300+ Cute and Funny Alpaca Names

Are you struggling hard to find a lovely name for your Alpaca? Not understanding as to what should be a cool alpaca name? Well, bust out your stress, for we have got you covered!

We have curated a list of the best alpaca names that will surely give you an excellent idea while you’ll be naming your pet alpaca. 

Alpaca is a species of South American camelid mammal and has a physical appearance akin to the Llamas. These super fluffy creatures are so cute that you will be compelled to think of an attractive and funny name for the Alpaca. 

Alpacas resemble a bit of camel too! You will be amazed to know that they are pretty intelligent and sensitive in response. The soft, thick fur on their bodies will itch you to pat them but beware! Alpacas hate if someone holds them or pats them. 


The best thing about these animals from South America is that they are not at all fierce or violent but absolutely gentle and peace-loving creatures. You can raise the furry alpacas as livestock animals too. 

You probably know that Alpacas tend to live in herds or groups. So, keeping a couple of Alpacas is a good idea. 

And, what better thing can be than to give a rhyming name to this adorable duo? 

Let’s see what are the most excellent names that you can give to your alpaca!

What Should I Name My Alpaca? 

You may consider giving a super funky or cute name to your Alpaca. 

Truly speaking, there is a huge availability of names that you can give to your fluffy pet. 

We will be listing several naming ideas by dividing these categorically in terms of their gender, breed, and how good or cute the names can be. 

So, without any further delay, let’s delve deep into the Alpaca naming world. 

Importance of Naming Your Pet 

  • Helps you to call your animal buddies quickly and makes them more responsive to you. 
  • Fosters a deeper bond with your male, female and baby pets. 
  •  Lets you easily distinguish your pet when it is roaming with fellow animals in a farm. 
  • Results in better domestication of the alpaca. 
  • Strengthens the emotions of love, affection and empathy with your pet. 

How to Name Your Alpaca 

Naming your alpaca is probably the simplest thing to do. There is nothing to get confused about. You can give any name you like to your family of the curly creatures. 

If you don’t wish to give any random name to your pet animal, try finding cute, funny, and apt words by keeping in mind the breed and color of your Alpaca. 

Here are some friendly tips for you that will aid you to think of names- cute, names- funny, and names- fluffy for your family of alpaca animals. 

  • Avoid giving any lengthy or complicated name to your alpaca. Select a name that will be short yet cute, for example, Lulu, Rose or any other short yet fancy name. 

Giving names like Alpa Chewbacca or Alpacasso Sushi is definitely going to be hard to pronounce each time you will call out to your fuzzy buddy grazing on the farm. 

  • After you have finalized a particular name for your livestock animals on the farm, try and see if you are comfortable while uttering the word. Say it out loud and see if you find the name easy to call.

Change the name if you find the name to be difficult to something short and simpler. 

  • No matter if you are fixing a name for your alpacas, dog, or any other animal, it is better to assign a name that goes well with the pet’s physique, breed, body hair color or personality. 

A cute and funny name that matches your pet’s characteristics is going to be a great match for your alpaca. 

Funny Names For Alpaca 


Isn’t it awesome to give your fluffy Alpaca an amusing and absolutely hilarious name? Here we have listed a complete set of witty names full of puns and fun!

  • Alpaca Meter: A crisp, short name that goes well for both male alpaca and female alpaca. 
  • Spitfire: Both ‘Spit’ and ‘Fire’ are engaging words and thus make for a quirky alpaca name. 
  • Softy: Alpacas do not have any deadly hooves, horns or claws in their body and are way too gentle. So, this is quite an apt name that you can give to your fluffy pet. 
  • Chewpaca: Since an alpaca chews the cud just like a cow does, Chewpaca seems to be a perfect name for this Llama-like creature. 

Other Funny Names:

  • Lulu 
  • Fuzzy 
  • Avocado 
  • Sushi 
  • Miss Piggy 
  • Marshemella 
  • Fluffy 
  • Alpacasso 
  • Rudolph 
  • Jora
  • Jolly 
  • Curls 
  • Fufu 
  • Sleepy 
  • Smiley 
  • Fudgepaca 
  • Sky 
  • Bruce 
  • Rainbow 
  • Floofert 
  • Tiny Llama 

Cute Alpaca Names 

A cute alpaca

Alpacas are probably the cutest creations of God. Their furry body and sweet face make the loveliest animals on Earth. 

Cute names for alpacas can be the name of any food item or some other animals. Let’s have a look at the cute name ideas! 

  • Alpy: Just like you use the word ‘lapy’ for laptop, calling your alpaca ‘alpy’ is the cutest thing to be done. 
  • Jelly Bean: As you probably know, jelly beans are short, thick candies. Naming your alpaca ‘Jelly Bean’ is an awesome idea!
  • Puffin: The alpacas have a fluffy body, and puffins are also cute creatures, so this is quite a great name to go for. 
  • Bunny: No wonder bunnies are super cute. Same with alpacas. So, why not give your alpaca the name of ‘Bunny?’

Some Other Cute Names: 

  • Donnel 
  • Jimbo 
  • Medina 
  • Buddy 
  • Kurtis 
  • Mooney 
  • Apricot 
  • Alpie 
  • Culley 
  • Fleecy 
  • Sunshine 
  • Joey 
  • Snuggles 
  • Vika 
  • Betty 
  • Cory 
  • Boo 
  • Meghan 
  • Shu Shu 
  • Hairy 
  • Whisker 
  • Bubbles 
  • Ruffles 
  • Jerry 

Good Alpaca Names 

a couple of alpacas

Literally, any lovely name can turn out to be a good alpaca name! You can even use any of your favourite person’s names as the name of your cute alpaca. No wonder these will be good alpaca names!

  • Alpa Bella: Alpa Bella is an Asian dish, and its name has a close resemblance with the word ‘Alpaca’ in form. Giving Alpa Bella the name of your pet is one of the best things to be done. 
  • Alpacinator: Derived from an old fiction type movie, Alpacinator is a catchy and good name for the cute pets. 
  • Alphonsus: The word implies a nobleman, so Alphonsus is going to suit your lovely Alpaca well. 
  • Alpine Bear: It is the name of an extremely cute and adorable bear, and your Alpaca is no less appealing than a bear. Keeping the name “Alpine Bear” to your pets is definitely a cool idea. 

Below are some other Good Alpaca Names: 

  • Mikkah 
  • Chico 
  • Edmund 
  • Stoney 
  • David 
  • Suzie 
  • Apricot 
  • Vincent 
  • NotaLama 
  • Lise 
  • Charles 
  • Ida 
  • Fawne ‘
  • Jet 
  • Coco 
  • Casey 
  • Felis 
  • Yakone 
  • Mango 
  • Blair 
  • Raff 

Best Alpaca Names 


Though it cannot be said with certainty as to which are the best alpaca names, we have made an attempt to list some names that will give the impression of being the ‘Best’ to the alpaca owners. 

Always remember that names are subjective. The name that you like to keep for your pet may not be the choice of someone else. So, feel free to name your furry creatures without thinking if it’s really going to be the best. 

  • Pamela 
  • Dude 
  • Hutch 
  • Lena 
  • Alps 
  • Jim 
  • Sugar 
  • Raeden 
  • Lotte 
  • Peri 
  • Darcy 
  • Lawrence 
  • Hairball 
  • Camilla 
  • Anakin 
  • Beany 
  • Orange 
  • Nadir 
  • Robert 
  • Peaky 
  • Pan 
  • Tommy 
  • Jeffrey 
  • Atwell 
  • Johnson 
  • Kenobi 
  • King 
  • Starry 
  • Florence 
  • Charlie 
  • Mack

Male Alpaca Names 

a couple of alpacas

If your pet Alpaca is a male and you wish to give him a name that will suit his gender, there are a plethora of names available for the male cuties. 

  • John 
  • Kyle 
  • Roger 
  • James 
  • Stuart 
  • Murphy 
  • Bruce 
  • Bruno 
  • Mars 
  • Bert 
  • Graden 
  • Nestor 
  • Donald 
  • Fernando 
  • Doc 
  • Phelps 
  • Trout 
  • Lorrie 
  • Oreo 
  • Chester 
  • Sunny 
  • Sherlock 
  • Dickie 
  • Homer 
  • Herman 
  • Pookie 
  • Ash 
  • Torres 
  • Noddles 
  • Ronnie 
  • Anthony
  • Bernard 
  • Eddie 
  • Sammy 

Male alpaca names can also be lovely, you see? 

Fluffy Alpaca Names 


Alpacas’ super soft fur and woolly body make it a perfect pet to be given some fleecy names that will denote their fuzziness. 

So, let’s see what are some of the most awesome fluffy names that you can give to your alpaca. 

  • Fuzzy 
  • Fluffy 
  • Woolly 
  • Fleecy 
  • Harry 
  • Cuddle 
  • Velvety 
  • Grizzly 
  • Furball 
  • Cotton
  • Snowy 
  • Bear 
  • Candy 
  • Charmy 
  • Downy 
  • Snuggles 
  • Shaggy 
  • Softiee

Word for Girl Alpaca Names 

If you have a female Alpaca and wish to keep a lovely, girlish name for your hairy buddy, below are such names that will go well with a beautiful girl alpaca. 

  • Madison 
  • Amy
  • Minnie 
  • Nema 
  • Samara 
  • Polly 
  • Camelia 
  • Jasmine 
  • Sophia 
  • Tina 
  • Barbie 
  • Pattie 
  • Maya 
  • Jessica 
  • Molly 
  • Kelly 
  • June 
  • Iris 
  • Ginger 
  • Sizukaa 
  • Emma 
  • Cordelia 
  • Sandra 
  • Sylvia 
  • Olivia 
  • Judy 
  • Viola 
  • Narta 
  • Sazzy 

 Cool Alpaca Names 

cool alpaca

Want to give your fluffy Alpaca a super funky, quirky, and cool name? Well, there are plenty of such names available!

These cool name ideas are given below. 

  • Curly 
  • Homer 
  • Devson 
  • Brook 
  • Rose
  • Lily 
  • Jayme 
  • Joseph
  • Cherina 
  • Emily 
  • Ivory
  • Luna 
  • Knight 
  • Glacier 
  • Chelsa 
  • Yago 
  • Debora 
  • Cookie 
  • Camilla 
  • Spit 
  • Neo 
  • Cherry 
  • Kamber 
  • Ladybug 
  • Evelyn 
  • Andiron 
  • Alapa Camel 
  • Atwood 
  • Streamy 
  • Oggy 
  • Wanda 

South American Alpaca Names 

In South America, there is a special breed of alpaca that dwells in that region. It is called Suri. 

Suri is predominantly found in South America and has an excessively smooth and soft body full of wool. That’s the reason why the following names will go the best with a South American alpaca. 

  • Fluffy 
  • Furry 
  • Curly 
  • Wool Bear

 Spanish Alpaca Names 

There is quite a good number of Spanish names that you can give to your Alpaca. Let’s have a look at these cute Alpaca names that are inherently Spanish. 

  • Camilla: Naming your alpaca after the famous pop star Camilia Cabello is definitely the coolest thing to do. 
  • ElPaca: Basically, this name is an intended pun on ‘el’, a Spanish word that means ‘the’. ElPaca implies ‘The Alpaca’. It’s one of the funny ideas that you can incorporate while devising the naming strategy of your adorable animal. 
  • Rosa: Are you a fan of the popular TV show Brooklyn 99? Well, no other name other than Rosa can actually befit your calm pet baby. 

Stupid Alpaca Names 

If you are on the lookout for some stupid Alpaca names that will evoke fun and humor, the following two are excellent alpaca names. 

  • Rudolph 
  • Hairy 

White Alpaca Names 

If your alpaca has thick, white fur on its body, no wonder why you should go for a white alpaca name that will best describe the fuzzy body of your al Pacino. 

  • White Alps 
  • Snowball 
  • Furry 
  • White Baby 
  • January 
  • Jasmine 
  • Harmony 
  • Dovy 
  • Sugar 
  • Lunar 
  • Alabaster 
  • Glacier 
  • Icepie 

Red Alpaca Names 

Raising an alpaca that has a body of red hair? So, why not give a matching, good name to this furry species? 

Here are the best red alpaca names that you will ever come across!

  • Autumn 
  • Phoenix 
  • AlpaCamel 
  • Garnet 
  • Hong 
  • Cherry 
  • Redbee 

Peruvian Alpaca Names 

Wondering what can be some cute names for your Peruvian Alpaca? No matter if you are looking for male alpaca names or female alpaca names, Chile is going to be the perfect Peruvian alpaca name for your pet. 

This is because Peruvian alpacas are largely found in Chile. So, it is a great name to go for!

Alpaca Herd Names 

As you probably know, Alpacas tend to live in groups. If you are raising a group of alpaca or varied breeds of this cat-like animal as livestock on your farm for their body hair, fleece or wool, you would want to give a collective name to these adorable creatures. 

Let’s see what these awesome alpaca herd names can be!

  • Spit Fires 
  • Alpacolony 
  • Paca Llamas 
  • Woolie Walkers 
  • Alpacherd 
  • Hum Dingers 
  • Camelnots 
  • Alpacrew 
  • The El Pac Men 
  • FurryBuds 

Alpaca Farm Names 

Do you own a lovely and sprawling, green alpaca farm but not understanding what can be an ideal name for the abode of the curly body-haired pets?

Well, your search for the perfect farm name ends here for we will be suggesting you a fantastic list of Alpaca farm names. Let’s have a look at these names. 

  • Blueberry Hill 
  • Alpaca World 
  • Furry Breeds Home 
  • Cedar Tree House 
  • ElPaca Corner 

Alpaca Names From Other Languages 

Words from other languages have a fascinating aura! How about naming your alpaca after a name derived from foreign languages? It’s really going to be a unique approach. 

Have an idea from these names we have prepared for you!

  • Maya: A Spanish word that implies royalty. 
  • Cudbi: A super cute word taken from the Somali language. 
  • Peluda: A Spanish word that means ‘hairy, thus being the perfect name for the curly-haired alpacas. 
  • Pamuk: A Serbian word that means ‘cotton’, thus perfectly matching with the fleece bodied alpacas. 
  • Shiroi: A Japanese word implying ‘white’, and so it befits the physical appearance of your pet. 

Give a super cute name to your alpaca and strengthen your bond with the fluffy creature. The naming procedure for the pets is way too easy! Just keep in mind the physical features and breed of your alpaca or any pet for that matter. No wonder you will end up giving the best name for your adorable pet.


What are baby alpacas called? 

The super cute baby alpacas are called crias. 

What are girl alpacas called? 

A girl alpaca is known as an hembra. 

Is it illegal to have an alpaca? 

A lot of ungulate species are legal in California. Lots of species are domesticated in the US, though these are considered to be exotic and alpaca is one of these. 

How much does a mini alpaca cost? 

The price of the alpacas varies from $250 to $1500 each. 

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