while satiating its hunger!

Green Beans Nutritional Facts

The reason why green beans is an excellent vegetable to include in your pet cat’s daily diet, regardless of whether its goal is to help your pet feline lose weight or simply add some nutritious variety to its diet.

Beans, Green Beans, Vegetables

Green beans are a great source of dietary fiber and a pretty good source of vegetarian protein. While beans may not offer nearly as much protein as animal sources of nutrition, they do offer some amounts of it.

Further, they are rich in essential micronutrients too! Here is a short summary of the nutritional profile that your pet cat can benefit from by eating a few green beans in its diet!

Complex carbohydrates

Green beans are a fairly low glycemic index food, which means that the carbs that it packs are complex and won’t cause your pet cat’s blood sugar to shoot up instantly. Rather, these carbs give your feline sustained amounts of energy without stressing its body out.

Further, because green beans are also packed with dietary fiber, it helps ensure that your cat does not overeat. This is why green beans are also suggested for obese cats!

Little to no fats

Green beans contain no percentage of natural fats. Therefore, while you can’t bank on this vegetable to ensure your pet cat gets its required amount of healthy fats in its diet, you can use it as a treat that is completely devoid of the ability to make your cat obese!


As we mentioned, the protein content in green beans, although not a lot when compared to meat, is still quite high for a vegetable. Packing nearly 2 grams of protein in a cup, chopped beans make for a nutritious snack for your feline!


Green beans include several important minerals, including vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin that aids in blood clotting. Green beans are high in vitamin B, thiamin, folate, and riboflavin, as well as magnesium, calcium, iron, and copper.

All these micronutrients are vital in keeping your cat’s body entirely healthy and protected against sickness and disease.

Health Benefits Of Green Beans For Cats

Grey Kitten On Floor

We have established that green beans are indeed a nutritious vegetable to include in your pet cat’s diet. But how do green beans benefit your pet cat exactly?

Nutrition at the cost of a few calories

The fact is that green beans are loaded with essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, all of which are crucial in helping your cat stay healthy. Further, green beans can do so without forcing your cat to ingest a large number of calories.

Many of these micronutrients may not be available for your cat in its regular carnivorous diet. Therefore, it certainly helps to have green beans as a vegetarian supplement to its regular meals!

Excellent food for obese cats

The two pillars of the nutrition provided by green beans are high content of fiber and protein. Eating such foods ensures that your pet cat’s appetite is satisfied for longer amounts of time.

Further, because they are low-calories veggies, you can offer slightly larger amounts to your pet cat. In combination, all these factors ensure that even obese cats eat their meals in moderation, thereby losing weight.

Healthy digestive system

The high fiber content of green beans ensures that your cat passes healthy bowels and enjoys overall good digestive health.

While meat is not loaded with dietary fiber, you can use green beans to supplement your cat’s meals to ensure that your cat’s digestive tract stays clean and healthy!

Can Baby Cats Eat Green Beans?

While green beans are generally safe to feed cats, feeding them to your kitten might require you to test your kitten’s reaction to eating them. After you’ve boiled fresh beans, you can offer it to your baby cat and observe it for a while after it finishes eating.

Green Beans, green

If your kitten stays healthy even after eating it, you can gradually increase the number of beans you feed it. All in all, as long as you can observe your baby kitten after it eats the green beans, your baby cat can eat its green beans!

Are Green Beans Safe For Cats?

Yes, green beans are safe for cats. However, some cat owners do report sensitivity to eat green beans. While a few cats are not able to digest green beans properly, most cats can eat it quite safely and source immense health benefits from it!

A simple manner to check whether your cat’s body can process green beans is to start with a tiny amount of fresh beans. If your cat does not show you any signs of indigestion or digestive distress, then green beans are safe for your cat to eat!

Are Green Beans Bad For Cats?

No, green beans are not bad for cats. However, you should exercise moderation in feeding them to your cat.

The high fiber content in green beans, although usually healthy for your pet cats, can cause loose motions and digestive distress in them if you offer extremely large quantities of it in their meals. Apart from that, only some cats are sensitive to digesting green beans.

Can cats eat raw green beans?

Yes, cats can eat raw green beans, but they may not enjoy it much. While most cats will eat boiled and freshly cut green beans, offering them raw green beans may not be the best option for their taste buds.

The reason is that raw green beans have a tough-to-eat texture which also makes them unpalatable for your carnivorous feline.

Can cats eat black beans?

Yes, cats can eat black beans. In fact, you can include black beans in your pet cat’s diet solely because of the immense health benefits they offer to felines.

Black beans

Loaded with minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorous, black beans can contribute greatly to keeping your cat’s skeletal structure strong and healthy.

Further, eating black beans ensures that your cat’s blood pressure stays in control and its heart stays protected against chronic heart disease.

Can cats eat garbanzo beans?

The only downside of feeding garbanzo beans to your pet cat is that your cat might develop gas as a result of eating it.

However, apart from that, garbanzo beans can be extremely healthy for your pet cat since they are rich in dietary fiber and vegetarian protein, much like green beans themselves.

If you do decide to include garbanzo beans in your pet cat’s diet, make sure you do so sparingly and that you puree the beans before offering them to your pet cat.

Can cats eat pinto beans?

Yes, cats can eat pinto beans. Pinto beans are easily digested by cats. These beans also include a considerable quantity of protein, making them an excellent snack or meal substitute for pet cats.

Can cats eat baked beans?

Unless you have baked the beans at home without adding any harmful ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, salt, garlic, oil, and other such flavoring items, you should avoid feeding baked beans to your pet cat. These ingredients can cause severe issues like pancreatitis in your cat.

How Many Green Beans Can A Cats Eat?

The fact is you can supplement your pet cat’s daily diet with green beans and other veggies every day.

While commercially available high-quality cat food should still make up the larger portion of your pet cat’s meals, up to 10% of that meal can comprise green beans.

How To Feed Green Beans To Cats?

To begin with, you should only feed fresh green beans to your pet cat. Frozen or canned varieties of beans are extremely unhealthy for your pet cat since these beans contain high quantities of salt and other preservatives and flavoring material.

White Cat Drinking in a Cup

Next, you can chop the beans up or even slice them, depending on what your pet feline prefers. While some cats are comfortable with eating raw green beans, some may dislike the texture and have difficulty digesting raw veggies.

Therefore, the next step would be to simply steam or boil the green beans for a while. Doing so will soften the hard texture of this veggie, making it easier to chew and digest for your pet cat!

Do Green Beans Affect The Digestive System Of Cats?

Yes, green beans do affect the digestive system of cats. Green beans, being high fibrous, are extremely beneficial for your pet cat’s digestive system. This vegetable ensures that your pet cat has healthy bowel movements and that its digestive tract stays clean and healthy!

Final Thoughts

Green beans are essentially one of those veggies that you can and must include in your pet cat’s daily diet. The benefits of this veggie are massive, and there are virtually no risks if you feed them to your pet cat in the recommended quantities.

Experiment with feeding green beans raw or cooked to your pet cat, along with experimenting with slicing or chopping the beans. Once you have understood what your cat prefers, you can add this nutritious veggie to its daily diet or even offer it as a healthy snack!


Can cats eat oranges?

No, cats cannot eat oranges. Most citrus fruits, including oranges, are highly toxic to your cat. Natural compounds that are present in oranges, such as natural sugars, essential oils, and psoralens, are known to cause damage to your pet cat’s nervous system. Therefore, you should never feed oranges to your pet cat.

Can cats eat sausage?

No, cats cannot eat sausages. Despite the fact that cats are carnivorous animals and sausages are generally made from chicken, pork, or beef, sausages are quite unhealthy for cats. Ingredients such as grease, spices, preservatives, and chemicals, which are all abundant in processed foods, can cause issues for your cat’s digestive system.

Can cats eat zucchini?

Yes, cats can eat zucchini quite safely. In fact, since zucchini is rich in micronutrients such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, and other such minerals, they are extremely beneficial for your pet cat in small amounts. You can add them along with green beans in small quantities to your pet cat’s daily meals.

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