100 Super Cute And Funny Baby Whale Names

Whales are known to be the gigantic fish species that live in the ocean. Do you know that among all the whales, the Blue Whale is the largest? It weighs about 200 tons! 

To prevent the whales from getting extinct, the world law now protects them. So, we are not sure if you will ever have a whale as your pet. 

Moreover, the large size of whales will make it highly difficult for you to look after them. Anyway, even if you get a chance by any means to pet a whale, you will want to call them by a cute name, won’t you? 

You might feel it a bit tricky to give the cute baby whales an apt name. 

That’s why we have come up with this interesting article that will suggest some great baby whale names that you can give to these lovely creatures. 

Baby Whale Names 

Baby whale

Male Whale And Killer Whale Names

  • Whaley: Quite a cute variation of its species name, isn’t it? 
  • Mr. Mammoth: The large whale size makes the name Mr. Mammoth an exciting and cute one for a male whale. 
  • Papa Whale: This name has been inspired by the male humpback whale of the 2000 Disney film Fantasia 2000. 
  • Migaloo: A funny name to give your giant cutie pet!
  • Jumbo: Although this name best suits an elephant, it can also be an ideal anime for a male whale. After all, they also have an enormous body size, just like the elephants. 
  • Iceberg: This name has been taken from the G.I. Joe episode in which a character having the name “Iceberg” suddenly got transformed into a dangerous whale. 

Your Mr. Whale is undoubtedly going to love this name. 

  • The Bull: This name is an ideal one for a male whale. They are known as bulls, while the females are known as cows. 

So, this name is going to be a good match for your whale boy. 

  • Killer: If the fish is a killer whale, giving its name by which it is called sounds to be a great idea. 

Some Other Male Whale Names

  • Titan
  • Bubble Blue 
  • King 
  • King Kong 
  • Giant
  • Thunder 
  • Mr. Wonderful 

Female Whale Names 

  • Athena: This Greek Goddess’ name is the perfect one for your female whale. The goddess is known for her excellent fighting skills. 

So, this name is definitely going to be a great one for your whale. 

  • Mama Whale: This is the cutest name that you can ever give to a female whale. The character of a female whale inspires it in the film titled Fantasia 2000. 
  • The Queen: Obviously, your majestic whale deserves this beautiful name!
  • Jasmine: Now, this is a lovely name to have! Yes, you have guessed that right. It is inspired by Aladdin’s love interest- Jasmine, one of the most popular Disney princesses. 
  • Ariel: Inspired by the beautiful mermaid’s name from the Disney film Little Mermaid, this is going to be a cute name for your lady whale. 
  • Aurora: This is a good name that you can give to a female whale. 

This is another name of the renowned Sleeping Beauty of the fantasy world. 

  • Moby Doll: This is a funny and cute name to have. This is the female version name of Moby Dick. 
  • Attina: Quite an adorable name is taken from a small mermaid’s name from the Disney film Little Mermaid!
  • Hera: Like Athena, this name is also inspired by Greek Mythology. 

Hera is the Queen of all Greek Gods as she is the wife of Zeus, the King of all the Greek gods. 

Other Female Whale Names 

  • Kayla 
  • Tiara 
  • Sheba 
  • Minnie 
  • Rosy 
  • Kyara 
  • Wonder Woman 

Whale Names Inspired From Movie And Book Characters 

  • Willy: This name has been taken from the 1933 Disney film Free Willy. 

The movie recounts the story of a boy named Jesse, who soon starts to share a bond of friendship with an orca. The very name of the orca is Willy. 

Willy was taken as a captive, and he was released from imprisonment by Jesse and his peers. 

This is a lovely movie that talks about the friendship between humans and animals. You may watch it in your free time. You are going to love it for sure. 

  • Tilly: This is a cute name that you can give to your whale. This was the name of the orca that appeared in the film Blackfish. 
  • Samson: This was the name of the whale that featured in the film Samson and Sally. In the film, Samson is a sperm whale that fights hard to survive in a polluted ocean. He has to face several odds to prevent being gobbled up by the killer whales. 
  • Winter: This is going to be an interesting name for your whale. 

The name ‘Winter’ has been taken from a real-life dolphin that had a prosthetic tail attached to it as it had injured itself after falling into a crab trap. 

There is also an entire series titled “Dolphin Tale” after Winter. 

  • Roxanne: It is a charming name that you can give to a whale. This name has been taken from a 1997 movie Zeus and Roxanne. 

The plot of the movie is also a lovely one as it talks of the friendship between an adorable dog called Zeus and a cute whale named Roxanne. 

Disney-Inspired Whale Names 

Funny image of a whale playing a guitar
  • Lester: This is a great name for whales and has been taken from the name of a dark blue whale who has been featured in the TV series Timon & Pumbaa. 
  • Monstro: Have you seen the Disney film Pinocchio? Monstro was a fiery killer whale in the film. This name is an apt choice for whales. 
  • Bailey: Quite a lovely name to give to your pet whale! The name was originally given to a beluga whale that featured in the Disney movie Finding Dory. 
  • Willie The Whale: This lovely name belonged to the whale that appeared in the movie The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At The Met. It’s indeed a perfect name for a music-loving whale. 
  • Spot: It is going to be an ideal name for killer whales. The name has been taken from the angry whale that made its appearance in the TV series Little Mermaid. 

Exotic Whale Names 

  • Poseidon: Since the whales rule the oceans, Poseidon is going to be a very suitable name for them. After all, Poseidon is the name of the God of the Seas in ancient Greek mythology
  • Hector: A perfect name for the Killer Whales! Hector was the name of one of the bravest fighters in Greek Mythology and fought on the side of the Trojans. 
  • Phoenix: It is an elegant name that you can give to a whale. A phoenix is a mythical bird that takes rebirth or witnesses creation from its ashes after dying. 
  • Cleopatra: The whales are no less majestic or less beautiful than the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. So, this name is indeed an awesome choice!
  • Jupiter: Just as Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, whales are the largest fish species in the ocean. 

Quite a good similarity! No doubt, it is going to be a good name for your whale. 

  • Apollo: It is a cute pet name for your whale. Apollo is the name of one of the most strengthful gods of ancient Greek mythology. 

Other Exotic Whale Names 

  • Achilles 
  • Alexander 
  • Medusa 
  • Venus 
  • Caesar 
  • Gladiator 
  • Goliath 
  • Selina 
  • Aphrodite 
  • Brutus 
  • Rekin 

Cute And Funny Whale Names 

Cute humpback whale
  • Flipper: This was the name of a dolphin in an American movie. You can’t find a cuter name for your whale than this!
  • The Big Guy: Whales are pretty big in size. No doubt, it is going to be a perfect name for them!
  • Nemo: How about keeping a cut yet a paradoxical name for your whale? Nemo was the name of a goldfish in the movie Finding Nemo. 

Regardless of whether you have a killer whale or blue whale or literally any other species of whale, this name is going to be a perfect one for your water baby. 

  • Whalerus: A name with a pun, indeed!
  • Big Mouth: Now, this is quite a suitable name for your whale. After all, whales love to eat a lot. 
  • Splashy: Whales go about splashing in the water. So, it is a good choice for the water animals. 
  • Blubber: This is going to be a meaningful name for the whales because of the thick layer of fat that covers its body. 

This thick fat layer is known as blubber. In this way, they stay warm amidst the cold ocean waters. 

  • Mr. Humphrey: Can there be any other perfect name for a Humpback whale except this? Go for it!

Other Cute And Funny Whale Names 

  • Slappy 
  • Hagrid 
  • The Little Guy 
  • Shrek 
  • Flops
  • Jennie 
  • Sandra 
  • Bubbly
  • Angelina 
  • Mousse
  • Sloshy 
  • Swimmy 
  • Pooh
  • Baity 
  • Jack Sparrow 
  • Blue 
  • Whity
  • Thug 
  • Pokey 
  • Woobie 
  • Rosey 
  • Onyx 
  • Bruce
  • Akula 

Superhero-Inspired Whale Names 

  • Thanos: The enormous power and strength of this villain character is a good name for the gigantic whales. 
  • Giganto: This is one of the most common characters found in the Marvel comics and movies. And, guess what is the best thing about this? 

Giganto has qualities akin to the whales. Obviously, a good choice for the name of your whale, you see? 

  • Ultra Boy: Naming your whale after this DC superhero is going to be amazing.

 Do you know that this character is named after Jonah who survived even after being eaten up by a whale in the Bible? 

Quite fascinating, right? 

  • Hulk: An apt name for such a gigantic pet!
  • Atlas: This is undoubtedly the best name for a killer whale. 

Originally, Atlas was the name of a superhero who possessed unmatched abilities and skills. 

Other Superhero-Inspired Whale Names 

  • Galactus 
  • Thor 
  • Colossal Boy
  • Gong-Zilla 

What Is A Baby Whale Known As? 

Baby whales are known as “calves”. 

The whale mammals that are females are known as “cows.” The male whales are known as “bulls.”

Gestation Period Of The Female Whales 

The gestation period of the female whales varies to a great extent, depending upon which species member the whale is. 

The gestation period can vary from 9 to 16 months. 

Just like humans, whales are also mammals. The baby whales or calves grow in the uterus of the mother whale and receive nutrients through the umbilical cord. 

The orcas have a gestation period of 17 months, while the humpbacks have a 12 months gestation period, and the blue whales have 11 months of gestation. 

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How Are Calves Fed With Milk And Other Nutrients? 

Just like a human mother, the whale mother spends most of the time nursing and feeding milk to the baby whale. The milk of the whale mother is replete with nutrients and a great deal of fat content. 

Both killer and humpback whale calves start getting nursed soon after a few hours of their birth and they may continue doing so for about a year or even more than that. 

The nursing sessions may take up a total duration of about 90 minutes each day. 

How Big Are Whales? 

Blue whales are not only the biggest whales but also the biggest animals dwelling on earth. A baby blue whale has a length of about 20 to 26 feet, and may even weigh up to 6600 lbs. 

What Is The smallest Whale?

We all have this idea that whales are massive, gigantic creatures.
But, you will be surprised to know that whales can be unimaginably small in size. 

Among all the 86 species of a whale, the Dwarf Sperm Whale is the smallest. 

You will be amazed to know that the Dwarf Sperm Whale is only nine feet long in its mature or adult stage. 

In fact, the smallest whale on earth weighs about 400 to 600 lbs. 

Originally, they are absent in the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean that borders Antarctica. 

What’s a good name for a whale? 

Salt, Fiery, Floppy, Ralph, and Tilly are some good whale names. 

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