Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers? All You Need To Know

Do you own a bearded dragon pet? Do you wonder whether Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers as it is also a colorful veggie? Then your wait is over. Everything you should know about bearded dragons having bell peppers is here. This is the perfect page, and your search has to be ending here. Because we have covered all the essential aspects and there we are if you get any doubts in between.

We have put our best effort into answering all of your questions and concerns. We have tried our maximum to solve all your doubts and curiosity. Okay, some people have no idea what a bearded dragon is. Well, it is a reptile. And people pet them. They are too small and easy to take care of.

Well, they are even adorable. Now let’s move on to our main question. Can they eat bell pepper? Can they eat cookies? Is there any harm in it? Is it tasty for them? Here is a complete guide to help you.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, they can eat bell peppers. There is no harm in bearded dragons consuming bell pepper. However, consuming bell pepper should be done in moderation. Excessive consumption of bell pepper is harmful to your adorable beardie.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers

You might be wondering if bell pepper contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, why can’t it be included in the daily diet. The answer is yes; it contains lots of minerals, and red pepper solely has 92% of water and is such good hydrating food.

But bearded dragons require calcium more than humans. And these bell peppers don’t have enough calcium. Calcium is crucial for bearded dragons since bell pepper lacks calcium; it isn’t suitable to include in daily diet even though it is vitamin-rich.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, of course, your cute baby bearded dragon can eat bell peppers. But there is a condition to be met. The condition is, you shouldn’t overfeed your bearded baby dragon with a bowl full of bell peppers.

The age range of 8 months to two years is critical for the development of a bearded dragon. During this time, healthy, nutrient-dense foods should be included in the diet of a bearded baby dragon.

I’m not saying bell peppers are worst, and it doesn’t give out any nutrition. But bearded dragons need calcium for their growth and bone strength. Sadly bell peppers don’t contain enough calcium.

It doesn’t mean that you should avoid giving bell peppers to baby bearded dragons. But instead, it means that don’t overfeed them with only bell peppers. Include other fruits and food as well.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers?

Okay. You don’t have to be afraid to feed bell peppers to bearded dragons. However, when serving bell peppers, there should be a limit to be followed. Of course, you can serve regularly.

But, it is best to serve along with other green veggies, which also contain lots of nutrients. Bell pepper is recommended to give once or twice a week.

There is no harm in serving it daily. But serving bell peppers regularly would cause hypervitaminosis, and the calcium level of bearded dragons would drop to the lowest, which is harmful to them.

How Should Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers?

This is a common query. So the answer is given here. Before giving bell peppers to bearded dragons, make sure that it is organic. Rather than feeding your beardie pesticide-laden foods, spending a little extra money on good organic foods is wise.

Red organic sweet peppers on white background

And don’t forget to thoroughly wash the bell peppers to remove any chemicals present in them. After washing it, slice the bell pepper into small pieces. Rel bell pepper is always preferred rather than green and yellow bell peppers.

And do not cook the bell pepper. Raw bell pepper has lots of benefits, and while cooking it, there is a high chance of vitamins getting lost.

Also, after slicing it place it in a salad bowl along with other veggies. It will be easier for them to munch, and also other minerals and vitamins will go into their small cute stomach.

Are sweet peppers good for bearded dragons?

Yes, sweet peppers are good for bearded dragons. They contain low heat and thus making it more beneficial to bearded dragons. Sweet peppers are best when compared to green bell peppers. You can confidently serve sweet peppers without any fear.

Can baby bearded dragon eat baby food?

No, it isn’t recommended to feed a baby bearded dragon baby food. Baby food consists of high levels of sugar and other addictive particles. So feeding baby food might lead to future health problems.

Baby bearded dragons should have a natural diet in their diet. They should get a balanced diet with lots of green veggies, fresh fruits, and live insects.

Baby food doesn’t contain these elements. This means that you should avoid giving your baby bearded dragon infant formula as a precaution.

Can Bearded dragons eat baby food?

Bearded dragons can be fed certain baby foods. However, it is best not to provide them with baby food. Baby food is rich in sugar and other additives, which isn’t suitable for bearded dragons.

These lizards are dry climate creatures, and they should intake more green veggies and love insects and worms. Feeding baby food regularly reduces healthy food intake, leaving your beardie friend deficient in vitamins and minerals.

It would have an impact on its growth, metabolism, and other aspects. Bearded dragons should be fed with sweet potato, pumpkin, etc.

Can you feed bearded dragons baby food?

No, it isn’t recommended to feed your beardie partner with baby food. However, baby food can be used as a topper of salad to entice bearded dragons. Bearded dragons may dislike healthy salads and flee at the sight of a salad bowl.

So it’s a good idea to top the salad with smoothies or other baby food to tempt the lizard to eat it. But you should always include more veggies in the baby bearded dragon’s diet.

What can I feed my bearded dragon Besides crickets?

You may have got a suggestion that you should always feed your bearded dragon a cricket. It is, however, a myth. Instead of only feeding crickets, many other foods should be provided. Crickets are a good source of food.

But you should always feed something else a variety of food. It will help to balance the diet of a bearded dragon. There should be leafy greens such as parsley should be included. Also giving in lots of vegetables such as carrot, bell pepper is good for them.

Also, provide plenty of water and try to provide live insects as well. Live insects are good for them to have. However, do not overfeed them with insects, and it is not good to feed adult bearded dragons with lots of insects.

It will make them gain weight. And before feeding live insects, do not forget to catch them and keep them in a container. It is recommended to provide them with a live insect, not a dead one.

Can Bearded dragons eat sweet peppers?

Yes. They can eat sweet peppers. Sweet peppers contain mild heat, which is suitable for your beardie partner. Sweet peppers aren’t significantly heat-producing food when compared to other fruit. So you can provide them with sweet peppers with no worries.

How often can bearded dragons eat peppers?

You can provide bearded dragon peppers. If you are grocery shopping and come across a bell pepper and wonder if it is safe for your bearded dragon to eat, it is wonderful inexpensive veg you can provide for your bearded dragon.

Yes, you can feed your beardy pal pepper. Peppers are ideal because they don’t produce a lot of heat. Colorful peppers are good to go.

But do not forget to not feed them regularly with peppers. Bell peppers should be only given twice or thrice a week. Feeding peppers regularly will compromise their balanced diet.

What fruits can baby bearded dragon eat?

Fruit is a good treat for a bearded baby dragon. However, fruit should account for 20% of the bearded dragon’s diet. But do not forget to feed fruits as a treat. Including it in a regular meal isn’t good.

However, you can provide various fruits such as apples, peeled bananas, berries, plum, pears, etc., weekly. Fruits are suitable as a treat.

What kind of peppers are sweet peppers?

Botanically there is no difference between a bell and sweet peppers. Sweet peppers come in a variety of colors. The taste, color, and shape distinguish it from the bell pepper.

However, sweet peppers are sweet, and the sweetness increases along with the term it stays in the plant. They are of mild heat and sweety type. Bell pepper and sweet pepper both belong to the species capsicum annuum.

Can baby bearded dragons eat scrambled eggs?

Sunny Side Up Egg on Black Frying Pan

Yes, of course, they can eat scrambled eggs. They are rich in proteins. There is no harm in serving scrambled eggs. They can even eat hard-boiled eggs. But while serving scrambled eggs, do not mix them with oil and other spices; do not add extra ingredients.

Bearded dragons cannot digest oil. As a result, it is preferable to scramble eggs or microwave them without adding anything simply. Your bearded dragons will love the eggs. Also, you can provide raw eggs. There is no harm in it. Eggs are one of the significant protein sources.

Can Bearded dragons eat chicken baby food?

Yes, they can eat chicken baby food. Chicken food is the simplest dish to prepare and serve quickly. However, it is not a good substitute for other foods in a balanced diet for bearded dragons.

When your bearded dragon is sick, feed it chicken baby food because it is simple to consume and contains proteins. When they are ill, or you need to give them a quick meal, feed them chicken baby food.

Can Bearded dragons eat human baby food?

Yes, you can feed human baby food to bearded dragons. However, you should not incorporate human baby food into it’s daily diet. Baby foods are good when bearded dragons are reluctant to eat or dislike salads.

Girl in White Long Sleeve Shirt Eating Food

Bearded dragons enjoy having human baby food. They are tasty, and it’s a good treat for them.

But baby foods are not good because they contain lots of sugars and additive ingredients, which isn’t suitable for bearded dragons. So treat them with human baby food occasionally but to a limit.

Can Beardies eat peppers?

The Scoville heat scale measurement for bell pepper is zero. However, heat does not equal zero in taste. So beardies can consume peppers.

Pepper can be included in a bearded dragon’s diet. They even enjoy eating it. However, it should not be used as regular food. According to Ved med, it is a secondary food that should be consumed in moderation.

It’s a side dish, not a fatal food. Because bell pepper is deficient in calcium. And bearded dragons require more calcium than humans.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green, Yellow, or Red Bell Pepper?

Yes. Bearded dragons can consume any color of bell pepper. Isn’t it vibrant and delicious to them? They like bell peppers. Red bell peppers are delicious, and they prefer them over all other vegetables.

Each color bell pepper has a variety of tastes and differs from one another even though they all belong to one species. Each bell pepper has its own set of advantages. As a result, it is perfectly healthy and safe to provide them with various bell peppers.

Can bearded dragons eat red bell peppers? 

Yes. Bearded dragons can eat red bell peppers. Red peppers are tasty and yummy. Red pepper can be given once or twice a month. Other than green and yellow bell peppers, red peppers are delicious.

Selective Focus Photography of Red Bell Pepper

In the initial stage of fruit, its color is green. When it’s ripened, it turns red and yummy. Red bell pepper contains 90% of water.

Providing too much can cause overhydration and hence diarrhea. On the other hand, red pepper is high in vitamin A and C and has numerous antioxidants and nutrients.

Can bearded dragons eat green bell peppers? 

Green bell peppers are unripe or underdeveloped bell pepper. When it matures, it turns into a red bell pepper. Green bell peppers are unappealing and have a bitter taste. However, this does not mean that green peppers should be avoided entirely.

Green Bell Pepper Lot

Green bell peppers can be fed to bearded dragons but don’t contain nutrients and vitamins since they are underdeveloped and in the beginning growth stage.

can bearded dragons eat yellow bell peppers? 

Yellow Bell Pepper Splash Into Water

It is not recommended to feed yellow pepper regularly. Yellow pepper is high in nutrients. It is high in vitamin A, C, and phosphorus. Calcium, on the other hand, is a necessary element for the growth of the bearded dragon.

Unfortunately, yellow pepper is low in calcium. It’s also high in water, which can cause diarrhea if overfed. It’s vibrantly colored. But giving too many can make your bearded dragon’s health noncolorful.

can baby bearded dragons eat bell peppers? 

Yes, of course, baby bearded dragons can eat bell peppers. However, because of the low calcium intake, it should be consumed in moderation. Baby bearded dragons should not be overfed solely on bell peppers.

Close Up Shot of Bearded Dragon

Baby bearded dragons require calcium and other minerals to grow. But it should be given in moderation considering the low calcium intake it provides. Baby bearded dragons shouldn’t be overfed with bell peppers alone.

Eight months -2 years is a crucial period for their growth. So there should be a healthy diet maintained during that period. But bell peppers don’t provide the essential elements is required for their development. However, you can offer it as a treat since it is rich in vitamins.

how often can bearded dragons eat bell peppers?

Bell peppers are a visually appealing, colorful food that should be included in the diet of bearded dragons. However, giving bell peppers daily is not advised. But giving bell peppers daily isn’t recommended.

They can not have bell peppers regularly. Only twice or thrice a week is recommended. Despite being high in vitamin A, C, and beta carotene, it is low in calcium. So provide them bell pepper along with other veggies. Also, offer it a few times a week.


In addition, Bearded dragons are tiny creatures. Incorporating colorful fruits and vegetables is good to entice them into having a balanced diet. There is a bright bell pepper that can be incorporated into its bowl of salad.

Bell peppers are colorful, and along with their color rich nature, it is also rich in vitamins and other minerals. So giving bell pepper is beneficial to your bearded dragon. However, give it in parts.

Giving too many bell peppers, on the other hand, cannot be good. It will cause low calcium levels, stunted growth, and diarrhea. Give bell peppers in moderation. According to the vet, med bell peppers cannot be considered an alternative to a healthy diet. It can only be given as a treat.


Can bearded dragons have tomatoes?

Yes, bearded dragons can have tomatoes. But it should be only fed once a month. Even though it’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it contains a meager amount of calcium and is high in phosphorous, which isn’t suitable for bearded dragons.

How often can bearded dragons eat vegetables?

They should be offered vegetables three times a day. Leave vegetables in its cage. And it will much often. Including Vegetables in its diet is essential.

Can bearded dragons eat carrot peels?

Yes, they can eat carrot peels. Carrot peels are safe, and it’s rich in vitamins. Carrot has many health benefits. But it should only be given moderately in a week. Providing excess carrot peels is not suitable for them. Give it once or twice a week.

What vegetables are bad for bearded dragons?

It would be best if you avoided lettuce, spinach, beet tops altogether. These vegetables are bad for bearded dragons. Also, onions and mushrooms cannot be fed.

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