Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

Do you have a cute bearded dragon and wonder can bearded dragons swim? Then, you have arrived at the perfect page. You might be a pro swimmer and want your bearded dragon to swim along with you too. There are misconceptions that bearded dragons cannot swim.

But you wonder whether it can swim, will they drown if they are introduced to water. And you may have lots of other questions. Then put a full stop to your worries. Reasons of bearded dragons swimming, reasons of them getting drowned, you will learn everything. Bearded dragons can swim.

Swimming is also a kind of exercise for them. Handling a bearded dragon is relatively easy. If you desire to learn more about bearded dragons swimming, side effects, benefits, and a lot more, then keep reading. Here are some fantastic facts, info, and guides about bearded dragons swimming.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim?

Yes. Bearded dragon lizards can swim. They are prolific swimmers. But, they can only remain underwater for about 15-29 minutes. Also, they may dunk their heads in the water. It’s normal, and do not panic.

can bearded dragons swim

Their lengthy tails allow them to move in zigzag motion in water. Also, while swimming, they tuck their legs and arms tightly. Please do not keep them underwater longer than that because there is a high chance of getting drowned.

While it swims, its body will look precisely like a crocodile. Swimming can also provide a kind of exercise to them.

Do Bearded Dragons Swim in the Wild?

Bearded dragons come from the woodland of Australia. Since it comes from woods, there will be plenty of water for them to bathe and swim.

So they swim in the wild. So they are natural swimmers. And there is no danger in letting them swim since they come from woodlands and swimming is in their instincts.

Is Swimming Good for Bearded Dragons?

Yes. If the water temperature is correct and your bearded dragons love swimming, then swimming isn’t bad for them. It is also a good exercise, and also it will ease their bowel movement.

Bearded dragons can feel very bored and inactive if it’s an enclosure for the whole time. And also, this inactivity would lead to an increase in fat. In the wild, there is a chance for them to hunt and earn their food.

Also, they would be getting lots of exercise by lots of movement in the wild. But when they are in the enclosure, they feel so inactive, and there would be nothing for them to do to earn their food.

They would be getting food without any effort. So swimming can be an excellent exercise for them. And it would also save them from getting fat.

Do Bearded Dragons Like to Swim?

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Not all bearded dragons, but some bearded dragons love swimming. So some beardies might jump to water if they find water at their sight. And also, some would like to remain on the ground and not just hop into the water.

So, if you want to encourage your beardies to swim, then place a water bowl in their enclosure, and they might dip them in and try to adjust to water and swimming. Also, forcing them to swim might cause lots of stress, and it will take a lot of time for them to adjust.

Also, if you beardies love to Swim, you can invest in a Swim Gym. Swim Gym will allow them to enjoy and play in the water.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Swim?

Yes, baby bearded dragons can swim. Yes, these hatchlings can swim. However, if you keep them for a more extended period in the water, they will get tired quickly. And will become chilled very fast.

So it is not recommended to keep them in water for long. But there is a benefit for baby bearded dragons from swimming. It will help their bone development.

Also, it would be nicer if you always kept an eye on them while they swim because even the perfect temperature makes them feel so chilled. And also, they shouldn’t go any deeper than their knee or elbow level.

Can bearded dragons swim in a saltwater pool ?

Do you wonder if saltwater is okay for the bearded dragons to swim? Then keep reading. The answer is a big no. Because bearded dragons have a habit of drinking water while swimming, they should never swim in saltwater.

Their body can’t intake sodium. Saltwater will pull out all the moisture in their body, and they will feel very dehydrated and fall sick.

How Deep down Should the Water Be For a Bearded Dragon to Swim Safely?

There should be a perfect water level to be maintained while allowing the bearded dragons to swim. The water shouldn’t be above their knee or elbow level.

They will drown in it. So make sure to keep their elbows above the water level. A deeper level of water is a dangerous thing.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim Underwater?

Fancy Leatherback Bearded Dragon in a small water bath.

Yes, they can swim and also stay underwater. Almost every reptile can hold its breath. But do not keep bearded dragons underwater for too long.

Also, never force them to swim underwater. Because it will stress them a lot, and you don’t want your favorite pet to be stressed.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim in Cold Water?

No. Bearded dragons should never swim in cold water. It puts their life in danger. Their body temperature will potentially go down, and they will face difficulty in moving and swimming.

Cold water slows down the metabolism and their muscles. And hence beardies will start to sink in the water instead of swimming.

Can Bearded Dragons Drown?

Yes. Bearded dragons may drown in some circumstances. They need to breathe air as every animal needs. But if water enters into its lungs and it faces difficulty in breathing, then it might drown.

Also, if it gets chilled from the water or is too exhausted from swimming, it will drown. They will drown from exhaustion.

Therefore you should never allow them to swim for more than 15 minutes. Because even though swimming is good for them, it will tire them out, and exhausted beardies can drown in the water.

What Temperature Should the Water Be For a Bearded Dragon to Swim?

Bearded dragons are mainly ectotherms. It means their internal body temperature is dependent on the outside temperature. So it would help if you kept in your mind not to provide the cold water to swim.

Because their body temperature level will gradually decrease, so keep a thermometer ready in your hands. The water should be lukewarm. The water should be warmer than the room temperature. The ideal temperature for them to swim is 80 F(26.6 C).

How Long Should I Allow My Bearded Dragon to Swim?

At a time, they can only swim for 10-15 minutes. Because swimming is a great exercise and it will tire them out soon. And there is a high chance for an exhausted bearded dragon to sink in. Therefore you can only allow them to swim for only 10-15 minutes.

Even if they are not precisely swimming but floating, they shouldn’t be allowed to remain in the water for more than 15 minutes. This time limit applies to adult and baby beardies as well.

Reviving a Drowned Bearded Dragon

Bump the temperature level of the enclosure to 2 degrees to revive them. Or place your pet under the basking light, with their head angled down; it will pull out the water.

Also, water aspiration may lead to respiratory infection and other severe problems. So it is best to visit a vet immediately. But as first aid, you can follow these methods.

Also, watch out for bubbles appearing in the nose or difficulty in breathing. If that’s the case, then do not delay the appointment of a vet.

How Often Should I Allow My Bearded Dragon to Swim?

First, remember one thing. Bearded dragons are not aquatic species. And hence swimming often isn’t a good idea for them. But yes, they can swim once every week. It will keep them hygienic and provide good exercise.

So allowing them to swim every other week is quite a good idea. But do not follow the swimming rule every day.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim in a Bathtub?

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You may think, depending on bearded dragons’ size and age factor of bearded dragons, they can swim in a bathtub. But no, the bathtub isn’t a good idea for your beardies. Bathtubs consist of slick sides, which will make the climbing out process difficult for beardies.

Also, they might experience bowel movements in the bathtub. So you will need to disinfect the bathtub. It will beam extra work for you. And also, the slippery side of the bathtub is dangerous for them. So, swimming in a bathtub is a big no for your beardie partner.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim in Tap Water?

womens brown hand opens the tap in the kitchen close-up, flowing water from the faucet; focus on the arm and crane

Yes. Tap water is okay for your bearded dragons to swim. But you should add a dechlorinator because bearded dragons have the habit of drinking water while swimming.

And some places are high with chlorinated water. So it is safe to add a water dechlorinator. Typically tap waters are safer to swim since they use the same to bathe and drink.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim in the Ocean?

No. Bearded dragons shouldn’t be allowed to swim in the ocean if you had planned an event near the seashore and carried your beardies along with you and want them to swim and enjoy. Then it’s a big NO.

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Ocean water isn’t good for them, they aren’t allowed to drink salt water, and high sodium would destroy them. Also, the ocean surface is very rough that they can’t stay afloat. Not only will they feel exhausted, but there is also a high chance for them to get drowned.

They will reach the bottom of the water. So it would be best if you didn’t allow them to swim in the ocean. Because then a high level of salt in water and surfing conditions aren’t suitable for your beardie pal.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim in Saltwater?

Reply to this question is a big No. They cannot swim in saltwater. Saltwater is dangerous for them, and they will fall sick soon. It’s because they have the habit of drinking water while swimming. If they drink excess sodium contents, they will fall ill.

Their bodies cannot adapt to saltwater. Also, saltwater will suck all the moisture out. They will feel exhausted and try to drink more and more water to remove their thirst.

And hence they will end up with the intake of excess sodium, which will cause severe problems in them. So Saltwater Pools aren’t good for them.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim in Chlorine Pools?

If a high amount of chlorine is present in the water, it’s dangerous for them. It dries out the skin of bearded dragons and troubles the gastrointestinal system of bearded dragons. Chlorine pool is something that you should avoid for your beardie pal.

But, if the chlorine level of the chlorine pool is below the Tap water, they can swim. But introducing them to chlorine pool isn’t always a good idea.

A natural microbiome lives in the gastrointestinal intact of beardies; swimming in chlorinated water will kill them off. And it is not a good situation.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim In Lake?

Yes. It is entirely safe for your beardies to swim in Lake water and ponds as long as the temperature of the water is perfect. Also, Lake water is much safer than chlorinated water. Lake water is fresh and free of chemicals.

Lakes are safer for them, So it is good for them to swim and enjoy Lake water as it is entirely fresh and good for them.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim With Fish?

No. Fishes are harmful to bearded dragons. Because if you put bearded dragon with fish, they will eat it. Bearded dragons have the instinct of eating everything at their sight.

So they will even eat the fish, which is not suitable for them. Bearded dragons are naturally attracted to fish, meaning they will hunt down and eat the fish.

Can Bearded Dragons Swim With Turtles?

More chances of getting attacked if you place the bearded dragon with a turtle. Never put these two together. They both are enemies of each other. The turtle will eat the bearded dragon. Also, bearded dragons will try to hunt the turtle until it gets eaten.

You don’t want your pet to be the prey of a turtle. So never put the turtle and bearded dragon together in the same tank.

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Bearded dragons can swim in shallow water like water dragons. They have the talent to swim. But you should follow some precautions. The temperature level of water shouldn’t be too warm or cold. Also, do not place any other animal along with the bearded dragons while swimming.

Do not share their swimming area with other creatures. Also, you should check the water. Bathing bearded dragons is also a good idea Water should be chlorine and salt-free. Also, you should check the time interval, deep of water, etc., while allowing them to swim.

Bearded dragons are excellent swimmers. But, keeping them too long in the water isn’t good for them, even though swimming benefits them.


Can bearded dragons’ heads go underwater?

Yes. It can. Bearded dragons may put their head underwater. Do not panic. They can hold their breath. But do not allow them to place their head underwater for a more extended period.

How long can a bearded go without water?

They can survive without water for 3 to 2 weeks. They can survive without water during this period. But do not stretch this period, as it is harmful to them.

Can you bathe a bearded dragon in tap water?

Yes, you can give a bath in Tap water. But make sure the Chlorine level of water is low because some places have high chlorination in water. So check the level. And if there is low chlorine in two water, it’s perfectly safe for them to swim in Tap waters.

What kind of water do you provide a bearded dragon?

You can give them tap water for them to drink. But, in some cities, the water level may have high chlorines. If that’s the case, then do not give those water to them. Also, you can give filtered, bottled waters to them. It is safe for them to drink those types of water. Also, Lake waters are safe for them to drink as well.

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