Can Cats Eat Almonds? All You Need To Know

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We all know that nuts are highly beneficial to humans. But what about cats? Can cats eat almonds? It is common for pet owners to wonder about this question. Almonds are beneficial since they provide a great source of fats for humans. But, what about cats? Do they like almonds? Are there any health benefits for cats in consuming almonds?

Read this article to get an answer to these types of questions. This article has covered all almond facts helpful to you and your kitty friend. So, do not skip any part of this article and read thoroughly to get a perfect answer to your query.

Can Cats Eat Almonds?

Even though cats can eat almonds, it won’t benefit them. Almonds aren’t toxic to cats, but they won’t offer any nutrients to cats. When you compare feeding your cats almonds, it has significantly less nutritional value to them. 

can cats eat almonds

And cats contain a tiny digestive tract, and hence they won’t be able to digest the almonds. If a cat consumes more than one or two almonds, it will suffer from vomiting, digestion, and diarrhea.

So, cats can eat one or two sweet almonds. Your cat should not consume almonds in larger quantities because it will negatively impact them. But, cats cannot consume bitter almonds because they are highly toxic.

Almonds Nutritional Stats

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A 100g of almonds contains this much nutrition,

Almond Calories: 579

Carbs: 21.55g

Fat in Almonds: 49.93g

Fiber: 12.50g

Protein in Almonds: 21.15g

Vitamin E: 25.63 mg

Sugar: 4.35g

Calcium: 269 mg

Iron: 3.71 mg

Magnesium: 270 mg

Potassium: 733 mg

Almonds Nutritional Facts

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An ounce (28 g) or 24 whole unsalted almonds contain below nutrients. They are as follows,

Calories: 164

Fat: 14.2g

Sodium: 0mg

Carbohydrates: 6.1g

Fiber: 3.5g

Sugars: 1.2g

Protein: 6g

Almonds are good sources of vegan protein too. It contains small amounts of all essential and non-essential amino acids. It also has antioxidant properties and aids the immune system. Calcium in almonds is good for the bones and teeth too. Even almond milk is nutritious.

Health Benefits Of Almonds For Cats

There are plenty of health advantages to consuming almonds. Almonds contain lots of vitamins, but since cats are carnivores, the nutrients and vitamins in the almonds will benefit them a little. They will only get a small number of vitamins, even from almond milk. 

Almonds also contain healthy fats, and vitamins. It also provides energy to cats since it contains carbohydrates in it. It is also suitable for your dogs since it contains fiber in it.

Fiber aids cats’ digestion, and it makes your cat feel fuller. But do not give them too many almonds. Cats can even eat almond oil and almond butter.

Can Cats Have Almonds?

Yes, cats can have almonds. But, vitamins and nutrients in almonds won’t benefit the cats. Vitamins in it are not helpful for them. Since cats are carnivores, they need meat in their daily diet. If they consume almonds and other nuts, they won’t benefit.

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And cats won’t be able to synthesize amino acids as humans do. Also, cats cannot use the micronutrients as we do. So, the answer is yes and no.

Because even if they consume almonds, they won’t get any nutrition. And, if they eat almonds in larger quantities, it will lead to choking, diarrhea, and digestion upset. You don’t want to harm the life of your cat.

Can Baby Cats Eat Almonds?

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No, baby cats should not have almonds. It is not advised to give kittens under 12 weeks old almonds. It’s because the kittens’ digestive system isn’t prepared to have almonds.

Only kittens between 12-24 weeks can eat almonds. But, to avoid any health issues, you should limit the number of almonds you are giving to kittens.

It would be nice if you never fed your kittens too many almonds. It will harm them. So feed your baby cat’s almonds moderately. If they have too many almonds, it will lead to several digestion issues.

Are Almonds Safe For Cats?

Yes, almonds are safe for cats. But, it possesses some health risks. Almonds aren’t toxic to your cats and won’t poison them if they eat them.

But, almonds should not be a part of their daily diet. So having it every day would lead to stomach upset in cats. And another part is almond is enormous to your cat. Just look at the cat’s mouth and the size of an almond.

Almond is significantly more significant for them to consume quickly. So, if they have the almonds randomly, there is a high chance of your cat choking on them. So feed them almonds in moderate amounts and smaller pieces.

Are Almonds Good For Cats?

Not exactly. Almonds don’t contain any health benefits for cats. The nutrients and vitamins in almonds won’t benefit the cats.

Cats are carnivores and should get meat to fulfill their protein requirements. Almonds contain proteins, but cats won’t benefit much from them. Those proteins are not sufficient for cats.

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If you feed your cats almonds they won’t be benefited much. So, feed your cats moderate amounts of almonds. If your cats consume too many almonds, it will also lead to disastrous health issues.

Are Almonds Bad For Cats?

Yes, almonds are bad for cats since they don’t have any nutritional benefits. Almonds are great and a perfect snack for humans. But, when you compare it with cats, cats don’t get any nutrition or vitamins present in the almonds.

Cats are omnivores, and they won’t be able to extract the proteins from these types of foods but meats. Even though almonds contain protein, they don’t have proteins that benefit the cat.

And often almonds are salted when it’s cooked, and you know that salt is not good for cats. In short, what we can say is almonds are great for humans but not so great for kitties.

Do Cats Like Almonds?

There is no proper response to this query. Since your cat may eat the almonds, it will ignore them most of the time. Since it is large, your cat may refuse to have it.

If you feed them almonds, the first thing they do is sniff the almond, then lick off the salt outside the almond, and then it will leave the almond. It is because almonds are too enormous for them to consume. And hence, they won’t like having almonds.

Some adventurous cats will at least try to eat the almonds. And, if you break the almond into smaller pieces, your cats may like to have it. But, the majority of the cats do not like almonds.

How Many Almonds Can A Cat Eat?

Cats cannot have too many almonds. Having too many almonds is terrible for your cats. So, they can only have one to two almonds. If they overeat almonds, it will lead to digestion-related problems. 

You don’t want your cats to fall ill. Having one or two almonds will only harm the cats, so if they overeat, it will even lead to death. So feed almonds to them moderately. 

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Cats’ digestive tracts aren’t designed to digest these types of foods, and as a result, they won’t be able to process the almonds. So, feed them almonds in moderate amounts. Moderation is best while feeding almonds.

How Often Can A Cats Eat Almonds?

Cats should not consume almonds every day. On the other hand, sweet almonds are not toxic to cats. It is safe for your cats to consume sweet almonds in moderation.

But the only thing is, cats should not eat almonds regularly; it will upset their stomach and lead to several issues. It will face indigestion, will vomit, and will face diarrhea.

And if your cat consumes bitter almonds, it will die from eating them. So please do not feed them almonds every day. A few days in a week would do good.

How To Feed Almonds To Cats?

Cats cannot have almonds in colossal size. You can only feed almonds to your cats in small pieces. They can have one almond a few days a week. It is best not to feed them almonds because it isn’t good.

Since almonds are fatty, they won’t break down and digest properly. As a result, your cat will experience diarrhea and vomiting.

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And, while feeding them almonds, chop them down into smaller pieces because cats won’t be able to swallow whole almonds, and as a result, they will choke on them. Feed them only sweet almonds.

Please don’t feed them bitter almonds; bitter almonds would even cause death in kittens; they contain glycosides. And never season the almonds with extra toppings. Please do not feed them chocolate-coated or other types of coated almonds. They will harm them.

Do Almonds Affect The Digestive System Of Cats?

Yes, if your cat consumes almonds in higher quantities, it would affect the digestive system of cats.

According to ASPCA cautions, consuming almonds in cats would make their digestion upset due to the fats in the nuts. It will even lead to vomiting, loose bowel movements, and diarrhea.

If they consume these in high quantity, it will lead to the development of pancreatitis. So do not even try to feed them almonds. If your cat accidentally eats one or two almonds, then it is okay. But, your cats cannot consume almonds in more significant amounts because it will upset their stomachs.

Final Thoughts


can cats eat potatoes?

The answer is yes and no. Potatoes are heavy on carbs, and it offers a variety of nutrients and vitamins. If the potatoes are cooked plainly, your cat can consume them safely. But do not mix it with any extra items. Avoid seasoning it with salt, butter, and other ingredients. Raw potatoes can be a little toxic to cats. It will upset the tummy of the cat. Also, depending on the preparation of potatoes and the serving method, your cats can consume potatoes. And while feeding them potatoes, you should feed them moderately and occasionally as a treat. You can't introduce potatoes into the staple diet of your kitty.

can cats eat tomatoes?

No. Cats cannot eat the tomato. But, your cats can safely consume ripe tomato flesh. But your cats should never consume other parts of a tomato plant or unripe tomato because consuming them would lead to complex issues. But they can only have a small piece of tomato because moderation is the key here. Your cats cannot have lots of tomatoes at once. And it can't consume the tomatoes every day. If they consume tomatoes regularly, it will cause health issues. So, feed a small bite of ripe tomatoes very rarely. And never feed them any other part of a tomato plant.

can cats eat zucchini?

Yes. Cats can eat zucchini. Zucchini is one of the safest vegetables for your cat. It is effortless for your kitties to chew the zucchini. Zucchini also contains magnesium, potassium, and manganese in it. Adding zucchini into the diet of cats can provide them with additional nutrition. So, zucchini is a good vegetable that your cat can consume safely, without having any side effects. Even many commercial cat foods contain zucchini in them. Cats can even consume the whole plant itself. 

Can horses eat almonds?

Yes, horses can eat almonds. Almonds are excellent sources of vitamin E, protein, magnesium, and fiber. Other nutrients are perfect for horses' hoof health; almonds can improve horses' immune systems and gastrointestinal health and prevent inflammation in them. Almonds are also an excellent treat for your horse. It is sweet and delicious to have. But, please try to feed them almonds in moderate amounts, too, as an occasional treat. Please do not feed them almonds daily as a staple diet in massive amounts. Because consuming a lot of almonds would lead to choking in horses.

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